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October 01, 2022, 05:05:24 pm

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Author Topic: Silver sands, (F seeking M character for original story)  (Read 704 times)

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Silver sands, (F seeking M character for original story)
« on: February 24, 2018, 02:11:41 am »

I joined the site a few days ago and have had absolutely no luck finding anyone to RP with. I am discouraged, but not giving up. Anyone who is willing to play a male character, whether it be for one shot pure smut scenes, or for something more immersive. I am gladly willing to talk to you about it. I might also be able to incorporate the scene into this story, if you'd let me GM the scene/setting/whatnot.

I am searching for a partner in crime to craft an original. I would like a male character to compliment my female character.

The setting would be a port town, harbor, pirate story. I have rescued certain parts from another RP that didn't work out. See below:

Ideally, I'd like an independent writer who can personify their character with a somewhat independent story and then we can smash them together at some point in the near future.
Basically, you can work for the same company, or another company. Companies act like gangs in this RP.

As well as being a bit of a romantic and hoping that our characters could hit it off, I'd like the story to also deal with economic innovation a little bit. We can talk about this and how we will make these two characters wind up moving from poor paupers to wealthy kingpins.

PM me for more information,
Thank you,


Along the silver coast, cast within the coastal bay of what was once called an Imperial province, sat a little port town called Thaijerion. It was once built by imperial settlers as a drop point for goods that were to be shipped back to the Imperial city. That was long ago, naught but a forgotten memory. The port town now was regarded as a lawless city state, without much in the way of governance. Official guards were virtually nonexistent. The city was run by competing ‘companies’ that were often friends with one group and at odds with another.

The town had a strange feel to it. Close to the harbor sat stone buildings. Slabs of imported stones from far away nestled one on top of another, mortared together with imported sludge. The empire had been far reaching and once it collapsed it left little relics strewn across the continent. These warehouses, guild houses, and counting houses that were closest to the port were such a case. They looked foreign and did not blend in with common building materials from local area. The further one got from these oddities the more the harbor made sense. The houses turned to wood, or  lathered bricks hand-made from the silver sands of Thaijerion itself.

To say there was a noble section of the town would be a joke. There was nothing noble about the people who ran the city. Anyone who had allegiance or any affinity for the empire had left long ago, leaving the small companies to grow into forceful entities. They were constantly battling amongst each other like mafia kingpins. It gave the city an incredibly edgy feel. To some however, like those who were part of the larger companies things felt safer this way. Without government thugs pushing them around, there was liberty to go around. This was both bad and good, as an anarchical society would be imagined to be.

 Cassidy was one of the people who loved this city. She grew up here, a poor orphaned child. One day when she was young her Uncle found her in an orphanage and took her out. It was a welcomed endeavor and she really felt rescued when he did. He was by no means wealthy though. She remembered that first night with her uncle Kaedric, his long dark ponytail, slunk down his back. He was a gentle person, his voice calm like a soothing breeze across a vast expanse of the sea. His touch so smooth like a ripple on still water. He was by no means economically capable of raising a young teenage girl, though together they’d grown, making a life for themselves.

Now she was grown. So much had changed. Bunches appeared on her chest, forming into a feminine busom, though she was not particularly chesty. What she lacked up above she more than made up for down below, with long curvy yet firm legs and a tight rear that stared right back at anyone who dared cast an eye. Being a slummy little urchin like she was she rarely wore shoes. The streets of Thaijerion were of soft worn stones, and the warm silver sands of the beach welcomed an unclothed stroll. She’d flowered into a pretty little thing and despite her rough past she had a complacent acceptance of the world around her. Rarely did anyone hear complaint escape her lips, more often it was covered with her sinister smile.

Her uncle Kaedric had grown too. While he didn’t grow ‘up’  as in taller, he grew grey. That once black ponytail was now streaked with silver like the coastal sands. Around his eyes the wrinkles had crept. His gaze had become a hollow empty blue, like the salty water that ebbed and flowed in rhythm against Thaijerion’s glittering edge. Despite being grown and in her 20's, Kaedric still occasionally slept with his niece beside him, tucked under his wing. Always a kind caregiver they’d formed a special bond. Sharing a shoddy tent-like hut on the far end of town for so long, they never bothered to separate. Their bed was a purple quilt, stuffed with the downy feathers of the harbor’s gulls, that sat upon a pile of straw. While there was nothing sexual going on between them, he'd certainly noticed she had been starting to not show up at night and assumed she had been in lover's beds. Kaedric had never talked much about these things and it concerned him. Being the only family either of them had, they were both dreading the day that they parted. Kaedric was always so soft and patient, like he'd seen a thousand years and grown to accept the world as it was. There was no doubt in Cassidy's mind that he loved her. It was through Kaedric's calm ways that Cassidy had learned her more gentle temperment, and gathered the air of acceptance about her.

On the opposite side of this 'air' was a rough and angry child. It was the raging product of a stormy past. Particularly, Cassidy harbored much resentment towards the people she’d met in her earlier life. Anyone she knew from the orphanage was no friend. She either avoided them, or instigated fights with them, considering the orphanage a hell fire hotbed of lies and deceit. One night at her favorite local tavern, Hemmit's whistle, she’d seen Headmistress Galfey kicking back a glass of bourbon. In stark contrast to the sweet little innocence that she once was, Cassidy grabbed the old shrew by the hair mid-drink and yanked her backwards off the chair. The liquor spilled upon the witch’s garb, and Cassidy very sternly warned her to stay out of Silver Shot’s turf. That was exactly how she felt about that orphanage.

Hemmit’s whistle was this shoddy little bar in a slummy part of town. It was Cassidy’s favorite little pub. It was owned by the Silver Shot Trading Co., to whom Cassidy was employed. There was safety in Hemmit’s whistle. It was the local crew, Silver Shot employees, their families and friends. She generally knew everyone who set foot in the establishment and when she didn’t, she was quick to make their acquaintance. That was her way, social, chatty, flirty, chipper, and troublesome, all wrapped into one pretty little devil of a package. 

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