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Author Topic: Life is Strange / Consensual Prostitution / Ponygirls  (Read 2761 times)

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Life is Strange / Consensual Prostitution / Ponygirls
« on: March 31, 2018, 03:15:53 AM »
Greetings potential writing partner!

First let me say I am happy to play with anyone, regardless of sexual identity and gender, assuming we can work together to find good characters in an interesting story.  I am not so picky about posting rate, and I can try to get a reply up every 2-3 days, but I've also enjoyed stories in the past where my partner's posting rate was more like every one or two weeks.  Quality is definitely better than frequency, or quantity.  English is my first and only language, and while I don't demand flawless posts, they need to be decent enough in terms of spelling, punctuation, tense and perspective to not pull me out of the story.

You can find my On/Off in my signature.  I haven't updated it in awhile, but it's still broadly applicable.  When in doubt communicate.  You can always ask, and the worst I will do is say no. 

I tend to look for roles where I can play as
  • Teenage girls who are naturally submissive or forced into a subservient role.  Usually quite innocent.  Not sexually naive, but often inexperienced.
  • Mature or older women who are naturally submissive or forced into a subservient role..  Usually educated professionals.  Usually sexually experienced, and often sitting on a lot of pent up sexual depravity.
  • Teenage boys who are invariably beautiful and will be forcibly feminized into submissive sissy boys.
  • Female characters of a more bitchy/cruel/callous persuasion.  Often dominant or at least switchy, but just as often forced into submissive roles.
I rarely play dominant men, though I have, can and will as needed.  I might play as a submissive man (as opposed to a boy), but it would require very select plots. 

As for my partners, the possibilities are so broad as to be not worth listing.  It would be a lie to say that everything is on the table, as the realms of kink are vast and infinite, but I can work with a lot of things, from supermodels to beautiful boys, to average guys and gals, to beasts and aliens, and disgusting creatures like Jabba the Hutt or Harvey Weinstein.  I like orcs, but not what you would broadly call furries.  I like vampires, but werewolves not so much.  I don't mind if a pretty girl has a big dick.  I can get into raceplay, but I am also just happy for my partners to be of a broad range of ethnicity, though I myself don't tend to be too experimental here.  Sometimes I find ridiculously rich, handsome young men in suits distinctly dull, even if I might at times or often play the feminine equivalent.

If you think you would like to play with me, please shoot me a PM and I'd love to discuss ideas with you.

Life is Strange - Seeking an abusive Chloe Price or decidedly dominant Victoria Chase

I'm looking for an enthusiastic partner for a long term roleplay, based on the Life is Strange universe.  The story I am looking for would, of course, be far more sexual and sexually explicit, showing things that were hinted at, going further down dark holes.  While it might be possible to attempt to follow some of the broad strokes of the plot, a general re-imagining is also possible, as is just using personalities and settings.

My preferred pairing right now would be Max and Victoria, with me playing the very shy and submissive Max who is crushing bad for the queen bitch.  One option for the plot would be to have Victoria start to suspect that Max actually enjoys being put down and humiliated by her, and when Victoria offhandedly suggests Max would make a half-decent slave, Max jumps at the chance, rather taking Victoria by surprise.  Another option might be more calculated, like a Taming of the Shrew type plot where Victoria is racing to turn Max into a well heeled slave girl. 

I would like to play Max / Chloe, but I'd need a fantastic Chloe!  Someone who can play her bold and reckless and confident, even if it might only be skin deep at times.  She needs to be smart and passionate, but also very angry.  Angry at the world, at her step-dad, more angry at Max than she knows, and deep down angry with herself.  I'm looking for a Chloe that acts before thinking, inevitably leading to bad things down the line.  I'd like Chloe to see Maxine as her one remaining friend, and someone she holds onto very tightly, seeing her as an anchor that keeps her at least a little in check, while alternatively heaping guilt trips and abuse on her poor friend whenever things don't go their way. Loving, controlling, abusive.  She resents Max for seemingly having her life on track, while she sees her own as falling apart (through no fault of her own, of course!). 

* I would also be interested in Max x Victoria pairings

Ponygirl Lawyer - Lusty lawyer gets in over her head with bestiality, which is exactly what she asked for.

A successful big city lawyer prosecutes people for sex crimes, and you're character (male or female) has committed quite a few by grossly crossing the line numerous times as a cruel, unscrupulous ponygirl trainer.  She tries to get them put away for 'forcing' their girls into bestiality with horses, but the victims are all too embarrassed to confront their abuser in court, and the one woman who does is torn to pieces in court until the jury see her as a deviant slut who simply had a change of heart after the fact.  Despite the loss, the lawyer doesn't dwell on the matter, as her job has her dealing with even worse abusers on a regular basis.

Our characters later meet up as spectators at a ponyplay competition, which my character has come to frequent.  Despite the bad blood, my (quite drunk) character suggests she (tall, blonde, gorgeous) would make an excellent pony.  Of course your character laughs this off.

When word gets out that the beautiful lawyer is seriously considering getting into a pair of hoof boots, several other trainers offer to train her.  When next they meet and my character again drops hints that she would consider being a ponygirl, your character begins to suspect she must secretly crave the sort of abuse she tried to put your character in jail for.  After some negotiations, the two eventually try to give training a go, after your character stands firm and forces her to agree to an anything goes training.

While my character has ostensibly signed up for hard, sweaty, whip filled ponygirl workouts, it is an (un)spoken promise that she will be forced to degrade herself through vulgar bestiality, and she has done a poor job of hiding how much this arouses her. 

I would like to see lots of ponygirl workouts, including sexy revealing costumes, or even more discomforting bondage garb.  Lots of ass and thigh canning.  Scenes of a dirty, sweaty pony being soaped up and hosed off.  Eventually her efforts would culminate in a public performance or even competition. 

The bestiality would come early, fast and hard.  Lots of licking horses cocks and balls.  Being filmed sucking them off from day one, and working up to taking horse cocks in all her holes.  I'd enjoy lots of guzzling horse cum and piss.

A third aspect would be the trainer taking more and more control over our heroines personal life.  Continuing her butt plug training at home and at work.  Perhaps moving onto more extreme hole stretching, with even her pisshole being available.  I'd like her trainer to take control of her diet, and  I'd love to get her to a point where any food she eats has to be thoroughly ruined with horse cum and piss.

I Want You To Ruin Me - Deeply disturbed and masochistic teenage girl idolized a jailed sadistic pimp

Our heroine is a deeply disturbed and masochistic teenage girl, whom, in the vein of those women who fall in love with serial killers in prison, has completely idolized a jailed sadistic lesbian pimp.  The pimp, a former school teacher, is in jail for sleeping with her female students, coercing them into shooting pornography, and forcing them to prostitute themselves.  Her story was a big deal when it happened, whether that was five, ten or fifteen years ago, but in that time her notoriety in the wider world has largely been reduced to that of an answer to a trivia question, or a citation that even women are capable of being violent predators.

After writing a school assignment on the felon, our high school girl falls for her hard, building the mysterious woman up into more than just a sexual fantasy, but an entire mythos.  She writes smutty stories online about her favorite sexual predator, and over time other people (mostly other young women) have formed a small online community.  While from the outside it must seem like most of these girls are cutters, have twisted daddy issues, or are perpetually one bad day from running away from home, in truth it's far more bourgeois than that, with the club being less an outlet for those with genuine damage, and more for inexperienced girls to romantazie a brutality they can frankly barely imagine.

The fanclub shares art, but mostly stories featuring their mythologized pimp queen.  While there is no set scripture for the club, over time the 'best' stories have become near enough to a central cannon, and most of the fanfiction follows very similar themes.  The heroes of these stories tend to have an awareness of their inate worthlessness.  It is agreed the most faithful will save their virginities for their future mistress, who will innevitably claim, control, use, abuse, and ruin every girl she touches.

It would be possible for the woman in question to be, not exactly innocent, but a far cry from the monster she is claimed.  She perhaps she had a sexual relationship with one (or more) students, but at least they were former students, having graduated and moved on, only to reconnect with her a short ways down the line.  Perhaps the 'pornograhy' was just her helping them get into glamor modelling.  Even the pimping could have been very reluctant escort work with the aim of paying for college.  On the other hand, it's also fine if she is just every bit the monster people say she is, or worse.

She could be ready to turn over a leaf as her prison sentence nears its end, or unrepentend.  When contacted by our young heroine, the older woman might be eager to enjoy her (even vicariously at first) or may actually require arm twisting to do what the crazy teen wants.

The story should probably start with the woman in prison, with the pair engaging or having engaged in corresponence, probably graduating to an in person visit.  The teen would be sure to over-share with her idol, providing her what she hopes is enough blackmail material to give her no choice but follow along with her deranged plan, even if she gets cold feet later.  From there their courtship could be long distance, or perhaps she is getting out soon.  One option would be for the teen to try and help the psycho get out of jail early, whether by pretending to be a teen she has helped, or by more convoluted, dangerous and immoral options.   

CHIKAN! - Beautiful foreign teen gets repeatedly molested in Japan

A beautiful redheaded teenage girl will be spending a year in Japan as an exchange student.  Her porcelain skin and vibrant red hair will proove irresistable to all manner of perverts, and her unique appearance leads to her being targetted again and again, perhaps even enticing something of a fan club among hardcore perverts. 

Issues she might face include constant groping on trains, regularly being propositioned for sex by mature and even elderly businessmen, or being leeched on by her classmates and teachers.  Straight up rape or gang rape is possible, and subject to the tone we eventually settle on.

Eventually, our heroine might even get talked into some more adult action herself, like modelling, sexy costume work, selling her underwear, etc.

The story could be paced out across a year, seeing our heroine return home at the end of the year, perhaps a lot wealthier, and at least with a lot of exciting stories to tell.

Other possibilities include the teen running afoul of organized criminals and being claimed by some very bad men.  Seeing our teens gorgeous skin begin to sprout exotic, extensive and erotic tattoos across the year would also be an interesting way to pace a story.

Prostitution Holiday - Seeking a GM to play multiple roles, or a more central pimp / handler or documentary crew.

Every few years, or at least every generation, some new sexual escapade is, apparently, discovered.  Some of the more recent have been sexting, nude selfies, celebrity sex tapes, deep fakes, and franchise gloryholes.  The most recent deviancy, as yet 'undiscovered' by the mainstream media, is for professional women to pay to go on prostitution holidays.

The leading company in the field brands their service as a Prostitution Fantasy Experience, and they try to remain neutral to whether or not sex is actually occurring, at least officially.  Of course dirty, anonymous sex is what draws women to sign up.  For whatever reason, this specific kink seems to be held by more mature women, usually from 30-50, and those with greater personal wealth and education, and this allows the companies in question to charge quite a lot for their services.   

More well connected companies will set the woman up with a specific pimp for the duration of her holiday, while those with less resources will just dump her ass in the right part of town and trust someone will put her to work.  The same 'hands-off' approach has been adopted by the leading company, but not as a cheaper economy option, rather it is a part of their premium platinum experience, where it is being billed as the ultimate challenge for sexually liberated connoisseurs of prostitution. 

Slave to the Holodeck - Seeking Slave training AI.

A Starfleet Cadet discovers 'Discipline', a holodeck program designed to break, tame and train human women to be sex slaves.  Unsure of its original author or purpose, our intelligent young woman modifies the program until it serves her purposes as a virtual dominatrix.  The human officer keeps the program and uses it throughout her career, except for those postings where she unable to do so.  The program would respect a users limits, while also pushing them, and constantly probing for when it might be allowed to inflict some new punishment.  In our heroine's case these escalations were often negotiated.  She would achieve a certain score on her next test, or later her next performance review, or she would receive some punishment, inevitably something she had hoped to avoid.  The brilliant and hard working officer would usually avoid these traps, but after playing 'Discipline' for more then 15 years she'd fallen prey to a few as well.  With each new kink unlocked, it would become a part of the trainers repertoire, and in time the trainer would feel free to use the once forbidden sexual act freely.  Now our heroine is Captain of her own Starship, something that demands much of her attention, and yet would also allow her considerable unmonitored time in the ship's holodeck should she chose, or should her dominatrix demand.  The program was designed to be aware of its status as a hologramatic entity, which allowed it to properly consider the context of the outside world when training its subjects.  The program could even make demands of the officer to perform certain acts outside the holodeck, and it was capable of keeping track of time, and could also punish her if she did not return for regular sessions. 

Possible Twist: Over the years it had conditioned our heroine to enjoy promising more and more depraved tasks, and she had promised it several new unlocks when she attained a new promotion, when she was made captain, and also when she was given her first command.  Hitting all three at once would now give the trainer a lot of additional leeway with her training and punishments.  Sarah knew it would be bad, but she also knew if she kept her mistress waiting it would only get worse for her. 

Possible Twist: At it's core, the slave training program still retains its original purpose; to tame female Starfleet officers and compromise them emotionally and politically for the benefit of its true masters.

Princess and the Prostitute - A trading places story, probably best suited to more switchy types.  Seeking a either role.  Written here as F/f, but could be M/m

Our 'princess' is a smart young woman who has enjoyed a very privileged upbringing, and is now leaving home for her first year at some elite liberal college.  Finally out of the nest, she begins to stretch out her wings and gets her first look at the big city from the perspective of a single white female. 

One evening, while driving in her brand new Prius, she spots a teenage whore working a street corner and, miraculously, this freshly-fucked junkie prostitute looks almost exactly like her, at least close enough to be a fraternal twin, maybe even an identical twin.  The whore's boldly painted face, tall heels, torn stockings, and incredibly short skirt call out to the princess, who could not dare to wear something so scandalous even on Halloween.  The princess sees the alluring hooker lean into a parked car.  The traffic, as slow as it is, still forces the princess to keep driving, and by time she circles the block, which she does, she sees the whore sitting in the man's car, where she then drops from sight as she lowers her head into his lap.  Despite her own virginal naivete, the princess can't fail to deduce what is going on.  She watches the teen's back curve as she bobs her head up and down on the man's cock, but most of the scene is left to her imagination, and imagine she does, even if the specifics are all alien to her. 

That night, the princess just can't stop thinking about her mysterious twin, and just a few days later she find herself driving through the same neighborhood, purely by chance.  She doesn't find what she is looking for, but she returns the next night, and the next.  She almost convinces herself that what she remembers couldn't have really happened, but then, on the third night of seemingly pointless cruising, she spots her doppelganger again.  This time she summons her small courage and resolves to stop and at least talk to the beautiful young woman, though even as she pulls her car up she can't really say why she is doing so.

* The good natured but narcissistic 'princess', though ostensibly straight, has an unexpected and powerful attraction to her body double (who may or may not end up being related to her in any way) making her 'gay for herself' in a sense.  She also finds herself overpowered by lewd and depraved fantasies of dirty street whoring, going way beyond tame 'Pretty Woman' fantasies.  The thought of stepping into her twins clothes, literally, and even just pretending to live her life is a massive turn on.
* The prostitute, can be good hearted or hardened and understandably manipulative, or even a believable mix of the two.  She might enjoy select aspects of her job, or hate every minute of it.  She won't hesitate to get as much money out of the princess as she can, at least not at first. Later, as she and the princess spend more time together, she helps the princess lower herself down into the gutter, while the princess might end up being something of a positive influence on her life (or perhaps only by furnishing her with a surplus of cash).  She will eventually see the possibility of escaping her own life, either through resolve, bravery and hard work, or through more diabolical means, by taking over the princess' identity and her life, leaving the depraved young woman live out her life as the junkie street whore she dreams of being.

Ride the Gangbang Van - Professional woman inexplicably gives into deviant urge
Everyone has seen the videos; a van pulls up and offers a pretty woman some cash to fuck her.  The formula has been copied dozens of times, only a few even bothering with their own twist.  'Professional Cum-Sluts' promises real amateur women, and their surprisingly effective lure is to make the women pay to ride the Gangbang Van!  It was probably a joke at first, but apparently there is no lack of horny, unsatisfied, professional women who cream at the idea of letting a van full of men fuck and degrade them for a few hundred bucks, in fact most white-collar women seem to find it insanely arousing

My character is a sexy courtroom lawyer, and she is propositioned while coming down the court steps.  It was almost certainly just a joke they could use in the intro of their next video, but the hot blonde lawyer bites her lip, hands off her briefcase to a stunned friend, and actually has to take up a quick collection of money from them so she can pay the pornographers to let her ride the van as they film her gangbang.  She knows for a fact there are whole online communities who work to expose every detail of the private lives of the women who appear in these sorts of videos, but that just makes her more wet, as does her knowledge of the laws that have seen other women charged with prostitution for paying the same men to fuck them. 

Though the van itself is indeed known as the gangbang van, the group film in different locations, public and private.  Often using a woman for several consecutive scenes, sometimes even forcing the disheveled, cum stained, newly minted pornstar to pull out money from an ATM to pay for the next degrading scene.

Slave Camp Holiday - Seeking Orc/Orcs or female overseer.

It had been centuries since the humans had used their muskets and cannon to break the might of the orc tribes, and in doing so liberated the elves from their millennia long slavery.  For most elves that time was just something spoken of (rarely) by their mothers or grandmothers.  For the Orcs, whose lives were much shorter even when they didn't end violently, three hundred years ago was as good as myth, their mythical golden age that had millennia ago brought an end to the age of elves, and one that had, at last, passed its torch to the humans.

An orc entrepreneur attempted to build what he described as an Orc Golden Age experience, both to make money, to satisfy his own lust, and more nobly to help the crashing population numbers of orcs in the modern world, where the mono-gendered species could no longer rely on rape as a successful evolutionary strategy.  The orc's business went bankrupt almost before it got off the ground, with it being unreasonably expensive to hire elves in such great number, especially given they would need to consent to terrible abuse.  Somehow, and some saw it was the brainchild of an elf accountant helping to liquidate the orcs assets, it was decided to flip the script on the fully immersive sexual experience, and rather then catering to hundreds of poor and randy Orcs, the camp would cater to a more select and wealthy clientele;  It would seek out those elves who had turned stories of the brutal slave pits into a dark fetish, of which their was a surprising and growing amount.  Even if they received only a few clients, there was really no overhead to speak of, as orcs would be lining up to work long hours at minimum wage to abuse the masochistic elf sluts. 

Above all else, the camp offered elf women something they craved, a true birthing experience.  Reproduction was not easy for elves, with women only experiencing rare periods of being viable, and their small, sissy elf males often being wholly unable to perform.  Even then, those males numbered just a few % of the total elf population, and their mother's and grandmother's closely controlled their breeding so as to maintain strict control over their communities.  When elf women reach a certain age, their urge to birth becomes almost all consuming, and for many the shame of pushing out a wombful of writhing orc larvae is the only way to take the edge off.  For those who engage in such depraved acts, the realization that they can go back again, and again often sees them fall victim to birthing addiction (an as of yet undiagnosied ailment). 

Kinks I would like include: Fantasy Slavery, Whipping, Bestiality, Cum eating, Watersports, Branding, Impregnation, lots and lots of Birthing.

The same company runs themed experiences including Galley Slave, Prisoner of War, Mining Slave and Farm Slave, with their Brothel Slave option blocked by legal challenge.  Some guests are surprised by how much of the daily grind and abuse is left in the hands of other elves, but the use of female elf collaborators was an understood, if contentious and challenged, part of orc history. 

"I don't know about the post-birth branding.  That seems way too extreme.  I think I will pass on that," said the nervous elf.

She knew that if she said No to everything uncomfortable, then it would defeat the whole point of coming to the slave camp to get in touch with the plight of her ancestors.  The elf woman looked up and down the list of tortures and depravities, not really wanting many of them at all, but also secretly craving quite a few.  She saw the box for Birthing was automatically selected on the form, but she'd opted out of the following selections of Public Birthing, Filmed Birthing, Delayed Birthing and Composite Birthing, having only pretended to even know what the last two options meant.

Nervously, the horny elf architect move the cheap pencil to one side and brought it down over the 'NO' box.  Before she could make her mark, the younger elven woman sitting across from her shot out her hand and took hers in a grip that was also a passionate plea. 

"You need to trust me, and be brave.  You don't want to feel like after you've given birth it's all downhill.  Letting yourself be branded is the perfect way to finish your holiday.  Trust me, when you're ready to BEG to be branded, and when you feel the burn all through your ass, and you smell your flesh cooking, bitch, you will cum for hours." 

Together, the two feminine hands held the pencil, and they marked the Branding box with a graceful tick.

Sex Slave Mother and Daughter - Seeking trainer or owner or multiple characters.  Any gender.

I'm looking for a story that will involve a mother and a daughter being given obedience training and used as sexual playthings, including forced incest.  This could be perfectly consensual, though I imagine most plots would probably lean more towards non-consensual. 

Perhaps the mother and daughter are traveling abroad and get snatched up by human traffickers.  A very realistic, gritty plot following the women through various flavors of criminal sex trafficking, before possibly having them end up as pampered playthings of some twisted rich pervert. 

Perhaps the mother is a diplomat / spy, and she is taken and worked over till she turns.  Probably an even darker story.

Perhaps after the daughter gets into some embarrassing trouble, the mother and daughter are ordered to attend court mandated submission and obedience training. Certainly a more surreal plot.

My New Dominatrix - Seeking Dominatrix who will push limits

A busy, professional woman is killing it at the very top of her field.  She doesn't allow time in her busy schedule for love or romance but she still has sexual needs, and given how highly she values her limited recreational time, to fullfil her needs she prefers to turn to a professional.  Whether it is a quick session during a lunch hour, a couple of hours in the evening or a rare long weekend, our heroine pays her long term dominatrix handsomely to provide safe, discrete, quality play.  She would have to be good for work after the sessions (perhaps right after) so any play would have to be cleaned up by a shower or hidden by whatever clothes her job demands.  In fact I would say this is something I really want to explore in the story; how she fits this one recreational and theraputic element into a more important, more demanding life.

The dominatrix she selected would be very professional, respecting her clients limits and following her numerous rules, while at the same time knowing as a masochistic submissive her client wants to have her limits pushed, and wants to feel, or at least flirt with, a loss of control.

Things begin to go off the rails for our controlling heroine when, unbeknownst to her, her handpicked dominatrix quits, but not before she takes the extreme liberty to select a new dominatrix to take over her role, without even consulting the client!  There are lots of great options for the new dominant, which we can discuss.  I want to play with whatever dominant you want to play as, but my dream dominatrix would be a busty, black, shemale, streetwalker who has all of a sudden been elevated into this ivory tower and put in charge of this beautiful, professional woman, who happens to be both a control freak, and a humiliation craving masochistic slut.

Blackmailed by Boys - M/f, M+/f   Older woman with barely legal boys
A stern, older woman (perhaps a teacher or even principal) finds herself blackmailed by one of more barely legal boys.  This could be played completely straight, or perhaps out heroine isn't so innocent after all, and it was she who secretly gave the boy/s all they needed to enslave her.  My preference would be for the boy/s to be sexually inexperienced, and not necessarily well prepared for what they're getting into, essentially leaving the mature teacher to 'top from the bottom'.  I could be talked into other directions though, with our white principal ending up secretly some teenage black gangs bitch, for example. 

My Greedy Mistress is a Shemale Prostitute

A hot blonde assistant District Attorney spends her days locking up prostitutes, but somewhere along the way she developed quite the fetish for nasty streetwalkers, especially black shemales.  She had been trading 'get out of jail free cards' with her favorite whores for sexual services, but now one of them decides she will take the risk of claiming the powerful lawyer as her own.

Knowing her well connected client isn't above having some cops kick the shit out of a mouthy hooker who steps out of line, the prostitute must work more subtly, getting her hooks deep into the depraved white bitch before risking setting off her alarm bells.  Over time, their sessions become more regular, with the seductive whore pushing the busy lawyer deeper into submission and power exchange.  As the transsexual prostitute continues to wrap the lawyer around her finger, she begins wringing more cash and gifts out of her, until things begin to steer into financial domination territory. 

With her domination of the lawyer very strong now, the prostitute allows her true feelings for the beautiful blonde to be known.  Their relationship continues, albeit now one more openly punishing, though still deeply arousing to the masochistic lawyer.  Now instead of enjoying the occasional fuck with her favorite whore, the assistant District Attorney ends up spending much of her precious free time getting pimped out cheaply, shooting nasty porn, and offering criminals shady deals to get more money to turn over to her increasingly cruel shemale mistress.

Kinks id like to see:
Lots of face slapping
Get our hot lawyer's ass plugged early and often. 
Filming our lawyer doing illegal things.
Lots of cock sucking, pussy licking and rimming by our heroine, often of strangers.
Being forced to work as a cheap street whore, even though it's so clearly a waste of her beauty and brains.
Making our lawyer get cheap, fake, breast implants.
Getting our lawyer tattoos of ownership, piercings and maybe even a brand.
Our lawyer eventually getting exposed, publicly humiliated and fired.  Maybe even having to flee arrest.
I could definitely see our lawyer being forced into lots of dog fucking, or eventually some donkey shows.

Currently Taken

Pretty Woman - Seeking a pimp, or possibly a prostitute who can top.  Any gender.

The classic romantic comedy Pretty Woman, except in this telling the hard-working businessman is replaced by a businesswoman, and the hooker with a heart of gold is replaced by a pimp, who probably doesn't have a heart of gold.

As in the movie, our businesswoman sweeps the pimp out of the gutter for a magical week, helping him turn (at least outwardly) into a handsome prince.  At the same time, he teaches her there is more to life than hard work and making money, or at the very least he teaches her there are other ways a beautiful woman can make money that are a lot more fun (even if they end up over time being less fun, more work, and for a lot less money).

Will our pimp thaw the ice queen and awaken the inner whore inside her?  ... yes  :P

More details in the Link.  My expectation is that I would play the businesswoman and the majority of the supporting cast, with the pimp/prostitute being the star of the show.  Most of what I've written assumed a male pimp, but I'm very open to modifications here.  A female prostitute might be easest (it isn't too unreasonable these days that our cunning businesswoman might find some advantage in pretending to be in a lesbian relationship).  Other more exotic options include the wealthy businesswoman picking up a petite sissy trap, or a chubby, ebony, transsexual would require some serious thought in how this businesswoman feels their presence is advantageous, but I'm nothing if not up for an interested (and sexy) challenge.   

Ponygirl Scholarship - Trying to lead a normal teenage life while keeping up with a cruel ponygirl trainer, and being a teenage buttplug model.

Alyson is far from your typical high school senior.  Yes she is a bit of a geek and likes spending time with her friends, but she is also 6'2" and drop dead gorgeous.  Despite being constantly inundated with offers for modelling, Alyson's true love is being a ponygirl. 

In modern America, ponygirls operate alongside old fashioned cheerleaders at most sporting events.  Like cheerleaders, ponygirls also have their own competitions.  While cheerleaders must be athletic and sexy, ponygirls require extreme athletics and endurance and are overtly sexualized.  While junior ponygirl's do little more than marching in (fully covering) brightly coloured costumes, senior ponygirls perform and practice with their breasts, pussy and ass on display.  American regulations require the breasts including the nipples to be 'at least somewhat covered' which in modern day tends to be achieved by the pony sporting rings in their nipples, or more elaborate options such as nipple extenders.  The pussy must 'have its clit completely covered', and while the ponygirl's labia may be fully exposed, and almost invariably are, the space between must be bisected by at least some sort of garment, making tight fitting crotch straps or even chains of beads popular.  While the pony's ass may be on full display, showing her asshole is usually grounds for competition disqualification, or a large fine for televised events.  As such, even in costumes that might include a tail on a belt, a butt plug is still standard equipment for all senior ponygirls.  The length, girth, shape and brand of each plug worn by famous ponygirls tends to be documented and argued over online.

In our story, Alyson receives news that she has has been accepted to her first choice Ivy League College, with a full ride ponygirl scholarship!  With just a couple of months before graduation, and not much longer till Alyson will start college, Alyson's mother, who had been training her up to this point, hires a professional ponygirl trainer to work with her daughter.  I'm imagining some sort of Eastern European (or even south east Asian) trainer who demands absolute obedience and pushes the teenager to her limits to make her the best possible ponygirl.  My preference would be for a female trainer, but I could be convinced otherwise.

My New Girlfriend is a Shemale Pornstar

Sydney Lynn Summers is a cute, rookie police officer.  She is conservative, and quite vanilla, despite still being a closeted lesbian in 2019.  Throwing caution to the wind, the young woman attends a live sex show, where a beautiful redheaded submissive woman is bound, teased, toyed, exposed and humiliated in front of a crowd of mostly women, and sometimes by the crowd itself. 

While sitting in the back, away from the action itself, Sydney finds herself sharing a couch with a beautiful black woman.  The lady oozes sexuality and confidence, and quickly latches onto the nervous young woman.  Maybe they engage in some mutual masturbation, and maybe Sydney is convinced to get up and get her hands dirty with the show, but either way after its all over the two start dating.  Sydney struggles with feelings of embarrassment born from dating a transsexual woman and a pornstar.  She also deals with issues of inadequacy when it turns out her new girlfriend is also making a lot more money than the rookie cop, enjoying much more free time, and generally living a wilder, less inhibited, life.

The trans woman has some positive influences on the unhappy young cop, convincing her to take up dancing again, for example, then maybe even doing some modelling.  Things go further though, and after quitting her job, Sydney finds herself working as a stripper between modelling gigs, and finally by shooting porn.

Kinks id like to see:
Some feminization for the tomboy cop.  Teaching her to wear lingerie and act like a girly girl, if only to embarrass her. 
Start Sydney off on butt plug training while she is still working as a cop
Lots of cock sucking, pussy licking and rimming by our heroine
The pornstar dressing her new girlfriend in humiliating ways (when off duty).  Definitely taking her out to fetish clubs.
Being collared
Getting our cop nipple rings and vaginal piercings, along with lewd tattoos
Sydney being used as a cumdump and urinal by her lover and her shemale friends.
Getting into some strict D/s training, and being reeducated as a slave for black mistresses and masters.

Not Currently Seeking

My Boy  - F/mf

It's been no secret that the public response to a teacher having sex with a student depends greatly on the gender of those involved.  After years of heavily disparate sentencing (or outright acquittal) the government passes a law making it perfectly legal for a female teacher to have sex with a male student (and of course teachers with a taste for teen pussy need only convince their cute little kittens to wear a pair of jeans put their hair up under a ballcap and declare themselves a boy for the duration of their relationship).  There is, of course, paperwork involved, including parental consent (which can be gotten around with further complication), confirmation of legal age, and formal announcement by the school.  This was probably intended as a concession to those opposing the law, figuring it would understandably embarrass those involved to the point of refraining from any such unions.

This. Did. Not. Happen.

Instead, you had an explosion of female teachers claiming students, even fighting over them at times.  You had a sudden run of forty, even fifty year old teachers, most of them married, hitting the gym so they could get in shape and claim some cute boy as their fucktoy.  The law neglected to include what was probably assumed to be a limit of one partner at a time, and so some teachers hold entire harems of horny boys (and girls).  With the formal nature of the process, everything is public and so a small industry has sprung up keeping track of the hottest teachers and students, especially at your most affluent schools.  For some teachers, the newfound celebrity earns them far more than their actual teaching job, and some teachers seeking to acquire or hold on to such fame go to lengths to one up each other in outrageousness.

Ponygirl IV - Ponygirls, bestiality, satirical.  Seeking ponygirl trainer

It is 1985.  Sandy Bucks is the reigning champion of the American ponygirl scene.  When her former ponygirl trainer, Artemus Faith, agrees to compete with an unknown Soviet ponygirl champion,  Artemis ends up dying on stage in a tragic horse fucking accident.  To avenge her dead friend and mentor, Sandy goes back into training, eventually going to Russia to compete with the Soviet ponygirl on her own ground, to prove American cunts can wrap themselves around horse dick of any size.  In the process, Sandy wins the hearts of the Russian people and ends the cold war!

40K: Dark Covenant - Seeking corrupted warrior-space-nun, or demon

A slice of life story, albeit one set in the 40k universe, at a remote outpost of the Adepta Sororitas, aka The Sisters of Battle.  Despite their unification around the worship of The Emperor of Mankind and his divinity, the galaxy is impossibly vast, and the multitude of worlds and sects ensures an ever splintering of the faith.  Our yet-to-be-named convent is deeply corrupted by the Chaos Gods, but they maintain their outward respectability, even if their brand of worship openly involves more nudity, flagellation, and blood than other sects (who admittedly still get involved with all of those things at least up to a point).

I would be open to play a newly transferred initiate who is skeptical of some of the local practices, but has been indoctrinated to blind obedience.  Other options would be a more veteran sister who is passing through on some unrelated assignment, and who finds the local practices deeply disturbing.  A sister sent to the world specifically to investigate, openly or more likely covertly is also a possibility. 

Given various levels of influence by different chaos gods, the kink elements would be very much up for discussion.  From sexy sadomasochism, to blood sports and mutilation, to tentacles and mutations, to ... nurgle stuff.. which I'm not opposed to.

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