"You Abandoned Me..." Dark Fantasy, Horror, Incest (M for F)

Started by TotesRider, March 22, 2018, 09:06:11 PM

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So i've been expanding my horizons a bit and now I have an idea for a rather dark plot

In the kingdom of Alora, women are in control. They hold the ability to wield magic, they're in charge of politics, fighting and so on. Meanwhile men are often given more menial tasks due to their lack of magic. However, while VERY RARE, a male can be born with some magic ability, but often times, if they're found they're brought in as servants and 'donors' for royal families.

YC is a member of a holy order of paladins. After years of service to the order she is given the title of 'War Band Mother'. With this role, she is to give birth (or adopt) many daughters to fill up her War Band. However there is a secret rule... should a War Band Mother birth a son, they will be exiled and have their magic stripped away. And sadly, YC gave birth to a boy... but before anyone could find out, she secretly uses a spell to teleport the child far away. And unfortunately, he was transported to the Shadow Isles, a land of undead monsters, malevolent spirits and demons. Decades later, YC has created a spectacular war band of women... though most of them were adopted, a few are her own biological daughters.

One day they've been given a mission, to enter the Shadow Isles to find another Paladin War Band who have gone missing. Upon entering the island, she quickly learns that the boy she had given up was not only one of the few male magic users, but he has become a powerful lich and seeks to use his mother and her daughters to breed an army of monsters to invade and destroy Alora.

This will be a GM style story where YC has to survive the darkness of the Shadow Isles, all the while watching as many of her daughters are taken and used as breeding vessels. While she does have the chance to save them, the damage may already be irreversible.

EDIT: As for the Daughters, I can play them as NPCs, or you can play them yourselves. Up to you ^_^

Okay so REAL TALK. This will be a DARK AS FUCK rp. Despair, Rape, Horrifying monsters. Shit's gonna get real man. This is your warning if you decide to take this. So let's lighten up with some kinks.

Kink wise i'm pretty open. But if I had some specifics to go with this idea...

Excessive Semen
Stomach Bulging
All-The-Way-Through (Not lethal of course. Not into Gore during sex)

I can RP either here or on Discord.
If interested, send me a PM ^_^