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Author Topic: Remnant [An Original RWBY-Fandom] Team 2 Open/Building [1/4] No Faunus for now.  (Read 5411 times)

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Offline TheBlackThroneTopic starter

This role playing game will be an original take on the RWBY fandom series. While we won't be following the same story line, we will be making our own stories together. The game will be sandbox with a GM-guided plot. Other scenarios and story drama will be created by the players. You do not have to have watched RWBY to participate in this game. The recruitment thread can be viewed as the information thread, letting you know everything you need to know for this specific game. Bring an imagination and a willingness to interact and story-build with others.

The role play takes place in a fictional future-fantasy world with airships high-tech weaponry and a form of natural energy called Dust. The early history of Remnant has been long forgotten with recollections being passed down in the form of myths and legends. In the world of Remnant, all living creatures possess a soul, the physical manifestation of which is known as an Aura. An aura is a form of innate energy that bestows its possessor with certain abilities and powers. Semblances are unique expressions of this power, and are akin to a personal superpower unique to each character. Remnant is populated by two intelligent species – Humanity and the Faunus, a race of human-animal hybrids. All inhabitants of Remnant are beset by the Grimm, creatures of destruction who lack a soul. Huntsmen and Huntresses fight the Grimm and protect the peace of Remnant and its people.

The planet is called Remnant. On Remnant, there are four continents: Sanus, Solitas, Anima, and Menagerie. On those continents are four kingdoms: Vale, Vacuo, Atlas, and Mistral. Vale and Vacuo are located on Sanus, Mistral on Anima, and Atlas on Solitas.

  • Sanus is the continent on which the Kingdom of Vale and Vacuo are located. Within Vale are several settlements including the main city of Vale, the island of Patch, as well as several coastal cities. The continent has a range of climates from verdant forests and mountains in Vale to barren deserts in Vacuo. The island of Vytal is located just to the north of the eastern end of Sanus.
    • Vale, the kingdom known to contain the City of Vale and several coastal cities as well as Patch a small island to the west. Beacon Academy one of the four main Huntsman Academies of Remnant is located in the City of Vale, while Signal Academy is located on the island of Patch. Other areas of interest include the Forever Fall Forest and the Emerald Forest. The island of Vytal is to the north of the kingdom.
    • Vacuo, a kingdom located to the west of Vale on the western end of the continent of Sanus. Vacuo’s government influence is marginal. The Huntsman Academy, Shade, is the only true source of law and order in the kingdom. Many years of unchecked human activity was what reduced Vacuo to a barren wasteland indistinguishable from the desert surrounding it. The rule in Vacuo is “anyone who is able to survive the harsh conditions of Vacuo is welcome to live amongst them.” This makes Vacuo one of the few kingdoms with less racial discrimination.
  • Solitas is the continent on which the Kingdom of Atlas is located. Within the kingdom is the City of Atlas, based around Atlas Academy as well as the City of Mantle, the former capital of the kingdom. Solitas’s cold climate makes it inhospitable to both Humans, Fauna, and Grimm.
    • Atlas, formerly known as Mantle, is a kingdom located in Solitas, the far northern continent of Remnant. The Huntsman Academy of Atlas is known as Atlas Academy. Unlike most kingdoms, Atlas’s government, military, and academy function as a single entity. It is the location of a Dust Company (opened to be claimed and named by a player), the largest supplier of Dust in the world. The kingdom is known for its innovations and far-reaching technological achievements such as the Cross Continental Transmit System (CCTS or CCT), a communication technology that instantaneously allows multimedia communication wirelessly over large distances (thus Cell Phones and the Internet). Atlas is also the primary producer of Dust. They are also known for military advancements such as Atlesian Knights and Paladins (giant battle robots) and their mighty air fleet. The robots are named after the military of Atlas, The Atlesian Military. The world’s strongest military power.
  • Anima is the continent on which the Kingdom of Mistral is located. Within Mistral are several settlements including the main city of Mistral, Wind Path, and Kuchinashi. Other small settlements exist located outside the kingdom. The continent is a host to a wide range of ecosystems, including swamplands and wind-carved cliffs. Also notable is a large body of water known as Lake Matsu, which is host to numerous floating islands held above the water surface by giant natural deposits of Gravity Dust. The floating islands of Lake Matsu are known to be a habitat for dangerous Grimm.
    • Mistral is one of the four kingdoms of Remnant. It is located on the far eastern continent of the world. Mistral is located on Anima, the second-largest landmass in Remnant. Mistral controls the most territory of all four kingdoms, encompassing a wide range of ecosystems and many diverse cultures. It is home to the Mistral Trade Route, a crossroad prevalent with not only honest merchants but dishonest ones smuggling Dust or Atlesian weaponry. Mistrals first inhabitants found shelter from the Grimm in the high cliffs and from there came to build towns and cities along the walls. The people of Mistral have built their culture and technology around the geography and natural resources of the continent. All of Mistral’s people are commonly linked by their respect for nature, particularly the sea and sky. There are two academies in Mistral: Haven Academy and Sanctum Academy.
  • Menagerie is a landmass in the southeast of Remnant where most of the Faunus population resides. Following the Great War, the Faunus were given Menagerie as a reward for their participation in conjunction with equal rights. While some humans saw these rewards as fair and just, many Faunus saw it as a slap in the face as Menagerie is two-thirds desert and uninhabitable due to dangerous wild life. Overtime, Humanity became adamant about Menagerie being the sole continent for Faunus and pushed for all Faunus to be forced there. This push received push-back, which resulted in the Faunus Rights Revolution. To this day, Faunus predominantly live on Menagerie and it is seen as a safe haven for their race. The population is gathered together where the land is habitable, making it crowded. The main city is Kuo Kuana. Although advanced enough in architecture and industry, Menagerie does not have a CCT tower to communicate with the rest of the world. A pro-Faunus/anti-Human terrorist group (can be named by a player) has an operating cell there.

The Great War
The Great War, a significant conflict that occurred between the Kingdoms of Vale and Vacuo on one side, and the Kingdoms of Mantle (what would become Atlas) and Mistral on the other. The war concludes 80 years before where our game begins. The Great War precedes the Faunus Rights Revolution.

In the century leading up to the Great War, there was high tension between the four kingdoms, mostly caused by Mistral, which had allied itself with Mantle. The two traded frequently with Mistral sending supplies and Mantle providing insight on how to settle the snowy northern region of Anima. After an incident with the Grimm, Mantle believed that if it took away its citizens’ rights to self-expression and controlled their emotion, then they would be safer from the Grimm. Rather than lose its alliance, Mistral complied with Mantle’s wishes to an extent. Art and freedom of self-expression was banned throughout Mistral except for within its central power. This led to Vale disliking Mistral and Mantle for the treatment of their own citizens, their use of slave labor, and their insistence that their way of life was superior.

Mistral and Vale both set their sights on settling the islands and peninsulas on the east coast of Sanus and despite how his citizens felt, the King of Vale chose to share the land with the Mistral settlers. The already high tensions resulted in a riot between two bands of settlers. It is unknown who attacked first, but it began the first battle of The Great War. Mantle quickly came to Mistral’s aid and the war was fought on both Sanus and Anima. Vacuo remained neutral until they were pressured to join in the conflict for if Vale fell, then there would be no one left to stop Mantle and Mistral from conquering them all. Vacuo rallied against Mantle and Mistral and pushed them out of Vacuoan territory and allied themselves with Vale.

The war lasted for ten years. Food and Dust rations were put into effect, development of technology accelerated, Humans and Faunus relations grew on the battlefield, and the Grimm attacks increased worldwide. Whenever the Grimm invaded the battlefield, the armies called for a temporary ceasefire long enough to eradicate the monsters. Many settlements were lost to the Grimm due to their best warriors being away to fight in the war, and most of those settlements were never reclaimed.

The Great War eventually came to an end during the Vacuo campaign. Mantle and Mistral targeted Vacuo hoping to cut off their enemy’s Dust supply by conquering Vacuo’s mines. The King of Vale arrived and personally led his army alongside Vacuo’s, thoroughly decimating the opposing forces. He was then nicknamed the Warrior King. Legend says he laid waste to countless men on his own. Historians believe that his feat was aided by Vacuo’s unusually violent weather patterns and Mantle’s inexperience in desert combat. Regardless, it was the deadliest battle of the entire war.

Following this battle, the four kingdoms gathered on neutral ground on the island of Vytal. It was there where they formed a treat and planned the future of Remnant. Although the kingdoms were ready to bow before the rule of Vale and its Warrior King, he decided against it. Instead, the leaders redistributed territories, abolished slavery, and restructured the governments. The Faunus were given equal rights and were gifted the continent of Menagerie.

It was Vale’s king, the Warrior King, who founded the Huntsman Academies in each of the four kingdoms: Beacon Academy in Vale; Shade Academy in Vacuo; Haven Academy in Mistral; and Atlas Academy in Mantle (which would become Atlas). He placed his most trusted followers in command of each academy. The intended purpose of the academies was to train Huntsmen and Huntresses, warriors whose sole purpose would be to fight the Grimm, and whose allegiance would not be tied to the kingdoms. Secretly, the academies were also given the task of safeguarding four relics. Some time after the end of the Great War, Mantle’s capital was moved to Atlas, and the government, military and academy were combined.

The Faunus Rights Revolution
The Faunus Rights Revolution was a revolution staged by the Faunus in retaliation against Humans trying to centralize their species in Menagerie. As a result of winning the war, Faunus are allowed to live within the four kingdoms. The cause of the war is attributed to the Humans’ attempts to confine Faunus to Menagerie and countermand the rights the Faunus earned in their participation in the Great War. In the Battle of Fort Castle, a battle during the third year of the war, and a turning point, the inexperienced Human commander General Lagune attempted to catch the enemy off-guard in a nocturnal attack. However, the Faunus were able to leverage their advantage of near-perfect night vision and soundly defeated the larger army.

Some time after the war, the pro-Faunus/anti-Human terrorist group (to be named by a player) was set up and intended to serve as a prospective symbol of peace and unity between the Humans and Faunus. However, the idea was evidently abandoned in the face of continuing discrimination, resulting in its reverse ideology.

Beacon Academy
Beacon Academy is an academy located in the Kingdom of Vale for training teams of Huntsmen and Huntresses to slay various monsters that plague Remnant. 80 years ago, Beacon Academy along with the other academies were founded by the Warrior King of Vale. Since its founding, Beacon Academy has trained generations of Huntsmen and Huntresses. In addition to its role of training future warriors, the academy plays an important role in worldwide security. The staff of the school are part of a clandestine group which actively work to protect the world from threats. Its Cross Continental Transmit tower, vital for long-distance communication across Remnant, is built in the center of the campus. One of the four relics is secretly housed in the school. In order to be accepted into Beacon, students typically go to combat schools such as Signal Academy in order to prepare for the academy’s rigorous entrance exam Some candidates may be invited to the school after showing exceptional skill. Some are even talented enough to pass the exams without transcripts. Students are generally admitted at around age 17. In the lead-up to the annual Vytal Festival, Beacon will participate in an exchange program with the academies of the three other kingdoms, Atlas, Shade, and Haven. Exchange students may participate in some activities such as sparring matches and attend events such as the Beacon Dance.

For males, the Beacon Academy uniform consists of black suits lined with gold, accompanied by a blue vest and a white shirt with a red tie.

Females wear a red plaid skirt, stockings of various length, and a brown jacket with a tan vest and white shirt with a red ribbon tie at the collar.

Students are given the freedom to customize their attire. The dress code does not seem to be upheld very strictly as students are often seen in casual attire during classes, assemblies, and field trips. Students tend to avoid wearing their uniforms during combat practice.

Uniform Reference: Here

Atlas Academy
Atlas Academy is the Huntsman Academy of the Kingdom of Atlas. Unlike other kingdoms, the academy as an institution is not an entity separate from its government. Originally, Atlas was called “Alsius”, a combat school during the Kingdom of Mantle. The territory surrounding Alsius was used as a research and development facility during the Great War. Alsius was later reopened under the name Atlas Academy in order to house and give guidance to warriors after the conclusion of the Great War. Students enrolled in Atlas Academy are soldiers in the military and the best can be selected to join the military’s Special Operatives unit.

The dress code at Atlas consists of white long-sleeved shirts with gray pocket-vest jackets on top. These are accompanied by a pair of white dress gloves and a dark-gray tie. Male students wear long white trousers, while female students wear gray stockings and knee-high black boots.

Uniform Reference: Here

Haven Academy
Haven Academy is a Huntsman Academy within the Kingdom of Mistral. Students from Haven are able to participate in the Vytal Festival. Haven is also one of the schools possessing a relic. Haven’s school uniform consists of a black jacket with a light gray outline around the edges, a white undershirt and a white band around the student’s left arm.

The female outfit consists of a gray and black checkered skirt, whereas the male uniform has a pair of black trousers.

Uniform Reference: Here

Shade Academy
Shade Academy is a Huntsman Academy situated within the Kingdom of Vacuo. Students from Shade participate in the annual Vytal Festival combat tournament. Unique to the other four academies, Shade appears to lack a uniform.

Trainee/Combat Schools

Signal Academy
Signal Academy is a primary combat school located on the island of Patch just off the coast of Vale.

Sanctum Academy
Sanctum Academy is a primary combat school for trainee Huntsmen and Huntresses like Signal Academy. It is located in Mistral. Students from Signal as well as Sanctum can participate in the Mistral Region Tournament.

Our game begins 80 years after the Great War. If your character has any relatives who participated in the Great War, and if they are still alive, they are more than likely a great-great/great/grandparent. Students will be gathering at Beacon Academy, the main and starting setting of our story. This is the very beginning of this game and if you wind up being a long-term writer, this will be a fun part of the story to look back on. This is it everyone! The beginning! Your character’s story starts here. Woo!

Students gathering for Beacon Academy’s entrance exam can come from the combat schools listed above, direct invitation (especially if they’re someone of high status), or someone who was just scouted because a scout saw them expertly handle some Grimms. You can explain how they got to the Entrance Exam in their back story.

The Entrance Exam will decide the four-man teams. How player characters interact and work together during the entrance exam will determine if they will be teammates or not. So do not be surprised. Instead, be prepared.

RWBY was created, directed, written, and animated by Monyreak “Monty” Oum. He is also known for animating the popular Machinima series Red vs Blue in its eighth season. On February 1, 2015, he passed away at age 33 from an anaphylactic attack that resulted in him falling into a coma. As a tribute to Monty, we will be sticking to the naming convention he created because it is also a part of the story’s history.

The Great War provided an in-universe explanation for the “Color Naming Rule” of the RWBY universe. These guidelines are that all characters and team names in RWBY must have a name that is either a color, sounds like a color, means a color or is otherwise evocative of a color. These colors can also be in a foreign language, a season, or element that brings to mind said color. They can also be references to historical persons. Regardless how you name or theme your character, the color rule must apply.

Character Creation Rules

  • No God-Mode/Over-The-Top Character: You will be nerfed or the character will even be out-right rejected.
  • Manga/Digital Art Only: No real-life photography. Sorry.
  • One Character Only: Some people like to go character crazy, but for now, I am only allowing writers to have one character.
  • One Weapon with One Range Mode: Your weapon has two different modes. You should not have multiple weapons.
  • Pictures: You do not need to have a picture to be in this RP. However, if you use a picture, you either use the proper coding to scale it down or you hide it in a spoiler. No obnoxiously-large pictures.
  • Colors: If you decide to use colors avoid neon font colors. Neon font colors are not cool and people do not want to read them.
  • Faunus Limit Set to 5 Players. People love playing animal-people but not everyone can have a Faunus character. I am only granting these roles to people who submit a completed/approved CS for one. I will not grant this to WIPs. So first-come, first-serve.
  • Read the Character Sheet Guide. It will explain everything. I made it very simple. Please read it in order to get ideas for character creation and to help you when you are confused. The character sheet guide is in the coding. Also, be sure to get rid of useless text in the CS guide. Do not post your CS with sentences from the guide still present.

Code: [Select]
[floatright][img height=400(feel free to adjust)]<image link goes here>[/img][/floatright]
If you want to style your CS, feel free to use websites such as “” (Google it) and HMTL Color Codes (Google it).
[b]Name:[/b] The color can either be in their first or last name or both in their first and last name. It has to be one color. You cannot be Orange Red. Claim one color.
[b]Nickname(s):[/b] If your character has a nickname initially, then add it here. If he or she doesn't, then they will more than likely receive a couple in game.
[b]Age:[/b] At least 17-19 years old.
[b]Gender:[/b] Male or Female.
[b]Race:[/b] Human or Faunus (What kind of Faunus?) No hybrid Faunus. You must be one animal. No mythological animals either.
[b]Nationality:[/b] What kingdom or continent do they hail from?
[b]Written Appearance:[/b] Hair color, eye color, height, weight, clothing style, tattoos…”silver eyes” are significant in the story. Silver-Eyed Warriors are a lineage group whose origins predates the establishment of both Huntsmen and Kingdoms. According to legend, those born with silver eyes are said to be destined to lead the life of a warrior. Silver eyes themselves are a very rare trait in the modern world. Therefore, not everyone in this game will be allowed to have them.
[b]Family:[/b] List your parents to even great-grandparents if there is a significance. Parents who are deceased mark as such. You can also list other player characters here if you are choosing to be related: sibling or cousin.
[b]Personality:[/b] A general run-down of your character’s personality. What do they like to do? How do they interact with others? What is their attitude during combat or competition? (Example questions to answer) What do they like and dislike. I normally make that a separate section but it’s not necessary if you can put it all in the personality.
[b]Background:[/b] Where do they hail from? Do they have important relatives? Do they have relatives who fought in the Great War? Do they know people who are part of the to-be-named terrorist group? How were they selected to attend Beacon? Did they go to a combat academy first? How did they get into the combat academy? Were they scouted? Is their family name important to the game’s history? Are they the heir or related to the Dust company? Are they the child of a distinguished Atlesian officer?
[b]Emblem:[/b] This is a symbol that represents your character. It is your character's personal emblem.
[b]Weapon:[/b] The weapons in RWBY appear as one weapon type but have a secondary function which is usually ranged. Such as Ruby wielding a Scythe that performs a second function as a sniper rifle. The weapons can transform into their secondary form. However you describe how they shift between forms (if they do). It is up to you. However, the weapons always perform 1 Melee action and 1 Range. Therefore, they will be 1 Melee Weapon that can convert into 1 Type of Ranged Weapon. I count dual weapons such as pistols, knives, or swords as one weapon. Give this weapon a “Name” and a detailed “Weapon Description.” This description is to include how it shifts from Mode A to Mode B, if it does. Some weapons can be fired without shifting. Instead of “bullets” your weapons will use “Dust.” Dust is a source of energy in Remnant. The physical properties of Dust make it incredibly useful for a variety of purposes, particularly in the weapons of many characters. Dust is to be a reference to the primordial state from which mankind was born. As a natural resource, it is sometimes poetically referred to as “Nature’s Wrath,” or prosaically as an energy propellant. Despite its widespread use and prevalence in society, humanity has yet to understand the origins or the implications of their involvement with Dust. Dust is a naturally-occurring crystallized energy propellant triggered by the Aura of Humans and Faunus. For unknown reasons, Dust does not function outside of the atmosphere of Remnant, precluding the possibility of space flight. Dust can be found in four basic types: Wind or Air; Fire or Burn; Water; and Lightning. A secondary form is created by combining Water and Air Dust to create Ice Dust. Steam Dust is created with Water and Fire Dusts. Gravity Dust is unique and can possibly be a fifth type. Earth Dust is another rare Dust type. There are many more types of dust to be discovered but you get the idea of their use. It’s energy and ammo for your weapons. They can come in power cells. It is found as either crystals or powder and is highly explosive. The powdered form is even more volatile than the crystal form. A mere sneeze can cause an explosion.
[b]Aura:[/b] An aura is a manifestation of one’s soul and can be used for a wide range of abilities. The specific abilities and their strengths differ from individual to individual and are dependent on a number of factors such as experience, training, and innate skill. A person with a strong aura may radiate bright colors when using it. It is believed that anything with a soul has an aura, thus Grimms not having one. Skilled users of Aura can create their own barriers or even increase their own abilities in some specific way. Weapons and armor can also act as a conduit for aura, allowing for an even wider range of offensive and defensive capabilities. Unfortunately, the strength of an aura degrades with continual use. This limits the application of Aura in combat, thus over time, the aura will decay to the point where the user is weakened or even incapacitated. The aura is what protects all characters from injuries that would kill normal humans. Being cut by each other’s weapons, taking blows to vital areas and getting back up, it relies on the aura. Aura can be recharged and the time required to recharge is different between each person. Aura can be locked away within a warrior who isn’t aware he or she has one. It can, however, be unlocked by a knowledgeable aura user. Aura triggers the use of “Dust.” As mentioned, Aura can be used defensively such as to create barriers. Offensively to be used as concussive blasts of energy or solid constructs. It can be used to unlock someone else’s aura. Finally, it can be used to heal. Those with a strong enough aura can heal minor wounds with it. Everyone in the game, starting out, gets a [3 Aura Use] cap. This means in a story-combat or tournament situation, your character can only use their aura 3 times. A character with only 1 use left will feel exhausted. A character with 0 uses left will no longer be protected by the aura’s natural barrier and succumb to harm that will either cripple or incapacitate them. Choose a color for your aura. A character can recover aura uses either by the game naturally moving onto the next day or every 10th post in or out of combat or during a mission. To fill this section out you simply follow the example. Example: [Color] x 3 - Remember the explanation for aura. I basically told you what it does in this explanation. Do not create any new capabilities. It can only do what I explained.
[b]Semblance:[/b] The manifestation of one’s innate and personal power as an ability unique to each individual with effects varying greatly from user to user. The nature of one’s semblance is noted as representing an aspect of their character. A character’s semblance can be similar to the semblances of their parents or other family members. An example was, the Schnee family semblance allowed them to summon “glyphs” that performed various functions. Ruby had Super Speed. Nora Valkyrie could convert electricity in the environment to physical strength. Semblance is fueled by Aura. If your character does not have Aura, then they cannot use Semblance. If you run out of Aura uses, then you cannot use your semblance. Basically, Semblance is your character’s super power. Some semblances can be affected using “Dust.” Such as adding an elemental property to powers.
[b]Fighting Style:[/b] Describe your character's fighting style here. You can go online to the RWBY wikia and read the profiles of the characters to get an idea of their fighting style. This should help you get an idea for how your own character fights.
[b]Strengths:[/b] What is your character mostly good at? These don’t have to be solely combat-related. They can be talents or perks. Faunus characters automatically have night vision.
[b]Weakness:[/b] What does your character need to work on? Either combat or personality wise.
[b]Character Theme:[/b] You can put a spoiler to a theme song here. You do not have to have one.
[b]Color Code:[/b] This will be the color that represents your character. Google “HTML Color Codes” to get the Hex Code and color sample. Remember no neon colors. Do not hurt our eyes. If you choose "White" do not use white. Just use an alternative to it.
[spoiler=Character Diary]Any relations you create with other characters go here. You can also keep a summary of storyline events that your character was involved in here.[/spoiler]


This section is for questions not answered in the information guide.


1. Activity: This game goes as fast as we make it. This will be a big game so if you don’t like big games, then turn away now. I would like for writers to be able to post as least once a week. During missions, each writer will be given 3 days to post. Therefore, if you are at the beginning or the end of the posting order, then you may be waiting quite the while, which can be a catch 22. Either you’ll be eager to post or not mind the wait. Again, it will depend on the activity of your fellow players. Players who are absent for 14 days without a warno will receive an activity check in a PM from me. Players who are absent for 30 days will be placed as inactive. They are welcome to reclaim their character whenever they feel like returning because this is a continual story after all.
2. Communication: I do not need to know your business. I just want to know how long you will be gone so I can accommodate. Also, please tell me if you lose interest in the game and are leaving. Do not just silently leave if you can help it.
3. What I Say Goes: My goal as the GM is to manage the game, which includes the story. I also will at times tell you “yay” or “nay” on some concept ideas if I feel you are going over-the-top or your concept could affect the game plot. Please be cooperative and comply. If not, then before you can cause any drama just be kind enough to leave the game.
4. No Hybrid Faunus: I wrote this before in the Character Creation section. No Hybrids and No Mythical Beasts.
5. No drama: Just don’t do it. Not even in PMs. Step away, take a break, and then come back. If I feel you are causing drama, then I will ask you to stop. If you continue, then I will ask you to leave. I haven’t had much of this lately so I’m confident that we won’t see this.
6. No Time: If you do not have time for this game, then do not join it. If you are going on vacation, go on vacation. You can join when you return. Do not join this game if you won't actively be here to write in it. I see this happen more than it should. Be courteous please.
7. Work out your issues: All combat should be discussed before anyone attempts to fight another character. This game does have PVP elements. No one will ever be forced into a PVP situation for the tournaments and Vytal Festival events will be optional. Even during the character creation process, please calmly work out any issues between each other.

Approved Characters/Taken Weapons/Taken Colors

Robin Cerise (Rabbit Faunus) - Composite Bow/Dual Linked Blades - #D51313
Masque Phlogiston (Cat Faunus) - Six-Shooter Revolver/Double-Bladed Dagger - #555555
Azuri Saphirum - Lance/Rocket - Navy
Auro Rencroft (Lizard Faunus) - Piston Gauntlet&Greaves/Ten Cylinder Gun - #FFD700
Lyn Starcaterus - Double-bladed Axe/Crossbow - #35BCF8



Character Thread

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Offline Envious

Re: Remnant [An Original RWBY-Fandom] - Recruitment Thread
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2018, 08:46:19 PM »
Hi there! I don't know anything about RWBY, but this game sounds interesting. I had a question about the weapons.

One Weapon with One Range Mode: Your weapon has two different modes. You should not have multiple weapons.

What does this mean?

Offline TheBlackThroneTopic starter

Re: Remnant [An Original RWBY-Fandom] - Recruitment Thread
« Reply #2 on: March 29, 2018, 09:58:59 PM »
Hi there! I don't know anything about RWBY, but this game sounds interesting. I had a question about the weapons.

What does this mean?

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Re: Remnant [An Original RWBY-Fandom] - Recruitment Thread
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Re: Remnant [An Original RWBY-Fandom] - Recruitment Thread
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 Hehe okay this should be plenty of fun, though I do have one question. I know you said about going on vacation and such and I was wondering. I'm not going now but I'll be taking off for a good long one in about two and half months. So would I still be able to join in at the ground floor or what?

Offline TheBlackThroneTopic starter

Re: Remnant [An Original RWBY-Fandom] - Recruitment Thread
« Reply #5 on: March 30, 2018, 02:00:24 AM »
Hehe okay this should be plenty of fun, though I do have one question. I know you said about going on vacation and such and I was wondering. I'm not going now but I'll be taking off for a good long one in about two and half months. So would I still be able to join in at the ground floor or what?

Yeah that's fine. Just remind me when you head out and I'll write a note next to your character's name so others will know about your absence as well.

Offline Sessha

Re: Remnant [An Original RWBY-Fandom] - Recruitment Thread
« Reply #6 on: March 30, 2018, 02:22:11 AM »
 Cool thank you. I have a character already drawn up if you want to see her?

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Re: Remnant [An Original RWBY-Fandom] - Recruitment Thread
« Reply #7 on: March 30, 2018, 02:29:33 AM »
Cool thank you. I have a character already drawn up if you want to see her?

You can either post it here or send it to me in PM. Whatever feels comfortable for you.

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I was looking at some artwork and I'm about to have a CS posted here in a few hours. Feel free to use it as a reference and a further visual aid for completing your own.

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Currently abroad until Tuesday, but just posting interest.

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Currently abroad until Tuesday, but just posting interest.

Roger! Thank you for the interest and have a safe journey and return.  ;D

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I updated the CS to include:



Fighting Style

Read the CS Guide (in the coding) to learn what those areas require.

My CS is getting pretty detailed so I'll need another day to finish it.  :-)

Just Family, Personality, Background, and Character Theme left to go!
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Name: Kakariki Honu
Nickname(s): Kari
Age: 19
Gender: Female.
Race: Human
Nationality: Mistral, Anima
Written Appearance: At first glance, Kari is nothing special. Some would consider her tall at 5'11. Some would consider her thin at 150 lbs. All consider her strong. Her muscles are visible upon her slender frame, but not bulging. Upon closer inspection, those who care to look can see that her hands are well-worn. The skin is rough and covered in cuts and callouses. Her nails are kept short. There is nothing delicate or feminine about her hands. Her hair is a lush green and brings to mind the thick foliage of a forest canopy. It falls to her waist, but is usually pinned up in some way. She is pale skinned with a smattering of freckles that mostly missed her face - they primarily reside on the tops of her shoulders and biceps. Her eyes are silver and a mark of pride to her grandfather and grandmother. She goes for function over style and prefers simple and modest clothing.

Family: Kowhai (grandfather), Kikorangi (grandmother), Silfur (mother, deceased), Maota (father, deceased).

Personality: For better or for worse, Kari is known for her absolute fearlessness. It isn't exactly true - she has fears, but she is also willing to face those fears without hesitation or question. She's a realist with a fair, yet critical eye of her own abilities and that keeps her from getting into too much trouble. She's able to quickly adapt to new situations and keep her cool under tough circumstances. People see her as strong, independent, and responsible. She is kind, but she is also straightforward. She is a big believer in personal responsibility and can be snappy or condescending to people she believes are not pulling their weight. She is sometimes considered rude because of it, but not necessarily wrong. While Kari is not socially outgoing, she is able to hold a conversation with ease. She is great at small talk and likes to ask questions to get to know people better.

Kari likes trying new things, going on adventures, and completing difficult challenges. She does not like large crowds, timidness, romantic situations, or lack of imagination.

Background: Kakariki spent her early childhood in the Vale near the Emerald Forest in a small village. Her mother was a Huntress, one of many who helped defend their little home against the Grimm that lived nearby. Kari does not remember much about her. One day she left, as she often did, but never returned. The conclusion was inescapable and the villagers grieved with Maota and Kakariki - Silfur had been killed in action. The villagers moved on. Kari moved on. Maota did not. He continued to grieve for his wife. He would eventually move to Mistral where his parents were so that he had help in caring for Kari. One night, he died. Kari's grandparents, Kowhai and Kikorangi, said it was due to a broken heart. At this point, Kari was six years old.

Her grandparents always had a tale to tell about the love and devotion or strength and bravery of her parents and how they had cared for Kari. The validity of the tales was questionable at best, but Kari never thought twice about the fact that her grandparents had never met their daughter-in-law or that they had been estranged from their son for most of his adult life. The wild tales she was told encouraged and inspired her to want to become a Huntress. The broom often became a weapon to use against some foul creature that took the shape of the tree stump in the front of the house.

In most respects, Kari led a normal life and had a normal childhood. She never knew that her father was actually a smuggler that had fled the country. She never knew that her mother hadn't died, but had run away from the responsibility of marriage and parenting. She grew up happy under the care of her grandparents and when the opportunity to go to Sanctum Academy presented itself, her grandparents allowed it hoping that it would steer her down a more noble path than her father had gone down.

The Academy was a good fit. She excelled in combat and proved her worth in the field. It also prepared her for the entrance exam to Beacon Academy where it was clear that she was a contender with some serious skill.

Emblem: A green turtle

Weapon: Protector's Promise
Protector's Promise is a bladed shield used primarily for defense. It is engraved with a stylized turtle and decorated with green paint. Not only is she able to deflect physical attacks with her shield, it is fairly resistant to magical effects as well. It can absorb fire attacks and the elemental energy is stored in the front blade of her shield. In its ranged mode, Kari can project the front blade forward in an attempt to pierce the enemy. The blade is attached to a chain and it can be used like a whip to wrap around enemies and keep them shackled to her. The blade is also the focal point for absorbed fire energy or dust to imbue the weapon with elemental energy.

Aura: Green x3

Semblance: Kari is able to manipulate earth within a 8 yard radius around her. She can cause small tremors, lift the earth up roughly six feet, or cause the earth to cave in roughly six feet down. The earth manipulations can take a basic shape (pillars, semi-circles, rectangles). She can manipulate a maximum of 36 cubic feet at a single time.

Fighting Style: Kari's style is best described as an unrelenting force. What she lacks in speed she makes up for in endurance and does not fatigue easily. She has been known to outlast her opponents, wearing them down so they are not as quick or taunting them so they become sloppy. She's more interested in not losing than winning and is not known for fighting fair. She will make the environment work to her advantage and change it if it doesn't. She is not particularly fast or nimble, but she makes up for it with her wicked strength and ability to endure. She is extremely resilient and can take a hit like a champion. You do not want to be hit by her - it will hurt! She is a well respected combatant known for her adaptability and using the environment to her advantage.

Strengths: She is physically strong and incredibly resilient. She is quick to adapt. She is well trusted because of her honesty and well respected because of her combat ability. Her skill set lies primarily in keeping an enemy engaged on her while her team mates go in for the killing blow.

Weakness: In terms of speed and agility, she is barely above average which makes her look slow in comparison to her classmates. That's fine by her - she's more interested in tanking an opponent.

Character Theme:
Color Code: #088A08
Character Diary
Any relations you create with other characters go here. You can also keep a summary of storyline events that your character was involved in here.
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There's nothing wrong with silver eyes. I just said it is very rare and not everyone will have it so she will more than likely be the only character with them for the next "x" many players before I allow someone else to have them.

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Getting closer to finishing the profile!

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I say the same about mine lol. It's nice to see writers taking their time and being very detailed.  ;D

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I finally got it posted.

Robin Cerise

Name: Robin Cerise
Nickname(s): Rob; More to possibly come
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Rabbit Faunus
Nationality: Menagerie
Written Appearance: Robin is a young Faunus man of a cream complexion. His hair is bladed in short brown downy layers with a texture similar to rabbit’s fur. One-foot-long ears extend from his head that he will often painfully roll down to his scalp when he is pretending to be a Human. He will then use a hairband to push his thick hair back, hiding the bumps of his ears. While he clearly has rabbit ears protruding from his head, Robin still retains Human ears. When he isn’t wearing the Beacon Academy uniform, Robin wears a grey, three-button vest with a hood over a sanguine-red dress shirt. The sleeves of his dress shirt are rolled up his biceps. Around his neck is a black tie. His trousers are grey like his vest and sink into a pair of combat boots with steel-toe graft. A specialized black glove is worn on his right hand along with a cheap wristwatch, and a red specialized gauntlet is worn on his left hand. At his hip is a belt which contains compartments for carrying Dust along with three straps for carrying clips. Usually, slung across his torso and resting in the center of his back is his Heartseeker weapon.

The rabbit Faunus is 5’9” and he weighs 170 lbs. His body is a cut and slender build, his muscles not massive but lean and convenient for his body type and fighting style. His eyes are like amber beneath his dark brows. Before anyone asks, “No, he doesn’t have a fuzzy cotton tail.” His aura is red. [Reference: Appearance]

  • William Cerise (Father)
  • Artemis Cerise (Mother)
  • Odysseus Cerise (Brother)
  • Paris Cerise (Sister)
  • Apollo Cerise (Brother)
  • Rama Cerise (Sister)

Personality: Robin is very analyzing when he is on the battlefield. As an archer, he always seeking a weakness to exploit and a vantage point where he can do so from. Since graduating from Signal Academy, he has become very confident in his abilities as a potential Huntsmen to the point that he can be a little cocky. He is friendly if approached by strangers and very down-to-earth. While some may think he’s a tree-hugger for being Vegan, he doesn’t let other students pressure him to try things he doesn’t want to try or do things he doesn’t want to do.

His hobbies are mostly tinkering with his Heartseeker and creating new ways to project Dust from it. He can be found in the library researching such methods, and when he’s not being an engineer, he can be seen training. Robin will at times need to be pulled away from his routine. If any of the students want to go out on the town to see a movie or party, then he will join mostly as the DD. He developed a responsible attitude being the oldest of five siblings who he had to raise while his parents were gone. Similarly, he can come off as an older brother to other teammates, looking out for them.

Robin hopes to follow his parents so that he too can become a Huntsmen one day—one of legend!

Background: Robin was born to William and Artemis Cerise in Kuo Kuana, Menagerie. As a young Faunus, Robin always dreamed of leaving the continent. His parents often left Menagerie when called into service as Huntsmen, which often left Robin alone to take care of his younger brothers and sisters: Odysseus, Paris, Apollo, and Rama. Being the oldest drove him crazy, and one day, after his parents had left, Robin left Odysseus in charge to his younger brother’s disappointment. With a backpack and bow, Robin snuck aboard the next airship out of Menagerie having no idea where it would take him. The ship was headed to Vale and before Robin would reach his final destination, he was identified as a stowaway by one of the crew. He quickly abandoned ship on an island he learned later was called Patch. While on Patch, Robin travelled through forests—forests for the first time—but they weren’t green as the stories often described. These forests of Patch were gray.

The gray forest was where Robin first encountered students from Signal Academy. They were fighting a pack of Beowolves with weapons similar to what his mother and father used. Feeling they were in danger, with only a bow, Robin jumped into the fight and aided the students in killing the Grimm. When the battle was over, Robin was excited to meet the students. He felt as though he had made his first group of friends outside of Menagerie. The young Huntsmen, however, left Robin alone thanking him for his help and leaving with him mentions of a combat school for Huntsmen and Huntresses. Intrigued, Robin followed the students in secret back to the school. He was spotted by one of the instructors, Instructor Titian Leonidas. Titian had heard the students talking about them receiving help from a “Rabbit Boy.” As he asked more about Robin’s identity, he learned that the boy had ran away from home and was disappointed. Fearing that Titian would send him back, Robin begged to be allowed to stay and attend the school. Not desiring to leave the boy in the woods, Titian allowed Robin to stay until he could find a transport for him to return to Menagerie. While he was at the academy, Robin attended classes and remained elusive to Titian. He wanted to learn as much as he could!

Before long, Titian stopped seeking a vessel to send Robin home and allowed him to stay. He sent a letter to his family letting his parents know where he was, and his parents were furious. He had abandoned his brothers and sisters and ran away from home. His parents arrived to Signal and made an embarrassing display pulling him from class. It was Titian who vouched for Robin and convinced his parents to let the boy train. Robin prevailed at the school, learning with much trial and error how to craft his weapon, the Heartseeker. Upon graduation, Robin’s journey takes him to Beacon Academy where he is to take the rigorous entrance exam.

Robin's Emblem

The Heartseeker is the name of Robin’s bowblade. The bowblade has two forms. Form One is its standard bow form. The bow has a composite bow appearance and is capable of firing up to five arrows maximum simultaneously. The arrows aren’t always actually traditional arrows. Individually, they are lobbed using a combustion technique. Using his special glove, Robin pulls back on the heated bowstring while clutching a Dust shell between his fingers. Upon releasing the string, the friction of the string springing forward and dragging along the Dust shell causes the shell to heat up and the Dust to explode. The shell forces the explosion forward, and depending on which Dust type Robin is using Fire, Water, Wind, etc. The Dust will travel in a beam of that element. Heartseeker’s maximum range is 60 yards. When firing five arrows at once, Robin carries them in a prearranged clip. The arrows are condensed in the clip, giving the clip a rectangular appearance about the size of a small notebook. Robin will set the clip on the string, slipping his index and middle fingers into two rings for holding it. Pulling back on the rings causes the arrows to extend and they will rest against his well-guarded gauntlet. Upon releasing the bowstring, similar to how the arrows are individually fired, the friction causes these combustion. The arrows will fly out and shower either one or multiple enemies. Robin tends to only carry 3 clips maximum of the elements: Fire, Lightning, and Earth. His Earth clip is a combination of Lightning and Earth Dust to create an explosion.

Form Two are dual swords with the hot bowstring still attached to their pummels. Robin will perform melee with Heartseeker in this form. In Form Two, Robin can use the blades to pierce and drag an enemy toward him. He can also use the blade to pierce high ledges and pull himself to higher ground. He can whirl the blades dangerously, their maximum radius being 5 meters. The bowstring keeping them together is just as dangerous being hot enough to melt flesh if one isn’t careful. He can strangle Grimm with it or use it to melt certain forms of steel. The pummels of each sword are brought together and the bowstring goes taut, returning Heartseeker to Form One.

Heartseeker in Form Two, like Form One, can use Dust to enhance its abilities. For example, if Robin uses Wind Dust, then he can whirl his blade around like a helicopter creating a cyclone or even lifting himself into the air for a brief period.

Aura: Red x3
Semblance: Robin’s semblance is a form of kinetic energy absorption. He will absorb kinetic energy and use it to amplify his physical abilities. He can absorb this energy from moving objects. It is not the impact or the force of the object that is absorbed but the energy propelling the object to move. Therefore, Robin will attempt to block or deflect an enemy’s moves in order to sap them of kinetic energy. This can make an opponent feel lethargic overtime. The energy absorbed is not stored. Instead, it is converted into a biochemical energy that immediately strengthens Robin’s body, allowing him to strike harder and faster. The absorbed kinetic energy speeds his body up until his movements and strikes are a blur. He can even use the energy in a swift dash for a short duration. Robin’s Semblance, however, uses 1 Aura that will last two turns. If he uses it further, he will quickly exhaust his aura and himself, making him susceptible to lethal and crippling damage. When Robin uses his Semblance, his red aura crackles like lightning across his body. The strength of his strikes during his Semblance can become strong enough to juggle a car into the air before kicking it several feet away. To warm up his body, Robin will often jump rope with the bowstring of his Heartseeker.
Fighting Style: Robin’s fighting style employs a lot of agility, kicks, and reflexes. His fighting style is similar to Tae Kwon Do, Wing Chun, and Escrima. As a Rabbit Faunus, he is naturally very light and quick on his feet. His speed is his best defense mechanism second to his aura for he isn’t the sturdiest of fighters. He will use Heartseeker to take out enemies from a distance and kite them if they get too close (“kite” meaning to remain out of their reach while picking at them with his bow). If an enemy manages to get passed his Heartseeker in its bow form, he will switch to the weapon’s melee form. Using two swords joined by a hot wire, and a series of powerful kicks, Robin will go to town on an enemy. Robin’s legs and feet are his strongest personal weapon. His hands are often occupied with his blades, and so therefore, he will rapidly attempt to cripple his opponent’s defenses. With his Semblance, he can be one tough bunny.
  • Agile: Robin is very agile. He is able to sprint and change direction in an instant without pulling a muscle or spraining his muscles.
  • High Stamina: As long as he doesn’t waste his aura, Robin can use his natural speed longer than most individuals.
  • Acrobatic: Robin can flip through the air, turning and twisting his body to perform aerial stunts.
  • High Jumper: Robin naturally can jump higher than a Human and sometimes, other Faunus.
  • Strong Legs: His legs are the strongest part of his body. Have you seen him in shorts? *whistles*
  • Enhanced Hearing: Robin’s rabbit ears can pick up sounds far away. They are like natural detectors.
  • Vegan: Robin eats only a diet of fruits and veggies. Unlike Humans and other Faunus, his vegan diet is sufficient for him and he doesn’t suffer from weakness or lack of muscle growth due to no meat protein. Thus, he believes himself to be healthier than those who eat animal products. Typical, right?
  • Resilient: While he may not be sturdy, physically, he is resilient. He was born and raised in Menagerie and like other Faunus, has had to endure racism and violence every now and then.
  • Night Vision: As a Faunus, Robin can naturally see in the dark.

  • Low Defense: Robin doesn’t wear sturdy armor for he feels such heavy gear would weigh him down. He sacrifices defense for speed, making him highly susceptible to damage.
  • Lactose Intolerant: He avoids animal products, especially dairy. If Robin ever accidentally consumes dairy products, you may want to steer clear of him and any bathroom you intended on using. His episodes are horrible for not just him but everyone around him.
  • High Pitch Noises: Shrill noises such as alarms, screeching, or any high pitch sound will affect Robin’s sensitive ears to the point of disorientation or even cause him to faint.
  • Vegan: He refuses to eat animal products, which can make him very picky about food. It may also make survival harder than it needs to be.

Character Theme: Will post it if I ever find one.
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Molly Bai
Name: Mòlì Bai (Jasmine White)
Nickname(s): Molly
Age: 18
Race: Human
Nationality: Mistral (Emmigrated to Vale)
Written Appearance: Molly has long white hair that she ties into a bun on either side of her head but allowing some of her hair to drop from her buns down to her waist. Her eyes are black which is in stark contrast to her pale skin. This is paired with her white cheongsam with black details along the hems of the outfit. Grey swirls dance up from the bottom of her dress upwards up to her thigh. Underneath that she wears a pair of black dangua trousers to complete her black and white theme.  Molly also wears a pair of long black gloves that act as her weapon as well as a white sash around her mid section that can unfurl to cover her entire body. Paired with her semblance this can become a great defensive equipment.

Molly stands at 4'11 and though she is small her build shows that she is an accomplished martial arts fighter.  Molly is toned from her years of physical fighting, however she is not nearly large enough to be landing powerful blows. Instead her physique indicates that she prefers to move around and strike when there is an opening. As such Molly is very lithe and agile.

  • Mudan Bai: Mother 
  • Lianhua Bai: Father
  • Chahua Bai: Grandmother
  • Meihua Bai: Grandfather (deceased)

Personality: When it comes to battle Molly is level headed and cool, able to keep her wits about her in the heat of battle. However outside of combat she is known to be fiery and prone to doing whatever she wanted.  She is not used to taking directions from anyone but herself and as such is often time a loner.  Though this would seem like Molly is prone to explosions, she is actually rather quiet.  Molly understands that her standoffish attitude would often cause conflicts, thus she has learned to keep her opinions to herself.   

Molly can often be found training to hone her abilities since her martial arts are her greatest strengths.  When she's not working out or practicing her strikes, she can be found in natural parts of Vale as Molly always had an unspoken love of all things untouched by humanity or grimm.  Even greater than her love for the outdoors is her adoration of wild flowers.  Molly keeps a vase of fresh flowers by her bed and tries to take trips to collect flowers every morning.  Molly also has a diary that she keeps under her pillow where she presses flowers.

Background: Molly's parents were hunters, her grandparents from both sides were hunters, and her great grandparents were hunters as well.  Following the expectations of her family, she too trained in the family style of fighting and took the first steps towards becoming a huntress to continue her family legacy.  More than that however, Molly grew up with the idea that huntsman did not interfere with politics or nationality, they were there to hunt grimm.  Thus the girl grew up without any political inclinations one way or the other.

Of course her strict training regiment with no room for errors led to her expressing herself in other ways.  She would have angry outbursts at her parents and would often times leave the house for hours at a time in order to enjoy the wildlife.  At her young age she just knew that she hated the idea of growing up with no freedom or choice in the matter.   However one day her grandfather was killed on a hunt as he defended a village from a rampaging Grimm and Molly understood why they fought.

Though her family was saddened at the lost of one of their own, they did not weep long for they had a saying, "No Huntsman dies in their bed." Nevertheless the townsfolk mourned him and gave him the greatest honors they could. And it was from this that Molly understood that to be a huntsman was not something that her family pressed on her, but it was a task that needed to be done for the good of all the innocent people trying to live a decent life.   Emboldened by her newfound purpose, Molly set out to Sanctum Academy having been sponsored by her Grandmother who was a staff member at the academy.  Once she graduated Molly set off for Vale where she sought to continue her learning.

Emblem: A white Jasmine flower with a black tiger on its hind legs in the center.
Weapon: Molly's weapon is known as the White Tiger.  When in their inert state, her weapons are indistinguishable from a fancy black glove which is pulled up to Molly's elbows and is indistinguishable from her sleeve. In their active mode, two white gauntlets envelop Molly's hands stylized after a tiger's claw.  The gauntlets can extend blades at all finger tips when Molly has need of them but she primarily uses these blades in order to easily scale obstacles or for maintaining her grip on an item. 

In White Tiger's second form, the gauntlets can be fired off from her hand and are connected by a wire which will reel either Molly towards her gauntlet or return her gauntlet to her. Molly is also capable of clenching the gauntlets and then detaching one of them, allowing her to wield the gauntlet like a flail.

In the Tiger's ranged form, the fingers of the gauntlet recede into the glove and two small nozzles appear over the fists.  Molly is able to fire inaccurate rapid fire shots from these nozzles.  There are slots towards her wrist where bullets are inserted along with Dust to enhance her combat capabilities.
Aura: Silver x3 (Technically her Aura is white but I'll be using Silver)
Semblance: Stasis: With a touch Molly can place an item/person into a stasis created by her Aura.  The stasis will halt all momentum but in the meantime the object cannot be moved, hurt, or affected in any way allow the object will regain momentum immediately after release.  The stasis maintains for up to 2 posts depending on the size of the object or creature. Medium to small objects are affected for the full 2 post duration whereas objects with lots of mass (a car, a Nevermore) are affected up to 1 post.  She is able to stop the stasis at any point thus is able to place an opponent into a stasis, move into position, release the stasis, and then strike.  When an object is affected by Molly's semblance they glow white.
Fighting Style: Molly prefers to keep a low stance and to fight with acrobatic kicks and quick jabs at an opponents opening.  She fights with her thumb curled up like her other fingers rather than to wrap it around her fist.  With this style she tends to strike with her palm at her opponents.   Of course her semblance makes her deceptively durable as she is able to utilize her sash as a defensive tool against enemies by opening her wide sash and then activating her semblance in order to create a protective barrier.   She is also at her most effective in short range as she is able to touch an opponent to place them in stasis before maneuvering around to strike with her White Tiger.

While at mid range she tends to either close the gap or if not she will extend White Tiger to its second form so that her flail can close the gap for her.  In this mode of fighting Molly has an extended reach of up to ten feet and will try to either utilize the claws on White Tiger to grasp the opponents and reel them closer or to use White Tiger as a grappling hook to launch herself into the air.

  • Nimble: Molly is nimble, she learned to bob and weave around an enemy's attack until she finds an opening to strike.
  • Discipline:Due to her training from a very young age it is very difficult to goad Molly out of a defensive position during combat.  Social situations however is a different story.
  • Synergy:Her Semblance works well with her fighting style. Allowing her to place an opponent in stasis, find an opening, and then releasing her stasis to strike.
  • Acrobatic:Molly is highly acrobatic, having trained with White Tiger to allow herself to effortlessly change direction midair with her grappling hook.
  • Range:Molly is an effective fighter up close but no so much far away. Her only way to reach an enemy from far away is if she can grapple to them or rely on her allies to bring them down.
  • Friendship:Molly is not used to having friends, having grown up learning to fight and be a huntress from the beginning.
  • Teamwork:Molly's powers can work against her allies if she freezes an enemy as her allies are attacking.  She is used to working the attacks out to suite her needs but not that of others.
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Day#1: I have been accepted into Vale.

Hi there! I'm excited about this RP. I'll throw in my character if allowed.
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Weapon: White Tiger has three forms: gauntlets, flail, and then her gauntlets fire like a gun. Her weapon needs to encompass two weapons only not three different ones. If you do decide to give her a ranged ability, then you need to write how far it can reach or its maximum effective range.

Aura: The Aura is "Color (write your aura's color) x3" everyone can only use Aura 3 times before they are basically defeated.

Semblance: Since she uses her aura to cause the "Stasis" affect then her Semblance needs to be limited by her Aura uses. Her Stasis ability needs an a maximum duration. Since time cannot be measured in writing, we're going to use turns. A turn is when everyone in a posting order has posted. The maximum duration is in the case she leaves a person or Grimm in a stasis for longer than what would be a few seconds. It needs a maximum.

Fighting Style: Describe how she uses her sash as a defensive tool against enemies.

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Name: Masque Phlogiston (Name is up for interpretation, as Masque is both a shortened form of Masquerade--which is a very colorful event, and an outlet for emotions--but it can also be seen as a variation of the spelling of the word/item 'mask', which is often white (like the one he wears).)
Nickname(s): Lynx
Age: 18 years old
Gender: Male
Race: Faunus (Cat)
Nationality: Mistral/Anima
Written Appearance: Brown haired with chocolate colored eyes to match, Masque stands at about 5'6 and weighs in somewhere around 180 pounds. He has a few tattoos on his body, including tear drops on his face underneath his eyes; three dots (forming a sort of sloppy triangle) on both palms; and a rather elaborate full back tattoo depicting the King and Queen of each suite on standard playing cards (but the usually 'alive' kings and queens are depicted as skeletons). This list of tats may expand, as Masque is an "ink addict" as the saying goes. His clothing style can vary depending on what the situation calls for. In less formal times, he usually wears light, athletic clothing with muted tones (grayscale), 'splattered' with colors (favored colors being 'warm' or autumnal colors; red, yellow, orange, and brown). However, when undertaking missions, he usually chooses to adorn dull, black leathers that help him with stealthing. Even when wearing his 'stealth' suit, his cat ears and tail remain firmly visible.
Family: Agilinde Phlogiston (Mother, died during childbirth), Robin Bruce (Alive, working with the Bandit Tribe), The Tribe as a whole, on a technical level. However, his relationship with his 'family' is complicated at best.
Personality:  Masque is a clever cat who delights in word games; both in winning them and in losing them. He likes to compete, whether it be with wits or brawn. He is a gracious loser (usually), and tries to be a good winner (though some times the thrill of victory leads to him to do stupid things, like grandstanding; a habit he is aware of and trying to break). He has a notorious weakness for salted, smoked meats, especially ones that are well-seasoned, and coffee (but never combining the two).

In battle, he tends to be highly aggressive on the offense, but can easily switch into a defensive mode where he focuses on evasion;he swaps back and forth very fluidly between the two, giving the impression that he is a born fighter.

Background: Born into a tribe of bandits in the Anima region, he grew up rough and tough, because he had to be; there was no room for weakness when you're surrounded by cutthroats. But strength comes in many forms. However, at the age of 15, he got into a heated argument with his father over what was right and what was wrong. A lot of shit went down that night, and it ended with Masque walking away from the tribe, and his father proclaiming his son dead and "the body unrecoverable". The teenager, far older mentally than he had any right to be, and already a skilled warrior, eventually was scouted out as having Huntsman potential. The Academy promised him a roof over his head, hot meals... maybe even a new 'family'. It was a very easy sell.

What was it that earned him a quick spot in a prestigious academy? Because when a duo of adult Huntsmen came to wipe out a Beowulf nest that had been harassing a village, they found the barely-alive Masque, and a dozen dead Beowulves.
Emblem: A bonfire with a sword stuck through the center of it; also known as the Phlogiston family crest.

Weapon: Perhaps due to his humble bandit origins, Masque does not use a transforming weapon, but instead carries two different ones. One is a simple six-shot revolver with a long barrel, good for short to medium range combat, while his second weapon is a thirteen inch long double-bladed dagger. The revolver is known as Oeil Mort ('Deadeye'), and the dagger is known as Misère (Misery). He is equally proficient with both weapons. He prefers to use gravity cartridges for the revolver, as they have that added 'oomph' that knocks people down... or up. However, he'll pretty much use any sort of cartridge that will slot into the revolver, as he is used to scrounging around for whatever is on hand; Bandits don't exactly get a life of luxury and beggars can't be choosers.
Aura: Gray x 3
Semblance: Ghost: By suppressing his own Aura and 'masking' his soul, he can render himself virtually invisible. As he is hiding himself on a spiritual level as well, even most Grimm will not recognize his presence, along with other humans and Faunus. Obviously, if somebody bumps into him, this will create a disruption of the sort of 'field' that covers him.  When he is 'Ghosted', he actually literally can not use his Aura, as the Semblance itself suppresses his soul; this makes it a dangerous ability to use, as while it leaves him practically invisible to most entities, it also leaves him absolutely vulnerable to inadvertent calamity; if he wants to manifest his Aura for any reason, he must necessarily 'de-ghost'.

"Ghosting" uses up a significant amount of his Aura, limiting the amount of times he can activate it, and for how long he can maintain it. He still needs to rely on stealth and subterfuge to avoid arousing attention, as he still has a scent and can still make noises that will alert people to the presence of an entity; it is also entirely possible that somebody can sense his presence through Magic, or the use of their own Semblance.
Fighting Style: Masque is a flexible fighter, and compensates for the lack of a dual-type weapon by being ambidexterous. He still has a preference for shooting with his left hand, and using the dagger with his right, but he can bring both weapons to bear as needed. In general, he prefers tactical fighting, hit-and-run, attacking from stealth, using 'dirty tricks' to gain an advantage, and generally is a 'dirty fighter'. He suffers at long range, but uses his cat-like reflexes, high stamina, and speed to close distances (or create distance, as needed).  However, in a tournament or duel or the like, he will abide by the rules that are set.
Strengths:  Night Vision (Faunus), foraging in the wilderness (both herbs for traditional home remedies and poultices, and food for eating), homeopathic healer (for those who can't heal using aura, or who might be afflicted with a poison, which Aura seems incapable of curing). Possesses a tail that gives him greater balance, and claws that can flick out of both his hands and feet, making him great at climbing certain surfaces (obviously, it's easier to climb a tree like a cat, and a sheer concrete wall is not something his claws can help him with). These claws also give him a natural weapon that make fisticuffs with him a little more dangerous. Likes to ride motorcycles and is actually good at it.
Weakness: Masque is a lone wolf, and often has difficulties with socializing (yet is a good team player, from his time among bandits, who necessarily had to work together). He can be quite demanding, often requiring others to prove themselves before he'll give them any degree of respect; even common courtesy seems to be beneath him (Unless he is interacting with someone he views as superior to him). His past as a bandit may not obviously be known, but if it were, there'd likely be shade thrown on him (and the teachers at the Academy have probably looked into his past and realized his bandit tribe association). He doesn't handle Faunus discrimination very well, often becoming verbally violent in his responses (and while he is not affiliated with the Unnamed Terrorist Group, he'd probably be a good candidate for recruiting). Has anger management issues, and probably a few other psychological issues making him "damaged goods". Death-seeker tendencies.
Character Theme:
Character Theme

Color Code: #555555 (a gray instead of white).
Character Diary
Any relations you create with other characters go here. You can also keep a summary of storyline events that your character was involved in here.

Regarding Semblance: I realize this might be overpowered, and I tried to compensate for its power by giving him a vulnerability when using it. If it needs further tweaking, I am open to suggestions; and if it just needs to be thrown out, I do have a few other ideas I can work with.
Regarding the use of the Branwen name, I am uncertain if that bandit tribe actually exists in your AU or not. It can easily be swapped out for something different.  His real, birth name should be read as Masque Phlogiston, with the Tribe name added to the end to show his association with the tribe.
His Death-seeker tendencies are meant to be a character arc that can pretty much go one of two ways: his team can basically rehabilitate him and restore his respect for his own life, or it can be reinforced to the point he ends up being a martyr (with or without a cause).
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Re: Remnant [An Original RWBY-Fandom] - Recruitment Thread
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Name: I don't want you to use the actual name of the tribe because if you use that then I might as well be using White Fang and not allowing writers to pick their own original names for such things.

Actually, you know what? You can use Branwen. I'm not expecting anyone else to use it.

Semblance: I will allow him to go invisible, but not to the point he doesn't exist anymore. It is fine if his skill is like Ren's where he goes undetected by Grimm (completely undetected to Grimm is fine) or even other characters "visually," but he will be detected by the senses for those characters who can actually hear or smell him, or have some sort of aura detecting ability. This ability will need to be limited by Aura Uses since maintaining and invisible form for a duration should be draining. The semblance limited this way makes him still have a natural advantage to some but not so much against others who have those special abilities to detect him.

Code: [Select]
[color=#(put the code here)][b]code here[/b][/color] That should help display the color better.
333333 (This color is so close to "black" in appearance lol that you might as well just use black)
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Re: Remnant [An Original RWBY-Fandom] - Recruitment Thread
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@TBT edited the name, removed references to the Branwen tribe and have left it un-named (but unless you have plans for it, I might make it the Bruce tribe, and change his father to actually being the chief of it; thoughts?), changed color to 555555, which is a lighter gray but shouldn't be too hard on the eyes (if it is, let me know).

Edit: Also added some more words to his Semblance to emphasize that it's not perfect, and that it sucks up Aura. And we made our edits 66 seconds apart, so... eh? Didn't catch your part about keeping the Branwen name until I made this post.

Second edit: After thinking about it, I'm going to keep it as Phlogiston. Basically, it's his way of disowning and separating himself from his father, and naming conventions are a little wonky on Remnant anyways. Phlogiston is also fairly fitting, as it has a certain explosive connotation to it that I feel fits the character.
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He's good to go. I'll add him to the approved list.  :-)

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Re: Remnant [An Original RWBY-Fandom] - Recruitment Thread
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Cool.  ;D I'm looking forward to this.

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  • Removed ranged form from gauntlets.
  • Stasis duration changed to 2 posts for medium, 1 post for large objects with lots of mass.
  • Explained how sash can be opened up to form a barrier when used in tandem with semblance.
  • Clarified Aura color