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Author Topic: Play by Prompt (craving for hypnosis plot)  (Read 1002 times)

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Play by Prompt (craving for hypnosis plot)
« on: May 11, 2018, 10:29:33 PM »
Under Construction

How are you all?

Alright, so instead of bumping my old thread with bunch of old ideas, I decided to make a new thread where I will post prompts (intro posts) here. Now, I would very much welcome anyone who is interested to reach out to me with either a post or ideas for the plot. The key element here is to let your imagination run wild. That being said, all of my plots are long term setting. I prefer a decent post, sort of give what you get.

Playing off of each other without discussion is what I am going for here to keep surprise elements for the plot.

I am looking to play in PMs for now, or on DISCORD (jenwishuknew#6959) So keep that in mind. Also, one thing you should know is my turns offs: no scats, vore, lactation, real pregnancy, bimbofication, extremes of BDSM.

Teacher's tale
Role to be filled: male or female

Emily was going through a rough patch. Knowing it was a long time coming did ease her a little. What really helped was how her husband and she agreed to do this without a fight. Well, her ex-husband now, and the change was still new to her, she was looking forward to carry her old name again- Emily . In the early years of their marriage, she really thought they were made for each other. She met him in her undergraduate years and since they bonded well, they continued to achieve next stage in their relationship in a very short period of time.

Then, they dated for a few years before he decided to propose to her and that was it. The year she graduated from college was when they got married. Of course with the blessings from both of their families because she would not do anything without them. And it helped that he was the same race as she was: Indian. Having instilled in her the culture and values by her parents, she was proud to be who she was. Though she was discouraged by a few restriction her culture puts on her, she is simple who she is because of it. That's why, even though divorce is looked down upon in her culture, she decided it was time to split up even though her parents didn't approve it. Good thing that she was an adult and able to make her own decisions. As always.

Now that she was in her mid 30s and having lived a married life, she was in no rush to get into another relationship anytime soon. Speaking of divorce, the couple did settle on properties just last week and she got a nice little house on the outskirts of a fine city  in her share. When they were married, they often came down here but now that she was single, she sees no use of it. That's why she's made an appointment to meet with the realtor who was going to help her sell it off. That's also the reason why she was in town. Having arrived at their meeting spot, she did fire up her small laptop and started working some emails as she needed to pass some time. Sipping on a cup of coffee, she paid no mind to what was happening around her. Dressed in a simple white top and a pair of blue jeans, she was comfortable in her own space.
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Re: Play by Prompt
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2018, 01:00:31 PM »
Beauty and the Geek

A bunch of 19 year olds are gathered at one of the girl’s house for a girl's night in (sleepover) during a long weekend. The parents weren’t going to be around for a night so the girl thought, why not! The group of them were just having fun, drinking, weeds, drugs...what not? Whatever floats your boat. Amidst the group, one of the girls, Jen for now, receives a message from a good friend of hers, attached to the text message is a picture of her boyfriend flirting with another girl and making out at a college party. The party which Jenl had decided to not to go since she was hanging out with her friends here. Of course he was, older by few years and dating him since they were in high school, he couldn’t help but stray away. Now, she’s mad and sad, goes up to the second floor of the house and locks herself up in the bathroom. What happens if her friend’s younger geek brother happens to enter the bathroom(it's a jack and jill type of bathroom, accessible from two sides of the bedroom of the siblings)…what more can happen? Shoot me a PM with an intro post, if you are interested.

Character play-by suggestions and discussion is welcomed. Celebrities, models....are my usual preference.

Also a must: Third person, at least 2 or more paragraph, details. No one liners.

Only turn offs: scats, vore, lactation, real pregnancy, bimbofication.

I am open to playing the female or male role, depending on what your take is.
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Re: Play by Prompt
« Reply #2 on: June 25, 2018, 11:32:10 PM »
Wicked Step-sister- TAKEN

{Note: I imagine the step-brother being a bit goofy, geek even, not the sort who has dated many girls. Overall, I am open to hearing ideas for this plot or jump right in.}

"Intro Post"
Lizzie hated her mom. Now more than ever. She was content living in New York. She had friends, a boyfriend and there were plenty of things to do! But now? Now she was being forced to pack up and move out to some 'bum-fuck-Egypt' place. All this, because her whore of a mom, Judy, got married to some guy she met a year ago at some work conference. Lizzie remembered the day her mom came back from the trip. She was too happy and excited to be in a long-distance relationship. When Lizzie had inquired, her mom dropped the bombshell about marrying the man during a holiday trip she took with him a month ago and that they would be moving in together.

Lizzie sighed, staring out from the passenger side seat, watching the numerous trees fly by. Lizzie could all ready tell that this place would be so fucking boring. "They probably don't even have a movie theater in this hick town..." Lizzie muttered.

"What? Oh honey. That is silly. Of course they do. Please give this a try! Your going to love it here. No crime, no 'urban' influence." Judy replied, drumming her finger tips over the steering wheel.

"Looks like a bunch of hill billies who fuck their own animals live out here..." Lizzie retorted.

"HEY! You watch your mouth! I'm still your mother and you will do what I say. Your going to love it out here. And your going to love Carl. He has a boy near your age too. So you will all ready have some one to play with."

"Play with?! Mom, I'm not a child. I don't 'play'."

Judy narrowed her eyes, briefly looking at her daughter. "You got a mouth on you. Too much like your Father."

Before Lizzie could respond the car pulled up into the drive way of her new home. It was a nice house, quaint and very suburban. The surrounding neighborhood looked like it was taken from a ABC Family show. Lizzie all ready hated it. Together the two of them slipped out of the car and approached the door. Judy knocked quickly, her whole body tensing with excitement.

Lizzie on the other hand just stood there. Her ear phones from her iphone were stuffed neatly into her many pierced ears. She absent mindedly adjusted her bra strap that never seemed to stay in one place.

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Re: Play by Prompt
« Reply #3 on: June 29, 2018, 08:48:25 PM »
Becoming me a BIGGER Celebrity- SUGARDADDY concept

This RP revolves around a powerful man who would, take the concept in for the first time, finding that special someone he'd want to have for himself for the starters, and then share her if he so desires. Whatever the case, down the spiral he takes her while making her career rise.

Intro post is in the spoiler but it could set with any given celebrity or model in my list OR bring your own list of celebrities. I am all ears for playbys and thoughts on the plot

List of Celebrities and models
Shay Mitchell
Phoebe Tonkin
Priyanka Chopra
Kendall Jenner
Victoria Justice
Deepika Padukone
Lucy Hale
Jessica Alba
Mila Kunis
Taylor Marie Hill
Elsa Hosk
Romee Strigd
Josephine Skriver
Bridget Satterlee
Blanca Padilla
Selena Gomez
Nina Dobrev

Intro post
Being born in a house full of already famous set of people, it wasn’t so hard to attract attention to Kendall. Yes, born in November 1995, Kendall is now a twenty two year old young woman. It was always hard growing up, trying to live up to everyone’s expectations. Early on in her teenage life, she knew she was part of a media and will always be, with Kim, Khloe, and the likes that have dominated media.

Unfortunately, as she grew older, she didn’t get as much attention as she’d expected. Well, she did, but who was she when compared to plump half-sisters. Matter of fact, Kendall had a body frame that’s totally opposite. For some reason, she was glad she was petite and not …well, as big as her sister and her half-sisters. Although they were all pretty, Kendall had a more of a simplistic beauty about her. She need not makeup to hide her flaws because she had none. At all.
The only thing that bothered her was how she was not as famous as the others in her family. She wanted to prove them all wrong. She wanted to prove the media wrong. She wanted to prove herself wrong by reaching the skies and having something of her own someday. It was something she wanted to do for herself. Not just for others. She had a lot of ideas, motivation but without proper support, she only had her modeling career to depend on. Whilst that paid her well, she didn’t want that to be the only thing she’d have going for. Because she knows that a few years down the road, 10, 20, she would not see herself as a model since new models come into the industry every day.

Therefore, making contacts and connections was such a hype in her field of work. It’s how many you know and WHO you know. It is all about that. Therefore, when she received an invite through her email from someone Jay Simmon’s office, she first looked him up. She needed to know who he was before she accepted the dinner invite. She didn’t know him nor seen him. She did find one picture of him online, with whatever business he was in. From what she gathered, he was some rich old business man. One of the rich Bachelor it seemed. And he wanted to discuss a business opportunity. So why not! Anything to make her rich. And well-known, and famous! She was unsure about this but being driven, she told herself what she had to lose? The worst case scenario, she’d have dinner at the fancy place and call it a night. Of course, it was always about a public image and dressing up to the finest is always a thing in her line of work.

Having a tall figure is always a good thing. The long slender legs and petite frame is always appreciated in modeling. The only downside to it is it is hard to find a man who is just as tall or even taller. Most of the guys she’d met are average height and it usually prevents her from wearing heels, especially if she’s dating them. For tonight, to show her strong personality, she donned a black dress that’s semi-professional, coming to her mid-thighs. Keeping her looks simple for dinner, she completed her outfit with a matching pair of heels as she made her way to the agreed location, only to be ushered to the man who she was supposed to meet when she told the person who she was, “Kendall Jenner.”
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Re: Play by Prompt
« Reply #4 on: July 04, 2018, 01:25:21 PM »
FCUK Buddies- "FRangers with Benefits" - FxM, FMM, FMMM

{Seeking male or males for a happenstance fun time which can continue on to become something of a regular thing between two adults, exploring sexually and so on. }

Intro Post
Karlie had a long day at work and even though there were 2 more hours left before she could leave, she really wasn’t looking forward to it even though it was Friday evening. If it was any other Friday, she’d be excited to leave work with her friends as they always went out after work for happy hours. Apparently all of her friends had plans that evening and it was a last minute thing. It came to her knowledge during lunch hours so she really wasn’t looking to go home to a take out or to a packet of instant noodles.

She had few envelopes in her hands as she stepped out of her office to drop it off in the delivery room. She wanted to get it out of the way so it could be on transit without delay, given the last delivery leaves the office building at 5 pm. She even texted a few of her college friends, who were obviously married, to see if they wanted to go out tonight and if they would say yes, it would be awesome. And as for marriage, she was married once. Past tense. Now, she just runs away from a ‘relationship’.

Thinking about how it wasn’t just Friday but the whole weekend of boredom. It was hard to stay home and NOT do anything when you’re always busy during the week. Too much free time and she starts getting bored. The slow pace …never went well with her. She liked to keep up busy with work and having to do something to pass the time. Apparently, she didn’t have a boyfriend and she didn’t need one. She was glad that she didn’t have the baggage like some of her friends did. She couldn’t be happier.

Last few relationships, she hated them and the fact that at some point, she had to pretend to be happy when she only felt like a trapped little bird. Major reason why it didn’t work out was because she found the sex life very lame. She felt as if she was in her late 30s, which she wasn’t. She totally gave up on having a decent relationship and just last weekend, she and her friends were talking about how she needed some action in her life. Sure, like that was going to happen for a girl who is in her 20s and work oriented?

She stepped into the elevator and pressed the button for basement. That’s where the delivery room was located. She was in a nice little white top, tucked into her khaki skirt that came to her mid thighs level. One thing for sure, she liked to keep herself up to date with latest fashion trends. She also had a black knee high boots that completed her casual work outfit. She had her phone beeping back and forth as she was texting with her friends from college, inquiring about what their decision was when the elevator door opened and a guy or a few guys entered. Now, she didn’t know all the people in the company, having to always be the boss to most, but she kept her up appearances and a smile on her pretty face.

[A guy or few guys could invite her to a happy hour after work is one option. I am open to other suggestions...]

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Re: Play by Prompt
« Reply #5 on: August 25, 2018, 11:32:38 AM »
How do Guys Get into PORN?
Courtesy of Silence
Seeking Males- possible multi-character

Do you ever wonder how guys get casted into porn? Whether they go through the casting couch like the girls do or …..something else? This roleplay is where we explore all those possibilities. We play all the scenarios out. So, I am looking for a partner who would who could play different men (just a few), not necessarily but it would be fun, but mostly a few whose journey we will see how it starts and where it goes. Into the adult entertainment business. I am seeking my partner to play male character/s against my female. Please bring your thoughts and ideas for this plot.

The woman in the picture I will represent is simply out at one night. Not seeking talent but may come upon one, so the first guy, I don't think it will be the office setting where he comes in and there's sex.

It is the question Candice always wondered when she was in college. She had a colorful past, teenage years as well as most of her 20s. However, she did meet a guy who was into cameras, gaining her personal interest is when she decided to change her major status from Undecided to Photography. At first, it was general photography but she was soon interested in places, people and more. Amidst it all, dating another guy who was very much into watching porn, Candice's own interest grew as she wondered how it all goes down during a porn shoot. The breaks, the hours spent doing a single scene.

Then she came across casting couch videos but all she found were of the girls. Of course, the girls were the center attraction of porn but it's men who are also part of the porn just as much. Who brings in male talents? Besides, girls gets approached for porn a lot, but do Men also gets the same treatment? Also, there were probably many men who would would to TRY it out and see how they can perform in front of camera. Some would even feel confident but not have enough guts to pursue porn. Or even just TRY!

Taking that very concept, she decided to try something new and make her own website. She also had interest in going into porn but the mysterious ways of porn casting for men, since there is no such a thing, she had more interest in this than she actually becoming a porn star. Besides, she gets paid more for these as well as she gets to be the center of attention. So, why not! After she graduated, she started up her small business and considering how it went, she actually got a better office. The way she approaches men is also different. She sometimes gauges guys she meets, tries them out at times, if not, she'd simply propose the casting for porn. Whichever she's in mood for and whatever flows in that moment.

Tonight, she was just heading home when she decided to hit up a bar to grab a drink before she calls it a day. Since she was 30 minutes away from her house and in an area she usually has no need to venture, she quickly googled 'Bars near me' and drove to the nearest bar available. Figured she'll have a drink or two before she gets back on the road.
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Re: Play by Prompt
« Reply #6 on: November 22, 2018, 03:16:58 AM »
My only and the biggest crush- My brother’s Friend!

The idea here is to have a young teenage girl grow into a beautiful young woman. While growing up, she always saw her brother’s friend hang around at her house. Though she was very young, 11 or 12 years old and her brother and his friends were around 18 or 19. That’s when she developed her very first crush on a friend of her brother’s. Then her brother went to college and so did they. Next time she bumps into her crush, she’s miles away from home where she’s attending a college, the second year.

What’s needed: This is not your typical romantic plot and it may start out as such (from her end at least), it’s way beyond it. Romantic plots don’t do anything to me, I prefer twists and turns, something different. I imagine she’s a kind of a girl who ends up wanting to win him over. And if she does end up with him, I imagine she is willing to dedicate everything to him. Even if it means doing things that are new to her and things she may not like at first. And who wouldn’t want a girl like her as their girlfriend? Ready to become a pet…(or a pet in the making). As for the guy, obviously there’s some age gap. There’s also not as much interest from his end. No doubt, he find her pretty and hot, but he’s always been with some girl, from one to another. Would she be able to maintain his interest in her? What she will do to keep him satisfied so he doesn’t have to go looking for somewhere else? Although it may start out with low interest from his end, he’d be a fool to turn down a girl who is willing to do everything for him. Is that the key for him to fulfill all of his fantasies? Let’s find out together!!!
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Re: Play by Prompt
« Reply #7 on: December 12, 2018, 11:47:36 PM »
CEO's Worst Nightmare (The E-mail)

Seeking: someone to play the male role or roles, depending on who sent the email, what his motivations are. Various options are that he could be someone seeking revenge on her, wanting to ruin the company, use her to influence others into changing their decision. So many ways this could go. It could involve only the blackmailer or he could take the backseat now while other men corrupts her, of course him holding the strings as to who, where, what. Please come at me with ideas. Who is the email from? A coworker? An ex-employee? Someone she fired? A ex-client who she destroyed? A rival?
 p.s. I said CEO but it could be anyone with a higher position in whatsoever field.

"Intro post"

"I know what you're up to.

Recognize the names Harris? Danson? Rembert? Tully? And so many more? All accounts that you've skimmed from.

Do you recognize the name of the account, “YYZ Off Shore Exports”, where you're funneling the money? The Caymans are beautiful year-round. Excellent choice.

Do you recognize the total sum of $1,849,387 ? You should. That's the amount you've skimmed since October of 2010. And from what I know, that's pretty clearly a -Felony-, Ms. Monteleone. Even with a plea-bargain, you're looking at ten years in prison minimum, and that's if IA doesn't find anything -else- to throw at you.

'Oxford Grad Arrested for White Collar Crime'. Can you imagine that as a newspaper headline? I wonder what your family and friends would think of that?

Good news is – I am the only one who knows about it. Better news is – I don't want your dirty money.

Instead, here is what you are going to do:

Clear your schedule for tonight.
Head to the AMC Lowes Orpheum theater on 3rd Ave.
Buy a ticket to “Fifty Shades of Grey” at 9:00pm.
Sit in the very back row.
Wear something pretty. Not a dress. But a top and a skirt. A top that shows off your midriff and skirt that’s no more than thigh length. Plus heels.

You will comply, or I will deliver substantial amounts of data to the authorities.

If you try to make a run for it, I will deliver the data and your accounts will be frozen before your plane even takes off.

If anything happens to me before, during, or after our meeting, plans have been made to deliver the data and ruin you for life.

Tell no one. If you tell someone, then -I- will tell someone. It's only fair.

I offer this single chance to prevent your utter ruin. I can not be bribed. I can not be bought. Don't even bother trying.

See you tonight.”

And this was the email that was sitting in her email when she returned from a meeting with CEOs and future CEOs about to merge with her firm. Yes, she was at a top position where no one could tough her. What she’d done, the skimming, was done a long time ago, when she was in a marriage with her husband who was also one of the CEOs at the very firm. Skimming occurred during the time she feared he was cheating on her. Then they made peace when he told her he wasn’t, and she later found out he actually was. So, divorce happened, he left the firm, and due to her smartness, she also had this off shore account which she totally forgot about. Not having looked at the accruing amount each year, it’s gained quite a capital. The worst part was that she had been busy that she forgot she even created such an account when she was mad at her husband, trying to secure her future in that time of need.
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