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Author Topic: Victorian Romance [Plot Heavy]  (Read 616 times)

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Victorian Romance [Plot Heavy]
« on: May 08, 2018, 03:45:19 am »

Victorian Secrets
Could include Romance, Arranged Marriage, Deceit, Discovery

Setting: Victorian Fantasy. Carriages line the streets of the wealthy, ladies of class don tight corsets and always have a chaperon in their sights. Parties are attended on a monthly basis, lavish events meant to connect business men and their wives to those of their station. And to marry off their children to help secure their lineage.

Introduction of Jamie Hughes
Boots thudded along the sparse hallway, the older gentleman needed no direction from the maids to know where his child was. In the study, as always; reading over charts and numbers as Robert had done in his own youth. Except this went beyond even his dedication, not that he could complain - business was steady here and booming overseas. Their ships had gone from a handful of barley decent vessels to practically a fleet of marvels. Deals and trades he no longer had a hand in were happening behind that door, but this was not something to be let go of so easily.

His one true heir was two years shy of thirty now; without a wife and with far too many rumors circulating. Robert would not see this company capsize because of such antics. Without knocking, he stepped in the room and prepared for battle with the wild thing behind the desk. Brandishing the envelope like a rapier, he held it in the face of the youth - features that hardly mirrored his own, “I have already sent your acceptance.”

Obsidian eyes rimmed with thick lashes sucked him in, the gaze as welcoming as a cold night at sea. The look was wasted on the older man, he refused to recoil from something he had taught his own child to perfect. Like his father before him, he knew just how to counter the immense attitude, “James, you cannot ignore another function and expect society to simply move on without question. Numerous businessmen are attending.”

Jamie plucked the envelope from the outstretched hand, unfurling the letter within and reading aloud; a hint of mockery in the tone, “I am overjoyed to hear of your latest conquest in the northern markets and have heard of your investment in our shops here-” The pause hung heavy between them as James looked up, lofting a delicate brow, “Our investment?”

Robert sank into an overstuffed leather chair; stretching out his tired legs and running his fingers through dark hair peppered with gray, “A small contribution that allows them to expand their space for a percentage of their company. An easy investment considering their popularity.” His laughter was rich at the new look he received, “I have dealt in business longer than you, boy.

The younger of two snorted, going back to the letter, though Jame’s no longer read it aloud. More praise for their contribution and joy over their interest. It was the invitation beneath the letter that concerned James. “A banquet, father?” The invitation was stiff, gilded around the edges, gaudy. Like the women that would be there - too fancy for what it was. James tossed both to the side and went back to the maps, “I refuse to dance with some toddler that prattles on about dresses and nothing more.”

Robert felt his sigh from his very bones as he watched his child; only their hair and eyes matched. Everything else was a stark contrast to their shared bloodline; where Robert was broad of chest and wide of muscles, James was lean though years at sea added the definition of muscle. Still, he wanted more for his only child and knew just how to push matters to suit his needs, “There was a time where you would speak of nothing but dresses.”

A pencil hovered over the map, frozen by the words and annoyed that the prodding actually stirred something, “Careful where you step, father. My childhood need not factor into business, remember?” A childhood that had been there and gone, swept away by the death of a brother and a mother.

“I am making a simple point Jamie. You must make an appearance, charm the toddlers, as you call them. Reinforce connections and strengthen your footing.”

“My place as heir is without question, my power needs no definition, and I have no time. That is why I do not attend.”

“I have had offers, James. So either you take a wife or you have a damn good reason why you cannot. The rumors cannot be allowed to grow, they will have an impact on how people see us. Which can affect the company.”

“A wife?” Jame’s laughed, holding the invitation up, “Is this what this is about?” Leaning forward, James hissed, “What if I wanted a husband instead?”

Robert surged up out of his chair, rising face to face with his child and barely containing his anger, “Then you should have remained talking of dresses rather than take on the responsibility of this company!” He straightened, holding his head high and looking down his nose, “I am a businessman, James. I gambled on my own child and it is still my name and reputation on the line. Do no disappoint me. And do not be late.” As he had entered, he now left. Without a word or a backwards glance.

Jamie sank back into the chair, looking over the charters without really seeing them. A wife? What a joke. No woman would stay here, not after they learned the secrets that Jamie hid. What a terribly cruel joke indeed.

More about Jamie Hughes: Once upon a time, Jamie dreamed of dressed and ponies - envisioning a wedding that would make her the envy of the girls. Her father had nothing to do with her, grooming her older brother to take care of the family. He often shared his lessons with her, teaching her how to read the maps, balance the books, and what to look for when investing. He was her elder by five years and still he shared with her. His joy for his work infectious... Until one day she heard her mother screaming. They never told Jamie what happened, or why her brother was covered in blood. Just that he was gone. It was the grief that took her mother - once an vibrant source of joy turned to endless sorrow; she wasted away little by little.

It was just her and her father. He took convincing, countless nights of talks that bordered yelling before they both left that accursed house. Her dresses and ribbons packed in a box - left behind with the rest of their past. She butchered her hair, impressed her father with what she already knew and began to simply go by James. Fortunately, her mother had not been a curvy woman, even with a corset to help. It was easy for her father to introduce her as his second son, no one had ever seen them all together. It wasn’t long before James was just another businessman.

What I’m Looking for: There are a couple of ideas to toy with here. Either an arranged marriage is forced between two people - James to another lass or a lad that was once a childhood friend and therefore in the dark about the needed change. Or maybe someone from a lower class family that either wants a way up and out of their life, or has genuine feelings for James.

Please do not replying here, just shoot me a PM if you like the idea! Or if you have something else in mind!
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