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June 25, 2018, 01:30:00 AM

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Author Topic: Fandom Frenzy (non-fandom plots inside as well)  (Read 364 times)

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Fandom Frenzy (non-fandom plots inside as well)
« on: February 22, 2018, 12:59:40 AM »
Important Information:

I prefer playing male characters in male x female relationships (I will double up if needed. If one pairing is m x f, the second can be whatever my partner wants).

I am a mirror poster, but my comfort zone is between 400 and 600 words per character (this is not a required range, though)

I will roleplay through PMs or forums. I am only interested in long-term stories.

My response time varies, but it should never take me longer than a week. I'm active daily (I will attempt to respond daily, too).

Mature content is fine with me, such as sex, violence, and other similar themes. However, there are a few limits I have. They are: adultery/cuckolding, beastiality, broken bones/severe abuse (in a sexual context), gore/blood (in a sexual context), non-human (in a sexual context), scat, urination, and vore

What am I interested in?


50 Shades of Grey
The 100
Chicago PD
Criminal Minds
Death Wish (2018 film)
Fear The Walking Dead
The Hurricane Heist
NCIS: Los Angeles
Tomb Raider (2018)
The Walking Dead
Wonder Woman (2017)


*disclaimer: this non-fandom section is primarily composed of fandom-based ideas in an original context*

My first non-fandom idea derives from the film Death Wish (2018). To do this idea, you do NOT need to have seen the film. Basically, in an original setting, this would entail a modern day college setting with romance and action. I can explain the idea more in-depth once we begin. Until then, I will briefly layout my expectations. Basically, your character survives an attack in her home produced because of something in her father's past, warranting an attack on his family to get back at him. The father has a vigilante stage and presumably kills all threats. Your character moves off to college a few months later. All is well, but we can develop a reason for other members of whatever group her father slighted to attack again. This time, my character (her college boyfriend) takes the protagonist role, helping her survive. Nothing's set in stone, this is only the basic idea.

Secondly, I would love something based on the movie Hurricane Heist. Again, you do NOT need to have watched this movie. I can explain everything again. Basically, thieves attempt to rob a U.S. Treasury facility during a category 5 hurricane. Your character would hopefully be one of the federal agents that protects the treasury, trying to stop the heist. My character could be another agent, one of the bad guys, or we can find a way to incorporate some civilian into a role in this plot like the movie did. Again, everything is wide open for possible ideas. That's basically what it is about and what I'd like to explore.

The third plot revolves around the 2018 film Tomb Raider. I am unfamiliar with previous movies or video games. However, if I find a partner willing to do something with Tomb Raider, I will absolutely do research on whatever it is my partner is interested in. In a non-fandom sense, this would be a roleplay taking place around the daughter of adventurer that disappeared mysteriously. The daughter hopes to solve the mystery and find out what her father was looking for by traveling to this strange island off the coast of Japan. Again, this could have a lot of action, with romance.

The fourth plot revolved around Wonder Woman. Again, I am only familiar with the 2017 film. It is the only superhero movie I've ever seen. In a non-fandom plot, this would involve a woman that has trained ferociously on a small island, intending to become the best warrior that has ever existed, a Princess of the Amazons. Her help is found by a soldier in the First World War, believing she could help win the battle for the good guys (or bad guys, depending on what route we take), helping her finally reach her full potential in power and capabilities.
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3/24: added Wonder Woman and Tomb Raider in fandoms, added two non-fandom general plots based on the two movies