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January 17, 2022, 04:08:10 am

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Author Topic: Plot/Pairing Cravings (M for F)  (Read 769 times)

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Plot/Pairing Cravings (M for F)
« on: March 24, 2018, 01:53:03 pm »
Additional Ideas and Images can be found in my ON/OFFS.

This thread is for IDEAS that I am CRAVING / HIGHEST PRIORITY

Again, names etc can be changed and details to be discussed!

Idea Name:High School Cum Queen

Plot: Elsa was very much a Daddys Girl, always seeking to do well in his eyes. They were always close - some might say a little too close even for Father and Daughter - and she loved her father with all her heart. They were always touchy feely and even now, in High School, she still liked to sit in his lap and cuddle him on the couch. She was pleasantly surprised when he came to her bed in the middle of the night (her mother was on a business trip) to cuddle her. This time, though, his hands wandered over her entire body until one thing led to another and her father took her virginity right there in her bed.

It warped what she thought a man or boy meant in her head. Formerly a cheerleader deemed a prude, she now began to open up to other guys, unable to say no to their advances. She came to understand the power her body held over men - look at what her father was now doing to her frequently! - and she found she enjoyed the attention and the pleasures it brought. No one was off limits to her now - no matter their age, marital status, color of their skin, or body type.

Looking For: Looking for a Teen Daughter to be involved initially in Incest with her Father (and later with her brother) who has a rather quick coming of age. Must be willing to spread her legs for all types. Perhaps also occasionally a minor female who may appear.

Willing to Play: I will be playing a variety of MALES in this, of all ages, physiques, races.

Additional Details: Initial one-on-one encounters will give way to threesomes and moresomes. Lots to be discussed!

Expected Kinks: Incest, Vaginal, Anal, DP, Public, Groupsex, Threesomes, Ageplay, Dress play, Teacher/Student, Adultery, Cheating, Exhibitionism, etc

Idea Name: A Slave To Her Desires

Plot: Yuki married her American Husband without meeting his family until their wedding day. She had never been outside of Japan either until then and now here she was, living in a foreign country for the first time a long way from her own family. She loved her husband - he was a good man, a hard worker - but it was her Father-in-Law that kept her up at night. The man had been very touchy with her upon meeting, looking at her in a way that had sent chills down the back of her neck. She wasn't sure if it was a good feeling or a bad feeling. The man was extremely powerful and made her husband seem meek. The man was a natural Alpha, knew it, and Yuki didn't know what to do.

Her father-in-law was visiting them for the week. Yuki would play the good hostess, as she had been raised to be, the subserviant housewife. Its what her husband liked about her - she wasn't a new-age woman yelling for independence and womens rights. Now, Yuki had been raised in the traditional way, to serve her Husband and all Males, to look after the household, to be a good hostess to guests, to make sure their needs were all seen too.

Yuki wondered where her mother-in-law was and why her father-in-law was visiting. His son was busy with work, meaning it would be mostly Yuki and him during the day. As soon as her husband left for work, Yuki soon realized why he was here. He wanted her and he wasn't taking no for an answer. Yuki was powerless to stop him, quickly succumbing to his advances, and he took her roughly. It was rape...but she enjoyed it. She enjoyed the roughness of the man, how he used her body for his pleasure. Her husband was very gentle and vanilla - but her father-in-law was so much more, in every way! Yuki was ashamed by her thoughts and by how much she had enjoyed it. She couldn't tell her husband that she had been raped. And then it happened again the next day. And then the next day...well, Yuki presented herself to her new master, letting him know she was now his!

Looking For: Submissive Yuki looking for a real man to take control of her.

Willing to Play: I will play her old Father-in-Law, the right man for the job.

Additional Details: To be discussed!

Expected Kinks: Adultery, Ageplay, Rough Sex, Bondage
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Re: Plot/Pairing Cravings (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2018, 03:56:31 pm »

Idea Name: A Woman Scorned or the Sexual Conquests of A Married Woman

Plot: Moments before Sarah walked down the isle, an anonymous person texted her a picture of her fiancee and bridesmaid in a very compromising position. Too shocked at the time to do anything about it, she goes ahead with the wedding. All the while she is plotting her revenge.

During the reception and party afterwards, she decides to seduce the Best Man from the wedding. Discreetly, they manage to sneak off and have sex before returning to the party, none the wiser. Sarah thought she would regret the decision but finds quite the opposite is true - she found it thrilling, exciting, and very arousing. The risk of being caught, the consequences if they all went straight to her head. And her husband didn't have a clue.

Her husband got drunk so his father helped get him back to her room. But Sarah wasn't done quite yet. She found that she could be quite convincing and that even her father-in-law could be convinced...convinced to fill in for his son to get Sarah what she wanted before leaving for the night.

The next morning, Sarah revealed in the acts of the previous day. She didn't even mention that she knew her husband was cheating on her. At least, not yet. She wanted to save that for down the line. Now, though, now she needed to plan who she was going to have sex with next - and it wasn't going to be her husband!

Looking For: A Scorned Woman/Wife, who seeks revenge by cuckolding her husband.

Willing to Play: I will play all Male roles as needed.

Additional Details: Plenty to be discussed with this plot! Para+ Play required of course!

Expected Kinks: