Harley's New Puddin (M for f)

Started by jacobjon, February 21, 2018, 06:54:06 PM

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If you clicked on this thread, you probably already know about Harley Quinn and her puddin, the Joker. Lately, I've been kind of fascinated with Harley, and how she needed someone to see her and her potential to change into someone completely different. The story I want to write would involve finding that someone who sees her from a more stable source, set in a world where she was never assigned the Joker's case.

Dr. Harleen Quinzel would be an up and comer at Arkham Asylum, but one who is isolated. She is brilliant, but viewed as too meek and timid to have much of a future. Her future is put in greater peril when the Asylum suffers a massive breakout, and all of the most dangerous patients find themselves free. Dr. Quinzel finds herself taken hostage, and is convinced her life is going to end, only for a hero to get into the asylum and save her. (The hero would be my character, and I'm fairly flexible as to who exactly it would be) Rather than simply rescue her and then move on, he would take the time to make sure she was alright and make some sort of connection with her. In the end, he would disappear once the crisis is resolved, but Harleen would find herself fixated on him.

What I would like to explore is a loving dominant and submissive relationship between the two characters, as Harleen would find any excuse to cross paths with her hero, and despite himself, my character would come to enjoy the attention. Perhaps he would start to feel like she is the only one who sees 'him,' rather than just seeing the costume or powers. It would be a different kind of obsession, and one we could take in a hundred different directions.
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So I read your post and I love the idea! Batman is my favorite, but so are the villains to his story. If you haven't found anyone, or would like to do another thread with this, I am interested.