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Author Topic: [CLOSED] Into the Night (F for M) - Modern & Fantasy  (Read 1704 times)

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[CLOSED] Into the Night (F for M) - Modern & Fantasy
« on: March 18, 2018, 11:47:27 am »

Into the Night
A Solo Search Thread

Hey there, and thanks for dropping in! Please, call me Gayle. Very nice to meet you! First off, this thread will solely be used for detailing my characters and ideas. Anything you wish to know about me can be found in my O/Os/About Me thread. I highly recommend reading through both threads before messaging me. If you're anything like me, I always tend to read through someone's ideas first, and if something catches my interests, then I end up visiting their O/Os too. So do whatever is comfortable to you. Just please be courteous enough to read through everything in both threads, rather than just messaging me because you liked an idea. So on that note, here is a link to my O/Os/About Me thread.

Now, on to what to expect in this thread. I've noticed that some people like to list their ideas, while others like to list the various characters they have in their back of tricks. I am going to do both. That's just how my brain works, to be honest. I usually know the character, before I know the story. So after I've gone through explaining a character, I will list ideas involving that particular character. Please note that I am open to your ideas and input as well. The ideas I put out there are just to help us get started. I highly encourage your imagination to take over. If after you've read about a character, your imagination comes up with an entirely different idea from the ones I've listed, pitch it to me! Seriously, don't be shy!

So without further ado, let's get this show on the road!!!

p.s. My post history is currently not a good representation of my writing. I only have relaxed stories that I am part of, but I am looking for partners who can bring out more of my writing potential. In other words, please don't be so quick to judge me and write me off, just by my recent small posts. I will surprise you ;)

10/05/19 Update: I am only looking for partners who will write a story alongside my character, Eliyana. Use the link below to see details about this character.
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Into the Night (F for M)
« Reply #2 on: March 18, 2018, 02:10:10 pm »
Modern Settings

Allison Carson

Genres: Crime Drama/Gangs/Law Enforcement/Heros

Allison was raised by her father, a single parent. Her mother passed away when she was young. Too young to remember, in fact. For as long as she could remember, it was just her and her father. He was a FBI agent, and former military special forces before that. He'd made a career out of bringing down drug rings and crime lords, until one day it killed him. She was 13 years old when it happened. Her father's partner, Joe, who was practically family already after having worked alongside her father for decades, was the one to tell her, picking her up from school that same day to break the news to her. She was devastated. Her entire world fell apart, ripped right from beneath her feet. Since she had no living relatives, she became a ward of the state. Joe and his wife ended up taking her into their home as foster parents. They were good to her, but she'd changed after her father's death. She was a broken and quiet girl, and mostly stayed cooped up in her room at all hours. She didn't want to engage in the things she'd been involved in her before her father died, like playing the piano. In fact, before his death, she was a well-known piano prodigy. It had been her dream to play, and even at such a young age she had the attention of some of the biggest music schools in the country. But she hadn't played since that day her father died, and she never would again.

As she got older, she began to want to understand what her father had been fighting for, and what he died for. Eventually she made the decision to follow in his footsteps, wanting to become an FBI agent, just like. Joe, still being in the FBI, didn't stop her. He encouraged her. He personally began to train with her every day, starting with the basics. How to fight. How to defend herself. She eventually went on to college, and earned a degree in criminal justice, but her training with Joe continued, all in preparation for the FBI training academy. After she received her degree she immediately went to the academy, and due to her skill, they moved her into a more specialized training program. Ultimately she went through intense conditioning and training to specialize in undercover assignments. She was put undercover for the first time at 24 years old, and her performance was stunning. After that first assignment, the FBI began moving her all over the country to bring down major crime rings. Finally she was picking up where he father had left off.

Joining the FBI was never something her father wanted for her, especially the life of being undercover. Allison was perfect for these assignments though, having no real attachments to the outside world. She was undercover for months at a time, sometimes even up to a year, depending on the assignment. Eventually, Allison learns a deep dark secret about her father's death, one that the FBI has purposefully kept hidden from her. Joe killed her father. Joe is actually the leader of his own illegal operation. After a crime ring has been brought down, the FBI follows up by cleaning out all warehouses of their inventory (drugs, weapons, tech, etc). Usually, stuff like that is booked as evidence and eventually destroyed. But Joe has made a business out of taking such inventory and selling it on the black market for a profit. He's bribed many other FBI agents into helping him carry this out, and over the years, his network has grown quite substantially. Her father found out, and upon offering her father to join him, he instead declined and threatened to report him. Needless to say, that is the reason why Joe killed the man. Now he's used Allison to continue his work. After she has brought a crime ring down, he's gone behind her to retrieve the inventory. Allison realizes that everything she thought she knew over the past decade has been a lie. She realizes she's been deceived and used.

Ideas for Allison

Undercover: Allison is undercover in Chicago, working a big assignment. She's yet to discover what Joe has done, but this is the case which will eventually lead her to figuring it all out. But first, she mets the son of the crime boss who she's supposed to be bringing down. Something about him is different from the others. He doesn't want this life, though he doesn't have much of a choice. Can Allison help him? Or is it too late to save him? She's trying to figure that out as she gets to know him. Though she's continuing to keep her true identity a secret. But happens when he figures out who she is first? Will he kill her, like his father would expect him to do? Or has he already become too attached to her?

Eventually, when Allison does find out about what Joe has done, I was going to link the crime boss to her father's death as well. Her father was actually working to bring down this same crime boss, and when her father threatened to report Joe's activities, Joe turns him over to the crime boss, who is ultimately the one who pulled the trigger (i.e. YC's father).

Rogue: After discovering what Joe has done, Allison decided to go after him. She is out for revenge, and when she finds him, she quickly puts an end to his activities by putting a bullet between his eyes. But she's not going to stop there. Every agent who was involved in Joe's network will pay for what they did, and she slowly starts eliminating them one by one. Can she be saved? And if so, then who could possibly save her?

After the fall-out: Similar to the idea above, Allison has already figured out what Joe did. She hunted him down and killed him in cold blood. She made it look like self-defense, and after the FBI investigated her for his murder, they dropped any pending charges and let her go. Allison resigns from the FBI and immediately goes off-grid. She knows that she's pissed off a lot of FBI agents who were once involved in Joe's network, so her list of enemies has easily doubled. She's decided to hide while the dust settles, but it's not long before someone else, other than the FBI finds her.

For this idea, I am wanting to go back to the life of crime. I am thinking that someone from the world of crime has a run in with her. Maybe a crime boss, or your more traditional gang leader. Something happens where she finds herself in the middle of a scene. Perhaps they are both sitting in the same bar, a bar in his territory, when he gets ambushed. She steps up to save both their asses. He's impressed with her skills, but after they've dealt with the situation at hand, she disappears to go back into hiding. He wants to know who she is. So he starts looking for her. With a network of eyes on the streets, he has everyone looking for someone who could match her description. Finally, weeks laters, someone spots her, and he goes to confront her, finally able to get some answers. Who is she? How was she able to do all that she did, given their dire situation? To her surprise, she's honest about who she is, or was. Ex-FBI, special agent for undercover assignments. He offers her a job to come work for him, claiming that he's worried that he might have an undercover cop somewhere within his ranks. She's reluctant at first, but she accepts to help him. However, she declines a permanent job within his ranks. Her help is temporary, and will end once she's found his mole. That's good enough for him. But as time goes on, as she begins to work alongside him, she wonders if she will ever be able to leave. He's given her purpose again. He's offered her family. Loyalty. Something that the FBI couldn't give her.

Traditional Super Hero Story: This is more cliche. Your basic cop and Super Hero pairing. For this story, we can change up some details so that she isn't exactly undercover all of the time. She's just your typical fed, working alongside local law enforcement to bring down crime rings in major cities, when a new Hero enters the scene.
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Into the Night (F for M)
« Reply #3 on: March 18, 2018, 04:03:13 pm »
Modern Settings

Michelle Patterson

Genres: Crime Drama/Gangs/Mafia

Michelle was also raised by a single-father parent. Her father owned a local family medical practice, in an old suburban neighborhood on the outskirts of a big city. She grew up rather normal, spending most of her days after school at her father's practice. She'd wanted to be a doctor, just like him, for as long as she could remember. It was her dream. It was her father's dream. They'd been planning out her path to becoming a doctor for a long time, but her father knew that providing the funding for her tuition was going to be tough. He wasn't rich, by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, the practice was barely making ends meet, since it was located in a side of town that was known for being a bit run down. Most of his patients could barely afford to see a doctor. Hell, most of his patients didn't even have insurance. So he often lowered his rates to ensure everyone who came through the front doors of his practice could afford it. Everyone knew him. Everyone respected him. But he had a secret. To make ends meet, he worked for the mafia as their personal doctor, often making house calls. They paid him well. Very well. The money they gave him helped keep his practice open. But one day they made a deal with her father. They would pay for Michelle's tuition in full, only to some day bring her back to this city so that she could work for them too. The head of the mafia was always thinking ahead, always thinking about the future. This was no different. Her father agreed to such an arrangement. After all, his daughter deserved the best education. Not to mention, the mafia had been good to him. They treated him well. They even respected him. They trusted him. So he didn't see the harm in bringing Michelle into the fold later on.

So Michelle went to the best schools. She would eventually come to ask her father if he was okay with the cost of such schools, but he always claimed that he'd been saving for a long time so send her to school. Not to worry. So she didn't. Her choice in field of medicine was a surprise, however. Instead of going into a family medicine, she chose emergency medicine. Her father didn't mind, but the life of an Emergency Physician wasn't exactly easy. She was determined to do it though, and upon finally earning her medical degree, she landed a job at the city hospital...a position that was cleared for her by the mafia, in order to ensure her return to town. The hospital was in their territory, and this was to ensure her protection. After she moved back to the city, the mafia explained to her father that they would give her a while to adjust to her new life. A few months, at most, before they wanted her father to tell her the truth. Business was picking up, and they wanted to ensure she would be ready to handle any emergencies that might come up. So the months went by. Michelle was enjoying her new job. It was tough work. Long hours some days, but she was good at what she did. And then the day finally arrived. Her father called her over for dinner, and finally told her the truth. About everything. Michelle was upset, but she knew that there wasn't a choice. The mafia had invested in her by paying for her education. She knew how they would respond if she declined to work for them. Needless to say, she was pissed at her father. They hadn't spoken for days when she received her first call from the mafia. Her father had walked her through the procedures, who to expect a call from, where to go, what to do, etc. And so her work for the mafia began. Though she wasn't as enthused and as sold on this as her father was.

Ideas for Michelle

Family Ties: It's her first house call. She's nervous. She doesn't trust these people. Not like her father does. She could lose her medical license for being involved in this. Her entire career could end before it has even barely begun. Or worse, she could go to jail for this. She shows up at the mansion where the mafia resides, and upon arrival she is asked to treat a man who has a gunshot wound. She goes about her work, but it's obvious that she's nervous. Everyone is watching her, but there is only one person in the room who recognizes her. They went to school together. Well, elementary and middle school. He used to bully her when they were young, mainly because he liked her back then and well, little boys don't know how to express those kinds of feelings the correct way. But if anyone else tried messing with her, he was quick to step up and beat them down. After that first time of standing up for her, their relationship changed. As they got older, he managed his feelings for her a little better, not lashing out in the way that he had when they were in elementary school. They became close. Really close. Inseparable. Until he turned thirteen, and his father felt it was time for him to learn the family business. One day he was there, in school alongside her, and the next day he was gone, and never came back. It was a hard time in his life, mainly because he was having to adjust to the facts of who is family was and what they really did for a living. From then on his schooling consisted of being groomed to take over. He was homeschooled by a private tutor, and eventually earned his GED. It's almost fifteen years later, now watching her work, realizing that she's gone on to live out her dream of becoming a doctor. But he doesn't quite understand how she ended up here, in this house, working for his family. Perhaps his father kept those details from him. Otherwise, had he known, he would have never let her get involved in this. But now she's here. Now she's involved.  Is it possible to get her out? To convince his father that she doesn't belong here? No, his father would only see that as being weak. So does he tell her who he is right away? Or does he let her figure it out on her own? It's only a matter of time, either way. But even more pressing, how is he going to protect her from the dangers of being involved with his family?
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Into the Night (F for M)
« Reply #4 on: March 18, 2018, 04:08:47 pm »
Modern Settings

Jennifer Carson

Genres: Slice of Life/College

I'm a bit more flexible with Jennifer, meaning I will usually mold her story to whatever story I'm using her in. My favorite story is one where she is the daughter of a famous and long-standing U.S. Senator. Her mother died when she was young, and that's when her father really took to making his career his sole focus in life. His daughter always came second once his career took off. She was mostly raised by nannies and servants, sent to the best and most expensive private schools, and when she was old enough, she was expected to attend all of her father's political functions and events. After all, every politician needs the image of a family man to win over constituents. Their relationship only exists in the public spotlight. They look happy, they appear to be super close, but it's all a facade. When her father doesn't need her for the spotlight, they barely speak. But that doesn't mean he's not involved in her life. He has everything planned out for her. What college she is going to attend. Who she dates. What she will study and eventually do as a career. Like the good daughter she's always been, she's followed his every order and wish. That is, until she gets a little older and starts to discover her own passions in life.

She's an artist. She wants to study art. Her dream is to open her own art studio and do nothing but paint for the rest of her life. Her father's thoughts? That's not real life, and certainly no way to make a living. His wish for her is to become a doctor, and he feels he's being so understanding in that she can even pick the field of medicine to study. Choosing a college becomes a struggle as well, since her father wants her to go to an Ivy League school, and she wants something more...real. Less prissy. Eventually she and her father come to an agreement. She can go to any school she wants, enjoy her four years of semi-freedom, but she has to study pre-med and eventually go on to whatever school he's picked out for medical school. Desperate to feel like she's made her own decision for a change, she agrees to the terms, and goes to the school she chooses. There's also another catch. No one can know who she is. Her father makes arrangements with the school's dean of students to let her go to the school under a fake name. After all, she is the daughter of a famous Senator. Going out on her own isn't exactly safe. The other catch: she can't tell anyone. So she goes to her choice of college. The boyfriend she's been dating for years (a man picked by her father) is your typical rich snob, who is pissed that she didn't go to the same Ivy league school as him. He's a very possessive son of bitch, and will be the source of most of the drama in whatever story I put her in. Of course, there is also her father at the center of the drama, as well.

She can be easily paired with just about anyone. Accidental roommates is always fun to use with her, since her father wouldn't exactly like the fact that she has been roomed with a male student. Though of course, she would hide that little fact from him and from her boyfriend for as long as she could. But the pairing is very open. So really, this can be whatever you want it to be.
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Into the Night (F for M)
« Reply #5 on: March 18, 2018, 04:38:26 pm »
Fantasy Settings

Arianna Adreadis

Genres: Fantasy/Kingdoms/Supernatural

Arianna is princess of the Ilerian kingdom, third in line to the throne. A kingdom mostly consisting of  heat and sand, at the very center of Middle-Earth's largest desert. While most of the kingdom's land is in fact nothing but desert sand, the capital (Drivas) was built on an oasis, full of lush vegetation and a small sea that gives life to the area. The Ilerian people are small in numbers, as most of the population dwells in the capital. The desert is practically uninhabitable. They are a race of telepaths, their abilities ranging and varying between individuals. Everyone has at least one ability, if only the simplest of them, while others are more skilled or talented, in that they possess multiple, or in the rare cases, all of the abilities known to their people. Reading minds is simple, and everyone can do that. With other Ilerians, it is a natural flow of thoughts from one person to another. They are all connected in this way, at all times. However, when it comes to outsiders, reading their thoughts can only come by physical contact. In fact, most of their telepathic powers have no effect without actually touching another person. In this society, the most powerful rule the kingdom. So naturally, the royal family is very selective with whom they marry off their heirs, all to ensure the royal bloodline's continued superior strength. Arianna is the rare case, in that she possess all abilities ever known to her people, and later in life, it is discovered that she possess abilities that were never before fathomed. She is different in that she only requires physical touch once with a person, even an outsider. Once that connection to another person's mind has been established, she can get to it without having to touch them again (as long as that person is within a given distance from her). The downside to all of this is that these new abilities, and even the abilities already known but more powerful, have a draining after-effect on her mind and body. Use it too much, and it can easily leave her too weak to fight, if need be. Some abilities may put her down for days, and of course, there are things that could kill her if she attempted them. But she can do some pretty amazing things, none of which I want to spoil and get into here.

As for her people and culture, they are very closed off from the rest of the world. They are mysterious, and very secretive. Over the centuries, they have had no choice but to evolve from being a peaceful people, who were once undiscovered and hidden in the desert, to a warrior-like people. The position of Drivas in the desert is a very desirable location for a post for other nations. Wether it be for trade, for strategy, for the vegetation. A lot of other nations desire to seize Iliera, and the Ilerian people have been involved in a number of wars, all in the name of defending their land. The one thing that has made them victorious is their ability to communicate with one another telepathically while in battle. All of their attacks are flawlessly executed because of this. But this hasn't stopped their enemies from coming back time and time again. The Ilerians have never truly been strong enough to put an end to a war once and for all. That is where Arianna steps in and changes things. After tragically losing her mother in a surprise invasion in the night, she pushed herself to be the best she could be, so that she could some day lead her father's army, and ensure that nothing like what happened that night to her mother, ever happens again. Only she didn't just do that. When she took charge of the army, she was able to push back harder at their enemies, more so than ever before.

I usually pair her with an outsider, as it is frowned upon for an Ilerian to even be with an outsider. Like I said, they are very secretive and very closed off to the outside world. They will quickly banish their own for befriending an outsider. In most stories, her enemies realize her weaknesses, and that's when she has to rely on someone else to help her win a war. An outsider who has strengths that she doesn't. Together, they are nearly unstoppable. Sometimes that outsider starts off as an enemy, which is always fun.
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Into the Night (F for M)
« Reply #6 on: March 18, 2018, 04:43:44 pm »
Fantasy Settings

Eliyana - The Night Immortal

Genres: Fantasy/Supernatural/Gods & Goddesses/Immortality

In this world, in heaven, there are many immortals. Immortals belong to clans based on their spirit affinity (i.e. water, fire, wind, animals, earth, etc). Each immortal has a true form, based on the clans they were born from (i.e. blue dragon from the water clan, pheonix from the fire clan, flowers from the earth clan, etc). There are different social classes of immortals, from servants all the way up to high-class immortals who hold a title, have god-like duties, and have a seat in the court. High class immortals are appointed an official title and duties by the heavenly ruler.

Immortals can be killed. However, unless they are killed, they can live forever. Eliyana is a high class immortal, known as the Night immortal. She is the sole child of the Water immortal and the Wind immortal. Her natural affinity is more water than wind, but the wind made her spirit cold by nature. So she is more on the icy side of her water affinity. She draws strength from the night and from water, and is weakened by her opposite, which is the day and the heat (fire). As the Night immortal, her main duty is to guard the heavens at night, thought it's mostly just commanding the night watch of guardsmen that are stationed at each gate. Other tasks are arranging the stars, guiding the moon through phases, and she also deals in dreams and nightmares, but very minimally. Being the heavenly guardian at night, she is a capable warrior. Though her looks are quite deceiving, in that she appears docile and gentle.

One idea I had is that the heavens are in unstable times, in that groups of clans are divided and against one another. Immortals are fond of certain kingdoms, based upon where they worshipped most. A kingdom by the sea will worship the water immortals more so than fire. Kingdoms in the desert will worship the fire immortals. These kingdoms often get involved in conflicts of war with one another, and when this happens, the immortals also get involved to come to their defense. While war is happening on the ground between mortals, immortals are in the clouds fighting just as deadly of a war. Recently, conflicts have happened all too often, and too many immortal lives are being lost. The heavenly ruler has proposed an alliance between two clans who are the most at odds with one another - water and fire. He tasks the Night immortal to seek out a particular high-class immortal from the fire clan to hopefully win his cooperation and trust on the matter of putting bad blood in the past. This fire immortal he's asked her to go to is also a warrior, and the heavenly ruler feels that the Night immortal would perhaps have his respect as the guardian of the night, since this fire immortal is the guardian during the day. But even she has her doubts.

This character could also be paired with mortals, or other immortals beings you think could make for an interesting story.
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Re: Into the Night (F for M)
« Reply #7 on: February 15, 2019, 10:04:43 pm »
Fandom Settings

Alexandra Udinov

Genres: Gundam/Mecha/War

This idea/chaarcter came to me after I watched the 08th MS Team show, so you'll see a lot of similarities as far as factions are concerned (i.e. Zeon vs Earth Federation). At the end of the day, it doesn't matter to me what we call each side, but for the sake of understanding who is who, I am going to use those two factions. But first, I have to start with the past.

In this story, the Cold War actually escalated into a full scale world war (World War III). In the end, Russia and China, who were the major players in the communist side of the war, were suppressed in a similar manner to what had been done to Germany after World War I. Even though the war was over, conflicts continued to erupt in Asia and Europe as a result of the suppression of the Chinese and Russian people. Eventually these conflicts were seen erupting around the globe and the risk of a resulting World War IV was feared (1993-1999). These various crises also fueled concerns over severe pollution, overpopulation, resource shortages, famine, and increasing levels in crime and violence. In 1999 the Earth Federation government is established to deal with both these conflicts and the global crisis. The human space colonization program is also announced around this time as one of the Earth's Federation major initiatives. In 2005 construction of the first colony begins. For the next 40+ years, the Earth Federation spends countless man hours, funds and various types of advanced equipment to construct the first two colonies. In 2045, with the Earth population at 9 billion, the first two colonies are ready for habitation and the space colonization program begins. Meanwhile more colonies continue to be constructed. The year 2045 begins the colonization calendar U.C. 0001.

Due to the continued suppression in Russia and Asia, it is noticed that much of these populations, especially those who could afford it, migrate to space in an effort to flee the grasp and suppression of the Earth Federation. To their surprise, they find better and more free life in space. However, conflicts in those regions on Earth continue to occur. In the attempt to revolt against the suppression and the Earth Federation, Russian scientists Nicholai and Vladimir Udinov (brothers) rise through the ranks to create innovative weapons that can be used against the Earth Federation to give Russians a chance in their fight against suppression. These two brothers eventually become wanted fugitives, and upon the Earth Federation crushing these conflicts once and for all through harsh means, the brothers flee to the colonies to escape being captured by the Earth Federation (U.C. 0030 - 30 years of continued suppression after colonization began). By this time, the colonies have long taken a stance to voice their protest against the Earth Federation for their continued suppression in the Russia and eastern region of Asia (this suppression has led to poor healthcare, famine, harsh working conditions in that they've forced much of the population to work fields to provide food for the rest of the world to prevent famine - think of the Colonies from The Hunger Games. Very similar living conditions). The Udinov brothers, while in hiding, become involved with the Minovsky Physics Society and play a major role in the creation of the M-particle. After just ten years of living in the colonies, Nicholai Udinov gets married to an American-born citizen who have their first child, Alexandria Udinov (my character).

Around U.C. 00050, one of the colonies declare independence. The Republic of Zeon is established. A militia, the Colony Republican Guard, is formed. In the year that follows the declaration, the Earth Federation responds by establishing the Earth Federal Space Force (EFSF) as a separate service. The Federation adopts the Bardot Policy and applies economic sanctions against the new Republic. Within the next two years, other colonies have declared to be part of the Republic of Zeon, also causing the Earth Federation to slap sanctions against them as well. The Colony Republican Guard is elevated to the status of a full-fledged military, the Zeon Elite Force (ZEF), and an academy for this militia is also established. The Udinov brothers are recruited into the Zeon Military Force to begin testing the M-particle in an initiative to create new, bigger and better weapons. The Udinov Corporation is established within a year after recruitment, known to be part of the Zeon Military Force Weapons Development Division, but it solely run by the Udinov brothers. Alexandra becomes involved in their work around age fifteen (U.C. 0055), having the same knack and genuineness known to her father and uncle. At 18 years old, she has played a major role in the development of the first prototype mobile suit (MS-01) and is the pilot to demonstrate this to the Zeon Military Force. At 21 years of age, she had also played a major role in the development of the MS-05 Zaku I prototype. The Zeon Military Force commissions the Udinov Corporation to mass produce the MS-05 Zaku I. Mass production facilities are overseen by Vladimir Udinov (her uncle), development of new prototypes is overseen by Nicholai (her father), and a testing division is established and overseen by Alexandra, which works closely with development. Alexandra begins recruiting pilots to be part of the testing division, which will produce the first battalion of mobile suit pilots (i.e. Mobile Suit Pilot Program). The first round of pilots is commissioned from Alexandra's division a year later and the Zeon Military Force uses those pilots to begin the Mobile Suit Pilots program at the academy. Your character is one of those chosen to take part in this program - so the first round of pilots to actually enroll in the program. At this time, Alexandra is 23 years old (U.C. 0063). Two years later, your character has been commissioned as a full fledged mobile suit pilot, top of his class. Alexandra (age 25) then needs to recruit a pilot to assist her in testing the MS-06 Zaku II. The Zeon Military Force recommends your character for the position and she accepts.

So this is where I'd like to start a story. War has yet to break out between the Earth Federation and the Republic of Zeon. That will happen soon though, along with some other shocking things that will take place prior to the war, within Alexandra's family. I am wanting to ensure that our characters have well established grounds with one another prior to the war, because so many things will happen once war is official. I don't want to spoil anything, but this story is really going to take off when war happens. I have lots and lots of drama planned!!!

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Re: Into the Night (F for M) - Modern & Fantasy
« Reply #8 on: September 29, 2019, 12:05:24 am »
09/29/19 Update: I am only looking for partners who will write a story alongside my character, Eliyana. Use the link below to see details about this character.

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Re: Into the Night (F for M) - Modern & Fantasy
« Reply #9 on: October 04, 2019, 11:36:25 pm »
10/05/19 Update: I am only looking for partners who will write a story alongside my character, Eliyana. Use the link below to see details about this character.