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Started by Levi, March 22, 2018, 08:14:51 AM

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Have you ever found yourself looking at all the writing partners you already have and think OK I really shouldn't look for more and yet your mind settled on that one thought that's been in your mind for weeks. You keep looking for someone who might already have thought it or a group of someone's and yet every time they just slip through your fingers....

Well this is where I am right now. So I'm writing this just so you all known I would be interested in doing an RP like this however my fellow writers I must warn you in character responses could take me 5-7 days. I will try my up most to keep to this and if I cannot I will PM you to let you know.

You can also find out what's going on with me here
You can also find my o/os linked at the bottom of my profile :)

Now down to what I am looking for.......basically it's Fairy Tail (anime)

I love this series so much, but sometimes when I'm re watching it like I am now I get frustrated.Why do the romantic interest never go anywhere!? So if your interested we can do this one of two ways.

1. Cannon a romance between the existing suggested couples Natsu/Lucy, Gray/Juvia, Gajeel/Levy


2. We can create our own characters to have a romance within the existing setting

Either route is fine with me and am happy for both of us to NPC any of the other existing characters as well as creating villians and so forth.

If more then one person is interested in doing something then I don't mind creating a small group to work together, I would really like to work on this as a long term project.

Thank you for taking a look and feel free to drop me a line here or in a PM.

Also don't be intimated by my mentor status, I don't bite unless asked!  >:)

A Working Progress.             Posting responses are: Slow.    Updated


Currently has writers interested so for now this is closed. Thank you. :)
A Working Progress.             Posting responses are: Slow.    Updated