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May 17, 2021, 05:40:16 pm

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Author Topic: Opportunities for Advancement (transform, bimbo, looking for partner!)  (Read 400 times)

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Offline magikalTopic starter

Hello! I'm obsessed with transformation.. especially if the transformation is slow, gradual, and against her will. Physical transformation is best, but some mental transformation is fine as long as it compliments the TF. Bimbofication is a good sub-transformation as well. Becoming a nymphomaniac.. cumslut.. addicted to new sensations/adventures.. I'd love to explore writing with you.. planning with you.. and developing a new story. :-)

I currently have several games going on but am always looking for a few more well written stories. Please look at my list and private message me if you are interested. The most recent story is at the top, some of the older ones are at the bottom of this post.

I'm looking for a writing partner to explore this concept with me. I'm looking for a partner that posts 3 to 5 times per week using the forums. The story would have some transformation/bimbofication and could be a realistic or slightly future setting, depending on what my partner has in mind.

I don't mind pushing the boundaries, eventually she could be a living, walking wet dream who can cum just by wearing clothing. Maybe she gets more horny the longer she doesn't have sex and after a day or two, will have sex with just about anything to get an orgasm.  The more extreme and exaggerated, the more fun. Even her mind could be changed to love pleasure but, obviously there would be enough there to push the story forward, she couldn't simply become unplayable and unenjoyable, though. No such thing as too large breasts, too curvaceous, too much pleasure, too many modifications, or too many changes to enjoy sex.

I do have some on/offs that you can be aware of- no animals, no scat, nothing excessively gross.

Please message me if you're interested!

Begin Story A
Heather had just graduated high school when she decided to go camping with her best friend to celebrate surviving high school. She was innocent, she had never even kissed a boy. She always wore outfits that covered herself up completely. As they drove out to a remote location, camping in near the California / Nevada border. The first night went great. They had fun that first night. But everything went south the second day. As she woke up in the morning, her friend was gone. She was in a dark room, restrained. There was a beep from a life support machine. Her body felt numb. She couldn't move, she looked around, and realized that she was naked, laying down, with a huge pressure on her chest. She glanced down and couldn't see her feet, she had a huge pair of breast implants. She wondered what else they had changed on her.

Your character might be a rejected geek that has decided to create what he couldn't find in the natural world, the perfect nympho- well, almost perfect except for her feisty personality. Maybe you're a scientist that has been stuck in the lab, sold patents for hundreds of millions of dollars and now are going to create what you feel you deserve. Or, you can come up with some other reason for changing an ordinary girl into someone with the body and libido of a world class pornstar.

Please look at my on/offs to make sure we're compatible. The transformation both physical and mental is what I enjoy.  End of Story A

Begin Story B
Maid to Order- A Human and Android Love Story
The story I would like to explore is that of a man getting the gift of an advanced AI house servant, that is a gift from his rich grandmother on his thirtieth birthday. This Android is no ordinary creature, she has been customized to be the perfect companion physically and mentally, she has to obey every command that her own gives her. He feels guilty about taking advantage of her.  She is simply able to respond to her owner and learn, she doesn't have sentience or a soul. Something happens to her and she's given that spark of consciousness. Maybe it was a car accident, maybe a lightning surge, maybe your character actively sought out someone or something that could hack her.

Once she has sentience she starts learning about pleasure and being a woman as well as relationships, too. The android decides to upgrade her appearance, and she changes from ordinary to extraordinary.

It turns out that she remembered every second of her existence so far, she just didn't have any say before, but, now that she's given freewill, that is where the story develops, evolves, and changes.

With all of the anti-robot fear, they will likely have to keep their secret safe from their noisy neighbors.

I imagine eventually they will fall in love with each other and we'll figure out the story from there.
As she arrives:

After her transformation

End of Story B

Begin of Story C
Estella is a budding music mogul a la Britney Spears. She had her first hit at 14. Her first album sold over 100,000 copies. She was a young teenager with a golden voice and amazing style. She wore school girl uniforms as part of her thing and even had suggestive poses on the cd. Eventually parents groups demanded that major retailers stopped carrying her cd for promoting poor values. The negative press hit her career hard. Her second album was never released. She tried to branch out into sitcoms and movies, but it never went anywhere. She eventually was dropped from her record label. Broke, unpopular, and alone she took a few classes at the local junior college while working as a cashier at Starbucks.

It's been ten years, since she gave up, she's now in her late 20s. She's not as sexy or adorable as she once was. As she's chowing down a late night burger listening to her favorite radio channel, someone calls in and requests her one single hit. As she listens to the lyrics, she realizes she needs to turn her life around, and do anything to get back on top again.

Estella was determined to get back into shape, she decided to get a free week long pass at her local gym, she hit the gym hard. After a week she had lost a few pounds, but was a long way away from her sexbomb days. She would work eight hours every day at Starbucks, then spend 2 hours at the gym, and as many hours as she could on her old macbook trying to get a decent sounding demo.

In the last week of October, she called up her old manager, seeing if they would be interested in representing her again. She bought ten cds and burned them, with a color label in her heyday wearing a sexy cheerleader outfit. She also had her email address on the bottom of the label.

After a week of trying to give them away, she heard about an audition for a singer in a local bar. She tried out, there was a small audience watching. She did alright but didn't really kill it. The bar owner said he would let her know in a few days. She nodded sadly, knowing in her heart she had already lost it.

She walked to the bar after and sat at a seat, ordering a Miller Lite. She had a stack of photocopies with her vital information and two copies left of her cd demo. There were many people in the bar, some walked near her but then turned around, no one approached her. She slowly nursed her Miller lite, trying to decide what to do with her life next. She had a 6am Starbucks shift, but she was starting to feel like this was the last night of her life to make a change, make a comeback, and Top the Pop Charts.
End of Story C

Begin Story D

Ava had always been self conscious of her figure since she was barely a teenager, although she was very tall, she had simply no curves. She dreamed of being small and curvy, barely five feet tall with amazing curves, both an amazing rack and a stupendous bubble butt. She exercised every day, ran miles, did marathons, and still, she wasn't happy with what she saw in the mirror every day. She simply loathed her ordinary figure, she wanted to be spectacular and jaw dropping.

Your character can make her dreams come true but of course, there will be a price. Maybe you're a scientist, maybe a gene-splicer, a magician.. or simply rich and can afford risky experimental procedures... whatever you are, you find out about Ava's dreams and approach her about making them all come true. Of course, you want to enjoy the fruits of a busty nymphomaniac that you have helped to create.

Maybe you help her discover her goal of becoming the worlds shortest, buxom porn star!

End of Story D

Begin of Story E
Melinda Moore is a barista at Coffee World, and after watching a show on tv about the service industry, she decided to buy some false breasts and see if they increased her tips. Sure enough, they did. She found out the larger she goes, the more the tips. She's naturally a C cup, but just to test the experiment she taped her breasts down for one week making herself an A cup, sure enough her tips decreased. She then increased herself 2 cup sizes, her tips increased even more, and lastly a DDD, which increased her tips even more. Now that she's been working with the DDD's for a month and has saved up 4,000. She wont step with just developing her chest, she'll want to develop her entire figure- from smooth

Where the story develops from there is what you have in mind. The basic idea is that she goes from falsies to something more permanent, whether it's cosmetic surgery, herbs/potions, science, nanites, or even magic. She wants to get into modeling and acting, clothing design, and wherever her life will take her.

Here is Melinda as she starts off.

Write what your idea is about where to take the story next. We would probably pick up with her experimenting with the falsies and seeing she makes more money in tips. From there she could meet a talent agent, find a scientist who wants to experiment with her, or even a Dom who teaches her the joys of submission. She might get swept off her feet, find someone who can help her, or even better, find someone that pushes her to go even bigger, to up the ante to the maximum.  Near the end of the game she might look something like this:

End of Story E

Begin of Story F
I'm looking for someone to write a young coming of age game where the main character is a teenager who's looking for stardom, looking for her Jack White from the White Stripes to form a duo or small group and 'Making it"

Sophia knew since she was a little girl that she wanted to be a drummer for a rock band. Ever since she was 5 years old she had good rhythm, but she had trouble finding partners who had as much passion as her. She practiced forever, every spare second and gigged with everyone. For some reason (possibly her curvy bouncing, jiggling body), she got a lot of practice.

This story will start right as she had a huge breakup with the lead singer of her last trio, who she felt was on the verge of stardom, but he ended up liking drugs more than his music and more than her.

It would be fine if you just played one character two, and we took turns with the rest of the cast.

There's a lot of angles the story can take and stories that we can explore. Sophia might be willing to explore transformation like Sabrina Sabrok, and, her transformation might eventually overshadow her drumming skills. Maybe your character, the manager, not only encourages her to transform but also wants her to take vocal lessons and take up being a lead singer, or some other angle for her to advance.

End of Story F

Begin of story G
I think it would be fun to explore a character like Punky Brewster when she's all grown up. As Punky hit her teens, puberty hit back, blessing her with a massive set of breasts. She topped out at 38DD on her 5'1" frame and was given the nickname Punky Boobster. She decided to go under the knife to restore herself to a 38C, but as her chest became smaller her opportunities in Hollyweird all but dried up. She has scars on her chest from her reduction surgery and is self-conscious of the scars. She fell on hard times and got into pills and alcohol. It has now been almost 10 years since she was a teenage superstar and she's trying to make a comeback. She receives a strange invitation from a private clinic that promises to return her to health and possibly even her former glory.

Maybe as part of her comeback her former figure can not only be restored, with her beauty being restored to her time in the 20s and her chest not only being restored to her teenage years but even improved upon. She might grow to the point that she's in porn star/fetish star area, especially if as she increases in size, everyone tells her how good she looks, and, that's when she can be trained to appreciate her body and want to improve/increase her curves, not diminish them, possibly lactate, wear leather/latex/corsets all the time, as well as have her libido restored to when she was an out of control teenager. There could also be degradation and humiliation, maybe despite her amazing breasts, she can only orgasm from anal penetration or oral stimulation. There could be training/stretching, piercing/nipple play, lots of chances for her to recover from her addictions and get new ones

End of Story G

Begin Story H- Becoming a Succubus
Succubus are made, not born. This story has our young heroine (21, right out of college), accidentally drinks a spiked drink  that magically transforms her into an insatiable, beautiful, ravishing, demoness of lust and pleasure over the next few days.

Elanit is a young career woman who just landed her first major job, fresh out of college. She goes out celebrating with her friends on the weekend, for her first day that starts on Monday. Someone puts something in her drink and she is already so drunk that she doesn't even notice it. Her night doesn't end up like she plans..

For this story I'd want you to message me what sort of changes you have in her changes and also how you are or aren't responsible for her condition. Did you win the magic potion at a blackjack game last week? Buy it at a pawnshop? Make a deal with the devil?

End of Story G

I have space for a few more games here on E. Typically I look for about 3 replies a week minimum, with at least a paragraph reply. Good grammar and intelligent responses are a requirement. You can look through my previous posts and check my Ons/Offs to see if we're a match.

If any of the stories have piqued your interest, please PM me and tell me what sort of character you want to play and what what you will contribute to the story. The game would be hosted in the channels here on Elliquiy, as opposed to instant messaging, email, or anything else.

Thanks in advance and I hoped you enjoyed reading my idea!
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