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June 24, 2022, 05:15:44 pm

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Author Topic: F seeking GM for rough treatment (NC or Ex, F for M)  (Read 1061 times)

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F seeking GM for rough treatment (NC or Ex, F for M)
« on: March 13, 2018, 08:59:36 pm »


I guess the summary of this post is that I am looking for a system game, probably relatively simple in execution and plot, with a heavy focus on smut.  I do want to use a system, whether by the book or rules-lite, and as such am primarily looking for someone to take the role of GM.  I would also be willing to consider trying to figure out how to do a co-op, we both act somewhat as GM and both have a character, but in that situation I would prefer your character is also a woman (I don't care what you as a player are). 

In terms of plot I am open to most anything involving a system, but have a strong desire to do something focused on a Secret/Special Agent type character.  I would prefer to keep it simple regardless, probably an infiltration or similar type mission.

In terms of smut I am open to discussing most anything, beyond site limits and mutilation.  I have no real interest in M/M, and am neutral at best on F/F.  So I prefer most encounters are M/F.  However I am only interested in non-consensual (or occasionally casual) smut, I am not interested in roleplaying a relationship with another PC or an NPC.  I don't mind a character who uses her body to her advantage at times, but more often than not I do want non-con.  I very strongly prefer things such as gangbangs, bondage, slavery, humiliation, and so on. 

I have listed a few systems below, though very few have more than a sentence or two by way of character or plot concept. 

Shadowrun 5th or Shadowrun 4th (20th?)
Is top of the list for me.  I envision the character as a corporate or law enforcement spy, either out to steal some secret or other, or investigating some sort of crime.

Star Wars Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, or Force and Destiny
A Rebellion Agent would make the most sense, someone sent to carry out various missions that may or may not make it into the official narrative.

I somewhat envision the character as an Icon, some sort of celebrity who uses her travels to do undercover work on the side. 

Call of Cthulhu 7th
If we did the World War II erra, the character could be a straight Secret Agent, otherwise I imagine she would be working for law enforcement and trying to infiltrate a cult or similar.

A law enforcement character probably, or maybe military, sent to investigate cult activity.

A loyal servant to some King or Queen, who is sent on undercover missions to investigate what is going on in the Kingdom or beyond. 

Dark Heresy 1st or Rogue Trader
An Inquisitor's Acolyte, sent on a mission to get close to a corrupt Noble, an Inquisitor on a mission to infiltrate a Rogue Trader's ship, or something else maybe.

Heroes Unlimited
An undercover superheroine, out to infiltrate a villain's corporate laboratory.  A heroine playing villainess to try and get close to the League of Big Bad Evil Guys.

Masks: A New Generation
As above, but someone a bit newer to the scene.  A bit difficult due to the nature of the system.

Buffy RPG
I am less certain on this one, but would love to do something in the setting/system.

Covert Ops
I own it, it seems ideal, but I am not hugely familiar with it.

Rifts (Ultimate or Savage)
No specific idea, but I would like to use the system/setting.

An undercover police officer for a villainous master.

World of Darkness (New or Old)
No specific idea, but I do like the system/setting.  I guess maybe a Garou or Bastet infiltrating a Pentex corporation, or a Hunter infiltrating somewhere.

Star Trek Adventures
An undercover Federation officer. 

A few others...

A few orphaned characters

Chiss Colonist
Colonist – Performer

BR   AG   IN   CU   WI   PR
 2    2    3    2    2    4

Wound Threshold: 12
Strain Threshold: 12

Obligation: Debt (base+10)
Motivation: Place of Origin

XP: 105XP Spent, 5 XP Unspent
+10XP - Obligation
90XP – Presence
 5XP – Kill with Kindness
10XP – Congenial

X = Rank Upgrade
O = Ability
* = Class Skills
Astrogation (INT)         OOO
Athletics (BR)            OO
Charm (PR)*               XXOO
Coercion (WILL)           OO
Computers (INT)           OOO
Cool (PR)                 XOOO
Coordination (AG)*        XO
Deception (CUN)*          XO
Discipline (WILL)         OO
Leadership (PR)*          OOOO
Mechanics (INT)           OOO
Medicine (INT)            OOO
Negotation (PR)*          XOOO
Perception (CUN)          OO
Piloting – Planetary (AG) OO
Piloting – Space (AG)     OO
Resilience (BR)           OO
Skulduggery (CUN)         OO
Stealth (AG)              OO
Streetwise (CUN)*         OO
Survival (CUN)            OO
Vigilance (WILL)          OO

Brawl (BR)                OO
Gunnery (AG)              OO
Melee (BR)*               OO
Ranged – Light (AG)       OO
Ranged – Heavy (AG)       OO

Core Worlds (INT)*        OOO
Education (INT)*          OOO
Lore (INT)*               XOO     
Outer Rim (INT)           OOO
Underworld (INT)          OOO
Xenology (INT)            OOO

* = current number of ranks for per rank abilities
Infravision: Remove 1 SETBACK due to lighting conditions.
Kill with Kindness: Remove 1* SETBACK from Charm/Leadership checks.
Congenial: May suffer 1* STRAIN to downgrade difficulty of Charm/Negotiation checks, or upgrade when targeted.

Collar-Amp: Amplifies voice
12 Defender
      Ranged (Light)
      5 Damage
      5 Crit
      Short Range
      1 Encumbrance
      Inferior, Limited Ammo 2, 2 setback to locate when being searched, cannot be reloaded
12 Defender
      See Above
Blaster Pistol
      Ranged (Light)
      6 Damage
      3 Crit
      Medium Range
      1 Encumbrance
      Stun Setting
53 Credits

Iari was a child when her family left the Chiss Ascendancy on a diplomatic mission to Coruscant.  She has only the faintest memories of her homeworld and parents.  The ship had a run in with pirates and Iari was ejected in a lifepod.  She was found, and taken in, by a small group of Colonists in search of a new world to call home.

As the only one of her kind that any of the Colonists had heard of or seen, Iari was an outsider.  They were kind, but they could offer no aid.  At sixteen Iari hopped on a freighter headed towards the planet she had been rescued from.  She found nothing.  She continued to wander the galaxy in search of any word on her people, paying her way by working as a waitress, singer, and dancer in various Cantinas.

Iari was able to determine that she was a Chiss, but little else.  The best information she was able to gather was that her homeworld was in a specific sector of the galaxy.  She borrowed a fortune from an admirer to fund an expedition that found absolutely nothing.  Heavily in debt to a man that seemed to have particular ideas for how he wanted to be repaid, Iari went in search of a job that could earn her lots of money in a short period of time, legally or not.

ChulhuTech Scholar
Rosa Goddenberg

Agility    7
Intellect  8
Perception 6
Presence   4
Strength   2
Tenacity   9

Actions    1
Movement   7 mph (17/4 ypt)
Orgone     13
Reflex     6
Vitality   10
Drama      10

     Alluring (3) – She is exceptionally attractive, if a bit shy
     Authority (1) – She has some small authority at the University
     Fearless (2) – She is more curious than afraid, a poor quality
     Wealth (1) – She has a good job
     Duty (1) – University work
     Foe (3) – Former Rival/Coworker she turned in for dark research
     Shadow Walker (3) – Vade Mecum
     Watched (3) – She is a Sorceress

Artist                  Student - Arcane Symbols
Bureaucracy             Student
Computer                Student
Education               Master – PhD in Occult Studies
History                 Novice
               English: Expert
Literacy:               Adept
Observation             Novice
Occult                  Adept - Focused in Ancient Texts
Persuade                Student
Pilot                   Student – Mecha
Regional Knowledge      Novice
Research                Adept – Focused in Libraries

Dodge                   Student
Fighting                Student
Marksman                Student

     Consecrate Arcane Space (1st Order Enchantment)
     Ward Against Sorcery (1st Order Protection)
     Ward of Corporal Protection (1st Order Protection)
     Ward of Solitude (1st Order Protection)
     Eldritch Faculties (1st Order Scrying)

Rosa first attended University at the age of only 15.  A voracious reader and curious beyond reason, she had grown up in a lonely mansion with little company save for her tutors and servants.  She excelled as a student, eventually acquiring a PhD in Occult Studies.  A registered Sorceress, when she was hired on as an Associate Professor at the University of (insert location here) she was the leading local expert on Ancient Texts.

As a graduate student Rosa made an enemy of a fellow student.  The two had rubbed each other the wrong way from the start, despite both being curious in the Occult and excellent students.  The reason for the dislike became apparent when Rosa discovered just what he had been studying, none of it good (Craft Infernal Machine, Contact Those Who Dwell Beyond, various forms of Summoning).  The discovery came when she opened a book she didn’t recognize from his accidently unlocked desk.  The book was full of dark rituals and strange symbols, and just reading a page opened Rosa’s mind to things she would have better been unknown to.

She turned him in to the authorities, delivering the book to those with more experience than herself.  He fled before capture, but let behind a wealth of evidence.  Illegal tomes, remains from sacrifices, and even plans for a strange device dating back to the 1940s.

Rosa was praised for her involvement in his capture, though at the same time no little suspicion was cast in her direction.  It doesn’t help that since reading the book, dark things and dark magic seem attracted to her (Shadow Walker).

Rosa has gotten a position as Associate Professor, and is a regular contact for the local police and others in need of her particular expertise.  She has taken basic self defence training, a girl can’t be too careful, and even gotten basic training in how to pilot a Mecha in the event that she needs to assist in an underwater investigation.

At only twenty-three, Rosa is an attractive young blonde.  Between her position at the University and her contract with the police, she lives a comfortable life.  She owns a large condo, has a nice car, and keeps her own extensive (but entirely legal) library.

Pathfinder Warpriest
The ranking priests always liked to say that Harshada was the result of sin and heresy, especially when she was around.  She was the daughter of a priest and a priestess, but never met either.  The priest was executed for violating his vows not long after she was born, the priestess simply vanished.  Harshada was raised an orphan, one of dozens running around the temple grounds.  They were a cheap and easy source of labour.  If they wanted food, clothes, a place to sleep, they had to work for it.  They cooked, cleaned, carried, and generally were seen scurrying about.

Harshada had a distaste for the life even at a young age.  She would sneak off, not that anyone really cared if an orphan wandered off, to watch the soldiers train, to listen to the priests sing, and to borrow texts from the library.  As she reached her teenage years she came to the annoyed attention of the priests more and more.  They wanted to marry her off, but with no dowry or other benefit, and with her malcontented and freespirited nature, they could find few that were interested.  Worse, at least for them, she began to exhibit divine abilities.  A blow intended to knock her silly after she was caught in the library sent the priest reeling after his fist slammed into an invisible barrier, while a touch and a prayer healed a wounded orphan who had nearly severed a finger cutting vegetables.

Fed up, but not willing to risk angering a higher power by killing her, the priests informed her that it was her divine duty to go off and defend the weak.  To battle monsters, to hunt evil.  They gave her some worn out bronze gear, which she took to with surprising skill, and sent her on her way with nothing more than the few possessions she already had.  They hoped she’d be one more victim.

Harshada Vila
Level 1 Human Warpriest
Neutral Good

STR 16
DEX 12
CON 12
INT  8
WIS 16
CHA 13

HP: 9
BAB: +0
Speed: 20ft. (30ft.)
Saves: Fort +3, Ref +1, Will +6

Fort +2, Ref +0, Will +2
Aura: Has a particularly powerful good aura
Blessings (Minor): Chooses two blessings
  Can use 3 times per day (3+1/2 level)
  Save is 14 (10+1/2level+wisdom)
    +1 sacred bonus to saving throws, +1 sacred to AC for 1 minute
    Flash of sunlight in targets eyes, target blinded 1 round, if
    successful reflex save, dazzled 1 round.  Light blindness or
    light sensitive -4 on saving throw.  Light effect.
Focus Weapon: Weapon Focus as a bonus feat
Orisons: Unlimited casting of 0 level
Sacred Weapon: Can enhance weapon with magical abilities/damage
Scared Weapon Damage: 1d6
  3/day level 0
  2/day level 1
Proficient: Simple/Martial/Favoured Weapon
Proficient: All armour, all shields ex/tower

Weapon Focus (Longsword): +1 attack modifier with weapon
Eschew Materials: Don’t need component materials <1GP
Improved Shield Bash: Don’t lose AC bonus when bashing with shield

Orphaned: +1 trait bonus Survival, Survival always a class skill
Principled: -2 Bluff, +2 trait on saving throws vs charm, compulsion, emotion

Diplomacy 1, Sense Motive 1*, Spellcraft 1**
* from human
** from favoured class

Diplomacy (Cha)    +5
Sense Motive (Wis) +8
Spellcraft (Int)   +3
Survival (Wis)     +5

0: Create Water
0: Light
0: Purify Food and Drink
1: Cure Light Wounds
1: Stunning Barrier

Bronze Longsword 1d8, 19-20/x2, 4 lbs, S
Bronze Chainmail +6AC, +2DEX, -5ACP, 20ft., 30lbs.
Heavy Wooden Shield +2AC, -2ACP, 10lbs. -- 1d4, x2, B
Bedroll 5lbs
Waterskin 4lbs
Torch 1lb
1x Trail Rations 1x1lb
Traveler’s Outfit
Belt Pouch w/3SP, 9CP