Where would I go for RP ideas?

Started by Deante, April 08, 2018, 09:24:36 PM

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What forum would I go to for brainstorming help? Like "I want to make a y character but am hitting a wall" or "I can't think of any ideas for x themed plot"?


Some good places for inspiration are the various 'Finders and Seekers' threads.  Sometimes paging through the posted pics can trigger a landslide of ideas. 
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'On Topic' might also be a good place to get some back-and-forth brainstorming.


Yeah, actual back and forth is what I'm looking for. So "On topic" it is.

I asked because there's a Worldbuilding brainstorming subforum, but not one for non-worldbuilding.



If you're interested in a group setting and want to brainstorm, I'd like to give a shameless plug to the GM's corner.


This is a great idea. I do hope you make a thread for it. Sometimes it's nice to have someone to bounce your ideas off of. (^^)


If you have a basic genre in mind, and some started ideas you might also make an Open World Building thread.
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