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Author Topic: NC Ideas by Dizzied  (Read 875 times)

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NC Ideas by Dizzied
« on: January 25, 2009, 07:20:55 pm »
I've got plenty of room for RP's right now, so below are some vague ideas I have.  Some of them are one's I've tried in the past but never got off the ground, while others are completely new.  As always, feel free to make any suggestions about changes you might like.  ^_^  Please check my O/O's, and PM me if you're interested in any scenes.

1)  An elf captured [warcraft, NC-H or NC-E]
I only played WoW for about a month or so, a few years ago, but I really like the world it was set in. This scenario takes place before the blood elves joined the Horde.   A young blood elf is wandering Azeroth, after being forced to leave her home due to debt.  She's captured by a trap while passing through the jungle- a trap belonging to her creditors.  While they don't particularly care for the elf, they know that other races will pay plenty of gold for time with her.  They bring her back to the nearby port city (Booty Bay, I think?)  and put her up the fanciest local brothel to pay off her debt.  There, she's forced to learn the art of pleasure and seduction, to her dismay. 

You could play one or several customers throughout the course of the game, of any race really.  (Except gnomes, can't say I'm fond of them.)  I have an idea for a deeper plot, including how she got so in debt to begin with, and what she has to do after paying her debt back- if you want to hear about it, PM me for the details.

2)  The bored nymph [NC-H or NC-E, magic]
In this game, I'd play a carefree nymph, an ancient forest spirit of beauty and charm.  She finds herself summoned one day by a young wizard who's looking for little more than pleasure from her.  Our nymph is happy to agree, and begins to please him like only an ancient spirit of sexuality can.  At first, she's a little cocky, and perhaps teases him about his lack of experience (he's never been with a woman before) or how quickly he cums.  But after awhile, their intimate contact starts to affect the wizard in many ways, giving him greater powers and, more impressively, a body as sensual and attractive as hers.  He essentially becomes as attractive as a nymph, as well as a horny fucking machine- which even our young nymph can't keep up with.  With the tables turned, the nymph will eventually try to bargain her way out of the summoning pact.

I'd prefer to play the nymph, and have a male partner who would enjoy paying the nymph back for her arrogant attitude.  Things I'm looking for here include excessively large body parts, excessive semen, and some mild inflation.

3)  Bound in Flesh [NC-H or NC-E, magic]
A pantheon of pagan gods has a special hall in which they meet, a grand castle in their realm made of stone and marble.  They meet there because inside, all the gods lose all their divine powers- they are entirely like mortal men and women.  This is so that, when they discuss business, there are no nova-sized explosions being hurled during disagreements.  I would play a goddess of beauty and chastity, and you could play a god of whatever you'd like.  While in the great hall one day, you lure her back into a bedroom and proceed to take from her her chastity- which, in her case, means she's unworthy to be a deity any more...

She's forced to become a mortal woman, and once on earth, your character continues to pester and torment her, paying her regular visits and teasing her about her lost divinity.  He has access to his full divine power, and can be as subtle or as vulgar as he wants in using it.  However, he's after more than simple fun.  He can arrange for her to become divine again, but she'd would be a goddess of fertility, not chastity.  Which means she'd have to bear him a child as a mortal, first...she's tempted to consider it, but she might not accept if the terms aren't right.

4) Dream walking [NC-H]
A teenage girl, a senior in high school, has always been a big bookworm.  She finds an occult library one day, though, and checks out a book on 'dream walking.'  Interested, she decides to put the book to the test by projecting herself into her boyfriend's dreams, to see what the inside of the male mind is like.  The two have not been going out for long, so she is not quite ready to be 'intimate' with him yet.  However, in his dreams, he's free to do whatever he wants- and thanks to a poorly performed spell, our young magician finds herself unable to leave until he wakes up.   Her boyfriend is free to indulge himself in whatever desires he'd like with his woman, and believes she'll never know about it. 

I'd prefer to play the reckless young dream walker, and would like a lusty and shameless partner to play her boyfriend.

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Re: NC Ideas by Dizzied
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2009, 11:34:06 am »
3 still available.   ;D
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Re: NC Ideas by Dizzied
« Reply #2 on: May 02, 2010, 12:53:35 pm »
Love the Bound in Flesh idea!!