Goblin looking for females for a few RPs.

Started by Orochimaru, March 29, 2018, 12:30:17 PM

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1. fantasy Egyptian themed.

She was a beautiful Queen/princess of her kingdom, but it was falling apart. Attacks from all surrounding kingdoms, botched politics, courting attempts, monster attacks, displeasure and crime from her people which started even before her life time. Desperation can do a lot to a person. Until, one day, a cloaked being slipped from the shades to approached her and with a few easy tricks and a deal; her body and mind were sold to him; the rest of her life dedicated to his sexual whims and used as a breeder. She could never marry or have human children as she was now a goblins plaything. However, he would keep his side and 'assist' with mending her kingdom and even making it better than what it was.

Bestiality can be added if you so choose or even body altering events.

and the characters from the Queen Opala hentai game.

2. Overlord

I hved gotten into the Anime Overlord, based on the visual novel series of the same name. Watching season 2 as well and it got me craving. My character was also a part of Yggdrasil for the 12 years it was running and he got transported to the same world as in the anime, but to mix it up with some new places and people added in. There will not be the great tomb though.

So, the rundown of my character. His race is a goblin; an extremely intelligent one, but since goblins do not seem to be that popular.. I can change him to a werewolf. His class is a warlock; a practitioner of dark magic, demon summoning, soul manipulation, empowerment. He is also the guild leader of The Black Harvest. The guild itself is the floating castle called the Citadel of Hell's Legion. Not only do a large number of NPCs made by the guilds seven leading members live, but anyone from the game who was a non-human could be. Sadly, there were only 20 player members, with the original 7 who created the guild. The NPCs ranged from undead, various monster races, dark elves, demons, angels and the like were present.

The plot is as it follows in overlord, my character coping with the new fantasy based world, the living npcs and dealing with wanting to go back or actually becoming the Overlord of the new world.

Now, I am looking for someone to play one of the NPCs. Seeing as the NPCs in this new world have minds and personalities of their own; along side how they were 'programmed' to be. I was thinking of sticking with demons for the characters and I have a few I would prefer. You are free to play more than one character if you would like too. I myself will be playing a lot of minor characters. However, if playing an NPC is not your thing, you can be another character from the guild who was on an alt and when the shutdown happened, she was merged with her direct copy of an npc of her alt she placed in the guild. this setting allows for a lot of creativity too.

Arch-Demon Gladiator She is a floor Guardian of the 5th level of hell in the Citadel. The 5th level is a massive demonic coliseum. She is warrior made, bathed in the blood of many and her armored gauntlets, backed by her strength can shatter even the hardest of armor. She was created by her creator who was one of the seven and put a bit of her feelings for my character into her. I have several inspirational images for new ideas that are not used below.

Succubus Battle Maiden She is my characters personal maid; dedicated to serving him in any capacity he deems of her. Her position puts her rank above all other guardians. While she uses a scythe and shield in combat he is proficient in blood and dark magic. She can even use blood her scythe drinks to heal herself or her master.

Dark Elf Beastmistress She is Guardian of the 7th and final floor before reaching the lair of the Devil's King. The 7th floor is called the devils forest and she is a dark elf beast master, who commands the devil's beasts. Her agility makes her seem unseen and her illusion magic makes her near untouchable. Se is known to be the best dancer in all of the citadel.

Twin Valkyrie These two, while classed as 'undead' are not really, but are ascended. These two battle maiden's have command over the spirit world and can shift from the land of the living to the land of the dead and can summon a small army of undead mages and death knights. The gold one is Guardian of floor 1, Halls of Valhalla, with the black armored one is Guardian of floor 2, The underworld. They are sisters, but often clash when they both want something.

PM if you are interested, have questions or concerns.