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May 25, 2019, 10:03:36 PM

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Author Topic: Dark, supernatural erotic stories. M4F.  (Read 345 times)

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Offline Azor AhaiTopic starter

Dark, supernatural erotic stories. M4F.
« on: May 02, 2018, 02:10:41 PM »
Azor Ahai's plots, cravings and ideas.

Availability: After a lengthy (and extremely boring) hiatus, I'm back to write and create stories once again. So basically, my slates open..

Craving: Really looking to delve into some well written and detailed plots. I've been away from writing for so long and I've missed it terribly. I want to really sink my teeth into some juicy stories with some open minded partners.

On/Offs: A detailed O/O section will follow.

Plots: Below, I'll start to list current plot ideas. Naturally, the list will expand over time

Frequency: Ahead of anything, I'll be upfront. I can never guarantee immediate/fast replies. I can reply once a day, or once a week. 8-14 day breaks away CAN happen. It will all depend on my work schedule and my personal life. I do thoroughly enjoy writing and advancing the story however, so expect me to get to things as quick as possible. 

Writing: Straight off the bat, I'll say I prefer quality to quantity. If I have to wait a few days for a post, by all means take it. I love to develop and build characters and plot. I love nuisance and realism. First and foremost. Though I will expect a certain level. I will usually match my partner, but will put maximum effort into my writing and posts, so will only collaborate with a partner willing to do the same.

Communication: I can't stress this enough. Communication is key. I love regular chats in PM, to discuss kinks, plot outlines and future plans. As much as I prefer fluidity, I think a degree of planning is needed.

My kinks and current interests are quite specific. I'm looking for a plot heavy, dark & foreboding story, with extreme adult and sexual themes.

Story Idea #1: THE ACADEMY.

Inspiration: Suspiria (film), Black Swan (film).

Lucy (Your character, can change name) had recently been accepted into the prestigious Ludwig Academy. The premier ballet/arts academy in the world. Situated in the rolling green hills and forests of Bavaria, Germany,  it took on only the greatest prospects from the around the world.

Settling into the strict, bohemian and off beat academy was tough, until she met Antoine. A French born American student, he became her rock, friend and eventual lover. The school however, housed a dark secret. The corridors echoed with whispers of the occult. Witchcraft  & devil worship were practiced in the castle walls 500 years before, and the deep underlying thought was that they still were.

I thought we diverge from here. Create our own story line from here. I would love to delve into the darker side of things, with multiple characters coming into play, and sex becoming common between the students and even the teachers. Horror aspects definitely expected, with the end game to be decided by us.

Story Idea #2: THE FAMILY

Inspiration: The Manson Family (real life), The Devil's Rejects (film)

A recurring thought plot I've wanted to play out for some time. The basic idea is to play out the inner workings of a cult.

My character, an unassuming yet extremely complex name known simply as 'John', runs his 'family' from a compound deep in the forest. Your character would be a new recruit, or "daughter", who comes looking for solace after running away from her home/life in the city. Her reasons can be decided by you.

First and foremost, I'd like to play out the strange yet inclusive day to day workings of a cult. What John preaches & what he promises. How things work and how things play. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, I'd like to strongly play out and emphasize the growing relationship developing between our characters.

Whether the cult is sexual in nature or not, I haven't decided, though my initial thought is that it isn't. Though that can be discussed.
An interesting angle I'd love to play out is an obvious darker side to things, that would only surface once your character became settled and aware.

I intend for this story to be quite dark and often complex. I really want to capture the nuance of day to day life, with an interesting story (that we can expand) and rich, three dimensional characters.

PM me for more details.

Story Idea #3: EZEKIEL MOSS.

It's 1934, the heart of the Depression. The weather is humid and the days are long.

Iris Carson, emotionally fragile by the recent loss of her husband, manages to scrape a living by running a boarding house in a small town overrun by religious fervor. Living with her son Joel, who has a huge imagination but zero friends, Iris finds occasional moments of happiness sleeping with the salesman who stop by her Inn.  She hates herself for it, but if not for that, she’d be too lonely for words.

Things runs like clockwork, with no great shock or surprise, that is until the darkly intense Ezekiel Moss shows up with his witch-like partner, Hepzibah Webb. The two, shrouded in mystery, ask to stay in one of her rooms for a week and they come with two stipulations – stay out of their way and don’t ask questions.

Joel finds the odd but charming Ezekiel fascinating, and starts following him around, trying to figure out what it is he and Hepzibah do. It turns out they travel from town to town to find people who’ve lost loved ones.  And that’s where things get interesting.  Ezekiel has a special talent – he can allow spirits to possess his body.  He can allow the dead to speak to the living.  Or, at least, that’s what he and Hepzibah claim.   

After seeing one of these possessions himself, Joel is a believer, and he runs to his mother to tell her what’s going on.  But because Joel’s imagination has always been so outrageous, Iris doesn’t believe him. Nor does she want to believe him, as she’s begun to fall for Ezekiel. 

That's where we'd work from. Are Ezekiel's possessions real? Is he just swindling Iris? Taking money from an emotionally fragile woman whilst indulging in pleasures of the flesh. Or is he the real deal? In that case, what will the fervently religious townfolk have to say about the new drifter and his dark magic. (We can work this out over PM).

Offline Azor AhaiTopic starter

Re: Dark, supernatural erotic stories. M4F.
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