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April 11, 2021, 05:14:52 pm

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Author Topic: Fresh Blood: Fallout themed solo to multiple NPC  (Read 438 times)

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Fresh Blood: Fallout themed solo to multiple NPC
« on: April 26, 2018, 08:59:39 am »
The idea of this story, for starters, is that MC is a remaining survivor... either the leftover of a failed Vault turned scavenger, or a raider now at the mercy of the law/outside forces.  At the onset of the story-- or in the recent backstory, through flashback-- she is at the mercy of an outside force.  This force could be from multiple settings: a version of The Institute, The Brotherhood, the NCR, Vault-Tec, the Legion, or a completely original group-- but the point is, they have technology, soldiers, and resources to survive... within limits.  The specifics of discovery are open, but they learn that MC is of use to them.  Of course, she has no reason to trust them, and she's been an individualistic survivor-- but the trouble is, she's dying (I imagine a new form of radiation poisoning from an encounter with a mutated species, etc).  They can help keep her alive, but the cost of her independence and control-- and possibly what's left of her humanity.

This could mean a lot of things; they could treat her with gene therapy, heretofore-unseen cybernetics, or simply medicine that isn't available elsewhere in the wastes.  They may keep her on a leash with this treatment, or through something else-- she could require continual treatment, or she might make an attachment there that she is reluctant to leave.  Perhaps they fit her with an explosive collar, or implant a device that requires specific reactivation to continue working.  Lots of options here...

Whatever the method of story development, she is at their mercy, more or less, and they need her to execute key missions on their behalf.  Maybe she can mutate to endure airborne radiation they can't tolerate.  Maybe she's enhanced for combat to survive what they can't.  Maybe she is trusted in a community that they can't access, but desperately need-- whatever the function, they become mutually dependent in a twisted knot of manipulation and survival as she must paint her way across the wastes in blood.

Elements of:
-Manipulation, coersion, and non-consent

As for NC and other fetish-focused angles, like the scientific experiments-- please don't get overly hung-up on those.  If you're looking to indulge or explore a specific fetish or NC element in depth or at great length?-- that's not really the focus of this story.  It's more a part of the plot, with elements that may be sexualized as a consequence of the general tone.

Specific needs to make this enjoyable:

-No Mary-Sues or Gary-Stus.  Every character must be fallible and believable, MC included.  This doesn't mean that the characters can't pull off some awesomeness though.

-Details and description: setting, character quirks, action elements, etc. must have some descriptive element to indulge sensory or ambient detail to balance 3 elements: 1) immersion in the atmosphere, 2) avoiding stagnancy in the plot, and 3) indulging mutual enjoyment of the story

-One or more NPCs need to be managed; if I understand the purpose of an NPC, I will
-God-modding is out, but action-movement is in: Don't puppet my character around unless it's immediately clear what needs to happen in the story, and if that's clear from the action then the narrative can move it forward.  I strive not to do the same with NPCs unless the context clearly indicates the outcome is acceptable (such as-- Your Post says we're in a shootout with Powder Gangers, one lights a fuse and takes aim to throw-- I don't think you plan on MC being dead, so my post says: MC shoots the 'Ganger, and when he falls, his dynamite explodes a few seconds later, taking out him and his neighboring moron at once)

For style: please read over my recent threads.  I write purple prose, sure, and I like action.  I write smut and gore and all the fun stuff as much as I can without trying to draw any one scene out over, like, 3-5 posts from MC's perspective.  I hope that's good with you.

Thanks for your read, and I hope you're interested.  Please feel free to PM in response.