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August 20, 2022, 12:27:54 am

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Author Topic: MMORPG NPC Comes To Life!!! Female for anyone!  (Read 825 times)

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MMORPG NPC Comes To Life!!! Female for anyone!
« on: April 18, 2018, 11:30:57 am »
My rules are spelled out here:


Ahem… I am here often, with roleplay starters. I am here now looking for a flexible partner who will be with me through all my changing mind and shifting interests. I can do long term RPs easily, but sometimes I get new ideas and really want to use them. I have many many many many MANY M A N Y plots available, and I’m also open to interesting ideas! Here are some of my rules:

Grammar: I’m not picky, as long as you try your best and I can understand what you mean. Please break up your paragraphs and notate when your character is speaking versus when they are acting. “For example, using quotation marks for dialogue.” He said.

That’s pretty much it for grammar.

Reply length and schedule: I am not very strict about reply length. All that I ask is that you give me enough to reply to. I usually do about two paragraphs of varying size. DO NOT JUST REPLY WITH “HMM” OR “...” I WILL DROP YOU IMMEDIATELY AND WITHOUT WARNING. I cannot stand when other people don’t put in the effort to something I’m passionate about, like roleplaying. I understand it’s just a game, but in order for me to have fun, I don’t want to be the one putting in all the work. Build the world with me! Write the story WITH ME! If I wanted to write my own book I would.

As for schedule I try my hardest to reply at least once a day. I am in between jobs right now, so I have more free time than I should. Please try not to double message me, I promise I saw your note and I WILL get to it. I am trying to get out of the bad habit of just dropping people once I lose interest. I will try to tell you if I want to drop the RP. If you want to gently remind me after about three days, please do. I go to bed at around 11 pm eastern standard US time.

Genre/Preferences: I am most comfortable with and most interested in fantasy genre with romance or adventure subgenres. I can do sci-fi or modern earth, but they are not my go-to.

As far as romance goes, I’m open to all pairings, any genders (I am an asexual trans man myself, so LGBTQ+ is totally welcome!) As per rules of the group, I will not discuss anything 18+ here. Note me privately if you want to know.

I believe that’s about it for my rules. Please note me if you’re interested in a RP!
  ((Thanks for reading!))

So I'm looking for a roleplay where my character is a character in an MMO, and by some magic, ends up in modern earth, IN YOUR BEDROOM! Anyone interested can please message me or reply here. My character and the starter are below :)


Name: Rose Gold
Age: 22
Gender: NB femme (she/her)
Sexuality: pansexual
Race: Gold Forged
Height: 6’6”
Eyes: Pink, larger than a human’s and expressive, shiny and swirling
Hair: white, long and thick, with gentle wavy curls.
Body: a metallic pinkish gold. Slender, but fit. Lean.
Clothing: golden chainmail with white cloth padded trim
Personality: protective, affectionate, dedicated to helping her people flourish.
Powers/Talents/Profession: the general-queen of the Gold Forged. An exceptional fencer and fighter. Likes to grapple in her spare time.
Other: N/A


“Pull back, pull back and heal! Come on, guys! We can do this! The boss is at 20% health! One more, one more, one more-- YES! Congrats, guys. Hey, BRB.”

You took of your headset and rolled your desk chair backward. Another successful dungeon raid in your favorite MMORPG, Gods’ Day of Gold. Now it was time for a well earned dinner. Probably something cheap, maybe pizza. You whipped out your phone to order one.

When your order was placed, you headed back to your room to see what your team had gotten up to while you were AFK. You nudged your door open with one hand and froze.

A strange woman was standing in your room. She whirled around when she heard you, holding a sword to your throat. You saw her pinkish gold, metallic skin, and her white hair, and her gold chainmail. You knew exactly who she was. She was the Joan-of-Arc-like savior of Gods’ Day of Gold. The general-queen of the Gold Forged, and your favorite NPC of the game. Rose Gold.

“Who are you and where have you transported me, witch?” She snarled.
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