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May 17, 2021, 06:07:52 pm

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Author Topic: A few ideas to wet your whistle (M4A)  (Read 467 times)

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Offline JinxTopic starter

A few ideas to wet your whistle (M4A)
« on: April 07, 2018, 01:04:44 pm »
Welcome to my requests thread!

Here a few open ended ideas that have been tumbling around in my head. They will all require your input to really shape the direction of the story. Hope you find one or two intriguing. I'll use the pronoun she/her for your character but am comfortable with any gender character or writer.

Attorney Client Privilege

Your character is on trial for a crime she didn't commit.  The evidence is stacked against her, but there is one piece of information that might just exonerate her. The catch is it would expose her in some way - her sordid past, other criminal entanglements, or maybe just an affair she'd been keeping from her husband. My main will be her attorney, shepherding her through the legal process and helping her with her case. I don't envision any smut between them necessarily. Possible I suppose, but I don't think likely.  As I fill in for some of the other characters in her past, there might be more opportunity for that.

Doctor Impostor

Your character goes in for a procedure that requires anasthesia. Could be anything, but I was thinking initially an abortion. Just to make the situation even more tense. Everything seems above board until she is put under. She awakens in a quiet, dark room. What happened to her baby? Where is she? And what is that awful ringing in her ears? This one could go in a lot of different directions. Here are some thoughts, but I'm open to other ideas as well.
  • Aliens! - Why beam test  subjects up to a spaceship when you can just do your experiments while they sleep?
  • Kidnapper / Serial Killer - The Doctor has other plans for you (and maybe others) Can you escape his madness?
  • Calamity - Something has gone very wrong in the world. The Doctor did his best to keep you safe, but died or was mortally wounded in the process. In this case I would play the other survivor(s) she comes across as she tries to make sense of what happened.
  • Sold Out - Some criminal  or government organization has paid off the Doctor to deliver you to them sedated

Doctor Patient Privilege

Similar to the attorney client privilege idea above. In this case your character either discovers or reveals something her therapist (my character) is duty bound to report to the authorities. But much to his consternation he has developed feelings for this patient over the course of their many sessions. I don't see the reveal happening until midway through the story, after they've developed a rapport. For this one, I see your character as more of the aggressor in the relationship, while mine deals with his own internal ethical struggles. Would he sacrifice his career for this woman he cares about?

Thanks for reading!