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October 01, 2022, 03:15:46 pm

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Author Topic: [D&D or Original Fantasy] Serving The Greater Good [MxM]  (Read 564 times)

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[D&D or Original Fantasy] Serving The Greater Good [MxM]
« on: May 21, 2018, 04:06:24 am »
 Keen on getting back into old, western European fantasy which I've put off for awhile in favor of exploring other cultures. I can do something original (very experienced with world building and it makes for hearty research and a good planning period) or a setting in D&D, with Faerûn being the region I'm most familiar with. Though I'm always open to looking into other locations if my partner has the experience and the patience. My roleplays aren't very sexual in nature, however romantic they get. It's my preference to keep sex scenes in where they're necessary, to further character development or the plot, and even then I don't typically dedicate pages to the details. Just another tool in the tool box. I usually write an average of 5-10 meaty paragraphs. Don't have much in the way of boundaries but the few I do can be found in my Ons/Offs which I heavily encourage people to read. My primary platform for the planning phase is over Discord, and with the style of planning I usually do and the level of familiarity I like to have with my partner I hope it's understandable that I'd be hesitant to try and do all of the planning over PMs. I can offer writing examples if asked!

 For the plot itself, or the ideas I've cobbled together thus far which serve more to inspire than be 100% set in stone: I'd love to play a sort of knight or paladin, someone whose almost disgustingly optimistic and follows the path set for them. I'd like to see them interact with a noble or politician of sorts, a member of the court. Perhaps a lord he serves(?) for those who feel a less physically powerful character would suit them best. But if a more capable lad is what my partner has in mind it's easily to implement a history of military service and training. Someone perhaps sinister, on the evil spectrum of character archetypes, or a man whose just under pressure from changes in the political setting. But I'd like to see a progression in the orders and requests given to my character and go into the psychology of that from both sides. Call it a political drama of sorts. It doesn't have to be incredibly romantic, I'm a big fan of conflict between characters, but there's still a lot of freedom for discussion should I find the right partner.

 For original settings, I'm a bit of a fan of history, Renaissance Italy being my personal favorite (I've spent too much time finding old books and scouring the internet for quite a few years now just to sate my muse). But I also love Germany and the surrounding nations. These real world settings I'd hope to use as more of a cultural inspiration of course, this is still fantasy. It can be high or low fantasy, I work well with either. For those who like magic, I'm a little picky when it comes to how magic is implemented but its surely possible, and I could definitely see a noble mage working quite well. (Perhaps magic produced from artifacts or tools, rather than raw capabilities? If magic does factor in, I'd definitely love to see an interesting twist on it.)

 Writers who strictly isolate themselves to tops or bottoms when it comes to writing out sex scenes will be rejected. I don't necessarily need the character themselves to switch around throughout the roleplay, as sex plays such a small part in my stories as is, but I don't work well with these kinds of writers. I'm also fine with face claims or drawn references, though I don't use the first myself (and still prefer that if they are used that they fit the fashion of the era, you'll find that I'm the kind of person who puts my old fashioned nobles in wool tights. I love a good commitment to archaic styles.) The same goes for names, I tend to pull fantasy name etymology from the real world cultures use, or a blend.

 I may add more later, since this is the main thing I'm looking to do right now. Do send me a PM if interested, I'd prefer for people not to message below. And please check my Ons/Offs, it's very important.

Edit: For those who are a fan of magic, I'd like to add to my idea of artifacts being their source by said artifacts (appropriated into staves and the like) being Gods of a kind. I'm a big fan of lost tech in fantasy worlds, and archaic, incomprehensibly massive creatures being revered as gods for their innovation seems interesting to me.
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