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October 22, 2018, 08:06:09 PM

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Author Topic: QuackKing's Plots and Thoughts | M seeking F | Updated 10/13 |  (Read 207 times)

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QuackKing's Plots and Thoughts | M seeking F | Updated 10/13 |
« on: October 02, 2018, 07:57:41 PM »

greetings friend. i'm QuackKing, but you can call me what you wish :).
for the purpose of transparency, please know that i am a cis heterosexual male.
also check out my o/o thread for more information about me, this thread is mainly a collection of my roleplay ideas.

i   h o p e   y o u   f i n d   s o m e t h i n g   y o u   l i k e

"э х ,   ч т о   з а   ж и з н ь   в   э т о т   н о в ы й   д е н ь"

about me

i am a university student on the east coast of the united states. my schedule gives me the time to post a decent amount, though that can change depending on the circumstances.

for context, i roleplay for a mix of escapism and literary expression. it should also go without saying that i very much enjoy the collaborative aspect of roleplay story writing (otherwise i’d just write cringey dime novels that would do nothing but sit on my hard drive)

"tell me what you see . . .
. . .is it money or it's me?"

my roleplaying

⌥i like to write with a good amount of detail. generally more than a few paragraphs worth
⌥i enjoy collaborative posts
⌥i write in threads only
⌥i can write characters that are male, female, or biologically genderless.
⌥i am only comfortable writing romance if i play a male in a MxF pairing
⌥i can post circaseptually
⌥i like a roleplay with a detailed and complex story
⌥i like pictures

what i want

⌥someone enthusiastic about writing our rp
⌥someone who can communicate their thoughts
⌥someone who observes general rp courtesy
⌥primarily MxF pairings

"if looks could kill i'm a homicide"

pairings and settings i like
i’d be comfortable playing a wide array of plots, but i generally fancy stories with a good amount of action or suspense in them.
here are some settings i enjoy and some possible pairings for them, though everything is open to suggestion. don’t take these as the only pairings or settings i want to do, give me your ideas as well :). an asterisk (*) next to a role represents my preference for that role in that particular pairing.

⊃cyberpunk dystopian
this is probably the setting i’d most like to play because i really enjoy it as a backdrop to a wide array of possible plots. these include, but are by no means limited to:
⋄world government agent* x person of interest
⋄corporate mercenary x corporate mercenary
⋄triad/yakuza x investigator*
⋄investigator x investigator
⋄assassin x target
⋄bodyguard* x public figure/business executive
⋄corporate mercenary* x civilian
⋄human* x AI/robot

this setting is flexible in it’s details. the apocalypse can be recent or in the distant past. it can be a result of thermonuclear weapons, biological agents, re-animated dead, planetary or solar events, or something else. humans can be scarce or plentiful. i’m open to most ideas
⋄criminal x survivor*
⋄savage x civilized individual*
⋄survivor x survivor
⋄paramilitary* x criminal
⋄paramilitary x paramilitary
⋄lawman* x criminal

⊃science fiction
i’d prefer for more heavy sci-fi, deep space based settings that are focused on spacecraft and horror more than anything.
⋄investigator* x passenger of ship
⋄bounty hunter* x criminal
⋄shipmate x shipmate
⋄assassin* x target
⋄human* x AI
⋄human* x alien
⋄mecha pilot x mecha pilot

⊃historical, sengoku/edo period japan
idk maybe i read too many samurai manga but i’m very interested in the period because of the general aesthetic.
⋄ronin/yojimbo* x employer
⋄ronin x ronin
⋄student* x sensei
⋄shinobi* x employer
⋄shinobi x shinobi

generally, i prefer low-magic settings but nothing too grim-dark or mundane.
⋄knight-errant/bogatyr* x monster
⋄knight-errant* x steppe nomad
⋄paladin* x witch
⋄paladin* x necromancer
⋄paladin* x cultist

"dig my own grave to sleep through the day
way out of sight now it’s my time to play"

i’m fine with a variety of fandoms, but if it’s not listed here it’s likely that i’m either unfamiliar with it or would rather not play it. any fandom roleplays would have to be alternate universe or otherwise disconnected from any canon characters, so only original characters please.

⊃fallout (preference for west coast)
⊃tokyo ghoul
⊃gunnm (battle angel alita)
⊃goblin slayer
⊃highschool of the dead
⊃fist of the north star
⊃monster girl quest
⊃akame ga kill
⊃deus ex
⊃blade of the immortal

"it's too sad that love might sting you, you told the girl that it would be
some kind of love that's deep within you, some dream that's hard to see"

some plot ideas i had
all of these are open to discussion, so i intentionally kept them rather vague. feel free to pm me if you find something you'd like and don't be afraid to input your own ideas if there's something you'd want to change.

between the steel and concrete
themes: cyberpunk, action, mystery/conspiracy, romance ~ vanilla, (potential) class/power difference, (potential) D/s, (potential) bondage, (potential) non-/dub-con

in the future, advancements in technology allow for people to surpass ordinary biological boundaries, becoming stronger, smarter, more refined. enhanced machine infrastructure has allowed for automation of tasks both complex and menial. a new network of communication has better connected the lives of billions of people while making their daily routines more convenient and less complex. ostensibly, the people of the world are content at peace, their needs provided for by countless wondrous improvements. a new level of prosperity is seen by the citizens of earth.

yet under this facade lies a plethora of secrets. corruption runs rampant within government, with a repulsive consolidation of power leading to the suppression of human rights. in each country a plutocracy - in each country a police state. the corporation is simultaneously a citizen with political enfranchisement, but also above the law. people are discouraged from dissent by a system of complacency and induced need for conformity - all the while wealth inequality runs unchecked and there exists such a penury of spirit. there exists a grotesque corruption of human society, a disgusting crucible with ingredients indistinguishable from the likes of huxley, orwell, atwood, rand, plato. an entire planet in decline.

there are those who dissociate themselves from the mundane world, working as agents of these suffocating powers. the pay can be substantial and the easier accessibility to cybernetics gives greater incentive to those who would otherwise be unable to afford these types of enhancements.

244 is one of the many cogs in the proverbial machine. geared up head to toe in augmentations, he has become more machine than man, yet the increased physical ability has been rather profitable. 244 is good at what he does, but he prefers to be alone. it is to his disappointment that he has now been assigned a partner for a new and slightly mysterious string of assignments.

ok so this idea is pretty malleable but essentially i am looking for a character to pair with a cybernetically enhanced individual. yc can be of most any background or skill set, depending on how exactly you wish to begin the story, though it should be a character conducive to a action-heavy overarching plot. more details can be discussed via pm.

a glint in the distance
themes: post-apocalypse/war, action, suspense, survival, prolonged conflict, romance ~ D/s, bondage, dub-con, power struggle, (potential) non-con, (potential) imprisonment

a planet scarred by war and carnage. human populations are disparate, cautious, and even hostile to one another. social structure and centralized government a thing of the past as humanity has descended back to more primitive forms of life. the road between the few known settlements is long and lonely, with little to keep the mind occupied in the meantime. the isolation can beget paranoia, yet oftentimes any strange observations are little more than a result of an overactive imagination.

one day along a barren route, a traveler sees a small flash of light in the far distance. eager to sell his wares, he brushes it off as an aberration of his senses, making haste towards his destination, a town many miles away. a few second later, the traveler hears an unmistakable crack right above him.

he soon realizes he has become someone's prey.

he must take care and plan his every action if he wishes to survive. but even in the face of such danger, he knows hope is not yet lost as he eyes the rifle buried under his trade goods.

i’m essentially looking for someone to act as the aggressor in the aforementioned conflict. like most of my plots, the exact details of the pairing are very malleable. mc can secretly be an outlaw while yc is hunting for a bounty, or mc is just a normal trader and yc is more of the brigand type. setting itself can also vary, it can even be fandom setting like fallout or dune, but anything sufficiently barren enough can work. the roleplay will follow a lengthy game of cat-and-mouse between the characters, with none being able to sufficiently kill/evade the other and their physical and mental stability deteriorating in the process, though ultimately culminating in a desperate melee and, later, focusing on what fate the victor has in store for the other.

a warrior's quest
themes: fantasy, action, magic, adventure, prolonged conflict, twisted romance ~ bondage, power struggle, psychological trauma, mind control, dub-con, (potential) non-con

in what was a once great kingdom now fragmented over time, the duke of a large fief has found his roads and villages constantly assailed by raiding parties. warlords of all races and creeds pillage and loot from his trade caravans and settlements with impunity, razing fields to the ground and enslaving the locals.

exhausted of many of his options and with his armies in disarray, the duke calls upon the warriors of the land to come to his kingdoms aide. among them is a gallant, if a tad foolhardy, paladin, who seeks to gain favour with his god by this noble deed.

on account of his great potential and substantial prowess in martial combat, the paladin is tasked with slaying the real puppet master of the roving warbands: a mysterious yet powerful mage who sits in seclusion within a great fortress.

the task is mighty, but the paladin stands resolute in his quest to defeat evil - yet it is unknown how long his morale will last, as the mage is rumored to have otherworldly powers and doesn't take kindly to visitors of such calibre. perhaps they might themselves be some type of demon.

here i’m looking for someone to play a powerful witch/sorceress/magician/demoness that will serve as the antagonist to a paladin who seeks to kill her. his quest should be long and arduous, with yc constantly trying to attack/foil him, either directly or indirectly. the plot can alternatively be scaled down if you’d rather play one of the warlords who mc must kill. for the setting and general feel i’m taking some inspiration from something like conan but also interjecting more elements of fantasy.

anyway, thanks for reading this. message me if you want to rp. do not reply to this thread.

with love♡,
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Re: QuackKing's Plots and Thoughts | M lf F | Updated 10/13 |
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2018, 10:39:58 AM »
updated with a set of new plot ideas.