Looking for one-on-one science-fiction/fantasy RPs. (F for M or F)

Started by Nyxlplyx, April 29, 2018, 07:11:45 PM

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Hello all!  I'm looking for some longer term roleplays to sink my teeth into.  I have been away from writing and roleplaying for a bit now but would like to come back with a vengeance and get the brain juices flowing.

I will need partners who are flexible with response time; given my work schedule, I find myself rarely online during the week and to play it safe I would say to expect replies mostly on the weekends and anything I can provide during the week will be a pleasant surprise.

Now you may be itching to know what kind of worlds I like to play in or craft from.  Well, I have a strong preference for science-fiction/fantasy type settings because it gives us so much more to play with, different avenues to go down.  Of course, this opens up a whole smorgasbord of story and character options.  I also know a lot of people have a set of characters they pick from when they go to play and base their story around that, but I have more fun going by the seat of my pants.  I would much rather spend time crafting a world with you and then I can design a character to fit and grow within that world.

I am not opposed to working within fandoms or otherwise established worlds, though I do not like playing the popular or well known characters from that world; I find it's too much to live up to, especially if you're playing with someone who is a real fan...I wouldn't want to derail a whole roleplay because I didn't react as a character is expected to.  Below I've got a couple of suggestions from book series' I've read and would have no issue either playing in or using as a basis.  They are by no means in order of preference, and I enjoy all these worlds immensely.  If you have any book or fandom to suggest, please do so as I know I won't have listed everything by any means.

- "The Hallows" by Kim Harrison
- "The Dresden Files" by Jim Butcher
- "The Others" by Anne Bishop
- "The Invisible Library" by Genevieve Cogman

Of course, given a choice I will always prefer to craft and cobble together a unique world of our very own, no need to stick to a known fandom!

Quick, but important, notes:

- I will almost always play a female character; it is more comfortable to me and there is less fumbling around.  I would be willing to play a male for the right story/partner.
- You can play male or female, it doesn't bother me. 
- I am not against playing additional side characters to aid the story along; in retrospect trying only to play one character each may be what kills a lot of roleplays.
- I love having moments of smut in my roleplays but I do not use my writing as a means to an end.  Too often I am left with a forgotten RP because we've had a sex scene and the urge to write has left my partner.  Please do not be this person.
- In this same vein of thought, I have much more fun with the sexy parts when it has been reached through proper and natural character/partner growth.  I am as eager as anyone for some fun, but just throwing it in willy-nilly makes it more like a bad porno than anything else.
- I request and prefer roleplays either through the private message system or the forums. 

And as a final point, for now...as you can see, I by no means write pages and pages at a time but I also do my best to be descriptive and set the tone, location, emotions, etc.  I hope to find a similar partner who can provide my with enough stimulating writing that we can choose which direction to go, instead of simply hashing out a couple of lines in response.

Thank you for reading and I hope to have caught someone's interest!


+1 Recommendation, though I am unmotivated to encourage anyone else-  so I can be greedy, of course! >: D
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On's and Off's~!