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May 14, 2021, 02:17:27 am

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Author Topic: Specific Sailor Moon inspired story!  (Read 859 times)

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Offline Wind FlowerTopic starter

Specific Sailor Moon inspired story!
« on: March 17, 2018, 09:00:05 pm »
I've long wanted to write a story all the way through picking up from essential themes from Sailor Moon. A very specific scene is the genesis of this need and the story idea. Prince Demande captures Serena from her friends and bf when they are in Future Tokyo and brings her back to his palace. Kidnaps, hypnotizes, plans to use her to strengthen his own moon/planet's power.

I feel like there is soo much potential with this start point. Let's sap her strength and increase yours and that of your people. Let's change the future and see what we know that will be rewritten. Lets explore that sexual dynamic and humiliate her as your slave while knowing inside that she is your powersource.

I don't need cannon. I really don't. We can simply take this idea and craft our own world. I would just really like to write this with someone. Please read my O/os and let me know what you are not ok with.

Offline Wind FlowerTopic starter

Re: Specific Sailor Moon inspired story!
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2018, 11:20:42 am »
So I thought out this idea a little further. This was posted late initially in a sexual excited frustration.  :P

I would like to go the route of inspired only, non following the cannon characters. I still am fascinated by the cosmic/universe space theme. But the woman I had in mind is more of hero than a princess now. I don't want to mess with the past and future any longer, instead focus on two warring kingdoms of space or day/night theme. (If there is another opposing forces that really wets your whistle let me know, I'm still up for discussion.)

Her kingdom is prosperous because of their combined power. (Yes combined, I want to take this into a harem theme now.) They are a coven of guardians each symbolizing a different component of their force. Still, very Sailor Moon oriented yes in the pretty guardians, but said this was inspired by SM. So in order for the opposite character to win the war/better their own kingdom they are going to need to bring each of the 3/4/5 (not sure how many yet, but I feel it would be important to set the number early in the plotting) guardians under their control.

In pairing with my normal likes, I'm not set any one exact body for all 3. One could be a hermaphrodite, one a woman maybe of more slim build, another vavaboom! build. I like a bit of variety.

Your character (characters if you really want to add more to love) can be male or female. Hermaphrodite or cis gender. The more fantasy the better in my mind.

The plot would revolve around each capture. Do we divide and conquer? Or do we devastate the kingdom and peg them against each other by capturing all at once? Other than that I see it as the kingdom building as the next biggest interest. If someone has some additional ideas to make this more than sex/sex/sex/sex I'm all for it.

So the character I have drafted in my head is not set in stone. But, maybe showing my chops will help gain your interest:

Rigel walked across the water with ease. Her her toes dipping into the water just enough to replenish herself step upon step. Her silver breastplate still felt cool over her skin. Only the spear in her hand felt heavy. "My Guardian Rigel, the forces to the south have returned with good news." It was her deneb skirting the edge of the beach. Poor woman was fresh from academy and Rigel felt the woman would be better in one of her sister's groups. The woman was scared of water, serving Rigel did not help in this case since Rigel was often far out on the water when in deep thought. Rigel came back with her cape and dark navy hair trailing back on the water. Both spun on the water around her feet like silk curtains. Her gray eyes looking forward when she met the beach and lost the tranquil waters beneath her. The page bowed to her which Rigel waved away with a sand golden hand. She took the parchment and scrolled through the notes from her commander. "This is a high degree of death on both sides, deneb." Rigel tilted her spear back and forth in thought forming a dance that memorized the other woman. Rigel took another deep breath of the sea's calming spirit before turning to walk towards her cliffside palace. "The other guardians will need notified. Next time I want prisoners of war that can be released back to their people when war is settled, and far less death of our own people."

No one may still be interested in this idea. I'm interested in it, so I have to at least try. If you are please pm me and we can discuss what else we can add and how we can modify the idea so far.