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December 06, 2022, 11:15:19 am

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Author Topic: Craving some Critical Role! [m+nb/any, any gender writer]  (Read 819 times)

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Offline VaxTopic starter

Craving some Critical Role! [m+nb/any, any gender writer]
« on: March 01, 2018, 01:40:10 pm »
Hi there!

I understand this is a very, very specific request to make but maybe someone out there's a Critter as well! I'm mostly looking for Campaign 1 stuff but I'm open to some Campaign 2 stuff as well.
I watch the show live every Thursday (well, Friday morning for me) so I'm up to date 99% of the time. If you're not up to date just let me know, I'll be mindful of spoilers!

Some general information:

- Please give my O/Os a read to see if we're compatible!

- I usually reply within two days of getting a reply myself, if it takes me longer I'll let my partners know! I prefer partners with a similar speed, but I don't mind waiting a bit for a reply. As long as you don't expect rapid fire responses from me it's all fine. Also I'm in the CET+1 time zone so depending on where my partner is from there might be a significant time difference.

- Due to the fact that I'm almost 30 I'd prefer my partners to be over 21, but that's not a hard rule. Characters are assumed to be 18+ with few plot related exceptions where I'm willing to go down to 16 but I'd prefer fade to black sex scenes (if any) in that case.

- My replies are usually 3-4 paragraphs, I'd prefer similar from my partners. Shorter is okay for dialog heavy scenes of course or in general if I'm given something to work with. Replies over 6 paragraphs however are difficult to read for me and will result in me needing more time to respond.

- I'm open to trans and non-binary characters. I'm mostly interested in M/M romance or romance featuring men and non-binary folks in various combinations. I'm also open to polyamory, just let me know you're interested in that!
Please don't use slurs like futa or cuntboy around me. I won't be upset if you use an offensive term by accident but I'm not comfortable with it.

- I'm open to combining pairings and plots in just about any way that makes sense as well as working out new things with my partners! If you have something you think I might be interested in just ask, worst case I say no and best case we have an awesome time!

- I like having some OOC chatter! Of course we don't have to become instant best friends but chatting about the RP, plotting together or maybe even sharing stuff that reminds us of our RP would all be much appreciated.
Also feel free to ask for my Discord to chat!

- If you are interested in any of my pairings and/or ideas or have an idea/pairing you'd like to suggest to me please PM me to let me know to ease discussion and keep this thread clutter free!

- This is the only fandom I'm interested in M/F or F/F stuff for, so I'm not the most experienced at either of these, but I'm willing to try :) Also willing to double up!


Bold is who I'm looking to play, but it's not set in stone!

Campaign 1

Gilmore/Vax/Keyleth (more of a V than a triad romance because I headcanon Gilmore as gay)
Possibly Polymachina

Campaign 2


Either Campaign



Campaign 1


Tary knows fully well that Percy loves Vex, but one night after a few too many drinks he decides to visit Percy to confess. It turns out better than he ever expected.


After the attack of the Chroma Conclave, the men form an unlikely bond. But with the dragons still at large, Gilmore tasked with holding up the shield as well as still not quite over Vax, how will their relationship work out?


Maybe Whitestone residents while Whitestone was ruled by the Briarwoods? Members of the Darrington Brigade? I'm open to many many things!

I'm also interested in RPF (to be played via PM or possibly Discord only) sooo... if you don't want to see that, don't click the spoiler!

RPF stuff
I don't have any plots for this, so we can just make up stuff! Also open to AUs.
Also open to OCs. Just sayin', no shame here. I'm partial towards Taliesin and willing to double up with whoever you'd like!

Pairings I'm interested in, bold being who I'm interested in playing:

Taliesin/Travis (more bromance than romance)
and others!

Various combination of polyshipping, just ask!

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