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December 01, 2020, 05:52:27 PM

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Author Topic: Cal's Search (MxM)  (Read 561 times)

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Cal's Search (MxM)
« on: May 13, 2018, 11:00:29 PM »
Heya. I've been roleplaying on/off since 2003, and I consider myself a pretty laid back writer. I haven't been very active on this site, but I do have 2 long-running RPs, and I'd like to find a couple more long-term RPs. I like to plot things out, figure out the world and character dynamics, and just enjoy building something with a partner that's respectable and who understands that life happens.

Quick Details:
- MxM (I mainly play tops/vers)
- Be 18+ please
- Realistic faceclaims (including POC characters)
- Multiple characters
- Writes anywhere between 500-1k+
- Can RP here or @Discord

Writing Sample:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The mutants here didn't realize it, but what they were trying to do was a necessary evil. The Crimson Dawn was born from the ashes of the failed mutant insurgency in East Asia. Shattered and weak, only a few of them remained to fight off the weapons that the humans created to destroy them. And they won. Not through peace and understanding, but by fighting back. By destroying every single person that got in their way, they won their freedom and built a place for themselves in the world after enough blood had been cast on their homeland. That was the price they had to pay to be recognized as their own people. And that was the price that the people here would soon have to pay as well. Dan led the insurgency there, and now he'd lead them here. Taking over what was then called the Brotherhood of Mutants. Weak, scattered, helpless. It was easy to rally them together and fight under a common cause. Now it was their time to earn their rightful place in this country.

Mutants will reign supreme.

"Great, the sentinels are here, that's fresh." Dan planted his feet on the edge of the roof overlooking the city of Boston. The place was getting too cold for his liking, but it seemed that things were about to get heated up.

"Don't get cocky, " Simone pulled out the disclaimer that he never paid heed to. All he could do was grin in response, "sure, Sim."

"I'm serious, I've detected some mutant activity, and some idiots raised the attention of… ugh!" Simone got cut off.

"Sim? You there?!" Dan tried to press the button to the comms device harder, hoping that it'd work but it was completely off. "Useless piece of shit shit…" he hated this comms device thing.

They were planning to keep this covet since someone mentioned it was wiser to recruit a new member without an intimidating gang of ruffians crashing their fist into their hands. Dan didn't agree with it, but since the majority ruled, he just went with it. Besides, from what Simone had reported after her month long reconnaissance, this kid was a wimp. He wasn't going to respond well to intimidation. The only problem here was that subtle coercion was Tae's and Simone's thing. Punching the shit out of anyone or anything that got in his way was Dan's thing. Oh, and Dan was never good at following instructions. Three other guys from the brotherhood stood behind him, cackling and sharpening their weapons intimidatingly. He wasn't the brightest bulb in the shed, but he always brought backup.

Dan switched the channel. "Yo, Kal, help me reconnect with Sim," he barked to their tech guy back at HQ as he adjusted his gloves, "oh, and another thing," Dan watched as the battalion of sentinels came flying over the horizon, "black this city out. I'm taking charge."

The bright city lights was endless, and snow fell down on them, layering up on the rooftops and roads. There was commotion on the far end of the city, likely caused by the sentinels and random mutants with a death wish. There were some scouting for more mutant activity, but luckily for them, one of his boys had cast an invisible glimmer over them, while another kept tabs on where Kieran was with an eyeball ability that made even someone like him uncomfortable. They had basic powers, but they came in handy in situations like these.

"Target is currently being attacked," one eyed Aris, reported. Dan gritted his teeth, but held out his hand to signal them to wait. The three members were confused, but Dan simply held his silence until Aris mentioned that Kieran had managed to survive the attack and was heading their way.

"I don't want a weakling on my team."

From the far end of the city, blackouts began to take over. The city was engulfed in darkness and Dan jumped off the roof, punching through the air to displace the energy of his fall until he landed and punched through the road, leaving a crater right before a frightened young mutant.

"Sup kid, you're coming with us." But right before Dan could grab the boy, a sentinel came flying right past him, narrowly missing him and crashing through the opposite house. Dan looked as though he had just suffered a massive bitch slap. His cool entrance was completely ruined. The blonde superhero came swooping in to protect Kieran behind him. Clearly an enemy.

"I'm not going to say this twice, fuck off."

The guy refused to move.

Dan stifled a mocking laugh. This good guy act was cute. Better yet, that the concept of heroes still running around in a fucked up world like this. He remained perfectly still, and the stare contest ensued, until Dan lunged instantly with his fist, aiming for a killing blow straight through the skull. His fist crashed, but instead of breaking through mutant bone, his fist had blown a hole through a crystal wall that blocked him from accessing the other side completely. Dan began to punch another section of the wall, eradicating the crystal particles effortlessly, and through the hole, he saw the two mutants running in the other direction as more sentinels swooped in over them.

"Fuck!" He cussed out, violently trying to break through the wall so that he wouldn't lose sight of them. In moments like these, Dan wished that Tae and Simone were here to back him up instead of these useless ragtag mutants. Worst still, Dan was getting irritated, and he wasn't in the mood to play a game of tag over some fucking mutant that Tae deemed to be 'useful for their future missions'. Fuck Kieran, and fuck their plans.

The three buffoons caught up to Dan, and Aris reported that the blonde guy was a member of the newly formed X-Force that had already taken out several of their outposts around the country. This made Dan even more pissed off than he already was. He had lost some good guys from their attacks…


"Yes, boss?"

"Get the rest of the Brotherhood out here."

"I don’t think Tae will…"

"Shut the fuck up," he growled, "the plan's changed…" he kept going at the wall, punching harder, until it finally crumbled and fell apart.

"We're taking down the X-Force tonight."

General Interests:
  • Demons/angels, fighting an eternal war on Earth, and Nephilims that can flip the balance
  • Magic, zodiac, spiritual beings in a modern setting (bonus points if we can do this in an Asian setting)
  • Characters that hate each other IRL, but are friends/lovers in virtual reality
  • Dragon/Ninja clans in a modern setting, and with access to different dimensions to explore higher fantasy
  • Anything superhero related, especially X-Men/Avengers/DC

Specific Settings:

End of Magic (Harry Potter Verse)
I'd like to build a more 'adult' universe. Probably a magic university with new types of magic that we can incorporate rather than just sticking to source material. It'll have more of a uni dorm type of vibe, and serious/mature themes. I'd like to build up towards humanity learning that magic exists, and then a magical revolution takes place where you have differing factions and political allegiances.

Young Avengers (Marvel Verse)
Takes place right after the 'snap. A new group of OC Avengers are set up to take on world threats (elemental lords, alien invasions, government conspiracies etc..) all while maintaining their secret identities and building relationships with each other.


PM if you're interested.
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Re: Cal's Search (MxM)
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2020, 11:14:35 PM »
Bump. Modified things and looking for RPs.