Far Cry Inspired (large scale/multiple characters, NC/Ex, F seeking M)

Started by PixelatedPixie, March 28, 2018, 11:12:33 PM

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I have a desire to do a story loosely inspired by Far Cry.  It doesn’t have to be cultists, it could just as easily be terrorists/rebels/pirates/cartels/whatever, but the basic idea is one (or more) characters are trapped behind enemy lines while a bunch of stuff is going on. 

I am looking for someone to take control of most/all of the villains, conversely I am looking to control at least one character, and preferably multiple.  The thought I have is that there would either by a rotating cast of female characters, or one main character with side stories focused on other people who are caught in the same situation.  I am also happy to help with plot and what not, if desired. 

I would like the story to be heavy in smut, so having one main character and a number of side characters would allow for smut without everything happening to a single protagonist. As another option we could just focus on one or two characters until they meet a bad end, then switch.

Regardless of the specific method, I would like to try and tell a story beyond the smut.  It could be about the villain group’s rise, or fall, it could be about a main character, or it could be something else. 

Also, my previous thread still stands if anyone is interested in a system game (whether for this concept or something else): https://elliquiy.com/forums/index.php?topic=284410.0

A few ideas are below, they are all basically modern.  Though I don't mind transplanting things into a science fiction or fantasy setting.

A cult/rebel group has seized control of a swathe of land, and are intending to subjugate and/or break all the people within.  A few locals are doing their best to fight back.

A group of terrorists have attacked an embassy or other location, the local government has sealed the area off, but those within the compound have been left to fend for themselves for the time being. 

A ship full of pirates has attacked a major ocean going vessel such as a cruise ship. The ship is large enough that a few passengers have slipped through the net, but it is only a matter of time until they are found, or they wind up back in a hostile port.

A tourist has wandered into cartel territory.  Maybe her sister has been kidnapped, and she has to single handedly try and pull off a rescue after discovering the police are in the pocket of the criminals.  Maybe she is just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Smut Desires: Non-con, gangbangs/multiple partners, bondage, humiliation, degradation, indoctrination, body modification, animals, impregnation, and honestly most anything else.  Not all is required, but I am hoping to find people who are fairly open to most of it (with a few obvious exceptions).

PM me if you're interested and hopefully we can sort something out!