Gay Space Adventures [M/M Sci-fi]

Started by bughnrahk, April 16, 2018, 07:04:09 PM

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[ gay space adventures! ]

Bughnrahk's Ons & Offs

Please do not post in this thread! PM me!

I'm Buggy, and I'm looking for some roleplay! I have a strong hankering for science fiction and M/M.

I am in MST (mountain standard time). I am available on evenings and weekends.

Because I have a ridiculously busy work schedule, I'm really only looking for 1 or 2 super awesome roleplays.
I don't think I can possibly handle any more than that right now.
So, while my O/Os list a few more things than just sci-fi and M/M, that's what I'd like to stick to.

I'm pretty chill and I really like plotting with my partners. I've got a lot of likes and interests, and you probably do too.
So let's throw some things together and come up with something awesome that we both really dig.

[ some important considerations and shit ]

my posting frequency will be VARIABLE
I work 10+ hour days, 6 days a week. My posting speed is going to be pretty variable.
When I'm super pumped and raring to go, with lots of time and energy, I can post multiple times a day for weeks.
On average, I'll probably post a few times a week, maybe once a day.
But I'm also prone to burn out. So, full disclosure, I could be gone for weeks at a time.
If you want to do a shorter / temp roleplay with me, that's great!
If you want to go for long term, that is also SUPER great, just bear in mind that I will TOTALLY have hiatuses.
If you need a super regular partner, I am not it. Sorry, my dudes.

[ gays in space ]
all the random ass science fiction stuff I love
- fantastical science fiction (eg. star wars)
- androids, robots, AI, cyborgs 
- post apocalyptic / humans destroyed the planet / aliens/robots/whatever have taken over the planet / we cryogenicly froze ourselves and the world we've woken up to is FUBAR
- the surface of the planet is super dangerous but we didn't manage to colonize new planets, so we all live in fancy stations deep under water now
- space opera / star ships / space stations
- cyberpunk, biopunk, steampunk
- aliens, alien cultures, really alien aliens (biologically and/or psychologically)
- military science fiction, I love me some space marines
- mercenaries, space pirates, corrupt governments, scientists and engineers
- false utopias
- prison colonies, prison ships
- colonies under siege, colonizing new planets, discovering new worlds and new species
- peaceful space exploration gone wrong
- government experiments, super soldiers, genetic manipulation, clone labs
- sentient spaceships, helpful parasites, bonding with alien species or genetically created helper-animals a la Pern (but with better tech! and spaceships!)
- original characters in science fiction universes (Mass Effect, Star Trek, Star Wars, Starship Troopers, Enemy Mine, Aliens, Predator, Edge of Tomorrow, Elysium, Asimov-inspired universes/Robots of Dawn/Foundation, The Matrix, Autonomous has a cool universe but hot damn I hated that book - give me some book/movie recs!)
- do you have other science fiction themes/ideas you really like? Pass them by me, I love that shit!

[ the future is FUBAR ]
survival / horror themes, for them space aged folk

- post-apocalypse 
- global pandemic wiping out the population
- zombies are great, I'm not too cool for zombies
- post-nuclear holocaust
- stuck in a  bunker, hiding from the fallout
- (not-so) distant future, where resources are badly diminished, everyone fights for everything, dystopia
- survival games! (eg. hunger games, the running man, the condemned, saw, the cube)
- stranded somewhere inhospitable (eg. middle of a desert, an island, at sea in a small craft, in the antarctic)
- the earth has been taken over by powerful supernatural beings, and the remaining human population must hide or be killed / enslaved
- supernatural creates are seriously scary. Inhuman, monstrous vampires, fairies that want your soul, demons that really look and act like something from your deepest nightmares, going outside of british mythology
- I would totally love to do something based on The Thing, with original characters 

[ something for everyone ]
random-ass other themes/tropes I fancy or would like to explore

bodyguards - priests - A/B/O dynamics - power imbalances - deeply flawed characters - morally grey characters - difficult moral choices
taking shitty jobs because you need 'em (pitfighter? prostitute? muscle?)
wanting something really bad, but knowing you shouldn't have it
we work for opposite teams, but oh shit, we really like each other
I'm not actually into pain/degradation, but I did some shitty stuff so I think it's all I deserve
broken people and the saints that fix them
wrongfully imprisoned... and the totally-belongs-there dude that's going to protect them
soldiers and pacifists
I'd die for you



interspecies relationship

Character A is just trying to live their life. They have a job, bills to pay, people to take care of. They are ordinary and uninteresting.

Until Character B comes along and completely ruins their life. Why? Because Character B is an alien, recently escaped from a government facility, and Character A just happened to be the first person to discover them out in the ordinary world. Now B insists that A is the only one that can help them get home.

A is reluctant to help, but B insists they can make it worth their while.


interspecies relationship & hurt/comfort & isolation

Character A is an astronaut and a technician. An old abandoned space hab starts sending weird readings to A's colony and A is sent to deal with the issue.

Character B is an alien who just barely survived the destruction of their space craft by ejecting themselves via escape pod. They crashed into the human space hab. They are injured and frightened when Character A arrives.

This can either be a first contact situation OR humans and B's species might be enemies. Either way, B doesn't want to be discovered by the humans and Character A needs to solve the problem of the alien on board before they can come home.


interspecies relationship & Small!Dom x big!sub

Character A is a xenobiologist, a human doctor on board a mix-species ship.

Character B is an alien, a large predatory species known for their nasty temperaments and domineering nature. They are a dangerous mix of impressive size and natural weaponry.

Character B is badly injured on a mission and Character A is assigned to their recovery. Character B is uncooperative and cruel toward A, until A has had enough and gives B a thorough tongue-lashing for their shitty behavior. They can cooperate, or they can bloody well get out.

Character B reluctantly listens and Character A discovers that B has a serious submission kink, despite being such a big, bad monster. Character A is intrigued.


urban fantasy OR cyberpunk & werewolves & cops

A cop is working his beat in a small town. He gets a call about a minor scuffle on the outskirts of town, near an old camp ground. He investigates alone, back-up only a call away, and finds more than he bargained for. A drug deal gone sour and several armed men ready to deal with him. He's overpowered, beaten senseless, and thrown down a gorge toward a fast running current. Left for dead.

Fading in and out of consciousness, he manages to drag himself onto the shore, exhausted and bleeding heavily. He passes out.

When he awakens he's warm, wrapped in a fur blanket, with some odd poultice closing his wounds. Standing over him is a bestial looking man. A werewolf.

The wolf is a temporary outcast of his pack - challenging the alpha's decision he was sent to exile until the next moon. A healer and practitioner of earth magic, he was compelled to help the cop. It's forbidden in werewolf society to bring a human to their pack lands, so he hopes to heal his ward
before his exile is up.

Unbeknownst to either of them, the drug deal the cop stumbled upon was more sinister than first assumed. Experimental drugs are being released into the local water supply in attempt to suppress the shapeshifting an earth-magic abilities of the werewolf populations. Essentially attempting to
eradicate the species.


inhuman monster & interspecies relationship & slavery & vengeance

Character A is an alien, extremely inhuman in shape. Others thought them nothing more than beast because of their size and difficulty communicating with other species. They are taken captive and forced to fight other creatures.

Character B is a savvy individual with a grudge. They don't have money, or power, or even wealth, but they are smart. Their culture prides itself on producing individual of great strength, and B is not that. They were cast out during an annual purge - where the strong destroy the weak - surviving by using their wits. But now they want revenge on their family and their cruel ways.

B visits the fighting pits and discovers that A is not an animal, but rather a rational, thinking being. B is enraged by the mistreatment, but also sees an opportunity. They help A escape from the pits in exchange for A's help in exacting revenge against B's family.

science fiction & gladiators & slavery & doomed relationship

In a future where humans are the ants to a race of alien overlords, life comes cheap. Gone are the days of sitcoms and trussed up toddler reality shows. This is a new dawn of bloodsports. After all, humans are hardly intelligent, so who cares if they kill each other off in the name of fun and money.

Humans are property. Owned for the purpose of menial labor. Bred with one another like dogs - at the whim of their masters to create 'superior stock' for whatever game or task they have appointed to them. The blood rings are merely one aspect of this. Like the gladiators of ancient Rome, men
and women are sent into inescapable pits and ordered to kill one another. Some people are good - strong, intelligent, happy to work the crowds. The others don't last very long.

One fighter becomes fairly well known in a local circle. He shows great potential, and is sold for a high price to an experienced trainer and competitor. This 'new blood' is brought it to eventually replace the master's greatest fighter - one who has earned titles and killed hundreds in the ring. But humans age, and when they do, they must be replaced.

The veteran is expected to aid in the training of the new blood, knowing full well that he will be 'retired' once the training is complete.


prison colony & wrongfully accused & morally grey bodyguard

Accused of a murder he didn't commit, Character A is sentence to life imprisonment on the prison colony AMENTHES. It's a space station, with no way on or off. There are no guards, no rules, no law here. It's where scum goes to die. Supplies are dropped off by unmanned ships programmed to kill any living being that attempts to tamper with them. There is no means of communication.

Character A meets Character B, an ex-soldier imprisoned because of heinous war crimes. B belongs here and they know it, but A clearly doesn't, and B takes it upon themself to protect A from the villainy and scum of AMENTHES.

Why? Because B knows who did commit the murder A is accused of, and this is the only way they can think to help them. There is no getting off of AMENTHES, after all.


military & "master/slave" & interspecies relationship & disabled character

Character A is a species that has been captured and experimented on in attempt to make them usable as a weapon of war. ​They are equipped with a control collar and a kill switch. Acting out means punishment. Obeying means reward. A's species has been enslaved like this for generations and it is all A knows at this point.

Character B is a member of the species that's enslaved A's kind. They are a handler, assigned to character A when A's  previous handler dies during combat. B used to be a proper soldier, but they suffered a serious injury and can no longer fight the way they used to. Becoming a handler was their only way of continuing to serve in the military.

[Lots of different directions to take these characters, so I'll leave this a starter prompt. Is B a reluctant handler who doesn't like A? Does B dislike the use of A's species in combat, and treats A differently then any other handler they've ever had? Is B secretly a plant trying to free A's people? Who knows!]


alien space pirates & stowaways & xenobiology & interspecies relationship

Humanity has been space-faring for several years now, but have never been able to get passed the solar system. Why? Every time a ship or probes attempts to do so, it disappears. One brave vessel makes a journey out near the far rim in hopes of discovering ​what's causing this anomaly.

The ship is attacked by another vessel, one never seen my humanity. Aliens. The ship is captured and the crew killed in the attack. All but one individual who chose to run and hide, rather than fight. They escape the ship via emergency pod but they are so far from home or any inhabitable planet that there is only one viable option left to them: Attempt to stow-away on board the alien vessel.

The stow-away is discovered and death seems imminent, but the alien that found them is a xenobiologist eager to have a live human to study. This is the first time any of their species has interacted with a human for a purpose other than killing them.


a) the human can become an unwilling test subject kept alive for the alien's curiosity, desperately trying to find a way to escape (even if that escape is death)

b) the alien hides the human from their shipmates in order to keep them alive and well why they learn everything they can. They end up becoming attached to the human and want to try and return him to his home. Or, at least, make his life among the aliens enjoyable.

science fiction & survival & dystopia

Outside of the complex the gamblers gather, snapping their money and jingling their coins, fat grins splitting their corpulent faces as they settle down before the screen and away the overture of their delight. This is one form of gambling that is guaranteed to ruin lives.

THEY were plucked out of their peaceful lives and deposited inside the complex. They cannot see the fences. They do not know where they are. They awake to find a small tape recorder tied to their wrist, and upon listening to it they learn the rules of THE GAME.

You are the hunted. Your job is to survive.

THEY are given minimal supplies. One knife. One canister of water. Dry food. A coat each.

But the elements are nothing compared to the HUNTERS. Skilled men and women trained to track, trap, and kill THEM. For sport? For pleasure? On fear of their own deaths?

The one prerogative of everyone within the complex is to STAY HIDDEN.

Other Notes:

x I do like the idea of the hunters being their for fear of their own lives (or the lives of loved ones).
With this twist, it might be possible to get the hunters and hunted together and cooperating, in
attempt to escape the complex and kill the gamblers.

x Polyamory here would be great fun too. I’m really up for a Hunted x Hunter x Hunted pair, or a
Hunted x Hunter x Hunted x Hunter. Anything goes, really.


dystopia & robots/cyborgs

A technological arms race resulted in the creation of super soldiers: Half human, half robotic cyborgs. Stronger, faster, and smarter than unaltered human beings. They served as allies and protectors until the wars were over. Then they were considered too dangerous to be left alive. Implanted with obedience chips the cyborgs had no choice but to turn themselves in for "decommission." Death.

But someone disagreed with this and gave the cyborgs a choice: They could be freed from their obedience chips, but at a cost. The chip was connected to their life source, the energy that fueled their robotic parts. They would be free, but they were deteriorate quickly. They would die. Slowly and painfully, but at least it would be on their own terms.

Only one of them took up the offer.

The cyborg must go into hiding and try to find a way to extend their life.

Possible options:

xx the person who deactivated the control chips can be discovered and must run for their life as well, finding the cyborg and trying to aid them in their quest

xx the cyborg can get away from the busy cities and discover a scavenger civilization, where people survive by using old discarded technologies. There they find someone with some skills in robotics and the two come to a deal to help one another. The scavenger will try to replace parts and maintain the cyborg for as long as possible in exchange for the cyborg's protection, because life as a scavenger is difficult and dangerous.