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Author Topic: SilentFox's Search for the Perfect Mouth! [Male x Any]  (Read 2864 times)

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SilentFox's Search for the Perfect Mouth! [Male x Any]
« on: April 15, 2018, 10:45:02 am »

Greetings reader, thank you for taking the time to click on and hopefully read this thread of mine it is greatly appreciated, I do welcome feedback on improving it too so if you see a glaring mistake or have a suggestion feel free to PM me!

Now, if the title caught your eye then you should have a fairly good idea of what I am after but I'll try to explain things in enough detail in this introduction so you can decide if it aligns with something you'd like to do. Basically I love being on the receiving end of oral sex, it is without a doubt my biggest kink and basically, most of the scenario's and stories in this thread will be set-up to explore that. They will be in a variety of settings from fantasy to sci-fi, modern, horror and as I get more ideas this thread may become my biggest to date. Now oral sex isn't my only like but given the nature of the thread, it should be centre stage for most of the time if not the sole focus.

In general, the male characters I play are generally shy, timid, socially awkward or just highly inexperienced when it comes to matters of sex simply because it resonates most with me and I feel I can write that kind of character well. So if you are after a more dominant alpha male type you may want to seek out another writing partner. The characters you will be playing could be almost anything, male, female, femboy, trap, alien, demon, android, drooling tentacle monster, it will largely depend on the scenario in question but I'll try and leave as much room for your creativity as possible.

To make things easier to read here is a list of points which should help you decide if we are compatible and you wish to read further or as we say in England that I am not quite your cup of tea. So here they are:
  • You absolutely love sucking cock, given the nature of the thread I'd say this is mandatory but it's here for completeness sake!
  • You love the shy, awkward guys in any setting and actually like non-alpha dominant male type males!
  • You love playing the sexually aggressive, the seducer type characters, not necessarily dominant but that is an option too!
  • You are patient, capable of writing detailed and creative replies at least once a week!
  • You won't be afraid of discussing things or asking questions both during set-up and play!
  • No pressure for replies in either direction! Now, this goes both ways, I do understand that the real world likes to get in the way or that sometimes you just may not feel like posting, just keep me in the loop and I'll do likewise for you!
  • Story and smut, for short term, I am open to going very smut heavy but for anything, the longer-term story is essential to keep it going but I am open to smut heavy or a balanced story to smut approach.
  • Short term and long term, I am generally open to both with a preference for the long term but I am happy to become a long-term writing partner with anyone even if it ends up being dozens of shorter stories together.
  • You won't send a short one to five line PM initially, I'd be surprised if you didn't have more questions and ideas if you read this thread!
  • -Reserved in case I think of more!-

Scenario Ideas and Writing Samples

A note on these, they are not set in stone and the characters you play within them can be tweaked and changed as you like they are mainly here as both inspiration and an example of my writing style. In the header I'll give info such as the setting and the kind of character I expect you to play, nothing is set completely in stone so don't be afraid to bring your ideas or spins on these.

An Unwitting Chosen One and It Literally Sucking (Modern with Fantasy Elements, Male x Any)

To say Miles life had become a little surreal since his only true relative left in the world passed beyond the veil would have been putting it mildly. He'd gone from a fairly typical academically inclined student to the inheritor of an estate which may as well have been a small village and having so many zeroes in his bank account to likely never genuinely have to do anything for the next twenty years if he so chose to. For an eighteen year old that alone would take some serious mental adjustment but it was the other side of things that his scientifically grounded beliefs were truly having trouble with even comprehending much less actually accepting or believing.

The letter in which his late great aunt had left at least, to begin with, was fairly mundane, explaining the various aspects of the sizable amount of land he was now apparently sole heir and owner too and the various funds he could now use as he saw fit. It went on however explaining that his parents were some kind of mages or wizards and due to that he was something quite special a 'nexus' of unlimited magical power and energy that was would apparently make him a target for all kinds of people, groups and even monsters were his great aunts words to be believed. The letter continued onto a third page detailing that such energy couldn't be extracted through pain or torture which was reassuring until she detailed it was done through sex, fellatio being key among the things she mentioned in a manner one might tell someone to avoid a creaky floorboard.

A small amulet in the shape of two crescent moons back to back sat heavy in the bottom of the envelope, a post-script mentioned it would shield him from the view of these beings and people for a time but it would eventually simply fade away. That was two days ago, he'd spent most of his time in a daze trying to get his head around it all as well as exploring his new home, the meagre belongings of a student barely constituting a pile in the vast entrance hall and a master bedroom he felt he needed a map in because he might get lost in it.

What little he knew was he was now part of a world that was far more terrifying than anything else, other dimensions, otherworldly creatures, horrific monsters and entities would now be aware of him as he would be of them even if everyone else wasn't. His life was literally about to perform a dizzying 180, from rags to riches and sexually ignored to veritably craved by things both weird and wonderful.

Never Trust a Goblin Peddling a Gloryhole (Fantasy, Male x Monsters/Anything)

Never trust a goblin, that had been drummed into everyone at the imperial academy they were well known to be liars, cheats, con artists and charlatans and were not welcome in most places. So when this one approached him at the tavern, wafting acrid pipe smoke in his direction he was that much more on edge. He had just been on a largely failed adventure, his first, the party he had gone with scattered by some colossal ogre it was all any of them could do but flee in different directions. He had ended up here in a small town with a crowded and loud tavern filled with all kinds of people, burly mercenaries, buxom elves, mages, thieves and of course this goblin who had just sat himself down at the table despite not being invited to.

"Look like you've had a rough time kid, I got a little deal for ya that'll make you smile so much they'll cart you off for being crazy!" Acitar sighed, despite his better judgement he still found himself curious, so long as he didn't actually give him any money or valuables there was no hard in hearing him out, surely? He swirled the ale in his largely empty mug with a sigh before replying carefully.

"What kind of deal? I won't fall for any goblin trickery.." He said bluntly his facade of confidence only fuelled by the anger and frustration of defeat, he was no fighter, nor a great mage in fact he'd only gone because his mentor had dragged him along, field training he'd called it before being turned into a pile of meat by a single sickening crash of that ogre's club which was more like a tree trunk.

"Now kid, I'll try not to take offence at that, as I know some of my kin are well deserving of that but me, I'm nothing but an honest merchant." He said with a toothy grin and another plume of acrid smoke causing Acitar to cough as it filled his nostrils. "Now, I saw you have a pouch of citrine gems, uncut and as you found out at the market, they ain't too valuable so here's the deal." He said puffing more smoke out into his eyes which made them water and sting from the foul-smelling smoke of cheap pipeweed.

"I have a buyer for such things who will pay top coin for them but I will give ya this.. in exchange for the pouch." As he produced a key from one sleeve of his opulent attire, it gleamed and glittered almost unnaturally in the dim tavern light. "Now before ya go askin' what the key is for, I'll tell ya." He leaned across the table with a conspiratorial whisper further battering the young adventurer's nose with pungent smoke.

"It was once a gift for a long-dead emperor... A whole manor house filled to the brim with gloryholes.. maidens, monsters and men all too happy to slobber on your pecker.." The goblin gave him a toothy grin as he blushed. "Now I'll be leaving these shores for the far eastern continent in the next few days and likely won't be returning for many years.. if ever... Now Citrine is worth a thousand times more over there so that little sack will get me far. And I'll give you this key."

Acitar furrowed his brow, if this was a con it was stupendously elaborate and it was true, citrine in the far east was worth vast amounts of coin and given his lack of sexual experience getting a whole manor filled to the brim with sexual delights was intoxicating in its appeal. That voice of caution still ticked at the back of his mind as he asked outright.

"What's the catch?" The goblin shook his head with another toothy grin clearly having expected this answer.

"Not everyone can see the key for one, never figured out the rule for it and you are the only one who has been able to see it since I arrived so... Whaddya say, kid?" He furrowed his brow again, he could see no loophole, no catch and maybe the rumours against goblins were only sound advice for the unwary but he nodded and dropped the pouch on the table causing that goblins grin to get even wider as he dropped the key in his hand.

"Pleasure doin' business with ya kid, remember all trades are final.. the house is a mile out of the south gate up a dirt path with a sign that matches the crest on the key.. Have fun." And just as quickly as that he was gone. Disappeared into the crowd finishing off the ale in his mug he left moved to the bar paying the tavern keeper before sauntering out into the evening air seeking to find out just what he had purchased.

Of course, what he didn't realise was that no goblin had ever spoken to him and both the key and the manor itself were cursed having no idea that once he entered he would never leave until the hundreds of beings and creatures within were satisfied.

Summer Honey Trap (Modern, Male x Femboy/Trap)‚Äč

This hadn't been how he'd envisioned his return home from college going, what he'd envisioned as late nights of gaming and late mornings with few worries had turned into what amounted to two months of babysitting. His mother and step-father had decided a few days before his return home that they'd be taking a long cruise holiday, meaning he was now given the responsibility of watching over his younger step-brother, whom it appeared had been grounded for being caught with alcohol or something along those lines. Norman had always gotten along relatively well with his younger step-sibling despite initially thinking he was getting a step-sister rather than a brother but he'd not seen much of him since heading off to college. Their parents had instructed him to enforce the grounding for the entirety of their time away, to the response of an irritated huff and a pair of slammed doors before they took off for their long overdue vacation apparently.

It was a couple of hours after their parent's car had long since turned the corner at the end of the street before he heard any movement from his brother's room. He heard a knock on his door before it opened and his brother walked in. A pair of far too small grey shorts and a white t-shirt soon padded barefoot across his room to stand by his desk, one forearm across his shoulders, the other hand hooking a thumb into those shorts tugging them down on one side dangerously far. "Whatcha doin'?" His brother really could have been his sister, he was decidedly feminine in shape and mannerisms to the point he had to often remind himself of the fact.

"Oh, just practising some animating... Uh, you?" The predicted sound of a bored sigh from his brother tickled his neck as he realised his brother clearly had no underwear on beneath those shorts. The skin on being shown was smooth, supple and soft looking and his backside was round and bubbly enough to make most girls envious he imagined. "Boooreed... I know they told you to keep me locked up but..." Norman had been expecting this if he was honest the only question had been how long and for what reason.

"Is it... Okay if I go for a run? I promise I'll only be thirty minutes... Pllleeeeeeeeassssssseee?" Norman sighed, eyes rolling behind his glasses as Dani lent back across his desk giving him those pleading brown eyes not to mention seemingly not caring that that subtly toned tummy was put on show. "Fine, but only thirty minutes... I am not getting into trouble over saving your arse.." Dani, of course, jumped up gleefully and much to Norman's surprise kissed him on the cheek before running off leaving him sitting there stunned. The front door had long since opened and shut before he blinked out of being stunned, Dani's lips had been.. Soft.. Like really really soft. He ignored it for now shaking it off as just one of his brother's more feminine quirks and doing his level best to keep practising his animating skills.

He'd almost forgotten the agreed time-limit when the sound of the front door could be heard again and the soft padding of bare feet on carpet moved up the stairs and toward his room through a little slower than usual. A few minutes after that the telltale sounds of the shower could be heard until at long last Dani finally knocked and walked in wearing not quite what Norman expected. A towel that was far too short and barely covered his buttocks was wrapped around him as he once again sidled up alongside his desk, he bent down to pick something up and gave Norman quite possibly a sight that would remain seared into his mind for all time, two perfectly shaped buttocks briefly poked out before disappearing just about beneath the towel again. "Thanks, Normie... How about I thank you properly?" This caused him to raise an eyebrow and before he could ask what he meant his world got flipped upside down. "See... I know you had to give me your old laptop but you missed one thing... "

Dani leaned in with a grin that was somewhere between mischievous and hungry "Your porn folder.." Norman wanted the ground to swallow him up right about now fearing that his brother was about to leverage some serious blackmail on him but instead something even more unexpected happened. "I got a very good idea of what you like and... Well, I know you are too shy to have much luck getting it for real so... How about... I give you as many blowjobs as you want for life?" As if expecting the confused expression and hesitating Dani continued. "Thing is.. I have a massive oral fixation, and well... Let's just say I am 'really' good with my mouth.."

To Feed A Cosmic Horror (Modern with Supernatural/Paranormal Elements.)

Down on his luck would sum up quite aptly how Daniel Jones felt right now, fresh out of college with an armful of qualifications and nought to show for it but a shoe-box apartment and few prospects waiting on his doorstep as he had expected. His parents had always told him that archaeology and forensic science was a waste of time and he'd be better off learning something with more potential money in it, however, his love of the occult and unsolved mysteries meant he stubbornly stuck to his guns and managed to at least get a junior position at a local lab which appeased his parents. That lab however burned down a week ago now leaving the twenty-year-old in something of a rut until a rather strange job offer landed in his lap, the kind of thing that is too good to pass up and by the same token very suspicious despite it being arranged by his former boss in the lab.

An apparently wealthy donor of items to the lab had need of someone with Daniel's qualifications, her late husband having apparently had a vast collection of artefacts, tomes and other such things that needed cataloguing and the like. Not only did it pay far better than anything he would likely currently get given his young age and minimal experience it had some other perks to go with it, he'd be given a place to live, a modest if far better-equipped cottage on the grounds of his soon-to-be-employers estate with all expenses paid for at least a year unless his skills were needed further beyond that. From what a quick scan on the internet had told him it was a husband and wife team famous for finding and recovering rare artefacts so he imagined he might get lucky and perhaps get an extension on that year.

It genuinely did seem too good to be true with the only red flag for him is that he never met the widow in question and most of the arrangements were done through intermediaries, despite it not feeling quite right he imagined it was some legal thing. Soon enough he had packed his meagre belongings, his entire life to date amounting to a travel-case, a carry-all and a camping rucksack. Daniel found himself glad that this estate was in the country, the city had always felt too noisy, far too much bustle and to him that sense of foreboding in every alley he walked past given he had lived in the poorer part of the city. Arriving in the early evening gave the regal and pretty modern looking estate a slightly creepy vibe as tendrils of mist seemed to cling to every tree, draping itself across the grounds like wisps of smoke as he buzzed at the gate 's intercom earning him a crackly if well-spoken voice of a man through it.

"The Thompson residence, to whom am I speaking?" Daniel had to clear his throat first feeling like he needed to be wearing a suit, not jeans and a hoodie. "It's... Uh, Daniel Jones I'm-.." He never got to finish the sentence however as who he could only assume was a butler or other kind of servant answered. "Ah Mr Jones, we have been expecting you, I'll buzz you in lady Thompson is expecting you forthwith." No sooner had the intercom crackled off the gate swung open causing him to hurry through it and make his way toward the manor house, going past what he could only assume was the cottage that was being lent to him.

As he made his way up the door was opened ahead of him and he very nearly had to do a double take on whom could only be the lady of the house, it looked as if she were preparing to attend some high society function, a black dress that clung to her clearly toned body and a pair of green eyes that seemed to glitter like jewels before he realised he might be staring and introduced himself.

It was a somewhat hurried introduction, the kind of thing that felt like an informal interview more than a first meeting where instructions were left, the living arrangements explained as well as meal times and anything else expected of him. "Oh if you have any questions do feel free to ask anyone here for help, they don't bite." She had left off with flashing a dazzling smile and clearly having sensed his nerves. After being lead to his new abode he thanked the gardener who had to lead him there, a slim older woman who looked like she had gotten fashion locked in the seventies he set about making himself at home.

Little did he know the nature of the artefacts he would be cataloguing nor the effects they would have on both him and everyone here. The forbidden relics of races long dead, trinkets from beings whose intelligence defied comprehension by a human mind, this would change his life and see the unlucky virgin getting more than he could have dared imagine from things he never knew existed and from people whom he thought would never look at him twice.

Ideas That Haven't Been Fleshed Out!

Now this is just a brief list of potential ideas that I had that haven't been fully fleshed out so apply imagination, stir vigorously until ideas bubble to the surface (or in other words, take them as inspirations!)
  • Side Effects May Include...: A poor college student takes part in a medical trial for a new drug, at first nothing appears to have happened. Apart from the fact his cum becomes highly addictive and even draws people in without them realising.
  • Nudist Next Door: Tasked with looking after a friend/family members home whilst they are away my character soon finds out to his many blushes the next door neighbour is fond of sunbathing nude in the back garden, even starting up a conversation with him before he hurriedly excuses himself. Finding his shyness endearing she sets about seducing him for her own amusement.
  • The Queen's Needs: A queen growing ever more disillusioned with her king's apparent fetish for young concubines rather than her seems to be a royal duty she has to accept knowing anyone else she sated her desires with would likely brag about it to the entire kingdom. Until her eye catches the shy and unassuming new apprentice to the court mage and she decides to see if she still has the touch to seduce him for herself.
  • Outnumbered: A series of mishaps, accidents, sabotage on a remote outpost sees my character, a junior recently assigned technician to be one of the only men left on the base. With replacements months away he soon finds more female attention than he feels he can handle.
  • A Gloryhole Scene: Pretty self-explanatory but it could lead into more later on but serve as a quick way into the 'fun'.
  • Camping Trip Woes: Perhaps the wrong size tent was bought and people end up crammed together like sardines, anything could happen!
  • Girlfriends Sister/Mother: Maybe they not only offer oral but relish giving it whereas my character's girlfriend is a bit of a prude.

My Characters

This list is simply the characters I had in mind when I wrote each scenario, I tend to think of things in a very visual way and then try to describe them. The characters can be swapped and changed, tweaked and tinkered with as preferred so don't be afraid to ask, within reason.

The Geek
  • Name: Miles Horton
  • Age: 18
  • Hair: Light brown, short.
  • Physique: Slim and slender.
  • Complexion: Pale with freckles.
  • Height: 5ft 5in
  • Eye Colour: Pale Blue.
  • Sexual Details: Has a particularly sensitive cock which is 7 inches long when hard.
  • Personality: Shy, awkward, tends to stammer when nervous.
  • Occupation: Student of Computer Science.
  • Notable Abilities: Nexus of Unlimited magical energy.

The Novice Adventurer
  • Name: Acitar Winters
  • Age: 18
  • Hair: Dark Brown, Medium length/shaggy.
  • Physique: Runners build due to the basic physical training of the imperial academy.
  • Complexion: Sunkissed/light tan.
  • Height: 5ft 7in
  • Sexual details: Cock is 8 inches when hard with a bulbous head.
  • Personality: Modest, a small amount of self-confidence due to lack of experience but otherwise well-spoken and polite.
  • Occupation: Adventurer-in-Training
  • Notable Abilities: Some minor first aid and fair amount of lore knowledge for non-human creatures.

Your Characters

I am literally leaving this open to absolutely anything, male, female, femboy, trap, ogre, orc, tentacle monster, succubi, amorphous mass, Cthulhu, princesses, empresses, gods, goddesses, ghosts, poltergeists, shadow creatures, aliens, living onaholes, gloryholes to other dimensions, beings made entirely of mouths and tongues, the sky is literally the limit... Wouldn't be much of a search for the perfect mouth if I left something out!

On's and Off's

A link to my O&O's thread, f-list links are located there as well if you are any questions don't be afraid to ask: My O&O

The End!
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Re: SilentFox's Pandimensional Search for the Perfect Mouth! [Male x Any]
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Re: SilentFox's Search for the Perfect Mouth! [Male x Any]
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