Sacramentum Gladiatorum [ F for M gladiator, sensual + violent ]

Started by Andronica, May 21, 2018, 05:28:03 PM

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Sacramentum Gladiatorum

Content: M/F gladiator x slave - also willing to discuss a domina x gladiator pairing instead or something with a similar forbidden nature to the relationship. This could be Bondage or EX depending on the level of violence and debauchery we want to include, but at the very least there will be themes of role reversal, revenge, degradation, and exhibitionism. Please read my O/O thread to make sure our kinks line up.

Setting: Set in ancient Rome, but I don't expect historical accuracy as long as your writing is immersive. If you're familiar with the Starz series Spartacus I would love to write a similarly violent and sensual story with a decent cast of characters and subplots to accompany our illicit main pairing.

Scenario: My idea revolves around a gladiator who is a recent acquisition in a ludus run by an esteemed lanista. Or, he's a veteran fighter who has risen to become a Champion, a celebrity of the bloody arena. Regardless of his status as a fighter, he has built up a fearsome reputation due to his ruthless efficiency in battle. In his past life before he may have been a noble Gallic warrior taken prisoner after a skirmish where he alone did not die - marking him as unique and entertaining enough to be kept alive - or a Roman who put himself into servitude to repay a debt.

Whatever the case may be, his is dangerous and exotic. Roman ladies might fawn over such a delight and the slaves would be wary of him, but forced to serve him none the less. In particular, I would like to play a woman born into slavery or forced into it young enough that she's known no other life. Her dominus may want to put her to work appeasing the Champion as one of the few unspoilt slaves of the household. It could start lighter of course with the expectation of helping him after arena fights, stitching up wounds or washing him down and the like. There's something primal about that kind of closeness and I'd love to capture the dichotomy of two slaves with different perspectives; one as a source of entertainment for his masters which grants him the fleeting illusion of freedom, and the other being a tool to serve.

An alternate idea could derive from the dominus being known to bed the slaves. His jealous wife, wanting to curtail the behaviour, coyly suggests during a party that her husband should give the slave to one of the most ferocious gladiators in their ludus, or to a rival's gladiator as recompense for losing a bet. Will the gladiator accept her into his bed, and is he truly as beastly as they say? Or will the two complacently play their parts while plotting revenge on their masters together?


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