The New Guns of the Wild Wild West.

Started by Prefect Mos, January 24, 2009, 11:50:12 AM

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Prefect Mos

Im thinking of a game set in the Wild Wild West. Think Stem Punk in a slightly pre Victorian era in the wild Wests of America.  Magic exists, but its not all that effective, expensive and ritualistic. And not many have any talent for it, there are cultural biases though, The Chineese tend to be verry good with Luck, and longevity magic, The native Americans tend to be good at Information gathering and Hiding. The Irish excellent at illusions , and so on.. but a very minor tone to it. Whats more important Is the Technoligy . Steam Power is every were, from Clock work servants and railroad slaves, To a steam operated pistol . To a fifty foot tall mechanical tarantella raiding Towns . So join me Yall, for your interest and creativity in this endevor ... Differnt story lines will be discussed depending on the person wanting to play. All peroples and styles will be considered. 


Sounds interesting what where you thinking as far as storyline i am really interested!