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Author Topic: Curious Urges (Girl looking for Monster on girl/ovi/etc [MUL])  (Read 1027 times)

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Offline lidarovinaTopic starter

Curious Urges (Girl looking for Monster on girl/ovi/etc [MUL])
« on: January 20, 2009, 04:43:24 PM »
As you enter the thread you appear in a rather plain, nondescript room, if anything could describe the room it was how normal it seemed and how... sterile everything seemed. Plain white was the apparent theme of the place, all the furniture and fixings rather... plain and sterile, every bit of it washed white, which perhaps helped to draw your attention to pretty young women, one standing next to a love seat, and the other reclining back on the sofa, having a small snooze, her face covered with a sofa cushion.

The one standing was about 5'2", fiery red locks and bangs cut into a sort of a flared, long banged bob cut. Her hair a sort of styled mess, silky bangs framing her pretty face and brick red eyes. Delicate half-moon, wire frame glasses sitting on her nose framing her eyes along with her fluttering lashes and fine chiseled brows. Soft pink lips pulling into a sort of a thin line as she notices you, after all you contrast sharply along with her against the sterile white back drop. She has a slender athletic build, small cute breasts barely enough to fill her small delicate hands if she cupped her own breasts. A wide brimmed, pointed witch hat, the black material of the hat's cloth framed and contrasting sharply against delicate swirling works of gold bindings, dark jade stones set into the curling golden swirls and peering at you like cold, fel-fire eyes. She gently pushes up her glasses, she's wearing a dark matching halter-top that leaves some of her toned midriff exposed, and most of her shoulders and back exposed when she turns to poke her partner napping on the couch. Her slender waist leads down to a curvy pair of hips and a lush rump, barely concealed by a rather ritzy and almost arcane appearing loin cloth, silk flaps of cloth reaching down towards her knees. Her arms covered by long, fingerless elbow length gloves, and a pair of black stockings reaching up to the middle of her thighs, along with a pair of boots reaching her knees. All of it matching her hat, gilded in gold and peering jade, while the fabric was a silky black. A wide black leather belt wrapped around her waist, holding all various sorts of scroll cases and pouches, the skimpy witch kicked her companion again, and slowly the girl roused herself, looking up at you as well.

It was hard to tell her exact height sitting, but she looked about as tall as the witch, perhaps a bit taller with raven black, straight hair spilling down her back and over her shoulders. She had a natural part in the middle, and her hair fell to the sides, framing but not obstructing her pretty face except for a few errant bangs because of her previous nap. She combs her hair out of her face, giving the witch and you a rather heated glare, she didn't like to be woken up apparently. Her expression icy and cold, something about those icy blue eyes, or those soft lips and expressionless face gave off the expression of a ice sculpture, cold and unyielding.  Her icy, delicate head led down to a slender neck and a delicate pair of shoulders and arms. Ample c-cup breasts adorned her chest and led down to a toned midriff and curvy pair of hips and a beautiful, luscious rump and long, slender legs. She was dressed... well cutely, and rather enticingly, a leather choker cupped her slender neck, studded with small silver studs and buckled in the front with a silver, Celtic pendant hanging from it like a dog or slaves collar, kinky to say the least. She was wearing a very snug, almost skin tight black short sleeved shirt, a skull design over her ample bust. The shirt was short, leaving a good portion of her toned midriff and hips exposed. Around her wrists was a pair of studded leather bracelet that matched her collar, a single solid onyx ring adorning her right middle finger. A pair of baggy, low riding black cargo pants, the hung on her hips, leaving little of her lush curves to imagination, and barely hiding what need to be hid, the dark straps of her low rise thong rode up her fair, curvy hips. She was wearing a pair of black and white sneakers, and a black leather belt kept her pants from falling off.

"Hello." The witch said at first, walking around behind the sofa, crossing her arms under her bust while the goth girl woke up a little, yawning and stretching, showing off her toned midriff a bit before she gave the world around her the same bleary, icy stare she had given you. "Yeah, hello, suppose you're here for the tour?"

The witch huffed at the other girl, "Of course they are, what else would they be here for you twit?"

The goth gave the witch a rather bland, eat-shit-and-die look but stood up, still looking like she much rather be napping then awake and moving about, "Last time we got in a fight, we got in trouble, try to be civil you half-cocked fantasy slut." The witch opened her mouth, the shut it, just glaring at the other woman before they both took up opposite sides of a large blank, white wall while directing you to sit. They spoke in unison from then on, which in itself was a bit creepy, still throwing each other nasty looks as the room suddenly dimmed, all except for the wall. If you looked behind you, you would notice a projector had appeared and seemed to be... being operated by hedgehogs? Small hedgehogs scurry all over the machine, wearing cute little caps, smacking buttons with paws while one rather large hedgehog wearing a pair of glasses is stationed at a white lap top, tapping away at the keys with it's fore paws.


Hello! And thank you for poking into my Role-play add. I hope the above cut will give you a idea of my writing style, and the level of description I can provide. Also introducing two characters I commonly like to use for erotic role-play along with two settings I rather like, generic fantasy, and modern fantasy. Anyways, if you'd be so kind to look down at my signature you can find my Ons and Offs, or is it Offs and Ons? Either way my Rabbit Hole is down there too, and will give you a good idea of what I'm asking for. Generally I like monster on girl sort of stuff, and well all of my ideals revolve around it. But I will leave a bit of lamb out for the more vanilla RPiers out there and say I'm interested in intriguing and creative Master/Slave RP and scenes.

I suppose it's needless to say I like descriptive partners. :3

Story Ideas!

Wonderland!: (Ovi, hypno, fantasy, monster) A twist on Alice in Wonderland, a modern, mundane girl some how ends up down the proverbial rabbit hole and finds herself in a acid trip of a world. Perhaps she's in a coma and wakes up in the twisted reflections of a fantasy in her mind, perhaps she's stepped through some ancient and magical portal to a fairy tale like world. Whatever she's done, she's lost in Wonderland now, with all sorts of curious, charismatic (or not) creatures with less then decent desires and urges! She either must flee, and more then likely will have to entertain such curious urges, forced to do shameful but... curiously pleasurable acts to sate and service the creature creatures she meets. All while searching through the labyrinth of this fantasy land for the way home, racing against the clock as she changes both mentally and physically to fit in more with this fantasy world. Will she make it before she becomes a permanent breeder and wandering fae in this magical world? Or will she even want to return back to the mundane world? Will she actually meet something that wants a heart felt relationship with her there? WARNING: Low plot, high sexuality. Probably on line with about as much plot and character development as a B-rated horror movie, or a fantasy sex novella online. Light hearted, a erotic fairy tale more then erotic horror.

Kinda barren right now! But more to come! Feel free to poke me if you have a idea yourself!
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Offline str

Re: Curious Urges (Girl looking for Monster on girl/ovi/etc [MUL])
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2009, 03:16:20 PM »
I would be interested in the 'Wonderland' plot, I think. Would mean, that I have to read Alice for preparation, but the idea sounds fascinating. Please PM me, if you are still interested.


Offline Chevalier des Poissons

Re: Curious Urges (Girl looking for Monster on girl/ovi/etc [MUL])
« Reply #2 on: January 27, 2009, 03:50:00 PM »
I like that first story you described, and would enter gladly if you wish so.

If you want, I can give some ideas or something, either here or via pm.