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Started by Gummi, April 06, 2018, 07:13:39 PM

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❤ Welcome! ❤
Hey there, I'm Gummi! Thanks for taking an interest in my search thread~ I'm gonna do my best to keep this thread as simple as possible since well.. I don't like to ramble and I'm not the best at coding quite yet. With that said, let's get started!

Please send me a PM, rather than posting here, thank you!~

- Please check out my O/O thread for my kinks, what I like and don't like, etc! <3
- I'm available to reply twice a week, on no set days yet. On some days I'm able to reply more than others, but I always try to get at least two replies out a week to all of my partners. I live in the EST and I'm normally online late into the evening.
- I roleplay with all genders. I don't care if you're male, female, transgender, etc outside of roleplays!
- Don't come to me looking to cyber or for super smutty plots. I tend to focus a lot more on our plot and character development and let things build up between characters before we get to the fun scene's!
- At the moment I'm looking to roleplay LGBTQ pairings as they've been catching my interest lately. Of course I do have a few OTP's that are MxF regarding fandom pairings, but those will of course have restrictions as to what I'm comfortable with.
- I play as a switch/bottom, which means that I don't mind taking on a dom role every once in a while but I'm primarily comfortable playing as a bottom.
- No small fonts when roleplaying with me please, my sights not what it used to be and I'll have a hard time reading it.

Genre idea's:

Arranged marriage
Japanese Folklore
Greek Folklore
Gender transformations
Friend's with benefits/Best friends experimenting
Traditional Japan
Gang violence
Drug abuse/Addiction 
Music related
Online dating / Roleplaying between characters

Any role in bold is one I'm considering playing, but it's not completely set in stone unless I'm craving it.
*'s means I have some sort if idea for the pairing, if it's not written down and you're interested feel free to PM me!

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Android x Human*
Artist x Muse
Bullied x Ex-bully*
Cop x Punk
Boss x Worker
Teacher x Student*
Step son x Step son
Step son x Stepfather
Spirit x Paranormal investigator
Witch x Hunter
Vampire x Human* I have an idea, but it's not anything fleshed out yet! Feel free to PM me for this one!
Monster x Human
Supernatural creature x human
Idol x Musician

Any character in bold is one I'd like to play!

Please be my sunshine:

Character A is a young man who grew up poor but eventually made a life for himself after breaking away from his family and their 'safe' lifestyles, getting into the drug selling business. He never learned to love anyone, often only dating girls for a quick one night stand and never taking a complete interest in them. Character B is another young man that never knew his real family and grew up moving from shelter to shelter, never sticking with any of them for very long. As a workaholic, he mostly spends his days working at his job and dancing- something he wishes to make a full time career out of. When Character B stumbles upon a business transaction between A and a rough looking group, how will these two's worlds collide?

Plot theme's: Drugs, Violence/gangs, InnocentxGangster, Modern, Questioning sexuality's.

A letter to my past self:

Character A isn't a very liked guy around his neighborhood, in fact, you could almost say that he's... well, he's a bully. Or, he used to be.  Back in his middle and high school days he'd peer pressure all of the kids in his class to follow in his bad antics to doing things from sticking gum in other kids hair to relentlessly teasing those who were different in the class. B happened to be one of those people that A would often tease, being a transfer student from Japan who's English wasn't the best. Six years after their graduation, B started a successful flower shop and A finds himself in a rut after his reputation of being a bully followed him. A finally starts to realize that everyone around him seems to be intimidated by him, constantly hears rumors spread about him that often aren't true and has trouble even finding a job. Oh, and to make things even better, depression has hit him. Hard, actually.
Getting sick of the karma of his past bullying, A sets out to fix his reputation and prove that he's changed by making it up to everyone he's ever terrorized. When he runs into B at his shop, it almost seems like a blessing in disguise but the only problem? B wants absolutely nothing to do with him!

Plot theme's: Bullying/Harassing, School days, Depression, Modern.


I didn't want to clog my first post with my fandom's because I have a good handful of them, so I decided to make a second post! Please feel free to shout at me if this isn't allowed?? c':
Note: Any characters in these fandoms that are underage will be set to an appropriate age.


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Izaya x Shizuo
Kida x Mikado
Mikado x Aoba
Kida x Mikado x Aoba
Celty x Shinra
Celty x Shizuo

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Koga x Inuyasha

Madoka Magika:
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Magical boy x Kyubei
Magical boy x Magical boy

My Hero Academia:
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Jiro x Momo
Izuku x Todoroki
Izuku x Bakugo
Izuku x Iida
Ochako x Bakugo
Tsuyu x Tokoyami


Avatar: The Last Airbender
{Please note that I'm not caught up in Korra!}

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Zuko x Sokka
Zuko x Aang
Katara x Zuko
Jett x Sokka

Voltron: Legendary defenders:
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Keith x Shiro
Lotor x Keith
Keith x Lance
Pidge x Allura

Video Games:

Mystic Messenger:
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Yoosung x Jumin
707 x Jumin
Yoosung x 707

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Trainer x Rival
Trainer x Gijinka
Trainer x Grunt


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Jimin x Yoongi
Yoongi x Hosoek
Namjoon x Jin