Naughty Monkeygirl needs writing partner for Scion one on one (BON)

Started by MadPanda, January 22, 2009, 01:43:29 PM

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Someone who shall remain nameless introduced me to Scion.

Someone else, who shall also remain nameless, gave me a copy of the Celestial Bureaucracy stuff from the Companion.

The inevitable result was that my anima went into full-blown Sun Wukong fangirl mode, resulting in a particularly playful little scion...who got to run at least part way through a mutually-GM'd single thread, seen here:

And then my writing partner vanished completely  :( 

So I'm looking for another partner, preferably someone willing to play Scion in a more lighthearted vein and can tolerate a loud-mouthed, smart-alec daughter of a certain mischievous Monkey...

Voluptas ailuri fulgentis decretum est!
Omnis nimis, temperantia ob coenobitae.
(Jes, tiuj frazoj estas mal─Łustaj. Pandoj fakte ne komprenas la latinan!)

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