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August 12, 2022, 04:18:15 pm

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Author Topic: Flassche: Altered Carbon (open)  (Read 2064 times)

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Flassche: Altered Carbon (open)
« on: May 16, 2018, 07:09:24 am »

Please refrain from replying directly to this thread, Pm me if you are interested.

Title:Altered carbon

What would you sacrifice in order to be whole again?
In a world where technology has advanced to the point where human consciousness is stored in chips imbedded on the back of their necks, cloning is possible and augmentation is nearly a must, we follow the tale of an ex-soldier, now broken soul who is offered the change to be whole again. Offered a perfect clone body, large annual payments and a steady job. All the soul has to do is babysit a genius that might change the fate of this world.

-Possible MtF
-Possible FtM
-Physical Alterations


My Character(s):
I would play the young brilliant soul that is kept hidden from the public. He would be eccentric with savant like abilities, yet flawed beyond words in other areas. His age, build, etc is open for suggestion.
Beyond him I will be playing a large cast of side characters to enrich the world and the plot.

Your Character(s):
The story was written with both males and females in mind.
Their genders, ages, personalities, physical traits would be up to my character to decide.
The character(s) can be a male or female at the start, yet has to work in other bodies and genders from time to time as the story goes on.

Inspiration for the scene:
Altered carbon series.
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Flassche: Altered Carbon (open)
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2018, 07:09:40 am »


“In a barren mind only dust thrives.”

“Then we are all in favour.” The man said to his peers, glancing around the room, looking at people both in the flesh and some through a holographic projection due to them being off world or inconvenienced. He paused once more, offering the group one more time to reconsider. They did not.

Thirty minutes later he was by himself, scotch in hand as he stared out the window, hoping that it would all work out. It had to be. The fate of this company was riding on this gamble, this long-term investment that was by all accounts illegal to the point of receiving the death penalty.

He simply glanced out of the window, looking at the state of the world. Mars and earth were overpopulated beyond words. thirty trillion souls were living here, most of them in poverty. Mankind’s golden years had ended two centuries ago and had been replaced by an age of corruption and degradation.

What he and his fellow board members had decided upon today could potentially change the fate of several worlds and that of the entirety of mankind.

“Strange that whispers of a ghost might sing our salvation.”

Twenty years later

Glancing at the paper would show the given case number; 745-C9.
It was somewhat reassuring, that even now, crippled to the point of uselessness, years out of the army, people found a way to label you or give you a number.

So, for now 745-C9 it was.

The people on his right or left were similar in their own way. Some still carrying the posture and stance of those who served the military for a long time, whilst others had a more feral nature to them, showing a willingness to survive in their eyes.
Still, each and every one of them, male and female, was damaged beyond words.

Limbs were either missing or broken to the point of uselessness. Sensory abilities were damaged due to missing eyes, ears or missing bits of the face. Many had scars, fewer of them did not have an implant or two, be it to help them breath or take in nutrients at this stage, or military enhancements back when they could still be considered humans.
745-C9 knew why most of them were here, it would be a comparable situation; a golden ticket!

In the later years of twenty first century a neurological disease had run rampant on earth, affecting most of the population. Only one in twenty was somehow immune, partially of fully.
The illness affected the brain, atrophying the neural connections that connected the rest of the brain with memories, motor skills and other abilities. It was slow at first, like early stages of dementia, yet it would grow over time. Both young and old, from all ethnicities and social circles were affected by this epidemic.
The medical world was constantly falling short, only barely being able to reduce the effects to the point of slowing it down by years or months.
Finally there was a cure. Radical, unorthodox, yet a cure; the Chip.

A man referred as the Da Vinci of his time had come up with the solution; To imbed a complex synthetic device at the back of the brain the moment a child was born. The chip would take over most of the brain functions that involved memory, fine motor skills and smaller areas. The brain would work with the chip, serving as the motor whilst the chip was the driver.
The current generations wouldn’t be able to be saved, yet those that followed would.

What followed in the years that followed were golden years. As mankind slowly grew in numbers again, population not only increased on this world but also on many starting colonies in this system and beyond it.
Although mankind advanced throughout the years, expanding in fields such as robotics, cloning and augmentation, none could alter the designs of the Mark-I chip.
It’s design and structure was beyond the work of a mere mortal and could only be copied, not altered. After the death of the inventor in 2087 there would be none that could alter its design, the coding or the security workings that protected it. It was a gift for humanity that could never be changed.

Still, humanity learned to adapt. The chip, in essence, stored what made a person himself. All your memories, languages and skills you have collected over the years would be stored in there. It did not take humanity long to learn how to remove a chip from a dying or diseased person and imbed it into the body of a healthy person, cloned or procured otherwise.
Slowly the wealthier people started cloning bodies or purchasing high-end ones, augmented or not to expand their lives.

As mankind expanded throughout the stars and technology wise, so did former nations start to disappear. For where there once were nations, there now were global corporations that decided on the fates of trillions of souls.

745-C9 was here for two things; a job and a chance at a second life.
This current body, was broken beyond use. A soldier couldn’t work if he or she did not have the right tools. The job he was offered came with a replacement body, augmented with the latest technology and advancements, a steady income and a chance to receive a cloned body of your original self at the end of the job.

The catch; Serve the interest of the Trident corporation to the fullest whilst protecting one of its employees.

What they did not tell 745-C9, or the other potential applicants, was that the employee was the sole reason Trident had been recovering financially in the last few years and making unprecedented technological breakthroughs. None could quite explain it, yet rumour had it that the trident corporation had acquired a savant like prodigy that perhaps rivalled the man who had saved mankind all those years ago.
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Re: Flassche: Altered Carbon (open)
« Reply #2 on: March 23, 2020, 08:37:00 am »

Change log

23-05-2018 – Added the plot.
23-3-2020 – Bumped the plot.