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RedHeadedRabbit's Ideas & Cravings

Started by TheRedHeadedRabbit, April 22, 2018, 12:47:40 PM

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Thank you for your interest. This thread is a work in progress, your patience is appreciated!

Please go through my O/O thread to make sure that we are compatible. It is already listed on there, but I just want to quickly state some basic rules:

  • Please don't write in first person. I prefer third person
  • Please don't reply in one liners
  • Please try to post a reply at least once a week. Or let me know if you are busy :)

Below are some of the ideas that I am looking to play out. These could either be short-term or long-term. The ideas are not set in stone, most things are up for discussion. I do prefer interracial pairings but its cool if you are not into that (Some games might explicitly require interracial pairings, nothing can be done about that)

Note: This thread is a work in progress, I am just listing down the ideas for now, might come back later and refine them some more. Also, I am not the best at naming things, I apologize for that in advance :)

Work In Progress Plots

Please note that these plots are not completed, and are just ideas that I want to try out

Arabian Nights

Retired Plots

Revenge and Reparations

The world leaders gathered around a massive table under the white and banner of the United Nations to finally discuss reparations. It was a long discussion to right every wrong in the history of mankind but everyone got up from the table with a weight lifted off their shoulders. They had drafted a document that listed every atrocity committed by one creed, race, religion, caste, gender, or group of humans against another. And then a clause that gave the oppressed population to seek reparations for the next year however they see fit.

The prompt is short and sweet and full of potential as I see it. So, what are some common scenes around the world?

    In South Africa, is Doutzen Kroes on a year-long charity event to remedy the crimes committed by the Dutch that eventually gave rise to the apartheid by going from street to street, offering up her asshole to any and every native South African black man?

    In Lahore, is Kate Middleton going from mosque to mosque stuffing her colonizing cunt with as many Muslim cocks as she can in front her husband before she has to get on a flight to New Delhi and do the same all over again in temples?

    In New York, the new Police Academy graduate is celebrating with her family and friends in the local bar on her new beat but also wants to start making a difference in the community. Inviting the black homeless man on the side of the street inside to buy him a drink wasn't enough. That's why she spread her pussy wide open for the filthy hobo and convinced her mother to do the same.

    In Berlin, is it a German girl bent over a table by a group of old, fat, and angry Jew men as they take turns ramming their wrinkled cocks into her tight little cunt with every desire to knock her up?

I hope you liked what you read. If the prompt makes you think of other deliciously kinky scenes, I would love to hear those out.

You can play as a member (or more) of the historically oppressed group taking advantage of the oppressor in either the scenarios mentioned above or any other historically accurate scenario.

A question of superiority

As per usual, the white supremacist rally only managed to gather a few dozen demonstrators. Nevertheless, they occupied the square for a few hours, shouting racist slogans and proudly displaying their flags and banners, as they were protected by thrice as many police. They needed to be protected by the counter-demonstration. A good few hundred strong people had gathered from all walks of life, looking to shout out the white supremacists. Looking to snuff out their dying breed.

Your character is a young black man taking part in the counter-demonstration, and as he takes a break to wipe off his sweat, he notices this young, blue-eyed beauty on the opposite side.

What happens next? Does he wait until the demonstration is finished before ambushing her? Does he break into her house to teach her a lesson in superiority? Or does he, instead of forcing it, tries to work his way into her mind and change it?

Possible side effects may include: Nymphomania

Katherine is a strong, successful businesswoman, at the top of her field. She doesn't allow time in her busy schedule for things like dating, love, or romance. Somehow she had managed to suppress that side of her life, so that she could focus on her career. Her strategy had worked, she was only 28, and sitting at the the very top of her field. But all that changed when she collapsed while delivering a speech. Doctors found a rare disease, incurable in the eyes of modern medicine. Kat was willing to throw all the money in the world at it, but her doctors had given up. That was until someone suggested that there maybe an unconventional way of treating it, some new experimental drug maybe, or straight up black magic mumbo-jumbo. Whatever it was, it worked, her disease was gone, she was feeling as healthy as ever, except for one tiny little side effect. She had now developed nymphomania. Now, all that remains to be seen is, just how devastating this could be for her. The urge could hit at any time, when she is in a meeting, or when she has been invited to speak in front of a crowd, or maybe when she is walking down the street and sees a random hot stranger. How far is she willing go to scratch the itch?

I know I said businesswoman up there, but her profession is up for discussion, she could be a celebrity or a politician or maybe a surgeon?

Hi! I am your stalker

Typical stalker tale with a twist. I do not want him to be a creepy stalker, he is not weak, he is not shy, and he is not boring. He is a smart, good looking man. He is confident, he doesn't just follow her, he lets her know that he wants to do more than just follow her, and he lets it be known rather bluntly. He has style, charisma, swag but lacks regular courtship manners. Who is he? Its clear what he wants, but will he get it? Or will he have to take it? Will he go away when asked politely or when asked not-so-politely? What if she has a boyfriend, or is engaged, even married, will he still pursue her?

(The title is up for discussion)

OkTinder 2.0

A new dating service is fast gaining popularity, everyone is downloading their app, and finding "true love". The app is powered by this revolutionary algorithm that builds user's character profile by reading their social media activity, and using that profile, it finds potential dates. No hassle of building up your own profile, no adding pictures, no writing fun/quirky bios, and no stupid swiping left/right.

Nikita has everything, but her dating life is as barren as the Sahara desert, maybe even more. She decides to give this app a try, on the app store it says "Just give us access to all your social media accounts, and watch the magic unfold". Except there is only one catch, the algorithm can't gauge a person's sexual compatibility. For most people there is hardly any sex-related information on their social network accounts, and it is no different for Nikita. As an alternative, the app asks her to come to a hotel room, blindfolded. Is she willing to try anonymous, blindfolded sex? Who will they send as her partner? Another app user or someone else? And what is he going to do to her? Will he be gentle or will he be rough?

(The title is up for discussion)

How was your date?

Zoey is a young, smart, and attractive girl in her early 20s. She moved out to the city for college, and decided to stay in the city after graduating. She had a nice life going there, she had found herself a good job that paid enough to have a comfortable lifestyle in big city. Her weekends were spent roaming around the city, meeting new people and trying new things. She was till single though, despite being socially active and all that. It was not like she had not had any dates, it was just that the men she went out with did not do anything for her. They were nice, successful men; any girl would be lucky to be in a relationship with them, but not Zoey, she was growing tired of the typical Wall-Street Analyst types. She had money of her own, she did not need them for that, and once you took away their money, they were very boring men. One day, after another insufferable date with another wall-street "VP", she walked out and aimlessly wandered into one of the shady neighborhoods, maybe ended up in a strip club or some other shady place. Who will she run into there? And how will it all unfold? Will she be back for more or will she go back to dating the same boring men? Maybe she ends up meeting a guy who is seeking someone for his private cam shows? Or maybe she meets a pimp?

Lastly, if you like anything in the above list, please DO NOT post a reply here, drop me a PM instead.



Added "Revenge and Reparations" and "A question of superiority"