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December 10, 2018, 07:18:47 AM

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Author Topic: *~F seeking M for several plot ideas~*  (Read 632 times)

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*~F seeking M for several plot ideas~*
« on: February 23, 2018, 09:28:15 PM »
Hey RPer’s I’m so glad you stopped in on my post. Before I get in to some plot ideas, how about I tell you some quick facts about myself and what I like:

-I am a female (name is Chloe) who prefers to play female characters. I don’t mind whether you are male or female, however I prefer to rp with characters who are male (and recently getting in to FxF if you don't mind a newbie)

-I tend to be more submissive, and am seeking someone with a more dominant personality

-I generally write medium to long posts, however I am open to longer/shorter. I am more of a person who matches what my other partner tends to write, if you give it effort, I will too (:

-Smut and plot go hand in hand, no need to put a percent on it, I’d rather just let it flow naturally. We can talk further about this or you can visit my O/O post:

-The plots listed below are just some ideas, I am very open to whatever else you have to offer or can think of!

1. The SWAN
This story is somewhat adapted from the movie Black Swan. My character is training or wanting to become a famous ballerina. She could be attending a dancing school or be rehearsing for a show that your character is involved with. My character is a perfectionist, striving to be the best at everything she does. She trains night and day, leaving little time for other experiences outside of dancing. Your character is her coach, someone I imagine is a decent deal older than her. He feeds on her desire to be perfect, shaping her daily as his little protégé. It starts as just dance, your character pushing mine to the brim daily as she tries to prove herself. This easily develops in to something more…something toxic.

2. Making it Big
This idea is based off of, in part, the musical La La Land. This story is somewhat similar; however my character is struggling actress based out of Los Angeles California. Role after role my character has been turned down, from toothpaste commercials to small parts in medical dramas. It isn’t until she meets your character serendipitously, a large Hollywood agent that finds himself in need of just the girl for a part he has in a movie. Unbeknownst to your character, mine will do whatever it takes to nail the part and rise to the top.

3. Good and Evil
My character is a Hero, one that exists or doesn’t while yours is a villain. We have been battling one another for years or even centuries before you are finally able to either capture me or weaken me. With my powers stripped, you can finally see the day that I end-and yet you hesitate. You are so close to pulling the trigger of whatever it is you have planned, when you realize you never wanted me dead. No-you wanted something else. Something far worse. I imagine this could get dark, or also blossom in to romance. Thoughts on pairings include:
-Harley Quinn and the Jokur or Batman
-Rey and Kylo Ren
-Gwen Stacy and Venom TAKEN
-Supergirl and various villains
-Black Widow and various villains

4. The Good Assassin
My character is a trained female assassin, trained of course by you. You own a powerful ring of assassins in the kingdom of Aralia, a mythical kingdom ruled by a tyrant. It makes you a very rich and powerful man. He uses your services often in his quest for domination of all four kingdoms, and your favorite champion to send on quests is of course me. I have never been defeated, often the strongest and most cunning compared to the other men you have trained in your past. What you don’t know is that many of the pieces of death I bring back to you, aren’t of the ones I’ve been instructed to kill, letting them escape and bringing back pieces of their hair or jewelry as proof. I am truly part of a resistance, ready to take down the King should he strike at another kingdom. When you find out, what will you do, help me or try to control me?

5. The White Wolf
My character was betrothed to the leader of a powerful Canadian wolf pack, however it wasn’t love. I refused the request, and the only alternative was humiliation and exile from the clan. Wounded, bloody, and broken down to the position of a lowly omega, marked by the gruesome mauling I escape in to Maine. However, I find myself walking on the territory of another werewolf pack (or vampire den…bum bum bum). Will you accept me in to the pack, or will there be backlash?

6. The Underworld (two stories in mind)
Story 1: TAKEN We all know the story of Hades and Persephone, abducted by Hades and forced to live with him for eternity during three months out of the year. However, his regime never pleased the Olympians. Over and over again they tried to strip Hades of his powers but failed each time. One day Zeus asked Circe for her help and together they created a powerful weapon called the Bermuda Box. It was supposed to be given to Hades as a gift but as soon as he’d open it, all his powers and memories would be trapped inside it, making him a common mortal. None existing spell could ever open the box again, once it’s been closed, what ever was inside, was locked forever. Zeus gave the box to Hermes and told him to bring it to the underworld. However, when he arrived, it was not Hades who greeted him but Persephone. Hermes, not aware of what power the box held, gave it to her and returned to the Olympia. As soon as she held the box in her hands, curiosity made her open it up and the damage was done. Persephone lost all her powers and memories, which made her a common mortal. That should’ve been the effect of the spell but it was much more powerful than that. With an empty mind, the spell replaced the blank spaces with new memories of a life Persephone never led and send her down to earth to live them, now as a common college student.

Hades, or you, eventually finding out what happened to his lover, was enraged and promised war with the Olympians as soon as his wife returned home. He went down to earth to find her but to his surprised found out that he couldn’t restore her memories, the box was too powerful. The Olympians, not wanting another war, told Hades to bring my memories back in a different way, by making her fall for him. So Hades took on the identity and started a life among humans. As a god, it should’ve been easy to be part of their world but it turned out to be a hard task, especially because I was not interested in any kind of interaction. However, the bigger risk was the fact that the longer you stayed on earth and away from the underworld, the weaker Hades got. Nevertheless, he was never going to give up on me. After many failed attempts of a conversation, we eventually hit it off. They started to see each other on weekends and even went out sometimes during the week. It could’ve been great if not for the strange dreams I start to get about a place that resembled hell  and you being its King.

Story 2: When Persephone opens the box, she actually perishes, disappearing from the underworld for eternities. This sends Hades in to a dark and ruthless place. It isn’t until the year 2018 that a woman in her mid-20’s passes in a car accident and is mistakenly sent to hell. The two serendipitously meet as she fears for her life, knowing that she was sent to the wrong place she begs for forgiveness and to be sent to heaven while everyone around her makes their march towards their inevitable doom. She has no strong memories of Hades, and fears you greatly, but as soon as you look in to her eyes you know. It is her. She has returned. (I picture this almost as a Beauty and the Beast type thing, you are terrible and terrifying she is sweet and totally terrified would develop kind of romantically).

7. A Bleak Future
This plot is partly based off of me watching the new BladeRunner movie with Ryan Gosling, however I will warn I haven't watched earlier versions. Imagine a world where 'pleasure bots' have been created. Men and women alike, feeding their primal passions bought in to them entirely, however now the world suffers from population loss. Less and less children are born each year while more and more pleasure bots are created and updated each year. (Imagine it like having to get the new i-phone). Now-human interaction and sex are rare. Women who are of reproductive age are revered, often stolen and traded to the elite for the purpose of reproduction, or ownership. They are prizes that are rare in a world of silicone and metal. I have yet to develop exactly what else this world might entail...possibly the pleasure bots becoming sentient in some ways, or a war where the bots took over, destructing most of their owners and living competition. I imagine I could either play a female pleasure bot, a human female, or both to create an interesting plot together. I imagine my male character I am in search of would be one of these wealthy men either involved in government or possibly the technology fueling the pleasure bots that comes to own me. We can discuss further if you are interested and any ideas you might have!
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Re: *~F seeking M for several plot ideas~*
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2018, 04:05:13 PM »
Updated 03/15/18 with the plot 'A Bleak Future'

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Re: *~F seeking M for several plot ideas~*
« Reply #2 on: March 17, 2018, 12:32:21 PM »
Hi there I would be interested in the Joker and Harley Rp.  >:)