Any XCOM fans out there?

Started by Summerlily, March 09, 2018, 04:02:20 PM

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I am Summerlily. I am rather new to the site. I am capable of playing male or female characters as the situation dictates. I am looking for someone or possibly some people to do a RP based on XCOM. I would like someone who already knows and enjoys the game and the storyline so that explaining it doesn't need to take a long time and we can do a kickoff sooner rather than later. I wouldn't mind the rebel scenarios of XCOM2 but I would prefer it to be based off XCOM Enemy unknown.

Here's a basic summary:

In the spring of 2015, a global alien invasion begins. A group of member countries band together and create a council of nations that forms XCOM. XCOM is an elite scientific and military organization tasked with defending earth against aliens that have technological superiority. XCOM must quickly develop and research new things to combat it.

I would like our characters to play soldiers, scientists or engineers. I'd like a small spin on it that we should be trying to keep humanity from knowing the truth about the alien threat. I am open to sexual encounters and the possibility of playing more than one character, for either or both of us.

Message me if you are an XCOM fan!