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June 13, 2021, 12:58:25 pm

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Author Topic: The August Empire (Sci-fi)  (Read 723 times)

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Offline ZahardTopic starter

The August Empire (Sci-fi)
« on: March 31, 2018, 08:00:38 pm »

Disclosed below is a plot idea I have. I kept the idea basic and flexible, I can launch into more detail/iterate with whoever is interested. I'm open to having other ideas pitched to me, so don't be afraid to reach out. If you're interested in roleplaying with me, definitely send a PM my way. Please check out my Ons and Offs thread talking about what kind of roleplayer I am and my expectations. A link to it is here, but also down below in my signature if you'd like to check that out. Feel free to look through my recent roleplay posts if you'd like examples of my writing.

In the wake of a great victory and a humiliating peace deal for its opponents, an interstellar empire is thrown into chaos when a bombing at the palace kills the Emperor and most of his successors.

The youngest, most unambitious of the Emperor's children is left to inherit the throne with all of its danger and intrigue composed of three things: A humiliated, belligerent rival nation, multiple noble families scheming for power, and a nascent rebellion attempting to destroy the peace and stability their father built. Can the heir rise to the task, defeat their father's enemies, and maintain peace and stability -- or will they and their family name be written violently in the footnotes of history?

Example opening post from a previous attempt at this plot idea
New Augustine was uncomfortably wet and muggy. During this particular season, the northern hemisphere of the world was like being stuck underneath a blanket. Silently, Ariel hated that the man holding up her umbrella even breathed. You're making it hotter, you moron. It wasn't just him and the weather she resented; she resented being on this ancestor-forsaken world for more than the immediately visible.

There were some benefits, however. From her key position near the palace gate, she could see down the road the ornate imperial limousines carrying their dead royal family. Near the front looking (she thought,) suitably somber was the soon-to-be emperor. She had heard he was the irresponsible one, and she had seen nothing that disproved that rumor. When she had first arrived on this world nearly a week ago, he hadn't even been present to greet her. His older brother had literally told her that he was too unimportant to need to appear. Seeing the rival family plunged into chaos like this... It took every inch of her self control not to grin viciously. Your turn to be humiliated. The peace

But that wasn't why she had come. The humiliation wouldn't be dealt by her hand. Unfortunately, she came to negotiate. Despite seeing her enemies in such pain, she needed to put on a sympathetic mask, and give a small respectful bow as the limousine passed -- timed so that, if the successor was watching, he would see.

Peace. And a planet that was important for the survival of her father's kingdom. Without it, they would be in dire straits. The planet was rich in the metallic fuel that allowed for faster-than-light interstellar travel. The Empire was rich in it, and their sole reason for holding onto the world was to deny it to her father's kingdom. For all their strength in arms, even her country couldn't wage war without fuel. She was here to strike the deal that would bring that planet into the fold.

That was her reason for being here. For now.

This idea and which role(s) I play are pretty flexible. If my partner wants to stick to playing one character within the framework of the brewing drama of this setting, I'll take up the reins of playing an ensemble of characters or even "GMing" the one-on-one story. Your character can be anything from the emperor's heir, to a noble family, to a rebellion agent, to a member of the rival nation's military, etc.. If my (main) character in this story is the Heir, I'll be playing a character who is a nerd that answers to the call of keeping the Empire intact -- striking a delicate balancing act of military force, negotiation, and deception to move the pieces across the chessboard. They'll be experiencing new-found motivation and ambition, and will probably be a bit of a reformer in regards to changing how the Empire will work.

What I'd prefer is to have a mixed ensemble between me and my partner, with 3 or 4 main characters, each representing a different faction. The story would inevitably revolve around the Heir and whichever antagonist is the main focus to move the plot along. But, like I said, lots of flexibility to play with in this setting. If you have a tangential idea relating to the basic premise, i.e. two soldiers fighting it out, rebels, noble family politics, I'm open to hearing them.