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Author Topic: Solo or Duo D20 Games. Adventure, Non-Consensual, Human/Exotic  (Read 1088 times)

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Offline MelendrithTopic starter

Edit 28 Feb 19: I will remove the rule section here so it wont cause confusion. Apologies for inconvenience and misunderstanding.

Hi All, I am back after some time away and looking to play, by reviving some of my old play interests / thoughts.

Looking for players to play female characters (ideally human, elf or half-elf, but some room for discussion is fine) in Non-Con Human/Exotic scenes. Male players are welcome as long as the characters are female.

Each player can play one or up to two characters if they wish. If you have a friend you are cool with, you can each play one character, as long as you are comfortable with each other and have reasonable post frequency (once per 1-2 days is fine)

Being a regular GM in real life, I greatly enjoy system games like Pathfinder, 4E and 5E. There is also systemless d20 framework but (naturally) with few Character Development and Customisation option.



For System games, there will mainly be modifications as follows
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
1) Armor/Clothing as Hitpoints.
Generally two piece armor comes off at Half and Zero HP, four piece armor comes off every quarter HP lost. Regardless of "cosmetic" damage, your AC is always unchanged.
Examples of some armor/clothing types are
2piece: Shirt and Skirt
2piece: Robes and Shift
4piece: Breastplate, Chain Leggings or Chainskirt, Bra, Panties
3piece (3Quarter, Half, Zero): Leather Corset, Leather Skirt, Panties
3piece (Half, Quarter, Zero) : Robes, Bra, Panties
Or anything you can come up with that we all have an understanding.

( rest deleted as of 28 Feb 19)



If the premise is appealing, we can also work without using any dice system, but only for ONE player with ONE character. We either use freeform combat (where attacker describes an attack and defender decides if/how it lands and wardrobe impact if any), or non combat focused (it is either glossed over or in the outcome is generally at the GM's discretion).

Edit: added notes on 10+ on d20 for PF persons who may not be aware. Added notes to healing in bold.

Edit 2: Spoiler tagged the rules Modifications so as not to bother the less mechanically interested people.
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Offline MelendrithTopic starter

Re: Solo or Duo D20 Games. Adventure, Non-Consensual, Human/Exotic
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2018, 08:53:51 pm »

The last time I came back, I felt I was a bit too generous with my leeway on posting time. In the end I lost interest and took a long hiatus which I honestly did not expect to return from. But here I am again, I guess.

I would like a posting frequency of at least twice per week. Anything less than that will result me in quickly losing interest, and while away messages are fine, extended aways will get to me. This time round well, I'm really not sure what to expect. I'm not even sure I will even find a writing partner.

A little about myself, I work 5 days a week and am married with family. I make time to run, sometimes play, 2 to 3 table top games a week, ranging from a homebrew system, 5E and Pathfinder. However, my relationship with my partner is without tension, so pretty much that's what I hope to find here.

Non-consensual roleplay is the main reason why I come looking elsewhere Elliquiy, and also looking to play with some randomness. Being able to blackmail, humiliate the other party is great. But the real magic I feel to roleplay is the inner thoughts and feelings of the characters. Sex is just sex, and there's only so many ways a male and a female can have intercourse in real life, what more in a medium such as writing? I feel build up matters, and there should also be stakes in the course of the act, otherwise at some point why resist? But maybe I'm just simple minded.

I am open to male players who write and play female characters, and I am fine with people rolling their own d20 as long as I roll my own.

If you wish to GM for me, please feel free to offer. I am open to play 5E heroines through the gauntlet, and can also share if you wish to try a simple d20 I came up with for heroines. 

If you don't wish to play a system game, I am fine with that as well, but I think generally speaking there should be some randomisation involved. I can take care of that randomness offscreen behind spoiler tags if you are agreeable, and you need never know the details (but they're there if you wish it).



One superheroines, or two to three heroines set out on an adventure in the world full of danger. Along the way, they may find themselves tested, and even falling, but ultimately they try to keep it all together against opponents that is all about trying to break their resolve and showing them the futility of their prowess, that their rightful place is to be playthings for the entertainment of others.

This can be any sort of adventure, we are open to discuss or the rough plot of a story / anime / scenario / module / adventure path / hard cover can be followed. Alternatively, here are my two suggested settings.

A. Daemon Seed Incursion (Fantasy)

The Shattered Plains in the centre of the Meyras continent stands as a desolate warping wasteland, aftermath of a titanic arcane duel between many archmagi centuries ago. However, recently it has become an epicentre for beings not of this realm to enter this plane via a rift. Their essence cannot hold out far from the Shattered Plains, and they have taken to possessing creatures to propagate spawn native to this world, capable of containing their malevolent spirits and abilities far from the epicentre.

The adventurers are sent to investigate. Unknown to your, your senders have some information, and know that deadly casualties are high among males but females are generally spared for torment and possible seeding. You are the price they are willing to pay for information on the origins of the rift and hopefully how to seal it.

B. Superheroine Humiliation (Modern)

A superheroine of great standing and renown in the city (ideally Supergirl or Zatanna, being my faves) becomes ensnared by a villain plotting not just to humiliate her, but to utterly ruin her standing in the city. To this end, he aims to have her captured and placed in a collar that suppresses her abilities. The collar does not make her his pet though, that is not enough.

Instead, he frees her to battle crime as she always had as little more than a normal woman in a (more revealing) costume. To release her powers temporarily from the nullifying effects of the collar, she must do the unspeakable, to have the means to save the day. All the while knowing that with every victory will make her exploits even well known in the city, destroying her reputation and all she has worked for.


While I'm familiar with Pathfinder, D&D 4E, D&D 5E, having spent a few hundred hours playing each system, I don't feel they suit the sort of adventure I'm looking for here very well.

Generally speaking, I am happy with a partner that either plays one notably powerful heroine, or two to three capable heroines who are all capable of holding their own (albeit with individual weaknesses) and each other. I have in mind a simplified d20 system that should do the trick, and dispense with the damage dice rolls, focusing mainly on attacks and maybe some flanking.

But why use d20? I think tension is an important part of roleplaying, that stakes should be present, and playing a game generally covers it well. I also feel that characters (especially heroines) should have a chance to recover from their mistakes and recover from their defeats, and storylines will be geared towards that.

The only situation where heroines should be permanently unplayable is if they succumb so much, they decide that it is more enjoyable to be a plaything rather than a heroine and essentially stop fighting. 

While I keep this for my reference, you can ask about any of them if it especially catches your fancy.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
2. Vampire "Slayer" (Fantasy, Dark Ages, or Modern)

These are some ideas, and they can be combined or mixed together as well. Expect charming enemies with  exotic tastes. Detective style story lines are also welcome, tracking your quarry.

Origins - You find a relative or friend that has fallen prey to a vampire. Perhaps it is too late, or perhaps not, but you hunt for the vampire in the hopes of putting an end to the menace... or perhaps to attempt a life for a life trade.

Slayers - You are well known undead hunters and vampire slayers. One day a new menace arises to take you on, perhaps to destroy you, or to claim you as a trophy to exhibit before other vampires.

Freedom - You have become a vampire, gaining freedom through the actions of others. Instead of becoming just another predator, you seek to work with them or on your own to destroy other vampires. However you are still young and have much to experience.

3. City of Masks (Fantasy or Renaissance)

The City of Masks is so named because all the denizens regularly wear masks in the streets and places of exchange. It is a commercially vibrant city, where anything and everything can be had, for the right price. Under their masks, peasants might rub shoulders (and more) with nobles and princes, and everyone is free from their bonds of life to do as they please. People of means travel far to be someone else for a day or more, maybe even get lost and never find themselves again.

This arrangement is not without problems. Law enforcement is harsh and brutal, because it is difficult to follow up except when apprehension is done on the scene. Crime still rears its ugly head from time to time, for after all one only needs to get lucky once, and apart from murder, few crimes are as capitally punished as the ultimate taboo - unmasking someone who is not a criminal. Contracts are meaningless, one who is willing keeps his or her peace and follows, one who is not had best make clear help is required before it is too late. Even unmolested, to one who knows what could be, the thrill spills into one's veins every step of the way in the City of Masks.

Fantasy - Shemhazin the city of Masks lies at the crossroads between planes. Spellcasters who suffer plane shifting or teleporting mishaps may also find themselves unexpectedly here. More than just experiences, creatures and beings of every sort walk in guises amidst the cities, and exotic artifacts may be found perhaps in its markets. Few things are what they seem in the City of Masks.

Renaissance - Venice is the City of Masks where many gather for various purposes, for commerce or for quiet dealings. Meantime, the rest of the city is segregated from the "commercial" area proper. Peasants, workers and nobility each to their own quarter for day to day.

Note: I will not be using below unless requested or agreed to, and it may amuse some of you

4. Arena of Ar Khazan (Fantasy)

The wealthy island kingdom of Ar-Khazan has set up an Arena for amusement and sport. Countries that trade with them may wish to send female representatives of worth to be challenged in the arena. If they demonstrate their prowess, they win for themselves fame, great wealth and favored trading terms for their nation. If they fail, well their safety is still guaranteed, merely having to endure the humiliation of public defeat.

Over time, the Arena has proven more than enough for nigh all, but countries still support them by sending "suitable" competitors, who might be too aspiring or vocal for the powers that be. People they know are also often invited to watch the spectacle. Often the competitors come back suitably more meek and malleable, or may decide they are better off sold off for other uses. But as a proud bearer of your country's prestige, that is certainly far from your thoughts as you make your way to Ar-Khazan.

6. Behind Enemy Lines (Fantasy or Modern)

Your homeland is under attack by an enemy power, and they are poised to invade. Outnumbered, the only hope is to gather intelligence on enemy plans and troop movement.

You have been sent to head behind enemy lines, enter their command centres and find whatever you can to help pepare and even deter an invasion. Capture is possible, but you must not let it get in your way. Do whatever it takes and get the information out.

Notes: if not fantasy setting, this can be done systemless d20 or non dice roleplay. Variant ideas welcome.

7. Escape from Underdark (Fantasy)

You are a surfacer exploring the Underdark when you are accosted by enemies, and likely captured. From there you have to escape and find your way back to the surface, or maybe just resign yourself to your new fate.

Alternatively, you are drow fled from the bloodthirsty customs of your people. You leave the Underdark only to find a beautiful but generally hostile surface world. To cope with the prejudice, you work... with either blade or body.

8. Detective in Danger (Modern)

There is a hostage situation at a warehouse and you are sent with a briefcase of cash to try and defuse the situation. Or you might try to go in undercover pretending to be a hostage. Either way, it is nothing you can't handle, right?

Inspired by following Comic

Other storylines are also possible, such as
- undercover into gang territory, ie joining the gang
- being a new working girl at a nightclub to uncover missing girls
- being a school teacher to befriend the son of a suspected mafia boss
- a covert raid on a warehouse with drugs, without a warrant 

Notes: run either systemless d20 or regular Roleplaying in forum. Expect campy weapons if d20 lol.

9. Planet Pollux (Sci Fi)

A space craft sent to find colonizable planets arrives on planet Pollux, bearing a crew of explorers and their space suits / mechas/ adventuring gear. The explorers try to map the area, find safe areas for colonists to set up, and assess/deal with threats so as to secure the area.

You can explore Pollux as an exploratory fauna/flora heavy setting similar to prehistoric earth, or as a low atmosphere apparently barren rocky surface with lurking danger. You can explore it in your mechas / space suits or on foot if the atmosphere has sufficient oxygen. This is a good setting to meet aliens or tentacle creatures etc. Requests of such creatures (esp pics) to encounter are welcome.

10. Daemon World (Fantasy)

The Daemon Seed Incursion has spread and most of the world is now under the dominion of the malevolent devils and demons. Using this new plane and their proxy spawns, they carry on the Blood War while expanding holding across the world. Many creatures that have survived exist as daemon spawn - larger, fiercer versions of their old selves, perhaps resembling prehistoric versions of their kind.

You may be part of a handful of survivors who eke out a miserable existence in a world fallen to ruin, overgrown with corrupted flora and fauna, or you could be waging a futile resistance war against the "populated cities" reshaped to be demonic cities of the Abyss or Hells. You might also be travellers from the past, seeking an artifact that you can use to return to save your world... which happens to be the same world you now inhabit.
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Offline MelendrithTopic starter

Re: Solo or Duo D20 Games. Adventure, Non-Consensual, Human/Exotic
« Reply #2 on: February 26, 2019, 10:55:41 am »
Well, I am back and see if I can give this another gander. Any interested welcome in PM.

Offline MelendrithTopic starter

Re: Solo or Duo D20 Games. Adventure, Non-Consensual, Human/Exotic
« Reply #3 on: March 04, 2019, 08:54:42 pm »
Edit : No longer in use. You can read if you have interest

For easy reference, if I GM this is what I intend to use.

"Character Profile & Power"
For those familiar with 4E, the general combat rules resemble that.


AC 19 ; HP 16
Fort Ref Will : 20 18 15, in any order

Atk +11 vs AC
OR +9 vs (Fort Reflex or Will),

Melee/Ranged, Damage 3
AoE attack (3x3), Damage 2
A Crit (roll 20) deals +1 more damage.

( Special Attacks deal 1 more damage than usual, individually tailored to character )


- There are 3 Roles: Healer, Slayer, Tank
- Each PC may occupy one role per turn. The PC decides at the start of each turn, and it remains until the start of PC's next turn, or until the PC drops below 1 HP
- Each Role has different benefits

- Each PC has two Roles, typically Tank and Healer, OR Slayer and Healer. If the player wishes, Tank and Slayer is also acceptable.

- A Slayer deals 2 more damage with melee/ranged attacks, and 1 more damage with AoE

- A Healer may as a Swift action heal herself or a nearby ally (up to 25' away) for 5-7 HP (1d3+4). For those below 1 HP, note her healing starts from 0. She can only do this twice before resting. If a Healer uses up her last heal, she can no longer switch roles and remains in the same role until she rests. If the player wishes for a grittier game, a Healer may only heal an ally next to her.

- A Tank has 4 Temporary HP (THP) at the start of combat, which vanishes if she switches roles. While in Tank role, a character has +2 AC, ie AC 21. When she ends her turn, all enemies next to her take a -3 penalty with attacks that exclude her until end of her next turn. If the enemy makes such an attack, shifts or moves, the enemy automatically takes 2 damage. If player wishes a more realistic option, replace the last line with. "If the enemy makes such an attack, shifts or moves, the enemy provokes an OA from the Tank that deals 4 damage."


As a character takes damage, instead of bleeding, parts of her gear may come off as wardrobe malfunction, if the player so chooses. Generally speaking at half HP (ie 8 HP), she has lost more than half of her outfit, and at one quarter HP (ie 4 HP) she has lost most if not all of her garb. This is purely campy aesthetic and has no impact on her AC etc defensive stats. For best effect, you may or may not wish to use a pic/series of pics.

When a character drops to 0 HP, she is effectively unconscious, but you can have her weakly call for help or aware of the fight through  blurred vision, but unable to do much.

For certain setting (like DSI), the enemies may start ravishing the character in combat, entering her square and spending an attack's worth of action to force a Desire Saving Throw (DST). She makes a d20 roll and on a 10+ she passes, else on 9- she fails and gets more pleasured by it. After the second failure, on the next fight the first time she takes half her HP damage, she must pass a saving throw (succeed on 10+) to avoid spending her next turn dazed, being unguarded to all attacks and using her standard action to get herself "ready" thus dealing 2 damage to herself. After three DST failures she has "died", cannot rejoin the fight, cannot be healed, and effectively she is just waiting to be a fucktoy. The next time she fails three DSTs she is done for and must be retired as an adventurer, for all she cares about is seeking out more pleasures.

When a character rolls 20 on a DST, she may on her next turn regain consciousness, gain 5 HP, and take her turn as usual. In any case if she comes to, whether healed or simply through her own will, she will likely find herself grabbed and prone under the assailant, and must spend a move action to escape (roll d20 succeed on 10+, maybe modified further for large or especially tight gripping foes) and stand up in an adjacent square as part of the escape. She may also attack while prone if unable to escape (taking -2 attack rolls and possibly provoking an OA) or try to escape again (downgrading her standard to move).

A character that isnt being ravished doesnt have to make a DST.


A player may wish to play one character, in which case that character has twice the HP of a normal character, and has access to all three, the Tank, Slayer and Healer roles. Instead of two Heals, she has three Heals to use before she is locked into the Healer role.

She can take two standard actions instead of the usual one, but can only downgrade one standard to a move action. Her role is fixed at start of her turn, same as regular character. When the character loses half her HP, she loses one standard action until she has more than half her HP.

This option lacks some resilience of multiple characters, and the fun of ravishing an unconscious character, but has easier gameplay.

When a Gestalt is laid low, she has to endure 6-8 (5+1d3) rounds of ravishing, continuous DSTs made each turn, and "dies" at 3 failures. However, for each failure she has, she has a 10% higher chance of getting back up, ie after first failure she wakes on a 18+, and after second failure she wakes on a 16+. She gets back 10 HP instead of 5 when she comes to.

In any case, if she doesnt come to but endures, she might have a chance to triumph or at least escape before the next round.


Optional reading
Guidance will be provided during the game since there will not be a combat map.

General Combat Rules

- A character's turn comprises of one Standard, one Move, one Swift, taken in any order. Each action must be resolved before the next. A Standard can be downgraded to a Move (eg Move Move Swift) and a Move can be downgraded to a Swift (eg Standard Swift Swift or Move Swift Swift)
- once before Start of the character's next turn, she may use an Interrupt
- Total Defense is a standard action that grants +2 to all defenses
- Each character has speed 6 (ie 30') and can move its speed as a move action.
- An OA is a melee attack, and cannot be a Special attack
- Ranged and Area attacks provoke OAs from those next to them
- Everyone can only OA those next to them (even if they have reach weapons etc)
- Everyone can OA once per turn (not once per round), including on their own turn
Eg. if Wolf A rushes past the Fighter, he gets an OA at Wolf A. When Wolf B rushes past the Fighter, he gets another OA at Wolf B, since it is now Wolf B's turn
Eg. The Mage decides to take a ranged shot at the injured Alpha Wolf some distance away, even though Wolf B is next to him. Wolf B gets an OA. After that, the Mage decides to walk away, and Wolf B cannot OA the Mage again as this is still the Mage's turn.
- A character can as a move action shift 1 square without provoking an OA. A character cannot shift into difficult terrain. If a character is flanked, she can only move away from one flanker, and will still be next to the other.
- A character can as a move action stand up from prone, and fall prone as a swift action.
- While prone, a character has -2 to attack rolls, is unguarded against melee attacks (+2 attack vs prone), and ranged attacks take -2 penalty against her


- Melee attacks take a -2 penalty if the target has concealment (eg Blur) and -5 if the target has total concealment (Invisible)
- Melee attacks take a -2 penalty if there is cover (such as striking an enemy from around a corner) or -5 penalty if there is superior cover (trying to strike through arrow slits)
- A prone or flanked target is unguarded against melee attacks, attacker gets a +2 attack bonus
- A character charges by moving closer to its target (or target square), up to its speed, then makes a melee attack with a +1 bonus. This cannot be a Special Attack unless otherwise stated. After a charge, his turn immediately ends.
- Two characters charging from the same side cannot flank at the end of their charging.


- Ranged attacks take a -2 penalty if the target has concealment (eg Blur) and -5 if the target has total concealment (Invisible)
- Ranged attacks take a -2 penalty if there is cover (such as an intervening enemy. Your allies never inflict cover) or -5 penalty if there is superior cover (trying to shoot through arrow slits)
- Ranged attacks provoke OA.
- Ranged attacks take -2 against prone targets


- AoEs ignore all concealment. Penalties from blindness do not apply.
- AoEs are only affected by cover caused by intervening structures and furniture etc, never from creatures, that are between the origin of the AoE and the target.
- Generally speaking, creatures sharing the same 3x3 space will be susceptible to AoE
- Blast attacks originate from the user and affect nearby squares, and never provoke OA
- Area attacks provoke OA from adjacent enemies.

Initiative is simply a roll-off, modifiers decided by me when combat is initiated. The default is usually I roll a 1d20, on a 11+ the heroine goes first. Modifiers may apply, usually to heroines' favour.
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