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January 27, 2021, 10:37:56 AM

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Author Topic: Of Stargates and Other Things (Seeking long term partner)  (Read 463 times)

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Of Stargates and Other Things (Seeking long term partner)
« on: May 24, 2018, 04:29:23 PM »
The Important Stuff:

Hello and welcome to my more specific request thread! For questions about my O/O's I will direct you to my roleplay preferences, that spiffy link under my avatar. The basics though are if it's anal, it belongs in a toilet, or involves undiscussed main character death, it's a no thank you for me. Otherwise I'm fairly flexible with my characters as they're just that characters and while I may grow fond of them, they're not me. IF it works with the plot I'm open for discussion. My major like is plot before smut. If BDSM could be made to work with these ideas, which you'd have to sell me, I prefer writing strong willed sub in those circumstances.

If you're still with me I need to warn you that there may be times when I can't post for a week or more, hopefully none that I can't let you know what's up with, but those can happen too. If you want more information about that before making a decision if you want to roleplay with me, "Where'd Phoenix Go?" in my signature links to my A/A's. Typically, I like to post no less than two times per week, and as often as the day of a new reply from my partner. It really just depends on what I have to work with and how the scene is flowing. As my post rate is highly variable, I'm very patient with my partners as well. All I ask is if something in a post is keeping you from posting, please let me know so we can figure out how to get things back on track. I have no issue changing a post here or there if it helps keep our story flowing. I'm also a fan of OOC conversation, so feel free to PM me about whatever, especially if you know you might not be around for a while. I request for cleanliness of the thread that you PM me if you'd like to discuss an idea further.

The Fun Stuff:

Through the Gate: Major Craving

This could go one of two ways:

Way one: SG-1 (Any or all members) end up in a world they can't seem to find a way off of. They came through the Stargate, but there wasn't one to be found on this side, and not like with the Nox, one just plain doesn't seem to exist at all. What happened, and how do they get home? More to the point, what are with all these creatures that look like they came out of Middle Earth? (They end up on Sakura, a world of my creation.)

Way two: No one is sure where she came from, but a small red headed person who can't seem to speak a lick of English is in their mess hall. What inevitably happens in a situation like this? Any available member of SG-1 gets to clean it up, that's what.

This is perhaps the only time I will be willing to rp canon characters, though my major character would of course be the originals they encounter on Sakura, or the woman that ends up in the SGC. I don't really expect anyone to be fully in character for either of these, though kudos if you can write them that way. I may also be convinced to play with non canon characters, though canon are preferred.

The Road Not Taken:(Any) Major Craving
Leigh McAllister, once a part of Chimera, a super secret black operations group who functioned in everything short of bloodshed, is now lost and alone. In one fell swoop a crafty terrorist has stolen her team, family from her. Her sister and partner is no more, nor are any of the agents she'd worked with for nearly her whole life. Her parents, the ones that had introduced her to the life of intrigue are long dead, lost to the game that they played everyday with their lives. There's nothing left to do but hide, for now at least.

With enemies around every corner, or so it seems, can Leigh find a way to lead a normal life? Can she disappear into the world of the average person? Her life may depend on her ability to walk the road not taken.

There's a lot of leeway, and a lot of ways this one could go. Maybe your character is a government agent. Maybe they're an average every day person. Or perhaps they're the villain themselves. I would even be willing to run this as a group game if someone was willing to co-GM. I was wanting to set this in Colorado Springs because it's the right size for someone to go disappear into without being overly obvious.  Bonus if there's StarGate involvement, though it's far from required.

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