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June 27, 2022, 01:36:38 am

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Author Topic: Concocting Creative Fantasy Stories (MxF)  (Read 561 times)

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Concocting Creative Fantasy Stories (MxF)
« on: May 03, 2018, 05:31:54 pm »
Welcome to my thread, if fantasy stores of all sorts is your thing, you've come to the right place! Fantasy is definitely my genre of choice and it will be the setting of all my role-plays. Though fantasy is such a diverse genre that can be creatively melded with any other setting or genre, giving endless possibilities! My other favorite genres are sci-fi, romance, action, adventure, and mystery.

I'm a well versed role-player with about 5 years under my belt, I adore exploring the vast possibilities available in this glorious medium of storytelling. I believe myself to be quite the literate writer, though I realize just much much I could still improve. I do prefer least an average literacy level from my partners.

If you have an idea, please PM me and we can discuss some great plot possibilities. If you want to roleplay but are having trouble coming up with ideas, PM me anyway and maybe we can work something out together. I always try to treat everyone with courtesy and respect so hopefully if your interested there's no reason to be shy about reaching out to me.

Important info
 • My post length will average about 2-3 paragraphs but I often try to write as much as I can. Of course, I will write more to match my partners. I prefer at least 2 paragraphs from my partners.
 • I'm a switch and so are many my characters but they can be purely dominant or submissive depending on your preferences.
 • Plot is quite important to me but having quality characters and interesting interactions between them for greater development is something I value even more.
 • I primary play male characters playing with female characters. through I'm no stranger to playing as female and futa characters, in those cases I'm willing to play with male characters.

Erotica vs smut
Smut is fantastic but I personally feel it's best used in careful moderation. However erotica is something that I can't get enough of in any role-play. The difference being Erotica is more subtle and doesn't have to interrupt the story to create a sexually charged role-play.

In my favorite type of erotica, our characters would be openly turned on by one another but not express it through sex right away, but through their actions and words while the story continues. This could be a character taking an opportunity to show off their body to tease the other character. Sexual comments integrated into character dialogue. A character touching another sensually or even groping. Could Even be a character caught ogling the other.

My Favorite part about this type of erotica is the plot can continuously progress while our characters continue to subtly express their lust, building up to their eventual sexual encounter.

Foreplay: it's extremely important to sex scenes! Without that final build up, a sex scenes may feel shallow. It's all about character anticipation and the both of them wanting more. plenty of kissing,  hot breathes on the skin, rubbing messages, nibbles, teasing, stripping, dirty talking, affectionate eye contact, etc.

Size Play: this is a kink I'm particularly passionate about, I adore playing with character sizes. Most people go for the 1-3 feet height differences and I'm big fan of that for sure! However 5-10ft height differences are amazing and I'd love to find more people with a passion for those more extreme size differences. May include shrinking and or growing characters.

Extensive breast play: Pretty self explanatory, I love nipple play, breast massages, nipple teasing, huge breasts, lactation, etc.

Roughness/ gentleness: They may be opposites but I love them both at the same. From slow affectionate sex that gently emphasizes every subtle movement and caressing touches. To a passionate fuck with powerful movements and harsh groping and spanks.

Basic Pairing ideas
I prefer to come up with unique plots for each partner, so I usually start with a basic pairing and discuss further plot details to flesh out the story. As you'll notice, I adore playing with and as various monster races.

Human x Monster
Monster x Monster
Adventurer x adventurer
Pirate/sailor x sea monster
Farmer x farm related monster (ex. minotaur, centaur, ect.)
Inquisitor x evil monster
Human x Deity
Human x demigod

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Minotaur / cow people

Specific Plot ideas

Arcane Bounties
A notorious pirate crew well known for uncovering and stealing magical relics has come to the ruins of a lost civilization being studied by archaeologists. The calculating captain takes these researchers captive. Of which includes a promising woman (Your character) who sees potential to study the pirate's obtained relics. Utilizing her cunning and charm, she catches the captain's eye and gets closer to him, going from slave to the captain's second hand. Come to find out, these pirates aren't just collecting relics for fun, rather for a plan shrouded in mystery, one that will impact the entire world.

Master polymorphist
A sorcerer specializing in magic that can turn any creature into another,  even and especially to transform humans into monsters, he uses this incredible power performing on stage as a magician. One of his shows gets out of hand when a rival sorceress(your character) gets up on his stage and challenges him, a chaotic yet surprisingly suggestive magic battle ensues between the two, transforming one another in erotic ways. Eventually the battle ends and the loser is taken backstage by the winner where both of them relieve the sexual tension between them.

White, Black, Grey.
A male demon and a male(or futa) demon have taken interest in a lonely human woman capable of sensing and interacting supernatural entities most humans cannot. The angel and demon are fierce rivals with drastically opposing views, one of their only shared qualities are their interest in bringing this woman to their side (good or evil). The human however grows to love both of these entities and subtly tries to get the both of them to get along so the three of them can be friends(or more), naturally this is far from an easy feat.

I will take the role of the angel and demon, while you take the role of the human woman along with other people in her life. Through I we could discuss different roles if you'd prefer.
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Re: Concocting Creative Fantasy Stories (MxF)
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2018, 11:00:50 am »
I’m very interested in a m werewolf x f vampire scenario. I’m not sire aboit the size play though😞