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April 19, 2021, 08:48:50 pm

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Author Topic: LeSane's Fantasie and musing; Testing idea(M looking F)  (Read 542 times)

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LeSane's Fantasie and musing; Testing idea(M looking F)
« on: March 06, 2018, 08:40:21 pm »
Hello and welcome to my solo thread, but there a little more to it than just a simple solo idea. I'm posting this here because I wanted to try out an idea with a singular person before I try this in a group setting. There are a few things I want to try out and need someone who's willing to assist me as a participant. If you're up to the challenge please keep reading or if you have any questions on how you can help me send a private message. As for right now, I'm looking for a female writer who can write a minimum of two to three paragraphs, can post at least once or twice daily (more preferred), and can give feedback on what can be added, removed, or changed. You'll be a tester of sorts.

Welcome to Fantasie. Bienvenue à Fantasie. ファンタジーへようこそ. 歡迎來到 Fantasie. Willkommen zu den Fantasie.

Welcome messages scroll past on a digital banner as you enter the Universe's most exclusive location. A small, quiet house situated atop an island amidst an ocean of stars. This place exists, but can never be found. Only the chosen and the lucky find themselves stumbling upon this slice of heaven. Upon leaving, a mysteriously blank card that you can't seem to get rid of, no matter what finds its way into your possession. Those fortunate enough to see more and more perks awaiting with each visit.. along with new activities.

Well, who are you? Where are you from? What do you look like? Why are you here, and what is your desire?

On the second floor
The second floor is where erotic desires are fulfilled. A variety of partners await to satisfy lustful urges. Some say with enough visits; you can have any of your most profound cravings become a reality. Be careful of spending too much time here; else the experience will take a drastic toll on your health.
Time limit: The posts you can make in one encounter are equal to 3 + your stamina value.

The stat system.
Are you Strong, Resilient, or Skilled? Each person who visits Fantasie is different. What are you like?

Strength: You are physically dominant. In bed, you can quickly move your partner according to your whims, using power to bend them to your will. You are fast and robust, and dish out insane amounts of raw pleasure.

Stamina: You are lasting. You don't quickly tire, often leaving your partner out of breath before you even break a sweat. You are capable of receiving pleasure received in certain situations and can recover if you've had too much.

Skill: You are adept. You have the most specialized skillset, but the most rewarding. You can manipulate multiple skills to combine for devastating effect.

But you can't be good at everything. What's your specialty? Each person begins with 6 points to distribute amongst the three disciplines. Each discipline must have a minimum of 1 point.

The trait system.
(10) Denotes a cost of 10 FP to unlock. Each player begins with 10 FP to spend.

Selectable Traits
So you're strong, huh? If you've earned enough Fantasie Points (FP), why don't I teach you something special?
(10) Rough: You excel in rough play, making your opponent submit to you. Additional (STR) PP generated for both you and your opponent when you perform acts of rough play (spanking, talking dirty, hair pulling, etc.)

(10) Frenzy: Your passion burns like a white-hot flame, growing in intensity as time passes. Each of your posts increases the base PP generation of this encounter by 1.
Ex. Your first post generates 1 PP usually. Your next post will create 2 PP, and your partner's subsequent post will make 2 PP. Your third post will generate 3 PP, and so on.

(20) Overpowering: Your physical advantage lets you bend your opponent to your will for a while; Locking your opponent into the current position for their next post. Usable once per encounter.

(30) Relentless: A relentless assault pulverizes the senses of your partner and gives them no choice but to have a mind-blowing orgasmic experience. Additional (STR) PP generated for each post in the same position.
Ex; you engage in doggy style, generating 1 PP for both players. Your partner elects to stay in the same position, making 1 PP for you but 1+(STR) for them. You choose to continue the onslaught, now generating [1+(STR)] x2 for your partner.

You've got stamina in bed, so what? Let me show you how to put that to use.
(10) A-resist: Your experience with anal sex allows you to last much longer than usual. Reduced (STA/3) PP generated against you when engaging in anal sex. +1 PP caused when engaging in oral sex. You may only have 1 "resist" trait active.

(10) O-resist: Your experience with oral sex allows you to last much longer than usual. Reduced (STA/3) PP generated against you when engaging in oral sex. +1 PP created against you when engaging in anal sex. You may only have 1 "resist" trait active.

(20) Enduring: Your immense stamina allows you to keep going, and going, and going. Generate (STA/3)PP for your opponent. You lose that much PP. Use once per encounter.

(30) Second wind: Take a breather. Reduce your PP by (STA). Use once per encounter.

I can tell, you're quite skilled in various things. But have you ever tried this? That too? Well, what about these?
(10) Gifted tongue: Your talents in oral sex are something to behold. If you can put your tongue to work, your partner will be moaning in pleasure in no time. Additional (SKL-1) PP for your partner this post while engaged in oral sex.

(10) Hand of God/Hand of the Goddess: Your touch is almost magical; you can send your partner to heaven with naught but your hand. Additional (SKL-1) PP for your partner this post if you pleasure them with your hand.

(20) Flow: Your skill with multiple positions is a spectacle to behold. Your partners are left weak and breathless as you set the pace. Whenever you are in numerous positions in the same post, generate double PP for your opponent.

(30) Overload: Your skills combine to drive your partner genuinely crazy. When one or more of you activate at the same time, PP generated for this post is increased by 1x for each skill activated.
Ex. One skill activated in your post: 1x. 2 abilities enabled: 2x.

Encounter System
The encounter system is mostly freeform based. It consists of either a contest between two players, or a solo player having an encounter on the second floor. Each person has a PP threshold of 15 PP. If it is reached, that player has an orgasm. The encounter ends when a player orgasms, losing the game. Each post generates a base of 1 PP for each player who receives pleasure, which is then modified based on the traits of the player. The total is added to your opponent/partner's PP count. All modifications are rounded to the nearest whole number. e.g; 4/3=1, 5/3=2, 3/2=2.

Example; Man A is receiving oral sex from female B. Female B's post is generating 1 PP for A, before any traits are taken into consideration. If B has the 'Gifted tongue' trait and 3 points in the skill, then her post would generate (3-1) PP for man A. If this continued and a total of 15 PP created for A, he would orgasm. In total, for each post, man A would receive 1 PP, and female B would receive 0, as she is not feeling any pleasure.

Example 2; Man A is engaging in sex with female B, who is in the doggy style position. Because both players are feeling pleasure, 1 PP is generated for each of them, again modified by traits. Let's say female B has the "A-resist" trait and 3 points in stamina. If man A is currently in her ass, the feature will activate and reduce PP generated for female B by (3/3=1) PP. In total, she would be receiving 0 PP for the post in question and man A would receive 1 (from the baseline generation).

If he were to pull out and switch to her mouth, the trait would kick in once more, only this time generating an additional +1 PP for female B. In total, she would receive 2 PP for that post, and man A would win 1.

Character Progression& Reward System
Fantasie Points and stat points are awarded for completing encounters on the second floor.

A record of your character is kept and saved. You may return to Fantasie at any point, or leave, with your character intact.
Experienced players will have an advantage over newer players, but there may be ways to close the gap!

Reward system.
Rewards are earned based on your success in encounters. A successful completion of a meeting awards you the listed compensation, in addition to the following bonuses:
If you win a meeting, your PP value at the end is divided by half and gained an additional FP.
If you lose an encounter, you do not receive the listed reward, but instead, your opponent's PP value at the end is divided by half and gained as FP.

Making a character.
Describe your character with an image (No Realistic images)
Allocate stats (6 stat points)
Purchase trait(s) (10 FP)

Code: [Select]
[img height=300]IMG HERE[/img]
[b]Stats[/b] [i]6 Points to spend[/i]
[b]Trait(s):[/b] [i]10 FP to spend[/i]