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August 12, 2022, 03:56:06 am

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Author Topic: From Farm Boys, to Lesbians, to Psychopaths (Character ideas and cravings)  (Read 768 times)

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Below are some characters I have a small craving to play as. I don't have any plots for them, so if you are interested and have a plot idea, or want to create one, shoot me a PM and we can work something out. Hopefully you enjoy the characters below.

Most of these characters can be placed in any setting you'd like, with one or two mainly having a specific world setting they can only be in. Still, they're flexible in whatever you wanna try.

Ben Forbes -- Bisexual

He's 6'4, blonde short hair, blue eyes, Caucasian skin, and as you might imagine, handsome and well built, similar to that of a gymnast. He's a charming lad who's friendly, social, outgoing, and a constant flirt to those he finds attractive. However, he's a massive manipulative prick. A sociopath without question, he will manipulate power, and he's not afraid to get his hands dirty. The man is cold, calculating, ruthless at times, a scumbag who hides his insidious side well with a smile. He's a hypersexual individual, as he is unable to form emotional connections with people, so sex is is way of coping with that, but he won't see or treat his partners as equals, rather objects or even pets. He's a Patrick Bateman like character, where there is an idea of Ben, but no Ben actually exists. Instead, he is an empty husk of flesh who only craves power because he does not know his place in the world. His ambition is to find a purpose, but his idea of where he belongs is with power over others.

Amelie Buress -- Homosexual, AKA Lesbian

Amy is 5'9, with a light brown skin color, amber eyes, dark brown hair tied up into a ponytail, and somewhat curvy. She's quite average body wise, if not a bit self-conscious about her appearance. Hell, she's self-conscious about everything, she doesn't see herself as too appealing. She's nerdy, awkward, a bit weird by her own standards, but she's kind and doesn't mind talking to people. She is attracted to others of her own gender, but she's closeted about that and tries her best to be attracted to men out of fear of ridicule by people. If any plot involves her, it would be that she comes out of the closet and finds a lover that will help develop her feelings and emotions about being gay. You know, be progressive.

John Hammond -- Heterosexual, though he is a bit curious about seeing what it's like being bi.

He's 6'2, with pale skin, a farmer body build, slightly tanned, short black hair, and green eyes. He's a farmer's kid, having been home schooled and worked on a farm most his life, but he's got some demons in his closet for sure. Being emotionally and sexually abused by his step-sister by the age of 8, (she was 10,) John also suffers from self-conscious issues, having cases of suicidal depression, and unfortunately undiagnosed ADHD disorder. He's socially awkward, can't stay in a conversation for more than a couple minutes before he walks, figets constantly, and has a tough time with keeping attention. He's considered a weirdo because of his disorder no one knows about, and without proper help, he might end up dead.

Danny Buchanan -- Bisexual

Danny's 6'2 as well, having black hair and slim, but muscular build with green eyes, but this guy is a fuckin' maniac. He's a serial killer psychopath, a sadist who enjoys torturing, killing, and getting high as fuck. The man has many issues, from the constant need to hurt people out of almost addictive need, to his moments of blackouts, sudden crying, and bipolar emotional changes. Abused by his mother for years, Danny is a very troubled individual who only wishes to see the world burn and rack up a good body count before he dies. Expect a lot of killing if you wanna play with this guy.

More characters will be added over time, but these are the characters so far. If you wanna plot something out, give me a PM.
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