Turn of events [F switch looking for M]

Started by elfguy, April 17, 2018, 11:56:01 PM

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Jeanette, a 21 year old girl, was used to walking through the park late at night. Most girls would be apprehensive of being alone in such a deserted place, but not her. After finishing her shift as security guard at a local factory, she didn’t fear the unknown. In fact despite her petite body and huge rack, she had a fit physique and she was well trained at hand to hand combat. She was quite sure that she could take care of herself, even though her job was mostly boring, without much action.

So as she walked through the park, she routinely fantasized about what would happen if some pervert were to jump her, attempt to assault her. She imagined all sorts of scenarios, and to her surprise they all made her horny. She imagined some big, dirty and smelly man holding her down, slapping her, undressing her and manhandling her, thinking he had the upper hand while she whimpered as a scared little girl, until she decided she had enough fun and turned the tables on him, showing him what she could really do. Little did she know that tonight her fantasies were about to turn real...

For this RP I will play Jeanette and I need someone to play the M character that will jump up and attempt to abuse her. She will let you go at it fo a while until she turns the tables on you and shows what she can do.