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Author Topic: The Syndicate [Paranormal/Noir/Modern] - [Recruitment Thread - Need Females!]  (Read 1802 times)

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Offline TheBlackThroneTopic starter

     Welcome to the City of Baylor, a city named after some British lord several hundred years ago, but the city exists in a fictional eastern region of the United States along the Atlantic coast. The city is rather gothic. The people of Baylor are known to be a unique people not found anywhere else. They dress in dark colors and most of them are pale in complexion. They carry a dark humor and there are holidays and festivals that spawn from this place that aren’t celebrated anywhere else. The city, likewise, is unique for unbeknownst to the Humans that reside there, it was built on a gate. This isn’t just any gate. It is a gateway to Hell. The malevolent energy that exudes from the gate is the source of the crime rate being so high in Baylor, and the corruption of the entities of justice who are supposed to defend and protect. While The Syndicate doesn’t entirely deal with public affairs and domestic crime, it does deal in the things people of Baylor do not know.

     The Syndicate is an organization, which was born in the 1940s originally to combat Nazi occultism. It has since evolved over the decades, expanding its influence and relations to other countries. The Syndicate attempts to teach paranormal creatures how to live among the Humans undetected and to find alternate ways to satisfy their hungers and needs without drawing attention to their inhumanity. Some supernatural creatures believing in The Syndicate’s cause choose to join as agents, enforcers, researchers, and perform various other duties. Creatures that live among the Humans are given a serial number similar to a social security number, and their identity is placed into a database for monitoring. All creatures will be identified and given only three options: coexist, be banished or eradicated. There has yet to be a creature too powerful for The Syndicate to handle.

     While the activities of The Syndicate go unseen by Humans, there are Humans that work for The Syndicate with the proper clearance and need-to-know. There are even some Humans who display supernatural gifts. If this so far intrigues you, then please read on.

The Syndicate agents perform several duties: investigations, neutralization, liaison, and security. The researchers will at times accompany agents on investigations to collect evidence and samples to support their work and to assist in solving conundrums. Agents use several forms of magic and supernatural might to go about their work, but like those creatures who coexist among the Humans, they too must keep the lives they live a secret. Agents come from several backgrounds. Below is a list:

  • Vampire
  • Werewolf
  • Phantom
  • Frankenstein
  • Demons
  • Angels
  • Myths (this class will be heavily scrutinized)
  • Medium (psychics)
  • Witch/Wizard/Warlock

If you want to make something not found in the list, then run your concept in a PM by the GM first.

Some agents are selected to be liaisons for their race and will meet with covens, packs, or other creatures to share information and maintain positive relations. This was the basic run-down of The Syndicate. Continue onward.

     In January 17, 1940, a secret American-formed organization known as The Syndicate was born. The Director of the Syndicate, Arthur “Art” Hadley, was the father of the current Syndicate Director, William “Bill” Hadley. It was founded when Art and his covert team, Patriot, were given the mission to secretly infiltrate a Nazi research facility in Egypt. Patriot succeeded in infiltrating the research facility and were horrified with what they found. The Nazis had dabbled in the dark arts and were planning to raise an undead army using the Book of the Dead. Art and his group sabotaged the Nazi’s plans and escaped Egypt with the book. Patriot presented their finds to the CIA, but their findings were deemed absurd. Having lost some brothers in the sabotage, Art angrily resigned from Patriot and started a secret organization that would be known as The Syndicate.

     The Syndicate opened branches among the Allied powers. There was a Syndicate in London, England representing the UK; Victoria, British Columbia, Canada; New Dheli, India; Sydney and Wellington Australia and New Zealand; Cape Town, South Africa; and much later, Poland, Russia, and Japan. The Syndicates operated interchangeably to neutralize the paranormal threats that the Nazis were using to prevail in the war. After a long and hard-fought bloody battle, on 2 September 1945, the war was over with an Allied victory. Many agents wondered what would become of The Syndicate now that the war was over. To their surprise, Art planned to continue to run the organization in order to keep the world safe from the evils, which the rest of world didn't know. The monsters, beasts, and spooks who had helped The Syndicate in the war were given permanent employment. Any racism against their species was dropped and more creatures started to serve in the organization.

     The Syndicate continued to thrive over the decades. On 23 May, 1980, Art’s son, Bill Hadley took over as Director. On October 5, 2005, Art Hadley died at 90 years old and he is remembered in the Syndicate’s archives to this day. His body is also entombed beneath the stone floor in the foyer.

  • January 17, 1940 – The Syndicate is founded by Arthur “Art” Hadley.
  • September 2, 1945 – Second World War ended.
  • May 23, 1980 – William “Bill” Hadley takes over as Syndicate Director.
  • October 5, 2005 – Arthur Hadley died at the age of 90.

The game begins January 1, 2018, New Years Eve. The Syndicate has employed various agents of various races, and even agents from ally Syndicate branches are visiting to offer their services. A new Neo Nazi group known as The Axis has started to appear around the world, robbing museums and breaking into crypts in order to steal various artifacts deemed mundane to the Humans, but are actually powerful relics. Humans have been kidnapped believed to be for experimentation, and Axis cells are spreading like a bad disease. Brainwashed Axis victims have been carrying out acts of terrorism—bombing subways, music concerts, and other stadiums where masses gather. The Syndicate is currently investigating Axis activity around New Years Eve.

Who is their leader? What are they overall up to? This is what The Syndicate intends to find out.

1. No hybrids. A half-human creation is allowed, but no vampire-demon-angel-werewolves.
2. No god characters. Self-explanatory.
3. No Mary Sues. If your character is perfect at everything, then you might need to ask yourself if he or she is a Mary Sue.
4. All CSes are subject to scrutiny and may be asked by the GM to be tweaked. By submitting a CS to this game or even showing interest, you are agreeing to these terms.
5. I am not going to limit you guys’ creativity. Thus, why I refrained from making rules for each species. If anyone abuses this, then I will have to make rules, so please don’t abuse this. Give your characters logical weaknesses.
6. No half-ass CSes. Please make an effort. I can often tell when someone rushed a CS. They aren’t pretty. Take your time to develop your CS or develop it with others. You can even bounce ideas off of me. That’s what I’m here for.

Character Sheet Explanation
Name: First and Last Name.
Nickname: They may have a name they like to be called or they can get one in game.
Age: If your character's age is greater than 100 y/o, then I expect to see in their background what have they been doing all this time. Did they know Arthur? Were they involved with WW2 or other wars?
Race: Remember, if you plan to play something not in the list. Run it by the GM in PM.
Hair Color:
Eye Color:

Description: This is where you go into detail about the character's appearance. If they have a human appearance, then scars, tattoos, piercings, etc. If they have a supernatural appearance, then that needs to be detailed here also.

Visual: No anime pictures for this game. Use digital art, CG, OC art, etc. I do not want to see a character from a popular anime show being used as a face claim. If you decide to use a real-life picture of a celebrity, model, etc. Then please provide the face claim so we don't have three Scarlet Johansons walking around. Also, you do not have to have a picture.

Personality: As long as you give this CS some effort, then I have no complaints.

Background: I'm not expecting anything amazing, but if this game inspires you to write out some epic detailed story, then great. Whatever comes naturally to you.

Weapon(s): Modern weapons. Nothing futuristic. You can even give them a vintage weapon, such as blunderbuss if it's in that character's style. However, do not list weaponry that your character can't hide on his or her person. If you give your character a rocket launcher, then I think that would stand out on the street. If you give them a sniper rifle, that too would stand out on the street. You can just explain in the "Skills" section your character's ability to use such weapons. But this section is for what your character carries on his or her person at all times.

Skills: Characters are allowed 4 skills. These skills can be combat-related and non-combat. Just remember, you only get 4.

Weaknesses: Characters must have 4 weaknesses or less if you can't think of anything.

Power(s): Characters are allowed 4 powers and they must be related to whatever race you gave them. Expect scrutiny of these powers.

You can design this character sheet however you are inspired. Here are some interesting links: and Google HTML Color Codes if you’re into coloring. Just avoid neon colors because they are blinding on the site’s default background.

Example CS: The Director

Age: Old enough to be yer daddy! What kinda' question is that? Y'born without manners kiddo?
Race: Gifted Human
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Hair Color: Salt and pepper
Eye Color: Brown

Description: Bill was a handsome detective back in his early years, and some still say he can still wear it. He's a seasoned agent who earned his way into the Director's seat. His age makes him easy to underestimate. He can still outrun and out-shoot the best of them and he don't need no fancy-smancy powers to do it. He is the scruffiest man you'll ever meet and always looks like he just left the house without shaving and threw on the old work shirt and work pants. He often wears his tie loosely around his neck, which usually messes with the OCD-folk in his unit, but they'll be all right. Loose tie, dress shirt, dress pants, and the old detective trench coat completes his ensemble...maybe a cigar and a mug of coffee too. His eyes aren't what they used to be, so he can be seen wearing reading spectacles every now and then. His body is covered in scars, old bullet wounds, and even scratches from beasts not found naturally in the wild.

Personality: Bill is a hard ass. You either can like him or you can hate him. He will always be over the rover harassing agents, especially when they screw up. He will get in the face of the largest and fearsome of beasts and tell the creature to go to hell without fear of consequence. He's probably the ballsiest old man most agents have ever met and worked with. Bill is a father-figure to most agents in the force. He doesn't get into anyone's business unless they bring him into it, so don't go telling him about boyfriends or girlfriends. Also, don't hint to him that you're dating someone. You'll never hear the end of it. Bill does what he wants and he likes to believe he operates at least 95% within the rules and procedures. No one is perfect and if anyone has a problem with that, then they can kiss his ass.


Jesus Christ where to start...
Yeah, that was me. I was pretty handsome back then.
I was born in 1960, when racism, drugs, the Cold War—all that was still goin' on. I was the last person I’d expect to be chosen to be a part of The Syndicate. I don’t have a history of valor, war stories, none of that shit. I was born and raised in Kennesaw, Georgia to Lauren and Arthur Hadley. My childhood was spent mostly as a country boy, and eventually I went to college at Georgia State and majored in English. After that, I spent several years as an English teacher, and it didn’t pay all too well so I got into some dirty business. I was a thief—a bank robber to be exact. I got away with it for ten years, and I was so confident and sure that I would never get caught. I had a house, I had drugs, I had women, I had cars, and just so much money that I grew tired of it and started giving it away. It was all about how you stashed it back then.

Anyha, I might have escaped the thorough scrutiny of the FBI, but my father...wanted me to join his secret group—I didn't even know he was in one.

I joined The Syndicate in December of 1978…shit, was I amazed. They had me figured and not just me…They figured out that I had an imaginary friend. It was either join The Syndicate or have my brain wiped or somethin'. It was obvious what I chose to do…I RAN!

I didn’t say that I was smart back then. That hadn’t been my best decision, but thank God my father actually loved me and decided for me that I would become an agent. Yeah, me gettin' Director probably wasn't fair to all the other agents. They spent their whole lives trynna' get it and here I get it in two years. There's a rule about the Director of the Syndicate must always be a Human. Whatever. I’ve been in this business for 40 years now. It’s a shorter time than most of these immortals, but I don’t think The Syndicate trusts non-humans. Hell, let that be a poor excuse. I’m good at what I do.


Springfield XDM 4.5: There is nothing fancy about the pistol itself. It is a standard 9mm built for accuracy. However, Bill does carry some special ammo cartridges for it.

xNormal - 18 rounds (2 magazines)
xSilver - 18 rounds (2 magazines)
xUV - 9 rounds (Single magazine)
xDispellers – 9 rounds (Single magazine)

Throat Knife: Bill carries a concealed throat knife that he carries up his sleeve. It’s small and looks like an arrowhead in appearance, and its designed to be inserted right into the soft area beneath someone’s chin. He not only uses this knife for combat but also to pick at his nails or cut open letters.


Self-Defense: No one expected that the old man knew how to throw down. That was your first mistake. Bill is proficient in taking down at most five opponents in a single fight. He performs a mixed martial arts technique for submissions, grappling, and throws. He needs it now more than ever for he isn’t as strong as he used to be.

Charming: This guy…Most agents are used to Bill always being up their ass about every small thing. But when he’s around important people/guests or even a pretty lady, agents will see a side of him that they just might think is disgusting. When did he get so polite? That’s not Bill! Even as old as he is, the Old Dog still knows how to work his magic.

Management: It is truly an impressive skill to be able to run an entire Syndicate all by yourself. He’s been the face of The Syndicate for years.

Marksman: For a human, he is an excellent shot. Since he’s an agent in The Syndicate, most people want to believe that he’s using some sort of supernatural ability to hit the target so well. It’s called practice jackass! Maybe you should do it more!


Far-Sighted: He can see far, but he can't see up close, thus he'll deploy his reading spectacles if he has to read tiny fonts or instructions.

Not As Young As He Used To Be: Bill can still hold his own against a group of humans who possess no paranormal enhancers. However, he's not as young as he used to be. I guarantee you after a mission, if he even has to be involved, if he busts his ass, he's sitting in a bath with some Epsom salts or rubbing sore areas with Tiger Balm.

Only Human: Bill possesses human weaknesses. He's not peak human or above-average. He's only human.

Stubborn: He can be a stubborn old man. This may make it difficult for him to budge from certain decisions he makes. Once he's made up his mind, his mind is made!


Kissy: What is Kissy, you ask? Why it’s Bill’s imaginary friend. She’s actually a pink fairy dragon about the size of a Volkswagen Beetle and just about as heavy as one when she wants to be. She has insect wings, sparkles, and flies around completely undetected by any radar except for when she moves objects. Mind you, this is how Bill described her to The Syndicate. How did The Syndicate find out about Kissy? Well, they exercised some damn good surveillance and might have even used some magic. No one can see Kissy but Bill—no one. She is believed to completely come from his conscience and is completely made up, but not even Bill knows how she exists. Bill and Kissy have been inseparable since he was young, and even now they still continue to be. They work together solving the world’s supernatural problems.[/color]

1. Activity. If you are planning to go on a long vacation or hiatus, then do not join this game. Players will be required to post at least once a week. If a player goes inactive for 7 days, if they are in a P.O., then they will be skipped. If a player is inactive for 14 days, then they will receive a PM from me. I will poke you. If a player is inactive for 30 days, then they will be dropped from the game.
2. No Drama. I mean it. No drama. If you come to my game to argue, you will be asked to leave.
3. What I say Goes. As a GM, I’m trying to make the game as fair as I deem acceptable to run the plot. I do not try to please everyone because that isn’t always possible. If I ask you to tweak your CS, please do so, especially if I feel a power or ability is overpowered or can easily be abused. Thank you.
4. Special Races.  Races not listed above are going to face extra scrutiny.
5. NPCs. I encourage writers to make NPCs. They are awesome aids to a character’s story or background.
6. GM Characters. GM characters are GM characters and are not to be NPCed by anyone else. You will know who they are because I will mention them in-game or have a CS for them. For example, The Syndicate Director is a GM character.
7. No neon fonts. Please avoid bright colors. On the default website skin, those colors are very blinding.
8. Sizing. Keep your character pics sized down so they aren’t taking up the entire screen or forcing our computers to work extra hard to load.
9. Character Creation Rules. Please read those above and abide by them. If you aren’t certain of anything, then drop me a PM.
10. Have fun. Be creative and bring an interesting story to the game. Be willing to interact with others and add to the plot.

Approved Characters

Hannah Titus - Werewolf - Honeycrisp
Felisja Piana - Succubus - DummieBlondie
Lucia Laurent - Siren - Arcanist
James Daniel MacDonnell - Cursed Human - TheBlackThrone
Decimus - Dragon - Juggtacular
Kalor Einhorn - Half-Dragon - Sirian Eve
Oliver Glass - Were-Jaguar - Eva
Armitage Borinski - Incubus - shii
Dr. Henry Glass - Human - Justric


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Online Chantarelle

Re: The Syndicate [Paranormal/Noir/Modern] - [Recruitment Thread]
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2018, 02:15:30 PM »
Definitely interested. I’m started to contemplate a fallen angel character.

Offline Dragongoddess

Re: The Syndicate [Paranormal/Noir/Modern] - [Recruitment Thread]
« Reply #2 on: May 19, 2018, 05:21:39 PM »
Might be interested in this if I have enough time

Offline Honeycrisp

Re: The Syndicate [Paranormal/Noir/Modern] - [Recruitment Thread]
« Reply #3 on: May 19, 2018, 06:51:00 PM »
I'm interested in auditioning to play a female werewolf.  Character sheet below and I'm open to feedback be it critical, cruel, or courteous. 

CS:Hannah Titus

Name: Hannah Titus
Nickname: Lupa, Loba, Bitch
Age: 24
Race: Homo lupus, werewolf.
Height: 6'02" / 187cm (Human), 40" / 101cm (wolf)
Weight: 128# / 58kg (Human), 175# / 80kg (wolf)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark brown

Description: The weather up here is fine, my legs go on for weeks not just days, and you only think you have what it takes to wolf whistle at me, buddy.  There's very little chance she won't stand out in a crowd, being taller than most men and with a model's figure and face.  Hannah wears both unconsciously, sleekly elegant like the wild animal she is at heart.  Rather then use it to get attention from men and women alike, Hannah's body language oozes a feral confidence and she projects a wild, barely under control demeanor that means she never has to fight for space in a crowded subway car or on the sidewalk; people just open up and make room for her.  Dark of hair and eye, she dresses for the rough and tumble of the streets, favoring hard wearing leather and denim and shades of black and grey; they're just so much better for not showing blood. 

As a wolf she's dark grey and black, though almost twice as tall and over twice as heavy as even the largest timber wolf.  Hannah should be able to manifest as a hybrid form, the classic wolf man, but thus far she can only shift between human and wolf shapes.


Face claim: Gal Gadot

Personality:  Look, let's get this out of the way first thing since I can smell it on you; sex.  I like sex, I like to fuck and it doesn't matter to me what you are so long as the mood and the smell of it is right.  Just remember two things; sex isn't love and don't ever confuse who's on top or penetration with who's in charge.  I'm also not in it to be your girlfriend.

Pack, you might say family, means everything to me.  It's rooted in my nature and if you're family I will take a bullet for you and kill for you.  I'll lie to the cops, harelip the Pope, take an alcoholic's last drink or a junkie's wake up fix if it is helps us out.  Be worthy of that and don't you ever, ever throw me under the bus or betray us.  You won't get to do it a second time.

I'm not a rebel though you might think so sometimes.  I have to know who's in charge and that means I constantly sniff around the edges of authority and push to make sure that it's still there.  I like to play, just like we do in the wild, and sometimes that gets a little rough.  Just let out a sharp yelp if I do and I'll tone it down.  In the same vein don't challenge me to the point of a fight unless it's what you really intend.  Once it starts I won't stop until one of us whines through bloody lips.

Just be chill and think before hugging me if you've got silver jewelry on.

Background: Dad's a pelt on the floor of some bloodsucker's dungeon.  It's okay, he took a lot of them with him as an honor guard and in a way it's kind of a compliment to him that they'd want to take the time to skin him and make him into a rug.  I'll still delight in staking the son of a bitch out in the park for the dawn to find but I'm not mad mad about it.  Circle of life, right?  Hakunah matata and all that.  Happened not long before I was born and he bought time for Mom to escape with puppy me still in her belly.

Mom, the goddess called her home when I was thirteen.  Cancer.  Seriously, a werewolf dying of cancer?  It was quick, happened in February and was done before Easter.  She's the reason I grew up here instead of the woods and the wilds.  She never would say exactly why the vampires were after dad, more than they are always after us I mean, but figured it would be safer here.  Different clan of them and they didn't have the history with our pack that the ones who took down Dad did.  Still wish I'd known him.  Really wish Mom was still around for all we fought like any mother and teenage daughter.  I think that by now we would have been friends.

So, yeah, orphaned at thirteen.  No big.  I mean look around anywhere in this city and you'll find a harder luck story than mine and I just don't mean some homeless guy or a girl strung out on H and turned out by her pimp.  That basic bitch over there in the Uggs with the Starbucks cup?  I can smell her dad on her; her dad's sex on her.  That guy in the suit with the bluetooth?  Check how he holds his left arm.  Spiral fracture as a kid, probably mom or dad grabbed him up by it and broke it.  He's got baggage.  We've all got baggage and I don't feel sorry for myself.  There's a poem by some famous poet guy about wild things not feeling sorry for themselves.  That's me.  I'm a wild thing.

I didn't finish school but the library is free and so is the internet.  I got by and the Syndicate picked me up a few years ago and adopted me into the pack.  That's all that really matters in life, having a pack and knowing your place in it.  It's good and even though Hadley is an Old Dog and not a wolf I still follow where he leads. 

Weapon(s):  Claw and fang.  If someone really insists she'll carry a Colt 1911 loaded with whatever they think she should have.  Guns aren't her groove and who needs a knife when you've got claws?


Mix it Up:  There's nothing scientific or elegant about it, she's a brawler.  Get in, go for the throat, toss them against the wall a dozen feet away, bite and kick and scratch and come out on top.  Trained martial artists perplex and sometimes stall her, the wolf mind not seeing any way in and backing away in confusion, but if it's a straight up brawl or bloody mess she's in there causing mayhem. 

Intimidation:  Cops touch their guns for reassurance, the weak spined wet themselves, people tell her what she wants to know just so she'll stop looking at them.  No charm, no subtlety, she just gets close and lets the wolf out into her eyes and her voice and into her body language to intimidate people.  Unfortunately, just like with torture, people will often confess to anything just to get her to go away.  A partner or someone with much more finesse than her is going to have to sort out the fearful lies from the frightened truth.

Patience:  Not always, especially when her Rage is up, but a wolf is a hunter with a hunter's patience.  If need be she can lie still for hours upon end watching, waiting, picking the perfect moment to strike.  This makes her especially useful on surveillance missions.

Silent Feet:  Walking, running, sneaking; you just don't hear her coming unless she wants you to or you've got a mighty sharp set of ears or supernatural wards.  Nothing makes her happier than sneaking up on friend or foe alike and breathing a fever hot hello into your ear from behind.


Silver:  Classic and stereotypical but there is a reason for the myth.  Even the smell of silver is unpleasant and the touch of it can feel like nettles raked across the skin.  More than momentary contact raises jellyfish sting like welts and accompanying pain and swelling.  Ingestion of it will produce bloody vomiting as her body tries to expel it even as it is damaging her internal organs.  Knives and bullets made of silver affect her in a similar manner.

Lunacy:  Cops, ER Nurses, Firefighters will all tell you their worst calls come at the height of the full moon.  A child of Selene, her mood and her body's cycle is controlled by the passage of her mother through the sky.  During full moon her powers are at their strongest but also her fury.  New moon brings a low point where her mind is calm and her rage low but she is also physically at her weakest.

Rage:  In her heart she's a wild creature.  Provoke, hurt, or startle her and the fight or flight reaction kicks in and since she's not a grass eater it's the fight that comes out.  If pushed too far the wolf completely takes over and will always prevail no matter what the cost or the fallout.

Loyal:  Loyalty is a commendable trait but it is taken too far with her.  Once she identifies you as a member of her pack her loyalty is absolute and unforgiving.  Absolute in that there is nothing she won't do to protect you and she's very conscious of those she senses are higher in the pack than her, such as Hadley.  She may argue, posture, even show her fangs but pack is pack and alpha is alpha.  Unforgiving in that she expects the same in return and won't have any problem telling you about yourself or physically reminding you of your place.


Enhanced Senses:  All of her senses are enhanced but especially scent.  In a city packed with people this is a riotous assault upon her nose akin to standing too close to the speakers at a concert if she's not careful.  Though incapable of seeing in the dark like other supernatural creatures she does have a wolf's night vision.

Body of the Wolf:  She is far stronger than any human and possesses reflexes that are better coordinated and faster than human but still only within the range of an animal.  Other supernatural creatures can outshine her with their gifts.

Growl it Out:  Werewolves can heal most damage in a few hours save that inflicted by silver or supernaturally tainted methods.  It comes at a cost though, a wounded werewolf is just as touchy and apt to lash out as a wounded animal.  Best let her curl up under the bed and toss in food and drink from a distance.

By Claw and Fang:  Vampires only think they have teeth.  They're mere hypodermics compared to the mouthful of fangs that she can sprout in both human and wolf form and they are handy for ripping the throats and spines out of her enemies.  Likewise her nails shred flesh, bone, and mild steel when brought against them.  Manicures are a must.
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Offline TheBlackThroneTopic starter

Re: The Syndicate [Paranormal/Noir/Modern] - [Recruitment Thread]
« Reply #4 on: May 20, 2018, 12:02:46 AM »
@Chantarelle: Give it a shot.

@Dragongoddess: I hope you find enough time.  :-)

@Honeycrisp: In all honesty, I have no criticism to give. I can tell from reading your CS that you were definitely inspired. She is approved.

Offline Juggtacular

Re: The Syndicate [Paranormal/Noir/Modern] - [Recruitment Thread]
« Reply #5 on: May 20, 2018, 03:54:44 AM »
What do "Myths" classify as? Even more mythical creatures than vamps and lycans? Like dragons and such? Or possibly people who have become myth like Hercules?

Offline Honeycrisp

Re: The Syndicate [Paranormal/Noir/Modern] - [Recruitment Thread]
« Reply #6 on: May 20, 2018, 07:05:36 AM »
@Honeycrisp: In all honesty, I have no criticism to give. I can tell from reading your CS that you were definitely inspired. She is approved.
Thank you!  I remain open to it and not just from you but from anyone.  I'm also willing to modify it if anyone wishes to have any sort of shared or intersecting background.

I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Offline DummieBlondie

Re: The Syndicate [Paranormal/Noir/Modern] - [Recruitment Thread]
« Reply #7 on: May 20, 2018, 08:55:30 AM »
Hey there!

I am pretty interested in this too. here is a work on progress character sheet. I will work on background other missing points to finalize it within a few days.
please let me know if anyone especially the GM has any comments or additions to it.

CS:Felisja Piana

Name: Felisja Piana (not her true Demonic Name)
Nickname: Blondie/Candy (by friends or fans) Bitch/Poison (haters or enemies)
Age: 2000+ (apparence: 21)
Race: Demon - Succubus
Height: 160 cms (if you don't count her highheels which are ussualy about 10 to 15 cms)
Weight: 45 kgs
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green


She always likes to mess with mortals using their lust and show everyone that how easy to manipulate them. She is the she-wolf who lures people away from their friends or comrades then pray on them. before she had to use her glamour to effect powerful humans to get what she wanted but now. this century is just perfect for her since she can only be as glamours as she wants and everything she wanted comes to her way.

She becomes one of those Instagram models and did a few semi or soft pornographic videos to add more to her fame. which lead her to milk money from her followers to live the life of a princess without any effort.

Visual: Face Claim: Karma Rx


Since Felisja came into existence, she has been an easy going person. She mostly cares about her comfort and entertainment. What entertains her demonic self is hugely subjective and beyond human understanding. Sometimes she loves to watch people walk around as she having a relaxing cup of tea at crowded street while sometimes performing a strip dance in the sleaziest nightclub.

She is also very possessive about the individuals who she cares about. It is not like they can fully trust her every word without hesitation, of course, she is a demon in the end after all. But they can rely on her that she will do her best to protect their souls.

Felisja is openly bisexual and also polygamist for her sexual life. Anyone willing to have a relationship with her should be able to accept this fact since her demonic nature cannot be tamed for passion and lust for sexual pleasures.

She looks nearly angelic while she is sleeping or doing something she loves to do so. This even shocks the evilest demons when they watch her in a torture chamber.


It was the First Ceasar who managed to discover her True name and bound her to his will after a summoning ritual made by his magicians. Felisja had found herself trapped in protective magical circles and instantly forced into submission with the power of her true name. For years she served Ceasar as his bedwarmer, maid, entertainment for her his guest even spy for political cares. Felisja slowly worked on her influence over the Brutus and in the end, He shoved his dagger to Ceasar go get one more kiss from her lovely lips. Before she fled back to hell.

Centuries past after that and She never imagined that she would be summoned back to real world. But it happened, an occult research branch of Nazis found the ritual and her true name during an investigation at Italy. During the WW2 she served Nazis as a spy in the cities of Europe as well as an agent for converting critical names for them with her power of addiction.

Felisja even worked under that group after the war until The Syndicate made a successful raid to the base which she was held. It was Arthur “Art” Hadley 's himself that rescued her from the bounding True Name Spell of Nazis with a final bullet to head of her so-called “master” during that time.

Until meeting with Arthur “Art” Hadley, Felisja had never seen another human being treating her normally instead of a source of power. But with Arthur everything was different. He was kind and treating her with respect. She took the opportunity and joined the Syndicates just to discover more about earth and humans on it.

Felisja had learned that Art had learned her True Name during the raid which they have freed her but never used it against her. Before Art past away she made a deal with him about looking over his little kid after Art past away until the kid gives his last breath. The kid now is known as Bill “Old Man” Hadley.

As for now, she is living a double life; one where she is the perfect eye candy who milks money from her fans and as second, an agent of the syndicate.


Whip with a bladed end: she different kind of blades forged from different materials, like silver, copper, and steel.

The tools of torture: She has a wide range of tools for torturing captives. Even she was keeping most of her tools in her dungeon at her home. She always carries a small bag of her favorite tools in her car.


Sleight of hand: Felisja knows that how and when she should pickpocket someone or how to hide something while she is searched. Things just tend to flow with her hands as a leaf flies on a refreshing wind in the spring.

Acting: Felisja has a perfected technique for her acting and is able to successfully bring believable characters to life. She uses her demonic intelligence to research roles and impart that knowledge into their acting to develop more convincing attributes of the character.

Torture: Felisja has mastered the art of torture centuries ago even before stepping her feet on the earth for the first time. She is known for her perfected torture techniques and even famous for her skills on torture in Hell.

Demonic Soul Magic Rituals: Felisja is trained on demonic magic rituals just like every other dealer from hell. She uses the souls she collects through the deals she made along with blood to master the arcane powers. with the power of soul magic, maybe there are no limits to what can be done but just like the deals, she cuts everything comes for a price to pay.


Fiathful One's B*tch: She always been one of the most powerful succubuses but her augmented demonic powers also come with their own curses. Instead of feeling fear and panic, She feels submission forward to the name of God and his servants.

Seduction is a double edge blade: When she is using her seductive powers on others, her powers are also affecting her too.  Like she could easily walk away with what she needed with a little teasing sometimes ends up with having sex with her target because she couldn't resist herself.

True Name: She protects her true name at all cost. But when a powerful warlock or another miracle worker finds out it. They can use it to bind her to their biddings and She will be helpless to obey just like a well-trained pet. Of course, this doesn't mean that she won't look for ways to rip their heads off if she can find an opening.

Deal: She doesn't break her deals and always fulfills her end of the bargain. Even if the deal was sealed in a way where she cannot bargain.


Glamour Appearance: Her demonic powers always enchants her appearance and makes her the most glamour being around her. There can be more beautiful beings around but none of them looks elegant and sexy as she is. This power also let her have power over her clothing, accessories and even her physical appearance.

Hypnotising Act: while there is nothing hostile or treating going on beings around her prefer to check her out. And while she is performing like dancing or singing it is always a  show for everyone to not miss like it is only once a lifetime event to see

Kiss of the Succubus: Her demonic powers are making her touch and kisses give to subjects an urge to have more and more. As the physical contact continues subjects will focus all of their attention on her. her kiss of the Succubus is addictive to others like any other drug. And who gets the addiction is act how a junkie does for drugs.

Deal: She grants wishes for who are ready to pay the prize and the deals are once in a lifespan of the subject mostly. Of course one can cut more than one deals with her if they can find suitable prizes for her to bargain with.

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Re: The Syndicate [Paranormal/Noir/Modern] - [Recruitment Thread]
« Reply #8 on: May 20, 2018, 09:00:22 AM »
Remind me to stay away from that whip!  Sounds super scary. I like how her dance and such are hypnotic. What a great distraction to have playing in the foreground while we take care of business in the background.

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Re: The Syndicate [Paranormal/Noir/Modern] - [Recruitment Thread]
« Reply #9 on: May 20, 2018, 09:08:06 AM »
So very tempting...

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Re: The Syndicate [Paranormal/Noir/Modern] - [Recruitment Thread]
« Reply #10 on: May 20, 2018, 09:09:30 AM »
Demon of darkness. I'm thinking of something between The Darkness and Venom.

Yeah, funny story as to how I got here. Some bunch of idiot mortals was trying a summoning. They wanted something big and nasty, something that would cheerfully kill their enemies. They wanted something completely loyal and under their control.


They made two mistakes. The first was a very slight mispronunciation of part of the binding incantation. Sorry boys, but when it comes to summoning and binding unearthly entities, almost perfect just doesn't cut it.

Their second mistake was that they were trying to summon my brother. Their whole ritual was designed around him, and in fairness, it might have worked. Unfortunately for them, I hate my brother, so I'd have killed them just on general principles anyway.

But now, well, there's more of those assholes out there. I like it here. And I don't want my asshole brother coming along to mess up a good thing here. Plenty of fun things to do, and kill. So I work with these mortals. It suits me to.

WIP character sheet
Name: Names have power, especially for the likes of me. Don't try to find mine out. That would ... irritate me.
Nickname: Since I supposed you have to call me something, how about ... Malcarion
Age: Uncertain. Centuries old, but has not interacted with humanity in quite some time.
Race: Demonic
Height: 6'1
Weight: Average
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black

Description: Malcarion is not particularly memorable. His appearance is not striking, and he could easily blend into a crowd. While his height and build are above average, they are not significantly so. He generally dresses fairly casually in muted dark colours.

Faceclaim: Oded Fehr

Personality: As long as you give this CS some effort, then I have no complaints.

Background: Malcarion was summoned by a cell from The Axis. Unfortunately for them, their summoning was not 100% perfect. When the Syndicate team arrived to stop the ritual and neutralise the cell, they found the ritual already completed (technically), and the cultists spread around the warehouse they'd been using in a large number of reasonably small pieces. Having interrogated several of the cultists before finishing them, and found out they were actually trying to summon his hated brother, Malcarion was prepared to discuss things more or less civilly with the Syndicate team. He would make them a deal. They would provide him with any information they had on anyone else attempting to summon his brother, and in return, he would work with them, and kill only those who warranted it.

He does make occasional references to how much humanity has changed since he last saw them, but doesn't go into specifics of when or where that might have been. At the very least it sounds like several centuries, and possibly much longer, since he previously walked the earth.

Weapon(s): Assorted melee weapons created from darkness. A pair of automatic pistols (carries backup loads - 1 clip each - of silver, cold lead, and others he has etched with odd symbols).

Skills: Characters are allowed 4 skills. These skills can be combat-related and non-combat. Just remember, you only get 4.
Melee - With blades, claws or fists, Malcarion has centuries of combat experience. Guns he is still getting used to
Occult Knowledge - Hello, demon here. Of course, I know about various weird shit. You want info on one of the others, well, let's see what we can work out.
Stealth - Malcarion can literally become one with the darkness, disappearing into shadows you'd swear couldn't conceal a large dog, let alone a large man. Even without shadows to hide in, he's fairly quiet.
Historical knowledge -  Malcarion has a surprisingly wide knowledge of history and cultures lost to time (not particularly deep, he tends to know a little about a lot of things)

Weaknesses: Characters must have 4 weaknesses or less if you can't think of anything.
True name: Knowing the true name of a demon allows you to control them.
Sunlight: Malcarion's powers are weaker during the day, much stronger at night. He finds very sunny days particularly irritating and wears sunglasses to protect his eyes.
Code of honour: Malcarion holds to a code of personal honour, twisted though it may be. If he gives his word, he never breaks it.
True Faith: Malcarion finds it difficult to be around holy places and those who truly believe in the faith they profess. This ranges from irritating discomfort to 'need to get away from here right the fuck now', depending on the strength of the source.

Power(s): Characters are allowed 4 powers and they must be related to whatever race you gave them. Expect scrutiny of these powers.
Superhuman physicality: Malcarion is not a human, and his physique reflects that. He is stronger, faster, tougher than a mortal (will need to set limits with GM)
Darkness control: Malcarion can draw shadows and darkness around himself, fashioning and shaping it into armour, weapons, wings and so on. He can see perfectly well in the darkness.
Living Darkness: Malcarion is able to animate the darkness into small, vicious minions with limited morphing ability (claws, wings etc). They have the same weaknesses to light as he does.
Supernaturally tough: Non magic attacks are much less effective against him. Bullets and knives just annoy him, but enough of them will still hurt. He is able to regenerate wounds while in the darkness.

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Re: The Syndicate [Paranormal/Noir/Modern] - [Recruitment Thread]
« Reply #11 on: May 20, 2018, 09:20:41 AM »
So very tempting...

I hear there will be brownies!

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Re: The Syndicate [Paranormal/Noir/Modern] - [Recruitment Thread]
« Reply #12 on: May 20, 2018, 11:01:41 AM »
@everyone: Let me apologize if it seemed like I took forever to address your comments. I'm in a different time zone and working so that explains that. Thank you all for being patient.

@Juggtacular: Mythical creatures as you guessed: dragons, unicorns, legendary creatures like gorgons, etc.

@DummieBlondie:  I am going to wait until you finish to make any comments. Just be sure to give me a poke when you're done.

@Nowherewoman: *beckons* 

@HairyHeretic: I don't see anything wrong with that.

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Re: The Syndicate [Paranormal/Noir/Modern] - [Recruitment Thread]
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Brownies and strawberries?

Wow, it just keeps getting better and better!

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Re: The Syndicate [Paranormal/Noir/Modern] - [Recruitment Thread]
« Reply #14 on: May 20, 2018, 11:20:26 AM »
Consider me interested, too ^^

I'll come up with a character by tonight I imagine, though we'll see what hits me and if I can whip one out quicker if I'm feeling inspired :)

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Re: The Syndicate [Paranormal/Noir/Modern] - [Recruitment Thread]
« Reply #15 on: May 20, 2018, 11:44:08 AM »
 Alright so my friend Cren here dragged me into this thread and it seems interesting to me as well. So yeah... *plants flag of personal interest in this game.* I was thinking of doing an angel if that's alright with everyone?

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Re: The Syndicate [Paranormal/Noir/Modern] - [Recruitment Thread]
« Reply #16 on: May 20, 2018, 11:52:46 AM »
I got a rough draft of my character. I just kind of wanted to see what you thought.


Name: Kenneth  Drake
Nickname: Yogsloroth
Age: Thirty
Race: Human Warlock
Height: 5’9  / 175 cm
Weight: 1760 lbs / 70 kg
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Black

Description:  An impeccably dressed man of average build. He’s a bit nerdish in some ways due to his glasses but there’s not really a lot that makes Yogsloroth stand out except for his presence. Perhaps it’s  the unnatural grace with which he moves or the strange harshness in the way he speaks that perturbs people but there’s something just a bit off about Kenneth Drake. Nobody’s quite sure what it is but it is rather noticeable after spending a few minutes with him.


Personality: Unscrupulous. That’s the first word that would come to mind for many when discussing Kenneth Drake. The man has a good heart but he has no qualms about getting dirty to see that the organization's needs are met. If he  is given a task, he will almost certainly complet it . He may have to sacrifice a few souls to some  mischievous spirits on the way there or send a few fair maidens to their doom at the hand of a vampire or two but at the end of the day, he gets results and that's all that really matters isn’t it? As long as the world is safe then you can’t really have any qualms about his actions can you? He’s also said to be  a bit of a rapscallion when it comes to the fairer sex but that’s a common trait among all warlocks really.

Background: There once was a young man who lived in a small town  in the English countryside. He was not a strong man or a charismatic man but he was a  smart man. A smart man who had fallen in with a girl who barely knew that he existed. A smart man that read books and tomes. Old books and old tomes that told  him he could be a strong man and a charismatic man  if he just gave  the spirits what they wanted. So he did. They didn’t want much. An erstwhile soul here or there. Who can really keep track of appetites of the divine and who is a mortal man to deny them their bounty? Especially when they gave him such wonderful gifts in return. Like that beautiful girl who once barely knew he existed.

Weapon(s):  Ritual Dagger tucked inside his right breast pocket.

Arcane Knowledge: Yogsloroth is one of the best students   of the occult this side of the river Styx. There  are very few  ancient sigils or runes that he can not recognize.


Weak Will: Yogsloroth is incredibly easy to take over if you're a creature of any significant magical  power. He's more then happy to serve paranormal masters if he believes that he will directly benefit from it in any anyway.

Bad reputation: Yogsloroth has killed a significant amount of people in the name of demonic powers. That’s not particularly looked favorably upon within the syndicate. He’s more of a necessary evil then anything else.


Speak With The Dead: Drake can commune with the dead and recognize ghost without any sort of spell being cast.

Ritualistic Spell-casting: Yogsloroth is an incredibly powerful mage. He’s particularly well-versed in summoning. He tends to command creatures to do his bidding for him when he's  in combat.

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Re: The Syndicate [Paranormal/Noir/Modern] - [Recruitment Thread]
« Reply #17 on: May 20, 2018, 12:09:09 PM »
@Sessha: Doesn't seem to be a problem.

@Love and Submission and Everyone Else: The Syndicate won't tolerate a character that is a legit scumbag. 1) They wouldn't trust someone like that, and 2) they can always find other necromancers and warlocks. It defeats the purpose of The Syndicate if there is someone still taking innocent lives selfishly. They would be eradicated.

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Re: The Syndicate [Paranormal/Noir/Modern] - [Recruitment Thread]
« Reply #18 on: May 20, 2018, 03:12:23 PM »

@DummieBlondie:  I am going to wait until you finish to make any comments. Just be sure to give me a poke when you're done.

@TheBlackThrone: please check the CS out. I think it is pretty completed. I will make little touches here and there

@Everyone: if you have any comments/ suggestions I would like to hear them out too.

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Re: The Syndicate [Paranormal/Noir/Modern] - [Recruitment Thread]
« Reply #19 on: May 20, 2018, 03:22:10 PM »
@Sessha: Doesn't seem to be a problem.

@Love and Submission and Everyone Else: The Syndicate won't tolerate a character that is a legit scumbag. 1) They wouldn't trust someone like that, and 2) they can always find other necromancers and warlocks. It defeats the purpose of The Syndicate if there is someone still taking innocent lives selfishly. They would be eradicated.

But he's not taking lives selfishly. He's clearly doing it to serve their purposes. 

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Re: The Syndicate [Paranormal/Noir/Modern] - [Recruitment Thread]
« Reply #20 on: May 20, 2018, 03:32:05 PM »
@DummieBlondie: She is accepted and you'll be surprised when you read my character's history lol. I think she will have met Arthur after the incident with him'll see why when I put the CS up.

@Love and Submission: If he is taking innocent lives because he thinks he's serving The Syndicate's purpose, then he isn't. The Syndicate wouldn't have him take innocent lives to suit their purpose.

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Re: The Syndicate [Paranormal/Noir/Modern] - [Recruitment Thread]
« Reply #21 on: May 20, 2018, 03:40:29 PM »
@DummieBlondie: She is accepted and you'll be surprised when you read my character's history lol. I think she will have met Arthur after the incident with him'll see why when I put the CS up.


for anyone who wants to make connections before the game starts please reach out to me so we can arrange it by our backgrounds

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Re: The Syndicate [Paranormal/Noir/Modern] - [Recruitment Thread]
« Reply #22 on: May 20, 2018, 03:55:35 PM »
Gonna be going with a fallen angel myself, if that's alright.

Character Sheet
The Fallen

Name: Sarathiel
Nickname: Sara
Age: I honestly have no idea how long I have existed, though my best estimate would put it somewhere in the three digit range.  Yes, I know, I do look quite well for my age, thank you.
Race: Fallen Angel
Height: 6'3 / 6'10
Weight: Do you not know better than to ask a woman that?  Honestly.
Hair Color: Chestnut Brown / Raven Black
Eye Color: Amber / Crimson

An artist's rendition from when I was at the height of my glory.  Sometimes I cannot bear to look upon it, and yet still I keep it to remind myself that even the mightiest may Fall, despite their best intentions.

Description: In her mortal form Sarathiel, or Sara for when she has to play at being human, is a statuesque woman possessing an impressive physique, with long, flowing chestnut brown hair and strikingly alluring amber eyes.  If she lived in a different time one might mistake her for a warrior queen or amazon tribeswoman, but today she is seen as only obsessed with fitness by the ignorant and dangerous by those in the know.  She tends to dress practically, eschewing loose, more fashionable clothing for what is easy to move and fight in.  Her true form, however, is only a few inches shy of seven feet, clad in armor and wielding a sword that crackles with an aura of black lightning and echoes like a thunderclap whenever it strikes a mortal blow.  Her wings, once a pristine white, are now mottled grey and black, her hair the color of a raven's wing and her eyes a deep, chilling crimson.

Personality: Her temper can be rather volatile at times, especially when around a certain angel, but Sarathiel can be kind when given the chance.  Otherwise she throws back whatever is tossed her way in equal measure, her wit often scathing and laced with heavy amounts of sarcasm, though one does see good humor from the fallen angel every now and then.  It's simply rare for her to be in a good mood, that's all.  She also has no hang-ups when it comes to sex, not anymore at least.  If someone wants it, and she likes them enough, at least in a physical sense, she'll happily take it where she can find it.

I was once one of those graced by His light, an archangel that meted out righteous justice upon the wicked, the damned, the unclean, and it was the ultimate passion of my existence to do so in His glorious name.  My sword, Celerictu, gifted to me by Michael himself, laid waste to the demons under the Fallen One's command.  It was a life that was both wonderful and terrible, filled with triumph and sorrow, joy and sadness, and I could not have asked for more than to serve Him for as long as He willed it.  Battle was my only concern in those days, as was fitting of my station, but there was one I often spoke to whenever I rested from the seemingly endless fighting.  Her name was Valoel and, unlike myself, she was not an angel suited for battle.  She was what mortals might call a muse, meant to inspire humans to craft wondrous works of art, be it a sculpture, painting, or even a song.  She was... troubled.  Yes, that was a fitting word for it.  Events down on the world of mortals were deeply troubling her.  It seemed that the foolish creatures were engaged in a conflict of great proportions, at least by their own, admittedly limited, standards.

I asked why this should pain her so, when the mortals were always finding something to fight over.  She looked at me then as one might a stranger, and I had to ask what was bothering her now.  She asked me how I could be so heartless.  I did not understand it at the time, as my interaction with mortals was, well, practically nonexistent, but I could only stare back at her, confused.  Mortal affairs were not in my purview, after all, so why should what they do to one another trouble me?  I even asked her this, and she shook her head before pointing down to the world below us.  Go to them, she bade me, and see with your own eyes what it is that which pains me so.  As I had no duties to attend for a time, I complied.  Perhaps it would have been better had I not, but, alas, such thoughts provide me no solace from the harshness that is reality.  It took some time, as I was in no real hurry to find this thing that hurt my friend so much, but eventually I came across the lands the mortals call Europe.  And there I caught a glimpse of what Hell itself must be like.  Fields choked by the dead and the dying, mortals on both sides crouching in the muck, terrified, as fury like thunder made into a weapon rained down upon them, while others vomited blood as some putrid smoke ate away at their insides.  By all that is holy, what horrors these mortals unleashed on one another!  Weapons called guns spitting bullets across barren, blood soaked fields, while others called artillery rained the thundering death I had witnessed in the opening stages of this conflict I had happened across.  And the gas, oh, Lord on high, the gas!  What demon came up with such a horrible thing?!  But, no, twas not a demon that crafted such a wicked vapor, but men!  God save them, I prayed, astonishing myself.  And yet... there was no answer.  Why?  Why let them do this to one another?  Even we angels, His first children, did not harm each other!  Something must be done, I thought.

But the clarion call of Michael's great horn summoned me back to the ethereal realms of Heaven, and I was again thrust into war with His enemies.  Yet my mind wandered even as I fought the twisted enemies that threw themselves at me time and time again.  What was happening in the world of mortals?  Had they managed to snuff themselves out with the foul weapons they had unleashed upon one another?  I had to know!  And so, when the time came and I was given a reprieve, I went again among them to find their world embroiled in conflict for a second time.  This time, however, one side used evil magics to gain advantage, and this I simply could not stand!  Back during their first world spanning conflict I had been forced to do nothing, but not this time!  This time I would do my duty and strike down the wicked!  And so, keeping myself hidden from the eyes of the mortals, I did.  I struck their ritual sites with the fury of Heaven, blotting out their magic circles and wicked runes with howling wind and pounding rain, striking down their sorcerers with lightning and hail, and bringing low their vile constructs with deafening claps of thunder.  This was why I was created, this was why I had been gifted the power to slay the wretched filth that would dare to despoil His creations, I reasoned.  However, in my fervor to right the wrongs I saw before me, I forgot one thing: one does not go against Him and not suffer the consequences.

A second time I was summoned back by Michael, and my general was furious.  How dare I interfere where it was not my place, he railed at me.  How dare I go against the purpose He gave me!  My anger, freshly kindled to a blazing inferno by the wickedness and vile practices of the "Nazis", was set off by his self-righteous ranting.  I shouted back at him; how dare you sit here and do nothing while evil persists in the mortal world!  How dare you chastise me for doing that for which I was created!  You have no right to judge me, Michael, I shouted in his face.  Only He has that right, and if He finds my actions so objectionable, then let Him say so!  Oh, how I wish I could take back my hasty words.  For in that moment I felt His eyes upon me... and they were filled with disappointment.  My heart broke for having hurt Him so, and I pleaded for his forgiveness.  Yet, with a sadness that brought tears to my eyes, He could not be lenient with me.  Rebellion against His Divine Order was not tolerated, no matter how good the intentions behind it.  And I was cast out of Heaven, my wings blackened by holy fire as I plummeted to the Earth.  Such a silly thing to name one's planet.  You might as well call it Dirt or Mud, but I digress.

It was agony, the likes of which I had never felt before nor have I felt since.  My connection to the Divine had been brutally severed, leaving a pounding, burning ache within my breast that even today has not fully faded.  My impact with the land below was spectacular, or so I have been told.  I was unconscious by the time I struck the Earth, my body battered, my essence tainted, and my heart irreversibly broken.  I had been weighed, measured, and found wanting in His eyes.  Nothing can ever heal such pain, I reasoned before oblivion took me.  I awoke much later in a place I did not know, surrounded by mortals and other creatures that held me bound by ancient magic, like shackles upon my very essence.  Yet I cared not.  What could these poor, ignorant creatures possibly do to me that could equal the pain of His judgement?  Yet one of them spoke to me, a man of conviction, asking who and what I was.  For a time I did not reply, yet, since this was one of the beings I had lost my Divine connection for, I decided to humor him.  They did not seem surprised by my answer, which shocked me, but I would soon learn why.  The man, who was known as Arthur Hadley, made me an offer: join him and continue to fight against the evils of the mortal world.  At first I considered refusing.  After all, I had been fighting for so much of my existence that I knew almost nothing else.  Yet, as he was quick to point out, where else had I to go?  And so, despite my misgivings, I accepted and have not regretted the decision once ever since.

Weapon(s): Celerictu is her go to weapon, a divine sword that she can summon from the ether that punishes the wicked.  Though it has lost much of its former power, it is still a weapon with the potential to slay both the divine and unclean alike.  Though once it had been a holy blade, Sarathiel's fall has tainted it, and so, like her, it now dwells within both the darkness and the light.  Since her fall, however, Sarathiel has learned how to fight with more than just a blade, mastering the use of firearms and numerous hand to hand techniques.  Her favorite weapon is a custom
AMT AutoMag V
, calibrated to fire 13mm shells loaded into a six round magazine.  She has to make the ammo herself, as no one produces the kind her "toy" uses.  The metal of the bullets is a silver-steel alloy that she makes by melting down the base metals, combining them with her magic, and casting them with special molds she crafted from sanctified clay.  The gunpowder, meanwhile, is mixed with her own blood, as well as a pinch of sulfur, that she uses a minor ritual to bind inside the brass, rune etched shell casings.  As one might imagine, due to the time and effort it takes to make them, she saves these rounds for hard targets, like powerful demons and such, but the results more than make up for the costs.  However, for "softer" targets she uses less... ostentatious weapons, like the Browning Hi Power or the Beretta 92FS Fusion, another favorite given its limited run, with whatever ammunition the mission at hand requires.

Skills: Close Combat Master - Sarathiel has had a very, very, very long time to turn killing into an art form, and damn if she isn't good at making what would normally be a brutal display of violence into something almost beautiful to watch.

Firearms Proficiency - Sarathiel has had had the last few decades to learn the ins and outs of guns in all their various forms, and she didn't stop studying everything she could about them until she could build a gun from custom made parts that she fabricated herself.  Yes, she realizes she needs a hobby that doesn't sit firmly under the umbrella of combat, but she also really doesn't care.

Spellcasting - A more specialized magus could readily outdo her, but she's not bad by any stretch of the imagination, either.  Give her some time and she could even get a proper ritual together, be it to summon and bind a demon or to curse one's enemies.  But, again, she's not the best, and certainly would never claim to be, so she would likely lose to a proper master if she were to engage them in a duel of a purely magical nature.

Occult Knowledge - There is little Sarathiel doesn't know about angels, demons, and mythical creatures of various sorts, unless of course they emerged or were created after the time of her fall.

Weaknesses: Pride - Sadly Sarathiel hasn't learned the lesson that got her cast out of Heaven in the first place.  She holds great pride in herself and her abilities, despite her fallen nature, and doesn't take kindly to being ordered about by those she deems her inferiors, nor does she suffer criticism, even when it is due, lightly.  As it got her in the mess she is currently in, it will likely get her in some other sticky situation in the future.

Divine/Hellish Sensitivity - Thanks to her now dual nature, Sarathiel is more readily harmed by attacks, be they physical or magical, with both holy and unholy properties, making her heal human slow whenever she suffers a wound from such a source.

Limited Immortality - Sarathiel is not truly immortal, like she was in Heaven.  Before her fall she could "die" and be reborn from His light, but now if she dies she will stay dead.

Wrath - Sarathiel's temper is also part of the reason she was cast out, after all.

Power(s): Holy/Unholy Might - Sarathiel is stronger, faster and hardier than many mortals could ever hope to be.  Therefor she is able to hit hard enough to shatter a concrete wall with her fist, sprint faster than most cars can drive, and work for extended periods without the need to rest.  There are limits, however, but within them she can be quite frightening to face as an opponent.

Limited Immortality - While she isn't truly immortal anymore, she can survive what would kill most mortal beings.  Granted, the injuries will still hurt and will take awhile to heal, days or weeks depending on the severity, but she'd survive them none the less.  She immune to mundane diseases, bacteria and viruses, and she also won't die from old age.

Limited Flight - While her wings will never be the same again, Sarathiel can, when she needs to, fly... sort of.  She won't get very far or very high, but still, it is better than being bound to the ground entirely.

Fury of the Storm - Sarathiel can imbue her attacks with the power of lightning, ice, and even thunder, giving her blows quite the punch.  She needs to either strike someone with her fists, feet, or sword to do this, however, as no mortal weapon is capable of channeling her powers and surviving it.

Face Claim: Pauline Nordin.
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Re: The Syndicate [Paranormal/Noir/Modern] - [Recruitment Thread]
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1. No anime so that anime pic you shrank down won't be accepted.

2. Your picture needs a face claim. I unfortunately forgot who she was but if you use "Tin Eye" the reverse image search, you should be able to get her name. Or maybe one of the fellow writers in this game will know who she is.

3. What are the rounds that only she can make?

4. I hope that by "Holy/Unholy Might" you're not giving her angelic and demonic properties? That would make her a hybrid which isn't allowed.

Those are all the comments I have.

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Re: The Syndicate [Paranormal/Noir/Modern] - [Recruitment Thread]
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1. It's not an anime picture, she's a character from a video game, but the digital/3d art of her kinda sucks or makes her look too young.  If it's still a problem, I'll find one of said digital/3d images and replace it.

2. I'll edit that in, the face belonging to one Pauline Nordin.

3. It's a type of 13mm ammo made for the handgun, meant to take down heavier, supernatural targets.  And anyone could make it if they knew how, but it's not, like, anti-material rifle stuff in a handgun, or anything, but it definitely packs one heck of a punch.

4. No, she's just a fallen angel, not half angel, half demon.  I just used the Holy/Unholy for flavor text.
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