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March 03, 2021, 02:30:46 pm

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Author Topic: Body Swap / Personality Transfer Stories (m>f, various)  (Read 829 times)

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Online KitteredgeTopic starter

Body Swap / Personality Transfer Stories (m>f, various)
« on: March 14, 2018, 02:26:05 pm »
Hi! So, I'm starting or am running a few games as GM (more or less) and would love the chance to play on the other side. I've also not been in a gender transformation plot-line in a while...

Most of these will be open-ended and open to interpretation. I'm kind of looking for larger plot lines, but using these as excuses to get my character moving around and interacting with new people. So the intrigue would be fun - hopefully - but serves dual purposes.

I play with any gender. I value personality and interior development to an extreme; I really have trouble playing against characters without these things. When I GM, I try to give even brief characters some personality or reasons for doing what their doing and I hope for the same. I like to collaborate and communicate, meaning I can help set up scenes or give ideas. I won't be passive as a player.

I post every couple of days, more or less, and am gravitating toward about 3-5 paragraphs a shot, but even more for some games.

Things I would like to explore in these games: the situation of being 'trapped' in a new body, from everyday interactions to sexual ones, the intrigues of power play. Sexually, I am very open to interracial, age play, different kinds of sex, and range toward dub-con and even non-con if the story calls for it, although that isn't a preference. Still like romantic sex, of course. And, as this is a transformation thread, training scenes of various kinds (getting used to sex as a woman).

The Sleeper Awakens
In a dystopian world of enclaves and oligarchs, much like our own, the rich and powerful have taken to programming clones/androids to perform certain tasks, to protect themselves, or simply have as status symbols. MC is a high-level inventor/programmer who is tied into the revolutionary movements, although the authorities are closing in. In a last-ditch effort to protect valuable information, he downloads his brain into the latest line of pleasure models/domestic drones, the types normally set with obedient A.I.s, intending for his psyche to be 'activated' by sympathetic persons on the other side.

At least... that's what this android has come to believe. 'He' awakens and... is any of this true? After escaping with the skin of his teeth, 'he' doesn't remember everything fully. Had this been the plan all along? Were other clones/androids also uploaded, and pending the same realization? Can he somehow activate them, too? Is it possible to figure out who is sympathetic to his cause? All while performing the duties assigned a body like the one he now occupies? Or... is somebody playing a trick on him?

Looking for:
A GM who can help take these ideas and run with them.

I realize I'm using android and clone interchangeably. We can figure out exactly what they are...

Images are intended more as inspiration. Admittedly they are a little silly:

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Online KitteredgeTopic starter

Re: Body Swap / Personality Transfer Stories (m>f, various)
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2018, 01:34:10 pm »
Stuck in Spring Break (M>F, multiple races, age gaps, public and stranger sex)

Several ideas for this one. As above, I'd like to be run through a semi-GM'd game where MC is transformed. So... my character finds themself transported into a beach environment and possible control of nefarious forces. Situations:

1. Freaky Friday! A mother finds herself transported into the body of her reckless young daughter, or her friend! Or, for added kink, it's the father!

2. A Second Chance...? A man at the end of his rope. A suicide scenario. He takes the leap and... finds himself zapped into the body of a nubile young woman. What mischief is this??

3. Two friends, maybe using one of the scenarios above. Concerned parents of mischievous young people, two men at the ends of their rope, two friends thinking they are engaging in some innocuous old relic miles away... discover they are transported into these new bodies. If we do this, then the below can be a trade-off joint-GM for one of the below.

Their tasks:

1. An eldritch field has fastened itself over the area, unknown to most. MC has a sublime field of energy/magical importance that is vital for unlocking and dissipating the dangerous field by her sexual presence. She must engage in sex in various places and with various types of people.

2. A knowing figure, like the Watchers in Buffy, is aware of her and what she is supposed to do; for better or worse, this character has to guide MC through the travails of the above, and is also happy to use her sexually. Maybe MC is there to solve some greater mystery but the transformation is out of whack and her sexual needs are extremely heightened.

3. The transformation itself can only be reversed by the execution of various sexual tasks, with various sexual partners, in various combinations or places. The whole universe has to be unraveled and stitched back together by the knitting of her body (so to speak).

These are fairly broad. If they appeal, let me know and we can discuss how they can work!

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