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September 25, 2021, 12:38:46 am

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Author Topic: ~* Cowboys, Bounty Hunters, Outlaws Wild West----------- M/M*~  (Read 450 times)

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So I have a simple idea for a roleplay, one we can add details to as we see fit. I would like to do a bit of a western thyme. YC, whoever they may be, intends to bring mine in to face justice and to claim the reward. However, things do not go according to plan and YC ends up captured by MC instead of the other way around. I want to explore power dynamics in this relationship. This is going to be M/M and because we will be playing with who’s in charge throughout the story YC has to be a switch as mine will be as well (I would love to put a "top type" character in a vulnerable position if you know what I mean  >:) ). I would like YC to contrast mine well. You can see the character I plan to play below in more detail. I am looking for YC to be a good contrast to him. Perhaps YC is a hardcore bounty hunter who’s a little on the dark side. Maybe he is a noble officer of the law doing his duty and bringing a criminal with a bounty on his head in. Maybe he has some personal grudge to settle. I am open to all kinds of ideas. As I said before this story will be about their adventures and how they end up reversing roles. I want them to continue to flip roles back and forth between prisoner and guard and what happens to them while each of them is under the other’s power. I have lots of ideas on how to switch them back and forth between these two roles and as they do I want a relationship to develop, one in which they start to reluctantly care for one another.

Kinks: Power play, bondage, orgasm denial, edging, spanking (belt, switch, hand paddle), fingering, rimming, anal virginity for YC perhaps, rough sex, Maybe age difference, and more if you can think of things you might be interested in.

PM me if this sounds like fun to you!


Personality: Words to describe our boy Armitage: Happy go lucky, charismatic, Casanova, unabashed, shameless, always guilty, rascal, trickster, scam artist, thief, mischievous, clownish, free-spirited, lover, passionate, gentle (except if he’s ardently rough), humorous, non-confrontational, commitment issues.

Armitage is a raw, reckless, irresponsible, lovesick fool. Very rarely intimidated, he doesn’t tend to take anything very seriously and seems to have zero shame. He’s kinda like a puppy, cute and well-meaning but, he still peed on the carpet and chewed up your favorite slippers. He falls in love more often than a teenage girl but don’t let that put you off. He’s never cold or uncaring with his lovers. In fact his emotions and intention to commitment are as genuine and real as he can feel them.
However, he’s got a problem with cheating and he never means to do it but it seems to happen and before he knows it he’s caught up in two (or four) relationships instead of one, which always ends badly for him. It’s not that he doesn’t love his partners because he does but he has trouble with commitment and once things start to settle down in a relationship and it starts to feel a little like a ball and chain he starts to get nervous, asking himself if it’s really what he wants. It doesn’t help that he may not pick the best people to try and build a relationship with and in fact they may be all wrong for him in all the ‘right' ways.
He enjoys freedom and, parties and, he enjoys group sex. Things tend to get complicated for him as he doesn’t always choose the best partners. He’s not the best judge of a person’s moral character which tends to get him into trouble. Often he relies on his charm to get himself out of unpleasant situations and if that fails his hands can slip just about any knot and pick any lock. However when life gets him down, especially after a nasty break up, he can be mopey and have a particular fondness for heavy alcohol consumption.
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