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Started by dready, January 24, 2009, 10:27:55 PM

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i sorta need people to help me fine tune a universe which i intend to finish so then i could host a few rp's in it. unfortunately i have a few things that i need people to understand before the beta's in question should say they're interested.

first: i have no idea if i should put this as help or rp request needed.

second: this is an anthromorphic friendly rp universe, allowing werewolves and vampires though both fall under different categories.

third: this universe is also steampunk as well as arcane/divine magic friendly, while steampunk is dominating and magic is alot more underpowered than most people want it to be. (aka no summoning thunderclouds to your advantage or seemlessly using telekenisis without even moving an inch)

fourth: uh... wait... oh yeah, i forget things easily. ^^; i'll be patient with you if you're patient with me. ^-^

fifth: if you're uncomfortable, or dislike anthromorphs, underpowered magic, and steampunk then do not post in this thread please. you have your rights to opinions but i also have my right to have a clean and flame-absent beta request thread.

final: i would enjoy you to be registered and able to view the wiki on this site, since that's where the information for the universe shall be found.

If you're not put off by the requirements, and are indeed interested in taking a look, check Insanity Islands and then post any questions or concerns you have here, as well as interest. ^^


I'm not sure I have time for more games at present, but I have done playtesting before, so I can give the rules / setting a look over.
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i put the link for the wiki so far in the first post near the bottom. :3 anything so far? ^^