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December 13, 2018, 11:52:55 PM

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Author Topic: Vax's search for writers [m/nb lf m/nb chars, any writers!]  (Read 463 times)

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Vax's search for writers [m/nb lf m/nb chars, any writers!]
« on: February 22, 2018, 06:28:36 AM »
Hi there!

I'm Vax and this is where I look for original RP. You might want to give my O/Os a read to see if you think we're compatible :)

Some general information:

- I usually reply within a week of getting a reply myself, if it takes me longer I'll let my partners know! I prefer partners with a similar speed, but I don't mind waiting a bit for a reply. As long as you don't expect rapid-fire responses from me it's all fine. Also, I'm in the CET+1 time zone, so very rapid responses would be difficult anyway depending on where my partners are from.

- Due to being old, I'd prefer my partners to be over 21, but that's not a hard rule. Characters are assumed to be 18+ with few plot-related exceptions where I'm willing to go down to 16 but I'd prefer fade to black sex scenes in that case, if any.

- My replies are usually 3-4 paragraphs, I'd prefer similar from my partners. Shorter is okay for dialog heavy scenes of course or in general if I'm given something to work with. Replies over 6 paragraphs, however, are difficult to read for me and will result in me needing more time to respond.

- I'm open to trans and non-binary characters. I'm mostly interested in M/M romance or romance featuring (trans)men and non-binary folks in various combinations. I'm also open to polyamory, just let me know you're interested in that!

-Please don't use slurs like futa or cuntboy around me. I won't be upset if you use an offensive term by accident but I'm not comfortable with it.

-I'm using he/him pronouns as default to keep it simpler, but of course, any character can be non-binary as well!

- I'm open to combining pairings and plots in just about any way that makes sense as well as working out new things with my partners! If you have something you think I might be interested in just ask, worst case I say no and best case we have an awesome time!

- I like having some OOC chatter! Of course, we don't have to become instant best friends but chatting about the RP, plotting together or maybe even sharing stuff that reminds us of our RP would all be much appreciated.
Also feel free to ask for my Discord to chat!

- If you are interested in any of my pairings and/or ideas or have an idea/pairing you'd like to suggest to me please PM me to let me know to ease discussion and keep this thread clutter free!

Special craving of the moment

- Android/Creator (My plot idea or something new)
- Serial Killer/Lover (Partner?)
- Urban fantasy
- Something whimsically fairytale-esque

Modern Setting and Crime


Bold indicates which role I'd be interested in, stars denote the level of interest and unless otherwise indicated there is no set sub or dom for any of these pairings. Besides, I prefer switches either way.
Note: I'm also willing to do all of these as a modern fantasy type story, I think that would be quite interesting, so if you'd like that too just let me know!

Shy/Outgoing *
Actor or Musician/Fan *
Actor or Musician/Agent **
Pornstar/Director (note: I'm looking to focus more on emotional content and story than on sex here)
Pornstar/Regular guy
Escort/Client ***
Escort/Regular guy **
Abusive partner/Regular guy *
Abusive partner/Abusive partner **
Serial Killer/Victim **
Serial Killer/Partner **
Serial Killer/Serial Killer *
Polyamory ***


Twice the love

Twins/Any, an arrangement as to who plays who can be discussed.

A was just a regular guy dating a cute boy, B, and things seemed to be fine. The couple was happy together even with life's ups and downs until one night after too many drinks B's twin revealed that he also found A irresistible.
And surprisingly, B doesn't mind as much as he thinks he should. Maybe it's the alcohol talking but given how close he is with C, his twin, it's hard to feel jealous.
Will they decide to forgo social conventions and spend the night together, maybe even turn this into a casual thing? And how will the twins' relationship change? How will they brave the challenges a newfound relationship would bring if they even dared to go there?

Things aren't always the way they seem

Looking to play a darker version (what exactly that entails is of course up to how far my partner is willing to go) and a lighter, fluffier version (still with some sort of drama/twist) of this. Let me know which one you're interested in!

It only took a few months until A became the most popular cam boy on the site he frequented. All seemed to be going well, he was making some good money and even received gifts from his viewers.
And A enjoys what he's doing, the exhibitionism and the attention he gets from his dedicated fans. But sometimes, even his chatroom is slow and it always seems like one particular person, B, is around when that happens. Sometimes he'll do what is almost a solo show for B, sometimes he'll cut the show short and just talk to the charming guy.
And when B mentions he's going to be in A's city it's even A who suggests meeting up without really thinking about potential risks.
But is B really as kind as he seems to be? And what about those blossoming feelings A tries to convince himself he doesn't have?



Magic user/Regular person *
Adventurer/Regular person *
Adventurer/Adventurer **
Noble/Adventurer *
God(like) being/Any


Wait for me


For the most part, A's life had been rather uneventful. Running a shop in one of the Kingdom's larger towns is its own adventure of course but nothing like the tales his partons share. Really A is happy with his somewhat dull life because usually, excitement meant something was going wrong.
And with B, something always seemed to be going wrong. The man stumbled into his shop at random times, usually with some part of his body bandaged, looking tired as the nine Hells and on rare occasions even still bloody.

Over time the worry A feels turns into a gentle affection and he finds himself looking forward to B's visits even if it means more excitement than he'd like. But could they even make a relationship work with A having to tend to his shop and B going out into the world adventuring?

Fickle partrons


A year ago A was a struggling adventurer and after his group was all but wiped out, leaving him with little but the sword in his hands and the clothes on his back, local noble B took an interest in him. At first, that interest only meant a few trysts in the noble's bed but soon A found the adventurer's spirit urging him to go out and explore the world again. B agreed to give him money to finance his travels, as long as he would give B first pick of whichever artifacts he stumbled over.

Happy with the arrangement A sets back out to explore but coming back after a few months he finds B in the arms of another adventurer just like himself. Of course, neither of them had ever dared to talk about love, but this hasn't been what A expected in the least...

A forgotten God

God(like) being/Any

After a harrowing experience, A wakes up in a luxurious home but believes he's in the Afterlife since his injuries are healed and something about where he was just seems... off. As he explores the house he meets B, who reveals to him that he hadn't died, instead B had taken him to his realm to nurse himself back to health.
B, it turns out, is an almost forgotten Deity, lonely from no one worshipping him anymore so he asks A to stay, as a sort of payment for being healed.
However is B really as benevolent as he seems to be? And is he really going to let A out of his grasp again? Will A even want to leave?

Sci Fi


Android/Creator *
Explorer/Any *


Treasure hunters

Treasure hunter/Treasure hunter

A and B are treasure hunters specialized in exploring ancient ruins for their wealthy client. Again and again, they cross paths, occasionally quite violently, in a constant rivalry.
At some point though, something changes. The rivals become more than that, whether it's a hate fuck relationship or genuine interest only time will tell. On the professional side, however, their rivalry continues as it always has.

Artificial love


A is a scientist working on creating the perfect android for home use and the current generation is looking rather promising. In the interest of doing a field tests, he takes home his prototype, B, to see how he holds up.
However, it quickly becomes clear that B fixates on A, to an unsettling degree. Like getting noticeably colder and almost... cruel from jealousy when A goes on a date. And while he is programmed to be friendly and non-threatening A soon discovers that the android has a much more sinister side...

Directions this could go:

- B is simply malfunctioning and A figures out the problem, except it means he has to wipe B's memories.
- Turns out B is sentient enough to experience jealousy but doesn't know that the way he handles it isn't right.
- Turns out one of the other scientists on A's team hacked B, either for malicious reasons or simply for "fun".

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Re: Vax's search for writers [m/nb lf m/nb chars, any writers!]
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2018, 12:13:26 PM »
- Expanded on and clarified some of my information
- Added a plot (Treasure hunters)
- Changed title

And, most importantly, I am still looking for one or two partners.

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Re: Vax's search for writers [m/nb lf m/nb chars, any writers!]
« Reply #2 on: September 02, 2018, 10:01:06 AM »
I returned to the site after some time away, so I gave this an update:

- Fixed some spelling and grammar mistakes
- Added the special craving section
- A few smaller changes here and there

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Re: Vax's search for writers [m/nb lf m/nb chars, any writers!]
« Reply #3 on: September 11, 2018, 06:56:24 AM »
- A few little updates here and there
- Added in my craving for some fairytale-esque whimsical stories

Looking for a few more partners, hit me up with ideas, I'd love to have a few more RPs going!